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A Slave to Capitalism PT01

By: sfmaster - Published:




WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the

author does not in any way condone similar behavior.


If you are under the age or 18 or reside in a state that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!


A Slave to Capitalism Chapter 1: Crime and Punishment”


Archiving permitted, reposting is permitted; but only if you include this statement of limitation of use and notify the author by e-mail. The author forbids you to make, distribute, or sell multiple copies of this story on paper, disk, or other fixed format.


However, individual readers may make single copies of the story for their own, non-commercial use.


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Attn: Readers please feel free to send e-mail to the author. I do want to hear from you!


A Slave to Capitalism Chapter 1: Crime and Punishment




"Slow Day, isn't it," asked Brenda Daniels.


Doris Rogers was startled out of her concentration, as she had been admiring herself in one of the store's mirrors. She was a pretty girl, age 28, with a

34-30-34 figure and great legs. It was certainly true: they'd been open for hours, and they hadn't had a paying customer yet. Sure, there had been the

usual lookers, and a few people even tried something on. But as far as buying something, there had yet to be a single transaction in the cash register.


"Well, I guess that nobody wants something made of leather just now," answered Doris.


The two saleswomen looked over the store where they worked, and saw row after row of leather coats, skirts, pants, gloves, and hats. The entire store was

filled with the sensual aroma of leather, making it smell and feel like no other store in the mall. Even the leather departments of the major department

stores couldn't match their selection.


Both women were dressed alike, with a white silk top over a black leather skirt, stockings, and high heels. The owner had asked them to dress that way in order

to get customers in the door in the hope of encouraging sales. Brenda and Doris were happy to oblige, since it meant that they sold expensive goods on commission, and got a sizable discount when they wanted to purchase something. Which they sometimes did, and quite often.


"Just wish we had somebody to sell to," said Brenda, "You put out the latest delivery?"


"You have a strange choice of words," laughed Doris, "Yes, I did put those skirts out this morning. Just after we opened."


"You're right," agreed Brenda, "I guess my mind was somewhere else."


"Probably on Harry, I'll bet," said Doris.


"Now whatever gave you that idea?" asked Brenda.


"I can always tell when you got laid the previous night. That's when you seem dreamy and keep pulling at your skirt."


"Is it that obvious?"


Her companion just smiled in response, her red lips turned up in a mischievous grin whenever her co-worker and friend mentioned the idea of sex.


Deep down, Doris felt extremely jealous of her friend. The woman had no trouble getting boyfriends, but all that she ever met were jerks who couldn't even tell

time. She had the urge to run to the back room and masturbate, but it was too early.


"Well, we could try on the leather dresses again," suggested Brenda, "To pass the time."


"And risk Angela walking in here? No thanks," said Doris.


Their boss, Angela Gavin, was the owner of the place. Rich, she owned leather shops in all of the malls on affluent Long Island. Doris imagined that in the

mornings, Angela would spend her time going over the sales figures that were downloaded into her computer the previous evening. After that was complete,

Angela would get into her black BMW and tour the area malls, seeing how her stores were doing.


While Doris liked and admired Angela, she was terrified of her boss. Angela was rich, and made no secret of it. She flaunted herself in wearing her leather accented wardrobe! Not too surprising, in light of what she owned. Still, there was no mistaking when she walked into the store on spike heels, her slender body encased in a leather dress covered by a leather coat. Black, of course.


"Well girls, good morning," said Angela in greeting.


Open for two hours, Doris was not too surprised to see Angela walk in. She rarely wore anything other than a leather outfit of some kind, even in summer.

Now that it was winter, she could indulge herself by wearing whatever leather outfit she liked. And the weather would remain blissfully cold, obliging her.

Removing her coat and gloves, she surveyed the empty store around her. Sadly she looked at the empty isles between racks. They should be full of men and women buying things, she thought. Not merely gathering dust.


"Any sales yet?" asked Angela.


"No, Angela, "Doris answered, "Just a few window shoppers. Guess it's not cold enough yet."


"Yeah," she said in response, "Brenda, could you watch the floor for a few minutes? I'd like to talk to Doris in my office for a while."


"Sure," answered Brenda.


Doris followed Angela to the store's rear, going past the racks of leather skirts and changing rooms. They entered a part of the store that customers

never saw, composed of an office and a stockroom.


"In there," said Angela.


Angela seated herself behind the desk in her office, after carefully hanging her coat up. Doris seated herself on the other side, after smoothing her skirt



"What can I do for you?" asked Doris.


"Doris, this is something that I really hate to do. Please explain this?" she demanded.


Angela produced a large manila envelope, and handed it to Doris. Her heart pounding in her chest, Doris shuddered as the opened the envelope. There, in

grainy black and white, was the evidence of her crimes. Dated and timed, they showed Doris removing plastic bags from the trash bins behind the mall. Doris remembered the contents of every single bag. She had not stolen to make money, indeed she could have sold everything for a nice sum. Instead, she had stolen out of jealousy. She wanted a wardrobe to match Angela's, nothing more.


"Doris, why?" asked Angela, "I thought that you liked working here?"


"I do."


"But you are bonded, meaning that you are, or were, to be trusted," pointed out Angela, "Why did you suddenly start stealing?"


Doris broke out in tears. Her answer came out in tearful sobs, a few words at a time.


"Angela, I'm......sorry. I was always envious of everything that you wear. I wanted the same things for myself."


"So you began stealing. Do you know the value of everything that you took? It must clear a couple of thousand, easy. Know what that means?"


", I don't," answered Doris.


"It's a felony. Jail time. Do you really want to spend some time in the slammer if I press charges?"


"No, please no," sobbed Doris, "I'll do just anything to stay out of jail. I've heard stories of what happens there, and it scares the hell out of me."


Angela Gavin sat back in her chair, the leather of her chair and that of her dress making the most wonderful sound as they rubbed again the other. She watched her fallen employee from across the desk, seeing the girl sob and cry. Perfect! She was going to get the girl right where she wanted! And so easily, too!


"I'll return everything, I promise. I'll do just anything, whatever you ask! Please, just keep me out of jail," plead Doris between sobs.


"There now, take a tissue. Stop crying. It's not the end of the world. Perhaps we could come to some kind of arrangement?"


"Yes, please. Anything," cried Doris.


"Then come to my house tonight, at around nine. Do you remember where it is, in Northport?" asked Angela.


"Yes," Doris had attended a couple of Christmas parties there, so she knew just how rich Angela really was.


"I'll be there," she sobbed.


"Good," replied Angela.




Doris was confused. After her talk with Angela, she had expected to go to jail. Instead, she had been invited to her house. They had enjoyed an hour of

pleasant conversation while having drinks, and Doris answered all of Angela's probing questions. Which turned out not to be about her thefts from the store,

but concerned her sexual preferences instead.


They sat together on the couch, sharing drinks, each one making Doris more pliable.


"Have you ever tried it with a woman?" asked Angela.


"Well, no. But I never really liked doing it with a man either," Doris answered.


"You stole all of that leather. I take it that you are interested in that sort of thing."


"Yes. I like how it looks, the feel of a second skin on my body, that scent makes me a little randy," confessed Doris as she drank another brandy.


"Would you like to do something with me?" Angela coyly asked.


"What do you have in mind?" answered Doris, the alcohol going to her head.


"Take off all your clothes first. I want to see what you've been hiding all along.”


Much to her surprise, Doris did not protest. The memory of being threatened with jail did not have to mentioned. Instead, she had been relaxed with talking

to Angela, and the brandy was having it's effect by lowering her inhibitions.


Doris stood up and kicked off her heels. Then she unzipped her skirt, and pulled it down her legs. She unbuttoned her blouse, and folded both on the

chair. She next undid her bra, and garter belt, stockings, and panties came last. Doris stood, naked, her hands at her side, in front of Angela.


Angela sat on the couch and looked at Doris approvingly. The girl was simply lovely!


"Turn around slowly," she ordered, "Let me see what you've got."


Doris raised her arms above her head, and turned slowly and seductively. She had not shown off her naked body to another woman since college, and she was

shivering with excitement and fear while wondering what would happen next.


Why don't you put your high heels back on! Nothing does a woman more good than to wear a pair of heels!” suggested Angela.


Sure!” replied Doris, as she placed them back on her feet, and closed the leather straps around her ankles.


"Beautiful," Angela commented, "Now if you'll just put these on."


Angela was toying with a pair of gleaming stainless steel handcuffs, which Doris had seen on countless police officer's belts.


"Handcuffs, but what for?" asked Doris.


"Why, you've got to be punished, dear. Surely you didn't think that you were going to get off without paying for your crimes?"


Angela handed the cuffs to Doris, who felt their weight in her hands. They were heavy, and once locked on her, there would be no escape.


"Either put the handcuffs on, and submit to me. Or else would you rather go to jail?" Angela asked with ice in her voice.


Doris took one cuff and locked it around her right wrist. When she went to lock the other, Angela shook her head and motioned for her to lock the other behind her back. Without protest, Doris did so. When the ratchet had clicked shut she tried to pull her wrists apart. They were firmly locked together, rendering her helpless and at Angela's mercy.


"I believe that a punishment should fit the crime, don't you?" questioned Angela.


"Yes," Doris cautiously answered.


"Then come along, dear Doris. Since you stole my leather, a think that it's only fitting that should be the method of your punishment."


Angela then led her naked and bound charge to the elevator, since her “house” was really a North Shore Mansion! The elevator descended to the basement, and when the doors opened, Doris didn't know what to expect! The first part of the basement looked pretty average, but when Angela opened a locked panel that was a secret door, Doris gasped when the light was turned on!


There was a secret room that contained a small wooden cage; a jail cell; a padded horse; a set of stocks; chains hanging from the ceiling and walls; but most shocking of all was the wooden wall rack from with hung all sorts of nasty things! Doris gasped when she saw whips; riding crops, rubber balls and straps; and all sorts of other things she guessed were intended to be used on her!


What is this?” Doris gasped.


My Playroom, darling. For entertaining bad little girls like you,” Angela replied.


Playroom – just what do you intend to do with me here?” Doris asked.


Why, punish you darling! You didn't think that your stealing wasn't going to have consequences, did you?” Angela answered.


No, I don't want to be punished!” Doris said, trying to pull away from her captor, who was gripping her by her forearm behind her back.


Would you rather prefer jail time?” demanded Angela, “I have some good lawyers working for my company, and I can easily send you to jail for quite some time!”


No….No!” Doris protested, the entire day having turned into a nightmare.


Then decide – jail or my punishment – now!”


Doris did not know what to do! Either alternative was bad, but at least if she let Angela punish her, then she'd stay out of jail!


Angela?” asked Doris.


Yes, my dear?”


Please punish me for stealing?” begged Doris.


You see, I always knew that you'd do the right thing, darling. And in time, you'll realize that you made the right choice, and come to enjoy your new position,” explained Angela to her naked charge.


New position?” asked Doris.


Why of course, my dear. You're going to learn how to become a submissive, just one of my stable of very good girls who have learned to do what they're told!”


A submissive, what's that?”


A girl who does what she's told, obeys instantly, enjoys sex, and will come to love the whip!” casually explained Angela.


I'm to be a slave?” asked Doris.


If you want to be tattooed and ringed, that can be arranged Doris. Some of my girls actually enjoy the feeling of being truly owned and possessed!”


All right,” replied Doris, “go ahead!”


Now then – let me get you ready!” said Angela.


Angela first released Doris from the gleaming stainless steel that was imprisoning her wrists. From the wall rack, she removed leather and steel cuffs that she locked on her wrists and ankles, and finally a black leather collar was locked around her neck! Then she attached two bars about two feet in length to her wrists and ankles. Angela led Doris to where a chain was hanging from the ceiling, and attached it to the bar her wrists were locked to!


There were two small chains attached to the floor, and they were soon attached to the bar that was locked to her ankles.


Angela then walked to the wall, opened a small panel, and Doris heard the noise of a small motor!


Going up!” cheerfully announced Angela.


Doris could not believe it when the chain holding her wrists began to become taut, and was slowly raised above her head! It continued to tighten, and soon Doris was held straight – and then her feet lifted off the stone floor! Her feet, still in their high heels, could barely touch the floor!


"Well, Doris, having a good time?" asked Angela.


No,” Doris answered.


No, Mistress! That's the way you're going to address me from now on, Doris.”


No, Mistress!”


That's better! Now let me get you a mirror so you'll be able to see just what you look like!”


Angela then brought over a full length mirror just like they had in the store, one on wheels!


Doris looked at herself! She was naked, every part of her female body was on display! Her pretty breasts protruded from her chest, her flat tummy, and her pussy was fully exposed!


You look simply charming!” said Angela, “and you'll look even better after you're been whipped! There's nothing better to enhance a girl's appearance than a few strokes of the whip!”


Doris was speechless! She felt like she was in “Alice in Wonderland!”


Have you ever shaved your pussy, Doris?”


No…….Mistress,” Doris properly answered.


It can really better your appearance, and you'll be so sexy!”


Yes, Mistress!”


Now I'm going to go and get dressed, and don't you go anywhere!” cheerfully said Angela.


Yes, Mistress!”


Doris watched as Angela walked over to a door and exited the “Playroom”; leaving her alone in her chains! She twisted without effect in her chains, finding the leather and steel implacable against the efforts of a naked girl!


She was not alone for long, and soon she heard the clicks of a woman's heels again, with Angela now standing again in front of her!


Angela was now wearing a leather bodysuit, gloves that reached from her fingers to her shoulders, and a pair of matching thigh high boots on five inch heels.

All in black leather that made her look totally stunning. The outfit showed off her lush figure even more than the leather ones that she wore at work. Her

luscious breasts were accentuated by a small waspish waist that Doris wondered how her boss achieved.


"What a change, dear," Angela began, "Pity I can't wear this to the office. How do I look?"




"Beautiful, Mistress Angela, if you please. You're mine now. Do you understand?"


"No, Mistress," answered Doris, unsure of Angela's new title.


"I'm what's called a Mistress, or Dominant. It's my hobby to put bad little girls like you in their proper place. Now then, what shall I do with you?" she

asked, "A few strokes with the whip, I think."


Angela walked over to the wall, perched on the four inch heels that were held in place by a leather strap around her ankles. She removed a whip, and held it in her right hand, then walked back to Doris, who was captive her naked body stretched in the shape of an “X.”


"After being whipped a few times, I'm sure that you will regret stealing from me," Angela observed.


"Not the whip, no Angela, please," cried Doris.


"And you said you'd do anything to avoid jail. Well a few strokes with the whip hardly compares with time in the slammer."


Doris tensed as she watched the whip uncoil to the floor, and tensed as she watched Angela draw her arm back to deliver the first blow to her naked skin.


"Owwwwww!" cried Doris.


"That didn't hurt so bad, now did it? You'll feel much better after you've been punished. It'll absolve you of that guilt that you've been feeling since you started stealing from me," Angela stated.


Angela stepped back and swung the whip again. It struck Doris on her upper body, curling itself under her arms and directly onto her breasts, which shook

from the impact. For all of the pain that it caused, Doris was surprised that it barely left a mark at all.


Angela lashed out again, with a stroke that wrapped itself around Doris's waist. The slender black leather struck her naked body, and Doris winced when she felt a line of fire go completely around her waist. Rather than scream, and admit that she was weak, she gritted her teeth together.


For her fourth stroke, Angela delivered a blow that came to rest on her behind.


The tip buried itself into her tender buttocks, leaving a stinging sensation behind. Doris remained mute, even though she hurt rather badly from the pain that the whip was causing her.


"Having a nice time?" tormented Angela.


"I've had better, please stop whipping me," begged Doris.


"Let's just see how serious you are," said Angela.


Walking quite close to Doris, Angela reached out with a leather gloved hand and cupped her sex. She inserted two fingers into her and found that Doris was

quite wet and excited.


"Well," began Angela, "The mouth says no but the body says yes. A common occurrence amongst girls who really want to be punished. Are your nipples equally excited?"


Angela again reached out with a gloved hand and began to pinch and pull at Doris's right breast. The nipple was already erect, and Doris moaned as the leather clad woman pinched her nipple again and again. Suddenly, Angela reached forward with her mouth, and her tongue circled the erect nipple. Then she lightly sucked and bit, leaving Doris to squeal in her bonds.


"Like all virgins, a little squeamish. But you'll soon come around," observed Angela, "You've got to be whipped a little more to get you into the mood."


"No, no! Please don't whip me again," plead Doris.


Doris hung dejectedly in her chains. In spite of her best efforts at resistance, she found that she was becoming aroused by everything that Angela was doing to her. Her nipples were hard and erect, and her pussy was wet. She watched in the mirror as silvery droplets of sweat reflected the light as they ran down her naked body.


"Not just yet dear. First I have to make you a little more....vulnerable."


From the wall rack Angela now procured what looked like two metal objects held together by a gleaming stainless steel chain. Doris didn't know what they were until Angela held the jaws of one open, and placed it on her right nipple, which was erect from the whipping and sexual stimulation! Next, her right nipple was similarly confined as well!


"There now, isn't that better?" mocked Angela, "I have such an astonishing collection of toys, just meant to entertain naughty little girls like you."


"Let me go, please. I'll do just anything," plead Doris, "Anything!"


"Hush, bitch. I've got everything that I want, so relax and enjoy yourself. You're not going anywhere."


Doris quieted down, and she hung dejectedly from her ceiling chain. Tears fell from her eyes onto her cheeks. Never before had she been punished for anything in her life so badly!


"Have you ever ridden a horse, dear?" Angela questioned, who was now bending a riding crop in front of Doris.


"Once, no," answered Doris, he eyes widening in shock at the sight of the crop, "Don't use that crop on me!"


"Oh stop wailing," ordered Angela, "Once you get used to being punished, you'll come to like it!”


"Yes, Mistress," Doris answered meekly.


Angela struck with the riding crop, which was a long thin piece of bamboo covered by leather. Instead of wrapping itself around her body, it struck her like lightning and left a red stripe upon impact!


No matter how she tried to be brave, Doris could hold herself no more and began to scream and thrash in her leather restraints, straining without effect

against her confinements.


But it was not until she felt the crop reach upwards between her legs and strike the inside of her thighs did she really scream and protest her



"No, not there, please! Not my pussy," she yelled.


"When I'm done, I can guarantee that you'll have the best orgasms you ever had. Be silent, or else you'll be gagged."


Doris was suddenly struck silent by the threat of being gagged. Was there no end to what she must endure? She felt like yelling her lungs out when she felt the slender rod strike that most private of her female parts, something that she had never explored herself. The crop hurt like nothing else that she had ever imagined. After a few strokes, Doris was surprised as she began to experience orgasms. There could not have been a stranger scenario for her to imagine than being naked and whipped by her leather clad boss and enjoying it!


"Owwwww,!" Doris cried as a stroke landed on her sex and she could no longer contain herself.


As tender as the other parts of her body had been, Doris felt that there was no more sensitive part of her body than the inside of her thighs. The crop struck viciously within, making her climax and cry at the same time.


"There now, I'll bet that you're a much more honest girl now than before," said Angela.


"Yes, Mistress."


"But there's one more thing that you need tonight before you're finished, dear."


Angela then walked back to the wall, and soon the electric motor was activated once more, and Doris felt her feet again on solid ground! Angela released her wrists and ankles from the bars that had confined then, and placed those back on the wall as well! Doris gasped when her nipple clamps were removed, her female buds pained by their imprisonment!


If you think that those clamps hurt, Doris, I have ones without plastic on the metal tips – just serrated jaws biting into your female flesh!” threatened Angela.


Then Doris was led to the other room, which she discovered was a nicely appointed bedroom!


Doris did not protest when Angela tied her to the bed, spread-eagled with the leather cuffs. Whipped and submissive, she was willing to submit to whatever Angela was going to do to her next.


Once tied down, she watched as Angela quickly removed her leather outfit. She saw that Angela was a beautiful woman naked, with moderate sized breasts, a

small waist, and flaring hips.


"A corset does just the right thing to a girl's body, Doris. Once I get you into one, I'm sure that you'll get a figure just like mine," Angela observed.


Doris gasped with astonishment when she saw that Angela strapped a harness around her waist, then pulled a strap between her legs to reveal a large phallus which she buckled in front.


"Ever use a vibrator or a dildo, sweetie?" questioned Angela.


"No, please, no!" Doris cried.


"Dildo," finished Angela as she lowered herself onto the bed next to Doris, "Why, after being whipped for this first time, I think that you must be really

horny by now." Doris attempted to struggle as Angela slowly got on top of her, even though Angela tried to be the gentlest of lovers, caressing her naked body.


"Don't fight it, Doris. I'm an expert at correcting bad girls like you."


"No, no!" cried Doris.


The dildo slowly entered her sex, which was already wet from her earlier punishments. In spite of trying to resist Angela, Doris slowly felt herself

becoming aroused as she inevitably responded to her caresses and the penetration of the dildo between her legs. It plunged in, going further than any man ever

had, rubbing against her sex that had so recently been cropped and punished.


Then, Angela began to thrust back and forth on top of her. Doris writhed with pleasure as she felt her punished sex stimulated by the phallus inside her. She had never tried either a dildo or vibrator before, never believing her girlfriends just how good they could be.


But now she was moaning with pleasure, and climaxing again and again, as Angela repeatedly brought her to frequent and pleasurable orgasms. Covered in sweat

and hurting from the punishment that she had taken, it all seemed to make her climaxes more intense.


"Oh, don't stop," cried Doris.


"Never bitch," was Angela's answer.


By now, a man would have climaxed and withdrew. Instead, the rubber dildo plunged again and again, thrusting between her legs. The dildo rammed itself

deeply into her sex, making Doris moan with both pleasure and pain at the same time.


"Ooooooooh!" Doris cried.


Not answering, Angela continued to slam the dildo into Doris. She writhed with each thrust, moaning when the dildo slid against her excited sex.


"Good, good," intoned Angela.


When it seemed that Doris had climaxed for the final time, Angela withdrew from her. Both bodies were covered with sweat, and both were exhausted from their



I'll teach you how to satisfy both men and women, and your value will increase greatly,” said Angela.


Yes, Mistress,” replied Doris sleepily, not understanding what her new Mistress meant.


Angela unlocked all but one ankle chain that held Doris to the bed, and then stripped the dildo off herself. Covering both of them, the two enfolded themselves in their arms, and Doris quickly fell asleep.


The next morning, light streamed through the kitchen windows. Angela was wearing a leather dress that she liked to wear around the house on Saturday, one

made of red leather that showed off all her curves.


Kneeling on the floor in front of her was Doris, who was still naked from the previous evening. A leash was attached to her collar, which was locked to a ring set in the kitchen wall. Her hands were locked behind her.


"Well, dear," began Angela, "Shall we set your term of submission to me at two to five years, or the equivalent of your jail term? I'm sure that we can find some

wonderful things to do together. Don't you agree?"


"Yes, Mistress," answered Doris.


Doris knew that her sex was already wet once again. The prospect of serving her boss, now Mistress was a delicious idea that she could not resist. Being

chained at the feet of another woman was just so exciting, and it made her heart pound so!


THE END of “A Slave to Capitalism” CH01


Crime and Punishment

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