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Shadowy Tales Latest Big Update for Authors and Shoppers!

Dear Authors and visitors of our growing community,

Today, we are announcing a new round of updates to our website, designed to enhance the experience of both authors, visitors and shoppers. This update is officially live, and will have no negative impact on any content submitted prior to it, including published works, public profile information, comments or ratings.

New content organization

At a glance, our homepage has not changed, but as you scroll down, you will notice that we have implemented a new pagination system. Visitors can now browse through our entire library, directly from the home page, in addition to being able to search all content via our search box, located atop the story list, and in the main header next to the login button.

At present we are also working on implementing similar pagination for content category pages, and story lists on authors profiles, to allow readers to easily browse larger datasets.

On your smartphone and tablet, the pagination system can be easily navigated via a simple and minimalist button array at the bottom of the mobile interface.

Major upgrade for shoppers

Our store has also undergone a number of improvements to make it easier to browse products and find your favorite items.

The left side menu, once limited to only one subset of our product categories, has now been replaced completely with a new “endless” menu, capable of displaying the full subcategory array of our inventory (8-levels deep!).

The identical pagination system used in the stories section, has been also implemented in our store, for product grids, product pages, categories, and manufacturer-specific pages, down to the identical mobile interface, for consistency.

Once again, thank you for being part of our community, and for gifting us with your creativity!



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Shadowy Tales Latest Big Update for Authors and Shoppers!

We have improved your reading and shopping experience!

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