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It’s still unclear whether the action taken by Facebook, resulting in us being unable to access our Facebook account, was a result of an automated process, or the result of an overzealous admin. The fact remains that the human right to privacy should be inalienable, and the pattern shown is unmistakably that of a targeting of accounts that do not contain personally identifiable information on Facebook.

The reality of being a publisher of erotica is that we have to protect our admins, curators, marketers, and all persons employed by us, whether they are on payroll, or volunteering their efforts, against personal attacks from unfriendly sources who make it their mission to impose their own flavor of morality, and the only way to accomplish that, is through enforcing privacy policies that keep the identity of our staff, confidential, with the exception of an explicit request by applicable law enforcement, to whom we have pledged full collaboration in circumstances where direct interaction is necessary.

Erotic publishers are not the only ones targeted by these actions, as many other users have been pointing out.

Facebook Inc. is not a law enforcement agency, and it is in no way partnered with any law enforcement agency, thus it lacks the power to demand personal information from its users. This is a very important piece of information any social media user should keep in mind.

For the time being we will keep maintaining our Facebook page, although our core marketing efforts have been most rewarded by Twitter, with Reddit and Google Plus appearing very promising platforms on which to promote works from our authors.

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