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A Matter of Class PT2

By: sfmaster - Published:


WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author does not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age or 18 or reside in a state, nation, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!



A Matter of Class PT2”




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However, individual readers may make single copies of the

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Attn: Readers please feel free to send e-mail to the author. I do want to hear from you! Please mention whatever newsgroup or Website that you read this story from so that I can keep track of my own work!


“A Matter of Class PT2” by


Exactly one week later, Allison had gone out to dinner with two of her girlfriends at a local restaurant. Halfway through dinner, she looked over – and there was Mistress Stephanie having dinner with another woman!


Suddenly, Allison broke out in a sweat! What should she do? Should she simply ignore Mistress Stephanie and company? Should she walk over and say hello? Just what sort of etiquette was involved in seeing a Dominatrix?


Allison decided that common sense provided the best answer, she excused herself from her friends and walked over to Stephanie’s table.


“Ms. Richards,” she greeted the two women, “so nice to see you again.”


“Allison, so nice to see you, please sit down,” Stephanie ordered.


Allison followed her Domme’s orders, and seated herself between the two women. Was the other woman a Domme also, or perhaps another client of Stephanie as well? Did this other woman also feel the sting of the lash also?


“I’d like to introduce you to Mistress Janet,” Stephanie said quietly, “one of my very best friends.”


“Good evening, Mistress,” Allison replied softly as well.


“Pleased to meet you,” said Janet as she offered her hand, “have you been Stephanie’s submissive for long?”


“No, Mistress, I’m still in training.”


“Than perhaps as part of your training Stephanie can send you over to me for an evening or weekend. I’m sure that you would find it an interesting experience.”


“Yes, Mistress,” Allison replied.


“You’ve done very well, Allison,” Stephanie complimented her, “you can rejoin your friends now.”


“Thank you, Mistress,” Allison answered.


When she got back to her table, Helen, one of her friends was looking at her.


“Well?” Helen asked.


“Well what?” Allison answered.


“Quite a bohemian crowd you seem to be keeping,” said Helen.


“What do you mean by that?”


“I’ve heard some stories about those two,” Helen hinted, “why don’t you tell us something?”


“Just an acquaintance,” Allison answered.




Stephanie pulled the front zipper of her sleeveless black PVC Catsuit up to her neck, got to her feet, and looked at herself in the mirror. Looking every bit the attractive Dominatrix, to complete her outfit she put a matching belt around her waist to accentuate her figure.


Wearing just four-inch heels, she would still look impressive, yet it was that one crucial inch that made all the difference in walking. Let the submissive teeter around in five-inch heels – as Domme she had the choice of what to wear!


A knock on the door indicated that it was time for her session with Allison Robbins to begin!


“Yes,” Stephanie answered.


Camille opened the door – she was dressed in her Black Rubber Maid’s outfit that she always wore when they did a session together.


“Allison Robbins has been prepared and is waiting for you in the jail cell of the Dungeon, Mistress,” Camille told her.


“Thank you, Camille.”


“You look spectacular, Mistress.”


“Flattery will get you nowhere, Camille. You’re still going to get that flogging that I promised you last week!”


“Yes, Mistress, of course.”


“Trouble is, that you happen to enjoy our little sessions.”


“Yes, Mistress Stephanie, I do very much.”


“Thank you, Camille.”


She walked from her downstairs bedroom with Camille, and they both took the elevator down to the Dungeon – with Camille following behind Stephanie, of course.


In the jail cell stood Allison Robbins, naked, collared, braceleted, and wearing the special locking heels that Stephanie had introduced her to two weeks ago, when they had done a session at Allison’s Mansion. The girl looked quite different than the one who had worn a Dior outfit on their first meeting! Now she was nothing more than a naked girl here to learn submission.


She stood at the bars naked: her wrist bracelets locked together, her ankles linked together with matching bracelets and a foot long chain effectively hobbling her steps.


“Very good, Camille,” Stephanie observed.


“Yes, Mistress.”


Stephanie observed her charge without saying anything to her. What a change that four weeks had wrought! Both in her private and personal life! Allison no longer went to exclusive A list parties in Connecticut, NY, or the Hamptons. About the most exciting thing she had done was to go mall shopping with Stephanie, and Saturday nights (so Stephanie’s spies had told her) Allison had gone out for a few drinks at a local bar, had just two, then drove home.


The paparazzi that she had been so angry at had suddenly packed up and left after another celebrity scandal, and Allison was no longer news. So she was finally left alone to pursue her private life – which had become far more interesting than her public one!


Two weeks earlier, after their shopping expedition, Stephanie had used Allison for the first time, and had driven her wild with some mild bondage, a spanking and paddling, and a dildo in her pussy. Now the girl was here again in her Dungeon, locked in a cell, eager for her first real session with a Domme dressed the part.


Stephanie had looked over Allison’s discarded clothing, and had found that the girl was now wearing Jockey bras and panties, further proof that she was obeying Stephanie’s orders. Allison was turning out to be one of Stephanie’s easiest submissives in years!


“Good afternoon, Allison,” Stephanie greeted her by walking over to the jail cell.


“Good afternoon, Mistress.”


“You did very well in the restaurant last week.”


“Thank you, Mistress. It only seemed like common sense to greet you, and not reveal that you are my Domme.”


“That displayed thought and maturity, Allison. In public, a Domme doesn’t wear her fetish attire or have slaves at her feet. Did your friends ask you any questions?”


“Just my friend Helen, she said that she had heard gossip about you and Mistress Janet,” Allison answered.


“That can’t be helped. I trust that you remained silent.”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Very good then, I see that you are ready for our first true session.”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“And that you have even followed my commands down to what sort of underwear as well – Jockey is a far cry from Prada, isn’t it?”


“Yes, Mistress. I’ve realized that I really don’t need that sort of thing on a daily basis.”


“There’s nothing wrong with sexy underthings for a woman, Allison. They should be worn on a special day, or for a rendezvous with a lover. But not constantly! Plain cotton undies are just fine for most days.”


“Yes, Mistress. I have also accomplished your other command to me.”


“What is that?”


“I have purchased a used Toyota Camry to drive instead of the Jaguar.”


“Excellent. You will find that you prefer using the Toyota over time instead of the Jag, especially since the Greenwich traffic has slowed to a crawl in the last few years – sometimes you can walk around town faster.”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Did you like being spanked and paddled the first time?”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Today will be the crop and the flogger, are you ready for that?”


“I’ll try to be brave, Mistress.”


“Very good, Allison. You must always be honest with your Mistress!” Stephanie declared.


“Yes, Mistress.”


Stephanie unlocked the cell door and motioned for Allison to step out of the cell. How many of the women (and some men) in Greenwich society had enjoyed the hospitality of the stone walls and steel bars? Strip a woman of her clothes, place chains on her wrists and ankles, and she becomes a totally different person. There is nothing more poignant than seeing a naked woman in chains behind bars, and Allison had joined an august community, even if she didn’t know it!


“Did you enjoy your time in the cell?” Stephanie asked.


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Perhaps I should leave you in there for a few days, with nothing more than bread and water for food?”


“That would be interesting, Mistress.”


“Do you know that there are many women who have asked me to do just that for them? That they want to be imprisoned naked behind bars for days on end?”


“I’m sure that you have been asked that many times, Mistress.”


“Now then, let’s get a good look at you.”


The only sound in the Dungeon was the clink of chains that dragged on the floor as Allison walked to her punishment. Stephanie knew that the girl was probably, no make that definitely, terrified of the idea that she was about to more severely disciplined.


Spanking was not an uncommon activity for even vanilla sex lovers to do, and of course it had a devoted subculture all it’s own. But once a person progressed beyond that into the realm of discipline, they would be at the mercy of the crop, flogger, and whip!


“Have you ever seen my toys close up?” Stephanie asked.


“No, Mistress,” Allison replied.


“I’d like you to walk over to my wall rack and carefully examine each of the implements hanging there. You may take a moderate amount of time, but if I sense that you are using the time to delay your discipline, I shall be very displeased!”


“May I touch them, Mistress?” Allison asked.


“Of course, Allison! Some of them will be used on you shortly!” Stephanie answered.


Over the years, Stephanie had found that it was very effective if she allowed her new submissives the opportunity to go over to the wall rack and to examine her selection of toys. She would watch in silence as the submissive would gradually realize that the instrument was going to be used on their naked flesh, and would cause them some distress.


Stephanie watched as Allison looked at one toy after another, and didn’t say anything as the girl removed a few of the instruments, and held them in her chained hands, flexing the crop with her fingers, and running her hands through the flogger strands.


“Are all of these to be used on me?” Allison asked.


“Not all at once, Allison, we’ll start with a simple riding crop and flogger. But relax, I’m not going to flay the skin off your back like an old naval movie!”


“Yes, Mistress, thank you!”


“Have you chosen the instruments of your discipline?” Stephanie questioned.


“Yes, Mistress. I choose the riding crop and the flogger.”


“A good choice – I shall make you writhe in your chains,” Stephanie threatened.


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Are you ready?” Stephanie asked.


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Camille, could you please hang Allison from the ceiling chain, and open her legs with a spreader bar?”


“Yes, Mistress.”


Stephanie waited patiently as Camille did as she was instructed, and since this was her first time, was extra patient with Allison. She didn’t have to be a telepath to know that Allison was scared to death, and that is she displayed concern now at the beginning, she would have a devoted submissive from now on.


“Allison is ready for you, Mistress,” announced Camille.


“Thank you, Camille,” Stephanie then walked over and faced Allison directly, “I’m going to raise the ceiling chain just a bit to tighten you up, with your feet just touching the floor, but you won’t be hanging. Understand?”


“Yes, Mistress.”


Stephanie walked over to her wall controller, and ever so gradually tightened the ceiling chain that held Allison captive. It was just a matter of a few millimeters, but soon her body was held taut with her body straight, her breasts sticking out, and the ribs showing from beneath her skin!


“How do you feel?” Stephanie asked.


“All right, Mistress,” Allison replied.


“Good. Do you know what a safeword is?”


“Yes, Mistress, I’ve done the reading that you ordered.”


“What do you want for your safeword?”


“Mercy, Mistress,” Allison answered.


“Are you sure that you will remember it?”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Have you ever had sex with another woman?”


“No, Mistress.”


“I’m not going to tell you any nonsense that all women are inherent Lesbians, but while you are in my service, I will expect that you learn to serve me or anyone else that I command you to, do you understand?”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Does the idea of making love to a woman excite you?”


“I’m curious, Mistress.”


“That will be satisfied, but only after the crop.”


Stephanie clicked her heels as she walked over to the wall, and she removed the long, thin riding crop, which she flexed in her hands in front of Allison.


“Kiss the crop,” Stephanie calmly told Allison.


Her lips kissed the instrument of her torment! Allison couldn’t believe what was actually happening! She was going to be disciplined!


“Since this is your first time, the strokes will be mild, and you won’t be gagged,” Stephanie told Allison, “you may count them as long as you are able.”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“This is your last chance – do you still want to go ahead?”


“Yes, Mistress, please crop me?” Allison asked.




“One!” Allison cried out as she felt a line of fire across her bottom!




“Two!” She was actually being cropped by a Dominatrix!








“Four!” Mistress Stephanie circled around her like a cat and never struck the same place twice!






After the fifth stroke to her naked flesh, Mistress Stephanie and Allison fell into a routine. Stephanie would strike Allison with the crop, and Allison would count out the number. Of course, as Stephanie went on, the strokes became more numerous, greater in force, and harder to bear! But that was Allison’s submissive burden!




One after another, the carefully aimed and timed crop strokes struck Allison’s body. At first, they were nothing more than a mild pain, but they gradually grew in intensity!




Why had Allison agreed to this madness? What had propelled her to seek a Dominatrix?




Rivulets of sweat formed under her arms, and ran down her flanks, and between her breasts. In all of her life, she had never felt pain like this before – and it wasn’t even the whip or flogger!




Just when it seemed that she couldn’t endure any more, and she considered calling her safeword and ending this agony, suddenly it changed! Allison discovered that she was getting wet between her legs, and her nipples had hardened to points!




Before, she had been spanked and paddled by Stephanie over the Domme’s lap, and the result had been a mind-blowing orgasm the likes of which she had never experienced before. Now here she was, naked and chained in an actual Dungeon being used with a riding crop – and it was happening again!


“Thirty!” Allison called out, every nerve in her body screaming, her hands pulling uselessly at the leather and steel confining her.


Through the mental haze if her punishment, Allison discovered that her punishment had stopped! Stephanie was no longer striking her with the crop!


“Very good, Allison,” Stephanie complimented Allison.


“Thank…thank you, Mistress,” Allison choked out the words.


“My you are excited by the crop!”


Allison watched totally engrossed as Stephanie fondled her breasts, then reached downwards to the apex of her thighs, and then inserted her fingers into her wet sex! She moaned in pleasure as Stephanie pistoned her fingers deeply into her sex and played with her clit, making her buck in her chains!


“Ooooooooh!” Allison moaned in pain and pleasure at the same time, not sure which was which.


“Enjoying your punishment, Allison?” Stephanie asked.


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Perhaps you might not feel the same after you’ve been whipped properly?”


“I’m sure that Mistress Stephanie will treat me properly with the whip,” Allison replied.


“Good, you may clean my fingers,” Stephanie ordered, “and then kiss the crop.”


Allison did as she was ordered, sucking her female secretions from Stephanie’s fingers, tasting herself, and then kissing the crop that had brought her so much pain and pleasure. She began to wonder how other women tasted, and suddenly desired to bury her head between Stephanie’s thighs and to satisfy her Mistress!


“Are you aroused?” Stephanie asked.


“Yes, Mistress!” Allison eagerly declared.


“Camille, hand me the flogger, please?”


Allison watched in grim fascination as the Latex clad Maid did as Mistress Stephanie had ordered her to, replacing the riding crop for the multi-strand flogger which Allison had chosen that would be used next on Allison’s naked body! Camille then replaced the crop back in its proper place on the wall rack, and waited in silence for her next orders.


“Do you see how obedient girls become here?” Stephanie questioned her newest submissive.


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Do you think that you could become that obedient as well?”


“Yes, Mistress,” Allison answered proudly.


“You will have to endure quite a lot to get there, do you think that you are up to it?”


“I’ll try, Mistress.”


“Very good, Allison. You must always be truthful to your Mistress at all times – lying will be severely punished, or even on the pain of not seeing me again.”


“I understand, Mistress,” Allison answered.


“Excellent – be certain that you never forget it. You may kiss the flogger,” Stephanie calmly instructed her.


Allison’s lips kissed the flogger like that of a lover, her red lips kissing the woven leather as if they were a man about to make love to her, rather than a leather clad instrument of torment!


“Are you ready, Allison?” Stephanie asked.


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Remember your safeword, then!”


Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!


The crop had produced what had seemed like lines of fire on Allison’s naked flesh. The flogger, in turn, produced many, as each individual strand struck her in turn.




“Yes, Mistress.”


“You chose a flogger with knotted thin stands of leather, which is guaranteed to hurt. Had you chosen one with broad flat stands, it would not have hurt as much. I can change it, if you want,” Stephanie offered.


“No Mistress,” Allison answered, “I’ll take the flogger that I chose.”


“Even if it will hurt you more?”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Why?” Stephanie demanded.


“Because I want to be your slave, Mistress.”


“But you must also learn that a Mistress is responsible for her slave’s ultimate safety, and a slave must use her safeword if she is used beyond her capacity. Do you understand?”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“That is the difference between a good and bad Dominatrix, Allison, and you must always recognize that to insure your own safety.”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Very well then, prepare yourself. This will hurt more than you ever imagined.”


Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!


Allison hung in her chains, her feet barely touching the floor.


Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!


What strange madness had propelled her to seek out a Dominatrix who was now ordering how she should run her life? Tell her how to dress, and now had her naked and in chains in her basement Dungeon?


Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!


Allison pulled at her chains, and felt the sweat form on her naked body. It had not been too long ago that she had worn a Cole bathing suit that was almost nothing at a party in the Hamptons on Long Island.


Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!


Now her strained naked body was being flogged! Flogged, like in some old pirate movie!


Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!


Allison watched in grim fascination as the Dominatrix circled around her, like a wolf stalking it’s prey. However, instead of teeth the Domme used a leather flogger that struck out and bit her naked flesh.


Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!


“Aaaaaaaah!” Allison moaned when her breasts became the flogger’s target.


Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!


From her breasts, Stephanie had them moved her attentions (and those of the lash) to her already punished bottom. Allison strained against her bonds as her twin globes were flogged again and again!


Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!


“Oooooooh!” Allison was shocked when the strands penetrated between her opened legs and struck her most private places.


“Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!


It seemed as if Allison had always been flogged, and would always be flogged. That her punishment would never end!


Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!


Each impact of the flogger stung her flesh, and glancing down at her poor breasts, she discovered that it left marks as well. She would long remember this session!


Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!


“How do you feel, Allison?”


“All right, Mistress,” Allison answered.


“Very good, then. You may kiss the flogger, you have done very well indeed,” complimented Stephanie.


“Mistress, I don’t understand,” said Allison.


“You have been used enough for one night, for an inexperienced submissive. Later on, you shall feel the lash for much longer sessions,” Stephanie explained.


“Thank you, Mistress,” Allison replied as she kissed the flogger.


“Very good Allison. Camille?”


“Yes, Mistress,” said Camille as she rejoined her Mistress.


“Unchain her, give her a quick bath, and then have her chained in my bedroom. It is time for the second part of Allison’s training – in how to satisfy her Mistress.”


“Yes Mistress Stephanie,” Camille answered.


Stephanie departed the Dungeon, in order to take a quick shower – wearing PVC and disciplining a submissive she could really work up a sweat herself!



For weeks now, Allison had fantasized that she would be required to sexually satisfy Mistress Stephanie. Now her fantasy was going to become a reality!


After Stephanie had finished flogging her, Camille had released Allison from her chains. Once Allison discovered that she had not really been hurt by the session (her skin would have red marks for a few days and be a little sore, otherwise she was fine). Camille then escorted the novice submissive upstairs, and gave her a quick bath to remove the traces of her punishment.


Camille then rouged Allison’s aureole, and sprayed perfume between her breasts and legs, telling her that she was being prepared for Stephanie’s use. Then Allison was led into Stephanie’s bedroom, and she was made to kneel. Her hands were locked behind her back, and then chained to her ankles. A small chain then locked her to the wall, insuring that she wouldn’t be going anywhere.


Allison thoroughly expected that she would be gagged, but instead Camille told her to satisfy her Mistress; and then the latex clad Maid left her alone and closed the door.


Stephanie’s bedroom was well furnished but not ostentatious. A large four poster bed (no doubt used to bind submissives); cabinets designed to hide both a television and computer setups; a dresser; and a few chairs. Another door probably led to a bathroom.


What was different about the room were the objects sitting on the night-table next to the bed. There lay a dildo harness; a riding crop; paddle; a couple of dildos of various sizes; a ball-gag; just the sort of objects that a Domme would use on her in the bedroom!


Was she attracted to women? Allison pondered the question. In college, an older lesbian had tried to come on to her at a party, offering her drink after drink. However, just when the woman’s efforts might have succeeded, her roommates took Allison from the party. Once back in her dorm they put her to bed, and she slept off the alcohol most of the next day.


There was no doubt that she was deeply attracted to Mistress Stephanie, and for that matter, Camille. Both women, she felt, were highly exotic – just what sort of woman dresses up for kinky sexual activity in leather or latex?


Twice now, Mistress Stephanie had driven her sexually wild. In her own house while being paddled with a vibrator in her pussy; and now in Stephanie’s Dungeon! She actually had a Dungeon! In Greenwich, Connecticut, no less! Home of some of the country’s richest families, there was a Dominatrix who catered to the desires of the wealthy and powerful, all in discreet fashion.


Then Allison remembered her restaurant meeting, and recalled Mistress Janet. Stephanie had told Allison that Janet was a Mistress also, and Allison recalled that she had seen Janet many times in town. So there were two Dommes in Greenwich!


If the idea of serving one Domme was exciting enough, Janet’s suggestion that she be loaned out further thrilled Allison. She longed get to be used by another fetish-clad woman who would also bring her to new heights of ecstasy!


“Well now, isn’t this very nice,” said Stephanie as she entered her bedroom, startling Allison to attention, “daydreaming, Allison?”


“I’m sorry, Mistress,” Allison apologized.


“That’s all right, dear. I had all kinds of fantasies also when I was invited into my Mistress’s bedroom at first also,” Stephanie replied.


Stephanie had bathed and changed out of her fetish outfit and was wearing nothing more than a terry cloth robe and slippers, and Allison knew that her Domme was naked underneath the robe. She could smell her perfume as well. It was Chanel, making her very alluring.


Stephanie sat down on the bed facing Allison, and picked up the riding crop from the night-table and flexed it between her hands.


“I’m going to teach you how to satisfy a woman,” Stephanie began, “which is a useful skill. If not, then I’ll let Camille have a crack at you, and she’ll teach you instead. However, in the bedroom she is more willing to use the crop than I am. Do you understand?”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Very good then,” Stephanie answered.


Stephanie then put the crop down, retrieved a key, and then proceeded to unlock Allison’s chains. Her heels had been removed before her bath, so Stephanie didn’t have to bother removing them. Once free, Allison stretched naked in front of her Mistress.


“On the bed,” Stephanie ordered, as she removed her slippers, and then hung her robe in the closet.


Allison had to restrain a gasp, marveling at how beautiful that Stephanie looked naked, and then she joined her on the bed. Two naked women about to make love!


“I’ll start, just to show you how. Sit back and learn!” Stephanie commanded.


Allison did as instructed, and was startled when she felt Stephanie’s lips kiss her tenderly on her own. She inhaled Stephanie’s scent, so different from the artificial PVC smell that she exuded in the Dungeon! Now the Dominatrix smelled of scented soap, powder, and Chanel; quite feminine!


Kissing Allison on the lips, Stephanie moved her attentions down to her neck, shoulders, and quickly to her breasts, sucking and lightly biting on her already erect nipples. Allison moaned in pleasure as the Dominatrix made love to her, doing things to her that no man certainly had ever done.


Stephanie’s kisses went down Allison’s stomach, and soon her lips were sucking on Allison’s wet sex! Allison opened her legs to accommodate Stephanie’s tongue between her legs, and she moaned when she felt Stephanie begin to stimulate her clit!


Allison moaned in pleasure, remembering that just a short time ago the same woman who was now giving her so much pleasure had been beating her with a crop and flogger! Pleasure and pain were two sides of the same coin, just as she had read and heard many times!


Stephanie brought Allison quickly to climax, not very hard given all of the stimulation that she had already received that night! Allison bucked and grunted her pleasure, and soon orgasms washed over her in a tidal wave of pleasure, the sweat pouring off her in a fit of passion that she had never really experienced before!


“Thank…thank you, Mistress,” Allison said when she had recovered.


“You’re welcome, dear,” Stephanie replied, “did you have a nice time?”


“Yes, Mistress, very much.”


“Good, then you can now make love to me,” Stephanie ordered as she lay back in bed beside Allison, “and you know the penalty if you fail to satisfy me.”


Stephanie lay back and opened her legs. Given the enthusiasm that Allison then displayed, Stephanie knew that the crop would be unnecessary to train Allison in the ways of lovemaking. The girl had proved to be a willing student!


After Stephanie had been brought to climax, (she had used the crop on Allison once after all); she then strapped on the dildo harness and spread a condom over its length. She mounted Allison doggie-style, holding onto her hips as she pistoned the rubber cock into her submissive’s wet sex, making her moan with pleasure.


Later on, after she made sure that both their bodily needs were attended to, Stephanie locked Allison’s collar onto a chain from the wall.


“Nighty night,” said Stephanie, “go to sleep.”


“Yes, Mistress,” Allison answered.


During the night, Stephanie observed the look of pleasure and contentment on Allison’s face. She knew that she now had a willing potential slave on her hands, a girl who would endure anything in order to serve her Mistress!


The End of “A Matter of Class PT2”



To be concluded in “A Matter of Class PT3”                       

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