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Anitas First Time

By: Abadone - Published:

© Abadone 2015
The right of
Abadone to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by him in accordance with the Designs and Copyright Act 1988.

This prose is subject to international copyright and may not be copied in any way without the prior written permission of the Author.


**This is an adult story that explores adult sexual subjects meant for responsible mature adult readers only. This story contains violence and sex, along with other ‘adult only’ related content. The story is purely based in the realms of sexual fantasy storytelling and not reality.**


Late one evening Anita with her husband decided to experiment and have Anita make love to Ron. This opened new doors within Anita as this story explores her experience.


*The story contains oral, anal, consensual sex, male on female and voyeurism. It also contains some humiliation and large penis size.



Anita's First Time

By Abadone



I looked at Dave my husband and he just grinned at me; then gave me a playful nudge.


I looked over to Ron and he smiled warmly offering me his hand.


I could feel myself colouring up as I grinned childishly and took the offered hand. It was a large hand, I could feel the rough calloused skin as laughing he pulled me over.


You know, I did not realise how big Ron was, I mean, yea, I know he is a big guy an all; but when he pulled me close, and I felt those strong thick arms of his wrap around me and pull tight to his chest; it was then that I realised just how big and strong he was.


When he moved in for that first kiss, I kinda felt girlish even, like I was in my teens again fumbling around as that strange excitement and fear washed over me.


Still I turned my head and we kissed. His rough wiry beard prickled and scratched at my face, but his lips were thick, soft and hot. He pulled me in a little tighter, his hot tongue stated to probe and brushing at my lips.


Nervously, I opened up to accept the kiss, then tentatively I pushed my tongue into his mouth. I felt myself smiling as he chased my tongue with his, and I found myself giggling like a little girl.


Then his hand moved; I felt myself jump and stiffen as it slid down my back to grope at my ass; it was a firm hard grip that he cupped both my ass cheeks with. It did not hurt, but it was a rough grip he took as he squeezed it tight. He then tilted his head slightly to the side pushing his tongue deeper into my mouth.


I took a sharp breath as he turned me slightly and brushed his hand up my leg pulling my already short skirt up even higher. I could feel and hear his breath getting quicker as his rough hand eased my legs open and he traced his fingers back up my inner thigh.


I caught my breath as he touched my crotch. No man had ever been there other than my husband Dave. It felt strange, and I felt slightly guilty, yet somewhat nervously excited all at the same time.


I opened my legs a little wider feeling kind of shaky with nervous tension. I squeezed my eyes shut and held my breath as Ron's hand made contact, cupping my crotch.


I froze, almost like a virgin! I froze as his thick finger traced my slit up and down over my panties. There was just the thin silky layer of my panty material between his rough hand and my pussy. I jumped and gasped as his large rough hand gripped my pussy and squeezed.


Dave was never like this, he was always soft and gentle, whereas Ron rubbed his thick hard fingers at my pussy, parting my lips and teasing at the opening to my pussy through the thin material.


I looked up at Ron to see his eyes open wide as if they were smiling at me. He knew; I knew why he was smiling at me, as I was wet. Not just wet, I felt like I had peed myself. My pussy was responding to his rough hands as she sent loving hot waves of pleasure through me in an instant.


This was not like me to get this hot so quickly, my pussy is a funny thing, she does need a lot of teasing and pleasing before she gets this hot. It must be the excitement of actually doing this, I said to myself.


Ron twisted his fingers and I felt them slide into my panties. Again, I froze as his rough hard skinned fingers pushed lower. There was no messing around, as he slid one finger between my lips, over my now tingling clit to push it deep inside me in one swift motion. It was a tick finger too, making me gasp as he pushed it in deep. It left me gasping as he pulled back and his rough finger brushed hard against my clit only to drive it back into me with force.


I threw my head back as I gasped for air. Never in my life had I felt such intense feelings rush through my body so quickly. My pussy was on fire as he drove his finger deep into me; and all the while with each thrust he dragged it hard over my clit. My head was in a spin with what he was doing to me.


Then I jumped and squealed as he forced two of his fat fingers into me. It was a tight fit, but he wiggled and twisted them until he pushed them in. God I felt full, god it felt good. Then the bastard bent his fingers back and used his thumb to tease my clit at the same time.


I could not hold it, I was physically shaking as each movement of his thumb and fingers sent waves of pleasure through me.


It was just too intense, I felt my head was going to explode, or I was going to hyperventilate, or something. I found myself pushing at his thick arm in a vain attempt to try and stop him, I moaned into his mouth for him to stop as he pulled me in for a deeper kiss. I had to stop it, I just had too, it was just too much.


I gripped his thick wrist in a last ditched attempt to push his hand away. That's when it hit me; it was deeper and stronger than I have ever felt before. Like a volcano erupting inside me. The power of it had me completely breathless, I did not know what to do, I was out of control, I never lose control, I always have the power. This time though it was taken away from me as my body took over. Instead of pushing his hand away I found myself pulling it in tighter so I could thrust my cunt hard onto his driving fingers.


My heart was beating in overdrive; sweat was breaking out all over my body. I was fighting for breath. I was screaming; yes, it was me I could hear. It was as if I was outside of my body, but not, I never scream or cry out during sex. Yet here I was, like a wanton slut hammering my pussy onto Ron's fingers screaming for him to do it to me faster and harder.


The memories of my mother's angry face, and that of my farther shaking his finger down at me from when they caught me in the bathroom as a child pushing the electric toothbrush between my legs for the thrill, quickly flittered across my mind. What would they think of me now I thought, as one long shuddering wave of pleasure raked through me; involuntary I dug my nails into Ron's big hand and pulled hard forcing his fingers deeper into me.


Then it stopped, it was over, I was left floating as I gasped for air. No, no, I thought as Ron slowly pulled his fingers out of me sending small shudders of ecstasy through me. Somehow, I did not want him out of me. I wanted him in there forever; I did not want this feeling to end, to just stop.


I felt empty, as a cold shiver washed over me.


He let me collapse back down next him on the sofa as he smiled. I was in dreamland and breathless. I have never felt like that before. It was new, Dave, I thought he was a good attentive lover, soft and gentle, and he always made sure I had my climax.


Now though, now how could I compare those small climax's to what had just happened, they were not even in the same league.


I must look a mess, I though as I brushed my tousled hair out of my face and looked over at Dave, he was white as a sheet, he looked almost as shocked as I was as to what had just happened.


Dave was looking right between my legs, so I looked down; my skirt had ridden up to my waist and my pink panties were mid-thigh and wet. The cool air was nice as my pussy was red hot still and I could feel her still leaking as my cum dribbled out of me.


Oh, I felt so slutty then, I felt dirty, I had just let another man feel me up and pleasure me right in front of my husband. I wish I could have said it was the drink, but we have not been drinking, just sitting around and having a laugh. I am not even one-hundred percent sure how it got this far.


Oh god what have I done. My heart started to beat faster. I could feel myself welling up to cry. I felt dirty, it all started to feel slightly wrong.


I felt Ron move next to me, his big hand reached over to softly brush at my pussy, then he circled my clit. Gently he eased my panties down and I opened my legs wider giving Dave a clear view of my swollen hot pussy, my still dripping wet pussy.


No, please no, I thought as my body betrayed me and I felt my ass clench as I pushed my pussy up to Ron’s exploring fingers as they trailed upward along my inner thigh towards my pussy.


With just one finer he gently eased my pussy lips open and circled my pussy leaving me wide open. His fingers then circled up over my pussy mound as he played with the few hairs I kept there.


Then he moved his hand higher circling my naval. One button, two buttons, then three, slowly, very slowly he undid my blouse and flipped each side open.


I felt dirty, slutty like a whore, as Ron just flicked my front fastening bra open and slowly removed each cup to expose my breasts.


Ron gave a long slow hiss of breath, almost a whistle as his fingers traced around each breast following my tan line, then he circled each nipple to make them stand to attention, never once touching the teat.


Wide eyed, I watched his tongue sneak out and slowly circle my teat, his tongue felt hot, but left a cold trace where it had been. Then he leaned in lower, I could feel his hot breath on my skin before his lips closed.


I gasped aloud, as suddenly he sucked hard and pushed his face into my breast to bite down on my nipple. His wiry beard scratched at my delicate breast while his tongue flicked, and his teeth held my nipple firmly.


Then he shook his head and I felt his beard scratch at my tender skin. I went to push him off me only to have him grip my wrist and pull back. I watched my round DD breast turn conical as he pulled it painfully upward and then released it.


I screamed and gasped as he let go and moved to the other breast. This time he used his chin, scratching at my breast. It soon became sore and I struggled to move my breast out of the way. Then he smiled and looked up at me. His eyes seemed to be glinting at me with joy as he stuck his tongue out and licked at my breast with the flat of his tongue slowly working his way up my neck to lick at my face.


It was gross, it was horrible as he licked at my face, then he kissed me hard mashing my lips and scratching at me with his beard.


When he released me and leaned back, I was going to move, but he put the flat of his hand on my chest and then using one finger he slowly traced a line downward between my breasts.


He never took his eyes off me, and I felt myself take in a long slow deep breath feeling myself shake with anticipation as his finger moved lower.


He reached my pussy and gently circled my clit sending a shudder through me.


He moved even lower to circle my pussy. His eyes were wide and I watched him licking his lips.


I looked quickly at Dave, at his wide-eyes watching us, as I felt Ron slide one thick finger into me.


I sucked my bottom lip in and bit down hard.


Ron was not gentle; he hammered his finger in and out of me.


As much as I felt a dislike for this unnamed feeling that was growing for Ron in the way that my body just moved to his tune, and I did try to resist him. My body betrayed me though as I thrust my hips up to match him. I felt dirty, yet it sent a wonderful shiver of excited pleasure through me.


Oh god, it felt good to have him inside me, making my body sing to his tune, to feel the waves of pleasure cascading over me, making me shiver in ecstasy.


Faster and faster he moved his hand, and slowly I started to lift myself up, arching my back so he could get his finger deeper into me.


I looked over at Dave, I could not read his face, was it pleasure or pain? I could not see as he screwed up his face intently as he watched Ron's hand frantically finger fucking my cunt.


I felt shameful and dirty so I looked away. I looked the wrong way; I found myself staring at our wedding picture. Me in my white flowing dress, and Dave in his tux.


I felt so guilty having this strange man pleasure me, I was dirty, I felt unclean, I felt like I was being used. Ron's finger drove into me hard and fast, I could hear how wet I was getting as he slammed it in to me.


Then he stopped and pushed it in hard. Then it felt strange, he was just wriggling it inside me, but each time it moved it seemed to take my breath away, making my body involuntarily jump at his touch.


Wave after wave of electric pleasure started to shock me. It started to build, I knew it was coming, it was like a freight train, I could not stop it even if I wanted too. Deep inside I knew that I did not want this, another man finger fucking me and giving me all this pleasure. No! I screamed to myself. This is not right, I wanted Dave, I love Dave, Dave is my husband, Dave is the love of my life.


I cried, the tears started to fall, I was a mess, as my orgasm hit me. I cried, I wailed, I screamed, I sunk my nails into my hips only to push my cunt, my dirty wanton cunt hard onto Ron's hand. I felt so ashamed of myself.


Then he pulled it out, oh, he did not stop, oh no, he pushed it onto my clit and attacked it, shaking his hand brutally fast.


I screamed, and screamed so loud until I was out of breath as I could not take it, I thought I was going to have a fit as this red wave of pleasure ripped through me shaking me to the core.


Almost breaking my back as I arched even higher to have him abuse my clit even more. I could not stand it, it was pain and pleasure all at once. It was total shock and horror to my poor clit. Yet I could not help myself as the ecstasy crashed through my body.


My head was going to explode at any moment I was sure of it, or my heart was going to jump from my chest. I wailed my tears and then, woosh it hit me like an atom bomb going off.


I literally felt my eyes roll in my head and all the air expelled from my lungs as it hit me. I swam in the ecstasy, lost in this never-ending orgasm until I could take no more and clamped my legs shut on Ron's hand tight as I collapsed.


Ron just pushed hard onto my clit making my whole body tremble until slowly I relaxed and eased myself down.


Ron eased off the pressure as I slowly came down. Then I just as I relaxed my legs; Ron slammed two fingers hard into me, my heart jumped as I felt the orgasmic shudder rush through me again making me lift my hips for him yet again. Not the first time, not the second, but at the third thrust of his fat fingers; my pussy just exploded as I ejaculated my cum all over his hand and down my legs. I just seemed to cum more and more as he thrust his fingers into me time and again.


Oh my god, I thought I was going to die. My heart was in overdrive, my head was full to bursting, to the point I could hear my heartbeat pounding in my ears.


In the distance I could hear someone screaming out, it was me, I know it was me. I was lost in this cascading wave of sensory overload that took all thoughts of who, or where I was away from me.


It was like a heat wave, a warm welcoming pleasure that washed over me. I don't know how long I was out for, or if I had even passed out for sure. Just the next thing I know is that Ron is rolling his finger around my clit sending soft waves through me as he smiled down at me.


I smiled back up at him and guiltily remembered Dave, and looked over to my husband quickly. He had lit a cigarette and was looking down at the floor as he ran his finger through his hair.


Oh my god I thought. Ron had just given me more pleasure with his one hand in just a few moments than Dave had ever given me in the last three years.


Ron leaned back and I was lost in my shameful guilty thoughts of what had just happened when I heard it.


It was the unmistakable sound of a zipper. I looked to my right and Ron had his jeans open and his zipper down exposing a mass of thick curly pubes.


Oh no, I thought, what is he going to do to me now. I felt knackered and wasted; I was totally out of energy as he put his arm around me.


Lamely I lifted my leg to get astride him as I knew it was going to happen at some point; and to be honest after what I had just been through my reservations about being fucked by another man, a virtual stranger, had just sailed out the window.


I guessed it wrong, as he pushed me down to his crotch. I suppose I had best get it out first I thought.


I reached into his jean searching through his thick pubic hair, it was no use as they are just too tight.


Ron lifted himself up slightly and eased his Jeans down.


Oh my, oh my fucking god. I was flabbergasted, I just looked at it, it was huge, I mean not just frighteningly long laying there across his thigh, but so bloody thick too. He gripped it tight and pulled it down as if to put some life into it, almost pulling it half way down his leg.


Oh Fuck! I thought. What the fuck! Shit! I was lost for expletives as I looked at the fucking thing.


He pointed it at me, a sticky mess of pre-cum coated the large bulbous head as he pulled the skin back. I felt my stomach heave at the musty smell, and at the sight of all that sticky goo.


Then he pushed my head towards it.  No, I shook my head as it mashed against my lips. Ewe, it was horrible as the slimy head coated my lips. I have my reservations, and I never wanted to suck a cock. It is just to gross too even think about.


It was soft and spongy as he gripped the base and moved his hand up the long length forcing out another load of sticky goo to leak out of the large eye and proceeded to coat my face with it. Rubbing it around my lips, nose, even my eyes.


I tried to push away from the horrible thing, but Ron gripped my neck hard making me gasp. That was all he needed as he pushed the swollen sticky helmet into my mouth.


I froze, it was horrible, or I thought it was, but it did not taste like I thought it would, in fact it did not taste of anything really.


I closed my lips around the hot head and Ron gave a deep vibrating moan. This was my first ever blowjob, I knew what I was supposed to do, but actually doing it was another thing as I looked down at Ron's thick mess of pubes.


O.K, gather yourself Anita, I told myself as I breathed in a large lungful of air through my nose. I can do this, I reassured myself.


I rolled my tongue around the head and felt the soft smooth skin and he moaned, so I moved a little lower taking in a bit more of his cock and heard him moan again. I gagged a little, so I moved back; slowly, I worked up a little pace and felt his cock start to swell. It swelled to the point where I could only fit the head in to my mouth and had to contend myself with sucking on the end while I used both hands to wank his thick shaft.


Fuck it was big, fuck it was fat, fuck it was knobbly, fuck, fuck, fuck, is all I could think as I wriggled my tongue under the head and pulled him off as fast as I could.


Ron gathered my hair up into one hand and pulled me back to look up at him, he smiled at me. I just gripped his cock as hard as I could and opened my mouth as I rolled my tongue around to head, then I pushed my tongue into the fat eye.


I watched his eyes open wide, so I plunged his cock as deep into my mouth as I could; I pushed it hard to the back of my mouth to stop the gag. Then shaking my head I wiggled my tongue as fast as I could under it.


I felt him tense and grip my hair tighter, and then he pulled me onto his cock forcing it all the way to the back of my throat.


Oh, fuck, I panicked, fuck no, I was sure he was going to cum as his cock was so ridged, but fuck if he came now I would surly drown in it.


I started to panic pushing at Ron, trying desperately to get free. Ron released me and I gasped for air as he stood up to face me.


He was not gentle, in fact he was quite rough as he gathered my hair up into one hand and gripped his cock with the other.


He pulled the skin right back making the large helmet shine; and then he pushed it forward milking another large drop of pre cum from his cock.


Is this it, I thought, is he going to wank and cum over my face?


I was wrong. He mashed it against my lips so I opened up to take it. The shock made me gag as he slammed it hard against the back of my throat, not once, not twice, but over and over he hammered his cock hard to the back of my throat.


I was coughing, gagging and gasping for breath as he held my head in both of his huge hands and fucked my mouth viciously.


I took a chance through bleary eyes to look at Dave. He had his hand over his mouth in what looked like shock. I honestly could not get a good look as Ron was getting more violent and it was gagging me making my eyes water with the force. Then he stopped, I felt him squeeze my head as he pulled me hard onto his cock.


God no, fuck no, I pushed at Ron's thighs, but he was just too strong as his thick cock crushed up hard against the back of my throat. He was trying to force it down, but it was just too dam big, it was cutting off my breathing.


Then he released me, I coughed and gagged for breath while trying to wipe my own drool from my chin.


I looked up at Ron and he smiled at me, you bastard I though, as he gripped my hair and pushed my head back to slap my face with his hot hard cock.


He then thrust his large hairy balls at my mouth, I licked um, I sucked um, I tried hard to get one into my mouth. This was it, I knew it, tonight I was his dirty slut as I looked over at Dave past Ron's huge dick.


Dave was leaning back now, he had his own cock in his hand and was wanking himself off.


Shit I thought. Yes, I know Ron has a huge cock, but actually seeing the size of it compared to Dave's was a shock in its self.  Dave I know has seven inches, but this fucking fuck stick of Ron's must be at least twice that size, and at least three maybe four times as thick.


Oh my god, I thought what the hell have I let myself in for as I leaned back and took his fat cock head back into my mouth and let him literally skull fuck me again.


Ron held my hair tight with one hand as he fucked my face with his cock, then he would slap me up the side of my head making me wince.


I did not know what to do, I just seemed to be floating along with it letting him abuse me.


I know somewhere in the back of my mind I was silently hoping he would come and it would be over with, but I knew what was coming when he let go of my hair and roughly pushed me back.


I looked at the size of his prong as he held it tight, it was fucking huge, even his large hand did not go all the way around it.


It was not just scary to look at, it was frightening, not just fucking frightening, but bloody terrifying as looked at the size of the thing, and then knowing he was going to put all of that huge cock inside me.


Oh god no I thought, but still I leaned back opening my legs and lifting my knees to accept him. I cringed inside at how sluttly I was being.


Ron smiled at me again with a wide grin as he pushed the head against my clit and eased it between my swollen lips. I looked down to see that the large helmet covered most of my open pussy and I gasped as I felt him nudge it against the opening.


There was no rush in him, thank fuck, as I was half expecting him to just slam his fat meat into me. Instead, he just moved it up and down my sopping wet pussy slit holding it tight with one hand while his other hand stroked at my thighs.


I felt myself start to relax and enjoy what he was doing as I closed my eyes. After a while he stopped and pushed my legs up.


"Hold um up slut."


Slut I thought, he actually called me a fucking slut. Right here in front of my husband, this man with his fucking cock against my pussy had just called me a dirty fucking slut.  I was in half a mind to call it off.


Still like a dirty slut, I gripped the backs of my knees and pulled them up as far as I could.


Ron stepped back to look at my now open pussy ready and waiting for him. I looked over at Dave as I saw Ron look at him.


Dave was leaning back with his mouth open and I saw a long jet of cum shoot from his cock going high into the air and then landing on his jumper. Four long shots quickly followed as he gripped his cock tight.


Ron turned back to me and gave a sort of half shrug.  Then slowly he lowered himself down between my legs. He got his nose in real close and trailing up my pussy he took a deep intake of my sent and smiled up at me.


You dirty bastard, I thought as he repeated the gesture. He moved the same again, only this time he licked the length of my pussy with his tongue; it was hot and rough on my already sensitive clit. Looking at me, he half smiled as he licked his lips and seemed to savour the taste, the dirty twat.


Then he attacked my clit, putting his whole mouth over my pussy he licked hard and fast at my pleasure button. I pulled my knees up even tighter to my chest as a shudder of pleasure crashed over me. Then he moved down and rammed his tongue deep into me, then proceeded to fuck me with it. He was shaking his head as he did it, making his rough beard scratch at my up turned ass.


Up and down he went, alternating between my cunt and my clit. I was gasping and fighting for breath as I pulled my knees in even tighter and came hard into his mouth.


Then he stopped leaving me wide eyed, as with both hands he cupped my ass and with his fingers either side of my pussy he spread me wide to blow circles of cold air over my now burning hot pussy.


Holding me wide open, I watched as his tongue make contact and circle my clit. It was so soft and gentle as he traced the circles down to my cunt. Then I saw his eyes smile as he went lower.


Oh god no, stop, no, oh god fuck no, I screamed to myself as I felt his tongue move lower to circle my ass ring. I jumped and clenched, to expel his tongue that he just drove into me with force.


Oh god no, you dirty bastard I thought as he licked at my ass and forced his tongue back into me sending the strangest of sensations through me.


His big hands moved up the back of my upturned legs and pushed my knees even higher as he licked me from the base of my spine to my clit and back again. Each time he drove his tongue into my ass, or into my pussy, or he would viciously attack my clit.


I did not know what was happening, as it all sent the strongest of strange feeling through me with his rough wiry beard and hot soft tongue attacking my most sensitive of parts.


Then like a dog with a marrowbone he attacked my ass. I knew it was coming I could feel it building, like the cork from a champagne bottle as my cum just exploded over his face.


He did not stop as he just pushed his face into my ass even deeper, and using his hands he pulled my ass wide open as he pushed his hot tongue faster and harder into me.


My legs were kicking, and my body tensed as I gripped at the sofa as I came, and then the bubble burst as my head swam with the strange sensations and I passed out again.


I woke to the feeling of soft kisses on my pussy.


It was Ron; he was smiling up at me as my eyes fluttered open and I began to take focus.


God what was this man doing to me, I cannot take any more of this I thought, as Ron got up grinning, and with one hand he wiped my cum from his beard. While with the other hand he slowly pulled at his cock and moved in between my thighs.


He waved his hand at me.


"Legs up whore, let me at that dirty cunt of yours."


I was beaten, he had me at his whim, I could not argue with him after what he had just done to me, so like a puppet, I pulled my knees up tight and exposed myself to him once more.


"Open it bitch, open your dirty cunt hole so I can fuck it."


Looking up at him feeling shamefaced and slutty as I reached down and opened my pussy for him.


"Wider slut, this is not your husband's pathetic little dick."


I felt the stab of the pain in my heart at the shame of it as I pulled my pussy wider, feeling it stretched wide open for him.


He placed the head of his cock at the entrance. I could feel the heat of it burning against my fingers.


"You've had your fun whore, now it is my turn bitch."


I screamed, not just a scream, a silent breathless scream, one that had me digging my nails into my crotch as he drove his fat cock into me. God it was thick, I thought he had split me open.


He just grinned at me though with sparkling eyes as he reached for my head to take a handful of my hair; gripping it tight he made me look at him as he pulled back and slammed into me again. There was venom in his eyes as I screamed at the painful intrusion to my poor body.


I was in physical shock. My body was rigid, stuck in the spasm of pain as Ron's huge cock violated me. Pulling my head down and harder with each thrust he hammered his cock deeper into me.


I could see my abused pussy spread wide open to accommodate his thick girth; and he had only managed to impale me on half of it.


I gripped his shaft hard in some vain attempt to stop him driving it deeper, but it was no use, he was too strong, far stronger than me as he slammed it into me, crushing my hand against my pussy.


It felt like he was ripping my guts open; everything inside of me seemed to scream in agony as it made room for his huge cock.


He leaned over me and put his other hand at the back of my neck and snapped my head back to make me see the evil look on his face as he pulled his cock almost all the way out and then slammed himself into me hard. He jarred every bone in my body as he crashed into me.


He seemed to be revelling in the look of shock and horror on my face as he hammered his cock into me. His face was a grimace of pain as he looked at me, as if he was the one in agony. Yet it was me who felt like a fence post was being rammed into me stabbing at my guts.


Ron leaned forward and kissed me driving his tongue into my mouth. I could taste my come on his lips and smell my ass on his breath as he gasped out and gave the final thrust to grind his cock into me all the way. It was body was so hard as he crashed himself against me I could even feel his spiky, hairy balls crushed up tight against my ass.


He gave a long low moan and smiled at me. Then licked at my face as he released my head and with both his huge hands, he crushed my breasts.


I found my voice, well almost, as I gasped out my scream as he slammed into me again. I grabbed at his sweating bald head and sunk my nails in. This just seemed to drive him on faster as he hammered his cock into me.


I scratched at his face and pulled at his beard as I kicked my legs, It was no use, he was just too big, and too strong as he caught my kicking legs and hooked them under his arms. Then pinning my hands above my head he fucked me hard.


I came, my pussy just exploded, and my body shook violently as it erupted; the pain just switched to pleasure as the wet sound of our fucking filled the air along with my breathless screams.


I felt like I was a ragdoll as his pounding shook me to the core, and my orgasm seemed to roll on and on making my body quiver with ecstasy.


Ron seemed to be all over me, biting at my face, biting at my neck, and sinking his teeth in hard on my nipples.


His hands were clawing at my body and slapping at my breasts. It was like a dream, some kind of nightmare, but a nightmare where the pleasure was the punishment as this beast of a man fucked me senseless.


Oh god it's got to stop, god please make him cum, god please, I cannot take it anymore, fuck god please. I was screaming for it to stop, yet I was screaming to be fucked harder, I was even crying my heart out at the shame of it all. I was clawing at him, scratching, pulling at his beard to make him fuck me harder and faster.  I was ripping at the thick thatch of hairs on his chest to pull him close so I could wrap my legs around him and drag my nails down his back and to beg him to fuck his big cock into me deeper.


God I wanted fucking, god I was getting fucked, god I wanted more of his big fat cock, god I wanted it, I wanted it deeper, as deep as he could get it. I found myself ramming my dirty wanton cunt at his cock to drive it in faster.


My senses were in overdrive as I could feel every bead of sweat leaking from my body. I could even feel every hair on his chest scratching at my tits. I could feel the heat and power of his thick thighs driving his cock into me. I could feel his firm ass hamming his thick cock in hard as I dug my nails into it. I could taste the blood in my mouth as I bit down on his ear.


I reached up as the pressure of the pleasure built even higher and as I was screaming at the top of my lungs for Ron to fuck me harder, and for him to drive his fucking big cock into me deeper. I gripped his baldhead tight to dig my nails in and drag them down to grip his tiny ears.


Ron freed his arms and wrapped mine around my legs, then made me pull them in so my knees were hard against my tits and he pulled his cock out of me.


"No!" I screamed, "Fuck me, fuck me! Please fuck me!" I was almost frantic in wanting him back inside me.


I was like a woman possessed as I begged him to fuck me. I gripped my legs tighter to me. I was going to kill him if he did not ram it back into me; that's when I felt his cock at my ass.


I froze as I felt him push. It was in, it hurt like hell fire, so I bit down on my lower lip hard.


Ron screamed, and I screamed even louder, as he rammed himself deep into my virgin ass in one go.


Oh god, I was sure he had just ripped my guts apart as he loomed over me looking down at his achievement. He moved, spreading his legs as he started to piston in and out of me. I could see him smiling as he looked down at his big cock driving into my burning ass.


Then he just pulled my legs wide open and fucked my ass hard. He looked like a demon possessed with that look on his face, and with all the blood dripping from his ear.


I just could not take it, the pain, the pleasure, it was filling me, he was filling me, he was driving me wild with his cock buried deep in my ass as I came, squirting my cum over him.


He just leaned back and roared with laughter as I screamed my pain filled orgasm.


He just cast my legs to one side and ripped his cock from my ass as he picked me up and threw me over the sofa. He stood over me and I felt his long hot cock brush down my ass and over my pussy.


I looked back at him as he gripped it tight and with a what I can only describe as a manic grin he pushed it at my ass.


This time he just eased it in, then positioned himself as he gripped my hips tight. I knew what was coming and I met him thrust for thrust as he fucked my ass hard and fast. I was pulling chunks out of the sofa; I even felt a cushion rip in my hands as I clawed at it, and even sunk my teeth into it as I screamed through my rolling climax.


He slammed into me hard, and I rammed myself onto his poll as he fucked me, he would swap from my ass to my pussy and I would grind myself onto him to make sure I had all of him inside me.


His large hands would slap at me, spanking my ass as he fucked me, he even gripped my hair tight as he rammed me onto his cock over and over.


I was loving it, even begging him to fuck me harder, to take me as he pleased.


He was calling me all sorts, slut, whore, bitch, the names just rolled out of him as he insulted me. I did not care, I was in a sexual pain filled pleasurable agony of a constant orgasm.


Then he just cast me to one side and almost ripped my hair out as he pulled me back to face his cock.


"You want it bitch?"


He was pulling at his cock and aiming it at my face.


"You want my cum whore? You want to taste my fucking spunk bitch" He shook my head by the hair as he shouted at me with real venom in his voice.


"Yes, god, yes I want it!" I screamed back at it. "I fucking want it all!"


"Open wide then you bitch, you fucking dirty whore."


I opened my mouth as wide as I could, and then watched as he pulled at this huge cock right in front of my face. He started to growl like and animal; and as he tensed up it exploded thick white ribbons of his come over my face, covering me with shot after thick hot shot of his salty cum.


"That's it bitch, take my cum, take it all, fucking swallow it, swallow it like the fucking dirty cum loving bitch you are."


I rolled his thick salty cum around my mouth and smacking my lips, I swallowed it. Then I opened my mouth to suck the last drops of cum from his cock. Until with a moan, he pushed me off it calling me a dirty filthy whore.


He left me sat there as he took the seat opposite me with his flaccid cock looking fat and lean across his thigh. He left me alone kneeling in the middle of the floor with his cum still dripping from my face, and my own cum still running from my pussy, I missed him already, I missed him being all over me, I missed him not being deep inside me. Yet at the same time I felt dirty and used, I was a mess, as I felt my cold tears run down my face.


Then Dave was there, he had his little cock in his hand and was wanking it at my face. He put his hand to the back of my head and pulled me towards it.


I ducked and slipped under it to collapse down to the hard wooden floor exhausted. Dave did not give up; he moved my leg and slid his cock into my dripping pussy with ease. I could feel him pumping it into me, but it was not the same though, the man I loved was not the same. I still felt empty, I still felt that I wanted Ron deep inside me, I wanted Ron, I wanted him all over me again.


I cried as Dave fucked me, I let him do it as I thought about Ron with his huge cock going deep into me and his hard hands pulling at my flesh, wanting to own me, to take me. He had and I knew it, Dave was doing nothing for me, nothing at all as he moaned and fucked me. I knew it then deep in my heart that I had changed, Ron had changed me. He had taken me heart and soul, I was his, and I knew it. I wanted it, I wanted him, my body wanted him, he had fucked me in to a painful, pleasurable submission.


I pushed Dave off me and crawled over to Ron on all fours. He looked at me, and he knew what I wanted so slowly he opened his legs for me. I felt low, I felt dirty, I was still crying, but I had to have it, I needed it.


I trailed my tongue up his hairy inner thighs smiling at my own wantonness to buried my face in to his big hairy balls as I sucked them into my mouth and pulled back to let them go with a pop one at a time. Then I worked my way up his cock licking along the length and kissing softly at the large head.


I felt Dave get behind me trying to push his cock back into my pussy, so I sat down and took hold of Ron's heavy cock and sucked the head deep into my mouth until I felt it go rock hard as I worked the length.


Ron then just pushed me to the floor; he had the evil look in his eyes again; and I felt a thrill of excitement rush through me as I opened my legs for him holding my wanton pussy open for him as before. He did not want it though; he just grabbed my leg and flipped me over with ease.


He was heavy as his hairy body crushed down onto me, I felt his hot breath on the back of my neck and his hard cock and probing at my ass, so I reached back and pulled myself open for him. I felt so dirty doing it, but I so wanted him inside me again.


He sunk into me deep, and my ass burned as his thick shaft forced my poor ring to open up again. That empty feeling was gone and I knew I wanted him here forever deep inside me.


Ron was an animal with his hot breath panting over me as he ripped his cock in and out of my ass. The pain, the pleasure, I was loving it as I looked over at Dave looking small and pathetic with his limp cock dripping spunk from his hand.


I could feel Ron getting even harder inside me as he pushed my head into the floorboards and leaned up to fuck me faster. I gasped and screamed as he made my body sing to his tune.


Then he ripped his cock out and I rolled over to look up at him.


"You want it whore? You want a fucking you will never



"Yes! Yes! Oh God yes!" I screamed at him.


"Fucking whore!" He slapped me, then slapped me again.


I lifted my hands to my face only to get slapped across my tits.


"You want my fucking cock bitch?"


"Yes, yes, I want your fucking cock" I screamed as he slammed his cock deep into my already abused and sore cunt. Yet I wanted it, I wanted him inside me like nothing before, I wanted him, I had to have him inside me, clawing at me, pounding into me like the animal he was.


Ron fucked me, he fucked me senseless, right there on the floor in front of Dave, Ron bent and twisted me in any way he wanted as he fucked me. I bit him, I pulled chunks out of him, as I desperately wanted him to come inside me. I needed to feel I could satisfy the beast within him and to have his hot hard cock throb inside me as he shot his load.


I was crunched up against Dave's legs as Ron reached the point of no return. His big cock was ridged hard and slamming into me as he slapped my ass and asked, "You want it whore? You want my cum deep inside you bitch?"


"Yes!" I screamed. "Cum for me, fucking cum deep inside me!"


"You dirty fucking slut!" He gripped my hips and dug his fingers in as he rammed himself deep inside me. I came, my head pounding and my heart jumping in my chest as my own climax ripped through me.


"You dirty fucking whore, fucking take that, and that you dirty fucking bitch!" He shouted at me as he rammed his burning hot cum deep into me.


My climax seemed to double each time as his cock throbbed and filled me with his hot seed. I was breathless and squeezing my legs around him as tight as I could, to get him as deep inside me as I could. I had both my arms around him raking my nails down his back as I sunk my teeth into his thick bull neck and screamed my orgasm.


I think I must have passed out again as when I opened my eyes to see Ron shaking Dave's hand he was fully clothed as he left.


He did not even look back, I felt empty, shameful and soulless as the horrible feeling of being used and abused washed over me.


I lay still and let Dave pick me up. I could feel Ron's cum flood out of my still throbbing pussy as Dave placed me gently on the sofa.


Dave kissed me softly, and I could feel Ron’s cold sticky cum still clinging to my face as he pulled away.


I felt sore all over, not only sore, but empty, so empty. I still needed Ron deep inside me. Yet I felt dirty, I felt like a used whore just cast aside. So I lay there with my eyes closed and thought of what a fool I had just made of myself.


Then I felt it hit me, it was warm and wet as it splashed against my face. Dave had just jacked himself off over me. What a wimp I thought, what a useless fucking wimp.


I woke again that night, only this time I was in my bed and Dave was up behind me. He groaned as he shot his cum up my back.


I was just too sore to even have it out with him so I just tried to sleep feeling his come run down my back. Again, the thoughts of Ron taking me hard from behind still haunted me as I tried to drift off. Oh god, what had I done, I felt so ashamed of myself as I cried myself to sleep with the thoughts of this animal abusing my body, and me, dirty wanton me begging for more.


Morning came, I could hardly move, but my bladder was fit to burst. So stealing my resolve, I force myself out of my warm haven cursing every movement of every joint in my body.


After relieving myself I made my way back to the bedroom where I caught my reflection in the wardrobe mirror. I was a mess, I had dried cum all over my face, and I was covered in bruises and teeth marks from head to toe.


What had I done, I thought, I knew deep down what I had done, not the physical act of Ron just fucking the living-daylights out of me, but what I had done was fall in love with another man. A man who I hardly knew, but wanted, wanted with every ounce of my body.


Looking down at Dave sleeping naked with his shrivelled cock just lying there, I knew. I knew he could never satisfy me ever again. So I left him there and went down the stairs to be alone with my shame.


I did not even care that the wide-eyed and slack jawed Mr Green from across the way saw me naked as I passed the window; I was lost in Ron, and what the animal he was had done to me.




I was drinking my coffee still lost in my thoughts when Dave finally came down.


"You ok hun?" He asked. "You want anything?"


I stayed silent for a while, and then I looked up at him.




I let the pause hang as I looked at his innocent smiling face.


"Yes,” I said, “I want you to go back upstairs, to pack your things, and to leave, it's over, we are over."


I looked down and hugged my coffee cup, letting the heat comfort me.


Dave knew, he just knew, as I watched his warm loving smile melt away, and slowly head down, he turned and left.


Listening to the sound of his crying floating down the stairs was the hardest part.




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