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Two accounts created. Two accounts inexplicably blocked, disabled, on account of “suspicious activity”.

This has been, thus far, our experience trying to promote Shadowy Tales on Facebook.

Oddly enough, there is no shortage of sex-themed groups where Facebook users are allowed to share as much content as they please, from the mild to the pornographic.

Yet: two accounts created. Two accounts blocked, within mere days of activity.

We have provided, for our first account, scanned hardcopy documentation, phone numbers, even personal information, met multiple times with robotic, canned responses asking to jump through the same hoops, time and time again.

We have yet to discover why Facebook has been so quick to identify “suspicious activity”, and what exactly that “suspicious activity” is.

We are not sure we want to find out, honestly, because the answer might just be as frustrating as the question.

According to Consumer Affairs, we are not the only category affected. At least one common denominator is any account that lacks “enough” personal, identifiable information. Facebook is notoriously an enemy of privacy, as such has transpired in countless instances, often reported by the news. For a company that vows to change the world, one has to ask, just in what way Facebook Inc. intends to change our world.

For all reasons mentioned, we have decided to desist from trying to use Facebook as a promotional platform, on account of “suspicious activity” from Facebook Inc. itself, and its automated, canned response hypocrisy, badly hidden under the elusive veil of fake freedom of expression, as one would think a social networking site should represent in a modern World Wide Web.

Thank you, Mr. Zuckerberg, for this illuminating experience, and for shedding light on what freedom of expression means, within an organization of your scale.

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"I am one of those rare people not on 'social media': I do not have a Facebook or Twitter account. From the beginning I have been suspicious of both, mainly from a privacy standpoint. One my favorite TV series is "The Prisoner"; created, starring, and produced by the late Patrick McGoohan (best known for "Secret Agent"); from the 1960s it eerily predicted the world we live in today. IMHO Facebook is Big Brother, personified."

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