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A trainride back home from a nudist vacation

First vacation in a nudist resort in France with a surprise at the very end

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A trainride back home from a nudist vacation

By: Yvonne - Published:

I started shy and ashamed, then gradually loosened up and ended up enjoying it, but nothing erotic happened until.....



Train ride to remember


 Our small pary had travelled to the south of France to enjoy a holiday in the sun.  The ladies I travelled with had a history of staying in French nature camping sites and that year we had met through a magazine specialising in these holidays. At first we had picked another destination but the Balkans suddenly were a warzone and so it would be France once again.


I took my daughter with me and the four of us went by night train heading to the Mediterranean Sea.


After arriving in Avignon we had to go by bus and finally we arrived at our destination. The apartment was close to the sea and after unpacking we went to the beach.


I was quite thrilled because I never had been in a naturist resort and the prospect of taking of my clothes at the beach was a bit worrying. All the people around at the beach wore no clothes except the occasional hat and my companions spread their towels on the hot sand and undressed. I did the same and quickly sat down, feeling a bit ‘naked’.


My companion Winnie sat down behind me and offered to rub some sun protection on my back. Her somewhat older friend Els sat next to her and enjoyed the sun on her naked skin.


As Winnie spoke to me, I still was trying to get used to being exposed completely naked on a full beach and was worried my penis would get erected the moment she would touch my back, so I said I did not need sun protection. It was a bit foolish of me to refuse this offer because I am  fair skinned and ginger haired and the Mediterranean sun was far too strong for me.


I somehow survived our time at the beach and started to get used to walking naked like all others. My daughter who was still pretty young soon got used to it and walked around naked like all of us for the next three weeks.


In our apartment we prepared our meals and were enjoying the evenings at our veranda when the heat was gone and on some evenings Winnie and I went out to some of the places that were serving drinks and organised disco evenings. Els would stay home with my daughter who would go to bed early as Winnie and I went to the ‘discotheques’ playing the French and international summer hits of that year and the all-time disco favourites


It was a really ‘liberating’ experience to go around naked without any worry and just do your shopping, stroll on the beach or go for a swim in the warm seawater. In the disco the summer hits were making us dance enthusiastically and we got on well but there was nothing explicitly sexual or physical going on between us.


In the appartment we had two separate  bedrooms that had no doors and in the hot French nights we slept without cover.


Every morning I woke up with an full erection that would not go away until I took a shower and then it was gone for most of the time. Seeing naked bodies all around during the rest of the day and standing in queue next to persons so you would actually touch them unintentionally did not embarrass or arouse me that much to my surprise.


The morning boner however was quite obviously visible in for anyonewho payed attention...


When I was laying on my bed waking up in the morning I was aware Winnie and Els could not overlook my stiffy protruding from its ginger bed of curly hairs. They however never gave it any attention as far as I noticed and during these three weeks it was just part of the daily routine.


Finally our stay ended and we packed and headed back to the North.


On our train ride back home the four of us shared a cabin with two other persons. There were three beds beds that were on top of one another on both sides of the compartment and my daughter and I had the lowest ones opposite one another. Winnie was on the one above me and Els opposite of her. And then the two ‘strangers’ placed on the top beds. As the evening fell and the train took off we strolled around a bit in the aisle before going to bed. My daughter soon lay in her bed and fell asleep as the train travelled on in the night.


Els was tired and went to bed early and the two strangers followed soon and the light in our compartment was turned off.


The train was rushing steadily through the darkness of the night and the sound of the wheels reminded us we were on our way up to the North. In the compartment everybody but me had gone to bed and I was standing up next to my bed thinking about the day that had passed and tried to relax when suddenly I felt a hand touching me cautiously from behind the curtain where Winnie had her bed.


It was dark and I could not see a thing but it was obvious to me Winnie was moving her hand over my leg as I stood next to her in the dark. Slowly the hand creeped up and moved up my boxer short and touched my thy. I realised my penis reacted and got stiff as the hand  wriggled around in my boxershorts. There was no sound, just some breathing by the sleeping persons in the cabin and I held my breath as the hand slowly moved higher and reached the hairs on my sack. My penis went to another stage of stiffness and a finger pulled it through the leg of the boxer short. This all happened in the dark without a sound and I stood there with my penis in full erection at the disposal of my holiday companion. I did not know what made here take this opportunity to play with me in the darkness of the cabin as I was standing there listening to the sound of the wheels.


The hand played with my balls and touched the shaft and I felt a drop gliding out of the top of my glans. The hand began to move up and down and then the fingers turned around the shaft and the full hand began to stroke my penis very gently.


After three weeks of morning boners and only a few times of satisfaction by masturbation in the shower ( that had been open without a door, which had prevented me from releasing my tension more often), this unexpected experience was like a dream.


Winnie did not make a sound and I could not see anything but her hand began to stroke me with slow movements that were all up and down from the base of my penis to the slimy top.


I knew this could not go on much longer and wished she would slow down a bit, but she seemed determined to make me cum in the dark in a full compartment while standing with my stiff penis pulled through the boxer short leg.


I could not hold it up as she pulled the skin up and down and went on to do so as the sperm was gulping all over her hand and wrist, I suppose. She did not say one word and as the train went on in the night I got into my bed right underneath Winnie’s and fell asleep.


The next morning after we woke up, we all had some breakfast and Winnie and Els and me and my daughter discussed the landscape as the train went further towards our destination. When we finally left the train we said goodbye and went to our homes, having made an appointment for one of the next days to have dinner together and exchange the pictures of our holiday.


Winnie invited me, but as it turned out we were just good friends and a sexual relationship was not really the thing we were waiting for.  We never discussed the incident on the night train …..


The trip is  a pleasant memory ever since and the surprising climax in the darkness of the riding train adds a bit of magic.


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A trainride back home from a nudist vacation


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