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DMCA Copyright Notice

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DMCA Copyright Notice

Shadowy Tales provides services as defined by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Our registered users are allowed to publish their own content on our website, as long as such content does not infringe on this website's terms of service and content quality guidelines.

Such guidelines prohibit the unauthorized publication of copyrighted material. Copyright holders who find their work posted on without their consent, must contact Shadowy Tales immediately at, and request the unauthorized content to be removed, by supplying the following:

  • links to  the plagiarized content on
  • links to the original content from which the plagiarized work was copied,
  • attachments of scanned documents in JPG format, proving legal ownership of the intellectual property in question.

During the course of our review, the content in queston will still be available until our review is complete, at which point the content will be either allowed to exist on our servers, or removed permanently, should evidence prove that the content in question is plagiarized.

For a faster review, copyright owners are encouraged to provide evidence of ownership of their work, such as signed licensing agreements from other publishers and vendors, signed releases from models/actors/performers, and all pertinent documentation that will help us to come to a speedy determination. International copyright holders must provide an English-translated copy of any documents that is not written in English.