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2018 Sexiest Pro Bowl Cheerleading Uniforms Ultimate Review

Cheerleading dates back to the 1960’s when the first cheerleading squad was assembled by the Colts. At the time the team was based in Baltimore, and was the only NFL team to introduce cheerleaders on the field to promote the team. However it wasn’t until the Dallas Cowboys decided to present their supporters with their own brand of sideline sports entertainment, that the world of pro bowl really felt the heat, and cheerleading became incredibly popular, with  carefully choreographed dance routine, and revealing uniforms.


Here is the 2018 line-up of 26 pro NFL teams, in alphabetical order:


Arizona Cardinals

Skin-tight, red-hot, no-frills. This uniform evokes almost a super-heroine vibe that is sure to rise the heat at half-time, among other things.

2018 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Outfit


Atlanta Falcons

Almost business-like, this uniform sports a sexy sailor-esque collar, off-the-shoulders short sleeves, and a delightful micro-mini skirt evocative of the 1960s, guaranteed to raise the spirits, touch-down or not.

2018 Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader Outfit


Baltimore Ravens

Purple delight, downright sexy, this outfit, like the ravens, takes no prisoners, and goes straight for the end zone. The see-thru black layer wrapping the top is suggestive and enticing. A flirty, layered micro skirt completes the killer look.

2018 Baltimore RavensCheerleader Outfit


Cincinnati Bengals

This sexy, yet simple outfit is the perfect counterpart to the official players uniforms. The stripes bring out the roar, while the white in the skirt and top are framed in black outline, leading the eye to the end zone.

2018 Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleader Outfit


Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys’ cheerleading team knows how to keep making history, as the team that helped bring cheerleading to the world of professional sports entertainment. This outfit is iconic to the Lone Star state it represents, with blue stars draped over a field of white. The faux-vest covers partially the blue tank top underneath, which simulates a blue collared shirt tied at the front with a knot.

2018 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Outfit


Denver Broncos

The Broncos’ cheerleading squad knows how to keep the spirits up during the game. This outfit featured skin-tight flared white leggings over blue tights, and a faux orange cowgirl shirt with off-the-shoulder long sleeves, and Bolo tie sewn on the front of the tank top. Yee-Haa!

2018 Denver Broncos Cheerleader Outfit


Detroit Lions

The Lion’ cheerleaders, ust like the players, are all about simplicity and power. This outfit is basic and to the point, very much reminiscent of the official team’s uniforms. The extremely low-cut shorts are designed for maximum freedom of movement during the most complex routines.

2018 Detroit Lions Cheerleader Outfit


Houston Texans

Unlike the Cowboys and the Broncos, the Texans are another team that chose simplicity over elaborate details. This outfit is simple, and while it doesn’t flaunt as much cleavage as other teams, it sure provides for more than enough eye-candy at every touchdown.

2018 Houston Texans Cheerleader Outfit


Indianapolis Colts

The Colts outfits borrow slightly from the Cowboys, minus the stars, but the skirt design is far more flirty and suggestive, with a few delightful fringes hanging off the side, matching the fringes of the boots.

2018 Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader Outfit


Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguar girls sure know how to bring out the sexy on the sidelines. Minimalist white shorts are accented with a waistband featuring the team’s iconic pattern, which extends to 90% of the tank top. Rawrr.

2018 Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleader Outfit


Kansas City Chiefs

This outfit is unmistakably inspired by native American culture, tastefully designed with details that include fringes and wrinkled fine draping of the material over the front of the tank top, framed with a mid-century-inspired long-sleeve vest.

2018 Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader Outfit


Los Angeles Chargers

This outfit is definitely inspired by the flash and glamour of the city it represents, with showgirl-inspired elements like the flared tapered mini skirt, and flared cuff long-sleeve top accented by faux laces in white on a field of blue.

2018 Los Angeles Chargers Cheerleader Outfit


Los Angeles Rams

This is another example of an outfit inspired by L.A. glamour and presence. This outfit is almost reminiscent of that of a circus acrobat, with sparkly gold flakes on a field of deep satin blue that textures both the long-sleeve tank top, and the flared mini skirt.

2018 Los Angeles Rams Cheerleader Outfit


Miami Dolphins

This is another minimalist outfit that conveys flare and appeal through accented elements, on a simple mini skirt and training bra-like ensemble.

2018 Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Outfit


Minnesota Vikings

Unlike other more simple designs, this outfit is created to attract attention with fun elements like the layered bi-tonal arlequin-esque cut of the mini-skirt, and the pirate-like tank top.

2018 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Outfit


New England Patriots

The Patriots girls are all about brand recognition, and it shows in the color and design of this outfit. Almost business-like, offering no more cleavage than a double-breasted business outfit, the extent of skin revealed is considerable, with lines that follow the natural curves of the wearer.

2018 New England Patriots Cheerleader Outfit


New Orleans Saints

The Saints cheerleading outfit veers off from the trend of white boots predominant across most teams, and turns the boots black, complementing the official colors of the team, used in this sexy ensemble.

2018 New Orleans Saints Cheerleader Outfit


New York Jets

Much like the Patriots, the Jets are all about brand, except for a few variations, like a more elaborate tank top with a sailor-esque collar, and a beaconing satiny faux bra offering plenty of cleavage.

2018 New York Jets Cheerleader Outfit


Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are all about territory, and they know how to defend it both on the field and on the sidelines. This outfit pirate-esque style captures the attention, and creates momentum at every yard gained.

2018 Oakland Raiders Cheerleader Outfit

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2018 Sexiest Pro Bowl Cheerleading Uniforms Ultimate Review

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