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Capturing Yvonne

By: Denier59 - Published:

Yvonne raised her head and rubbed her eyes. Her long brown hair partially covered her sharp angular face. She didn't remember feeling sleepy, but she must have been. The last thing that she remembered was having a quiet drink at John's flat. She shifted in the chair as the realisation dawned on her. He must have put something in the drink! She looked down at her jeans, still on, and fastened, but what else she saw made her stomach churn and bile rise in her throat. Between her legs lay John, face up, his head invisible to her. The muzziness in her head was clearing and she realised that he was laying face up under her, while she sat on him. But something was wrong. Finally her befuddled brain worked out what it was. His head was inside her jeans, even though they were done up. But how?

Yvonne's hands reached for the zip, and found a large padlock, securing the zip and belt buckle. There was no way to remove the modified jeans without the key. That was when she spied the note on the arm of the chair.

"My dearest Yvonne. Don't be too annoyed with me. I have admired you for years, and knew that I could never hope to make you mine. So I planned this little session to show how devoted I truly am to you. How I worship you. I am wearing a gag that keeps my mouth open and have locked myself under your beautiful body. I will point out where the key to release me is once you have allowed me to drink your hot amber nectar. Please Goddess Yvonne. Allow me this honour"

Yvonne sat with her mouth open and read through the note again. This was sick. How could anyone want to do that!

"Where is the key? Where is the key?" She shrieked flailing with her fists at his chest. But it was no good. She knew that the only way to end this dilemma was to do as he asked.

Slowly she reached out and filled the glass he had left on the small table next to her chair, from a jug of water standing next to it. She placed it to her lips and sighed, before downing it in one. Slowly over the next hour, she had almost emptied the jug, and she could feel the pressure building inside her. She could feel his face under her, and she could slide backwards and forward a little across it, maybe if she peed over his neck that would be enough she for him she thought. But in her heart she just knew it wouldn't be.

Slowly she slid into position. She could feel his open mouth through her pantyhose. He had obviously removed her panties earlier while she slept, but his love of nylon had made him re dress her in her black sheer pantyhose before locking his face beneath her.

She could feel the pressure now, almost unbearable. She didn't want to do this. But there was no other way. No escape. The first trickle escaped into his mouth before she realised what was happening, and she felt him swallow greedily beneath her. Suddenly she thought what the hell, if that's what he wants, and relaxed her muscles, closing her beautiful green eyes and feeling the hot flood pouring though the nylon into his mouth. After a few moments he began to try and move out of the stream. "Oh no" she snarled, repositioning herself quickly so that the flow continued to fill his mouth "you wanted this. You have it all. every last drop".

Finally the flow ceased and Yvonne was left with a dampness between her legs, not totally caused by the pee she had just released and a smile on her lips as she realised what she had done, and how much she had enjoyed it.

John reached out to the rug on the floor by his side, and retrieved the padlock key from it's hiding place. With shaking hands he reached for the padlock and tried to find the opening for the key.

Yvonne smiled wickedly, as she pulled the key from his hand and placed it on the table beside her, out of his reach. She opened her handbag and removed a box of laxative tablets and proceeded to take several, before sliding forwards to rest her sweet rounded rear above John's confused face, clamping down hard onto his open mouth.

It shouldn't be long, she thought and smiled to herself, thinking of the punishment that she was going to give her perverted friend. "You wanted to worship me. To prove your worth" she whispered " Well now you can prove yourself"

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