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Reports have began rolling in a few days ago of content disappearing, as well as server outages affecting At the time of this writing, is still unavailable, and it is unclear whether the massively revered online community is merely experiencing temporary outages, or whether it's shutting down its services for good, after almost 20 years. was created in the mid-to-late 90s as a repository of sex stories, from the A.S.S.T.R. newsgroup, after a young and booming World Wide Web rendered NNTP obsolete. The ability to access the same content a readily searchable website, instead of using an email client, was considered a huge step up for consumers of erotic literature, and its original layout has hardly changed since its original inception.

In spite of its lack of updates in user experience, many of its readers and authors have remained loyal to ASSTR, making it one of the longest running, and one of the most popular websites in its category.

The lack of official press releases from ASSTR makes any speculation rather hasty, especially when considering the possibility of a shutdown. This is why, until further notice, there might just be a slight chance that the momentary outage could be due to a radical, yet unofficial upgrade process of the two-decade-old website, in favor of a sorely needed responsive layout, with the ability to attract greater numbers of mobile users.

As mentioned previously, no official word has surfaced yet about's current situation, but current WHOIS records indicate that the domain won't expire until December 9th, 2021, even if that information provides no certainty in regard to whether the website itself, almost a staple of the modern Web, which started a few short years apart from itself, will resume its service, or whether it will simply disappear, permanently.


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