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Acceptable content on Shadowy Tales

Authors interested in publishing their work on Shadowy Tales, may showcase work of all kinds, including poetry, short stories and novels, comic strips, illustration, and everything in between, as long as the work is original, or, in case of fan-fiction, inclusive of proper attributions to the original authors.

Technical restrictions

The inclusion of links to other websites in any kind of user-published content is forbidden. This includes links regardless of follow/nofollow settings. The inclusion of any kind of code injection, such as Javascript designed to alter the look and functionality of our website is strictly forbidden.


All human characters involved in sex scenes must be 18 or older, with no exception. Admins are instructed to remove content without notice. Repeated posting of content in which underage characters are described in any sexual way will result in permanent account deactivation. Depending on the nature of the post, our admins are also instructed to record all associated activity and IP addresses. Shadowy Tales is firmly and actively opposed to the exploitation of minors in all settings and contexts. Similar rules applies to all sentient characters, including animals, ghost characters, interplanetary beings, etc. The rule of thumb is that all characters must be considered mature for their age, according to their species, when engaging in, or being exposed to sexual situations.

All information submitted to is considered highly confidential and will not be shared, sold, leased, for free nor for a fee, to any third party, with the only exception of representatives of the United States government, as required by federal regulation 18 U.S.C. Section 2257, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and any and all applicable federal and local laws.


If any user is caught posting any material that falls under any broad definition of child pornography, our admins are instructed to log all user activity connected to such account and collaborate with all concerned authorities for a full investigation. Shadowy Tales operates under the rule of  the United States of America, and does not condone the exploitation, and abuse of minors, under any circumstances or context.


  • It is our priority to set standards under which readers are able to enjoy their favorite posts from our authors, which is why all material posted must be published in its entirety as a completed work. Works that are incomplete should be set to Draft mode until they are ready to be published. Our admins are instructed to contact authors individually, and notify them if one of their drafts is set to show publicly. To set a post in draft mode, simply edit your post, and uncheck the box labeled "Live". This will set the document as a draft, which the author can continue to edit until such time as it is ready to be presented to our readers.
  • Shadowy Tales is a place for creative inspiration, not political, nor social statements. Also it is not a social networking site that should be used as a personal blog. Our admins are instructed to remove all content that is not a work of erotic fiction, with the exception of strictly eros-related instructional material, such as how-to manuals, sex lifestyle health-related tips, and similar material. Anything else will be evaluated at the sole discretion of our admins, who will use their best judgement to determine if any piece of content posted on Shadowy Tales, is appropriate for our readers.