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By: administrator - Published: outage: false alarm or wind of change?

 Most recently, we wrote about a short outage affecting sex stories website, which lead some to speculate on a possible demise of the historic repository, on account of several stories suddenly disappearing, and still missing, from a number of authors whose work was being hosted.

Since then, the site has come back online, and is currently live. As mentioned earlier, an array of dead links is now peppering the site still, which could mean several things, until an official statement is released from the webmasters of

On one hand, could be simply experiencing a rather sizable technical issue, which would explain the loss of data. This might not be necessarily a sign of things to come, as downtime, and other technical issues are rather common on non-profit websites with limited resources reliant on volunteer efforts. Running any site the size of ASSTR can carry a considerable overhead cost, with regard to server resources, power, and maintenance, not to mention the cost of curating content, as well as moderating users, especially considering the relatively small incremental updates performed over a span of two decades.

On the other hand, if we were to consider the possibility that ASSTR may indeed be scheduled to go dark, we would have to take a more thorough look at the rate of disappearance of posts from the site. Most of our authors do come from ASSTR, and we did receive a number of reports in regard to their stories starting to disappear in sizable numbers from ASSTR.

At any rate, we wish ASSTR the best, and we do hope these momentary issues will be resolved soon.

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"I've been writing erotica online ever since I discovered the newsgroup back in 1996. Last Friday, when one of my fans alerted me to the fact that my fiction at ASSTR was unavailable, I was very upset. It would be a shame if ASSTR were to vanish permanently - like eroticvox; and bdsmlibrary. Since last week I've been posting all of my work here at Shadowy Tales in order to keep it available to my fans. I have also begun work on "Dangerous Games" my 3rd Janet novel where Mistress Janet confronts her evil nemesis - Mistress Lauren. It's nice knowing that I already have a home for it for my readers."

Average rating: 5 out of 5

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