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Drama Quinn

By: ShadowyWriter - Published:

Drama Quinn


My name is Bob, and i’m a horrible person.

Why am i a horrible person, you say? We’ll get to that later. In  the meantime, let me talk about my dear, but incredibly stupid brother, and his lovely wife-to-be.

“My God! Are we at it again??”, was a recurrent question, at my Brother Quinn’s Brooklyn apartment, since Julie, his fiancee of three years, finally convinced him to move in together. His undeterred heels-dragging towards a proposal that my poor sister-in-law-to-be pined over, longer than any woman would have, was in such contrast with Julie's persistence, that one had to wonder whether there was more to it than what was apparent. Perhaps an inside game between Quinn and Julie, or maybe a mutually one-sided agenda between the two of them, of which neither were aware.

“I love you, and only you, Quinn. I'm tired of getting into the same argument about things that happened before we even decided to be in a relationship!”, she almost shouted at him, after yet another of his jealous fits.

In Quinn's defense, Julie was a woman whose looks tend to inspire dirty minds, and threaten insecure ones, like Quinn's.

“You just had to bring it up… you’re amazing, you know that? You just had to!!”, Quinn responded, while seating in the living room, TV muted as images of happy elderly dementia patients enact a fantasy of magical drugs that make them remember whoever the Hell that young man visiting them was. Quinn’s face peeked an inch above the couch’s back, as he held the remote, with his finger still brushing the mute button.

Julie was in the kitchen, making herself a sandwich, after their dinner plan turned to shit.

“Hey! You started this! Don’t put the blame on me!” Julie  rebuked, as she slammed the pointy end of a kitchen knife into the cutting board, with enough force to sink it in place, “If i recall correctly, we were having a pleasant conversation, until, out of nowhere, you asked me one question… do you remember what question it was??”, Julie prompted my brother, with her eyes wide, and her head nodding subtly in a “get the hint” motion.

“Hey, don’t twist my words! You always do that!” Quinn protested, ignoring Julie’s question… which should tell you everything you need to know about my dear brother’s presence of mind.

“What did you ask me Quinn? Ignore my question again and i’m walking!” Julie cut him off.

“Alright! I asked you a stupid question about whether or not it feels different if i were…”, Quinn started answering, while Julie’s eyes tracked him like she was hunting him, “If you were what?”, Julie prodded him.

“Bigger…” Quinn almost whispered, while turning his head back to face the TV, pressing the mute button to restore the volume.

“I didn’t hear you, Quinn! If you were what??” Julie shouted at him, enraged at his apparent attempt at dropping the conversation altogether.

If my brother were smarter, he would have known better. Sadly, he never did.

It was then that Julie stormed around the couch and parked herself between Quinn and the TV screen, feet apart, arms crossed, and a freezing glance that Quinn could not ignore.

Originally from Brazil, Julie was an outstanding mix of exotic beauty, half German from her mother's side, a quarter African, and a quarter Hispanic from her father, a former TV star who worked in a number of soap operas wildly popular in much of South America, through the 1980s and 90s.

By any account, Julie was breathtaking, in spite of her short height of five feet and one inch, which was hereditary from her mother's side, and gained her the nickname of “miniature supermodel”, by a former fling, incidentally, the very object of their argument.

“Why did you bring him up? Why did you have to hurt me? You know i hate it when you talk about him, or his dick!”, Quinn whined, while muting the TV again.

“Quinn, honey… why does it bother you so much? Big deal! There are plenty of guys that are hung even more than Sean is! Should it make a difference?? Your cock is all i want, honey! I love you! Nothing can change that! Stop making such a fuss! God!”, Julie bless her heart, while impulsive and hotheaded, was also a very patient woman, when the situation called for it. Much more patient than what my brother deserved.

“Babe, listen… you need to understand my point of view…” Quinn started to speak again, “You are very attractive, and i notice men staring at you all the times! You know i have a jealous streak! And you had lots of guys before me… and even when we broke up a few times before! I mean… the thing you told me about… made me feel like…kind of...”, Julie stared at my brother, in complete silence, with a curious look on her face, until her lips moved again, “Honey, i need you to stop, and pay attention to what i’m saying, ok?”, Julie said as she attempted to take control of the situation before something worse happened, like Quinn going teary-eyed on her. “Quinn, i love you. That means i’m not looking for any other cocks to satisfy me, no matter how big they are. Are we clear, honey?”, Julie  waited for Quinn to nod, “Good. Now, grab your pillow. You are sleeping on the couch tonight.”, Julie ordered him.

“What??” Quinn tried to protest, promptly rebuffed by Julie’s freezing stare, “You are going to take your pillow and sleep on that goddamn couch tonight… or you aren’t getting any for the rest of  the week. Clear?”.

That was the kind of thing that stung Quinn like Hell. He hated sleeping on the couch. He hated being away from her, and the worst part, he couldn’t even sleep if Julie wasn’t by his side. Seeing her face in the morning was better than coffee in bed, and better than anything he could hope for the day ahead. Julie knew that, and while a part of me thought she was cruel, most of me knew my brother well enough to know she was actually being kind, especially considering how lucky Quinn felt to have someone in his life with Julie’s looks.

Julie's facial features, at least to the untrained eye, were somewhat oriental, round, almost doll-like, with lightly bronzed skin, and intense green eyes, framed by silky black strands of thick long hair, reaching down to the small of her back. Quinn always had an obsession with long hair, and Julie had a good hint one night, when they decided to spice things up by having sex in the living room, while streaming porn on the big screen TV. Most of Quinn’s history of most watched videos featured a consistent presence of women with black hair, of a length roughly matching Julie’s. However, what Quinn would miss the most during those sleepless nights in the doghouse, was being able to caress Julie’s magnificent curves and flawless skin.

Julie was never a gym buff, but she did train regularly, and attended spin classes three days a week, which coupled with a phenomenal constitution, kept her perfectly proportioned physique, exceptionally fit.

Athleticism aside, Quinn's favorite features were, not surprisingly, Julie's breasts, barely a full B cup, with small brown nipples, outlined by small, fading brown areolas. Quinn often remarked how Julie's breasts fit his hands so perfectly, as if they were “made for him". Needless to say Quinn was never thrilled about Julie casually blurting out that her dear fiancee wasn't the only one to feel that way about her breasts, or her perfectly toned derriere, legs, or neck, the latter of which Quinn never quite knew how to feel about, considering that Julie was never specific on why men loved the way her neck felt in their grasp, and most importantly, in relation to which activity.

Quinn and Julie’s history was tumultuous, with long temporary and sudden breakups, followed by even more sudden reconciliation.

During those times of break up, Quinn and Julie coped in starkly different ways. While Quinn, a borderline introvert, was never the kind of guy looking for rebound sex, Julie was a socialite, very extroverted, who loved to flirt and act on impulse, with an ever-growing list of adventurous encounters.

By no means were Quinn’s looks responsible for his  social awkwardness and inability to date other women aside from July. In fact, both my brother and i shared genetic traits from our mother, and grandmother before her, both considered stunning at their respective peaks. Of all the features Julie was fonder, Quinn’s upper body made the top of her list. Between us, Quinn was the one gifted with a more athletic build, along with a formidably sensitive ego, while i, as it turned out, was the one who gained most of the brains, and common sense.

Quinn’s abdominal muscles and arms were something to be proud of, at least while we both were at our peaks. Quinn’s lack of motivation in training or even just eating healthy, was always inversely proportional to the extent of his deep-seated insecurities.

That particular night’s argument, sadly, perpetuated Quinn’s insecurities, as images of Julie’s perfectly manicured hands wrapped around the enormous girth of Sean’s cock, a tennis instructor from Miami, whom Julie bumped into during a girls night out at a bar in Jersey, flashed and swirled around in his mind.

Her candid recollection of Sean, and his massive manhood was still fresh in his mind, especially the part when she mentioned the first time he successfully penetrated her, after twenty-five minutes of foreplay. She was in disbelief at how she could fit it all in her. It goes without saying that Quinn’s insides turned shortly after she included a tidbit of information about Julie letting John’s cock taking a detour through the back entrance as well.

While there is nothing wrong with Julie's behavior, considering she was always “officially” single during those times in which they were split, the problem was somewhat with Julie’s willingness to discuss her escapades with my poor brother, after getting back together, in such great detail.

It goes without saying that he would always try his best to put on his poker face, but it would never last beyond a certain point, and inevitably there would be words of vinegar, albeit subtle and often whispered or muttered under his breath as passive aggressive comments. Of course, the fiery Latina making up a  quarter of Julie’s complex personality, would pick up on those comments, and begin a tug of war which would often end with Quinn apologizing, or holding a grudge, and in either cases, no access to the bedroom.

Quite honestly, at least according to Quinn, Julie would often refer back to her prior escapades in a way that was almost comparative to her experience with him, although it could have been argued that Quinn's interpretation of Julie's words was mostly due to her way to express herself as a second-language English speaker, her first being Portuguese.

I wouldn't have gone as far as to say that she wanted to hurt him, but Quinn did keep her waiting for years before finally committing, and Julie never struck me as a woman who likes to be kept waiting.

With that said, Quinn is my brother, blood of my own blood, and to some level, i always felt compelled to root for him, no matter what.

Just as Quinn almost drifted into sleep, the bedroom door clicked open, followed by the unmistakable thump of Julie’s high-heel boots.

In an instant, Quinn’s sleep dissolved as he pondered whether to ask Julie about her destination, or let her be. Who am i kidding? It’s my brother i’m talking about.

“Where are you going now? It’s almost ten!” Quinn blurted out in a raspy voice.

“I’m having a drink with Leslie. She texted me. She’s in town and i need a goddamn drink with someone i can actually have a normal conversation with.”, was her reply, as she opened the front door and slammed it shut behind her.

Leslie had been a long time friend of Julie’s almost as long as Julie knew my brother, and when my wife and i were separating, which is a topic best left for another time, Julie often talked to me about Leslie, and even tried to set up a date with her and i. It never really quite happened, however, as the time wasn’t right. Also, i will never admit that to my brother, or anyone else who knows him closely for that matter, but Julie had been a regular fixture of my sexual fantasies for a very long time, which brings me to the reason why i am, unapologetically, a horrible person, no one deserves as brother. The unapologetic part is coming up.

On the night when Julie met Leslie at a bar in Manhattan, oddly enough a few blocks away from my studio apartment, a selfie of both Leslie and Julie, sharing some kind of cocktail with two straws, laughing, accompanied by a text reading “Were at the Palomar down the street, wanna join?”, reached my phone. It was a Thursday night, light rain was coming down, with heavier downpour expected later on. I thought to myself, “what the hell…” and i grabbed a jacket.

As i walked into the bar, i didn’t quite know what to make of what i was seeing. Leslie was sitting by herself at a table by the window, while Julie was at the bar, playfully running her fingers around the rim of a martini, while chatting up a well-built, and rather handsome bartender.

I approached Leslie, and her face lit up, as she practically yelled “Hey! He made it!!” to the entire bar, as i sat next to her. “Hey… i made it, i guess.” was all i could say, while Julie turned around and noticed me. I watched as she grabbed her drink and clicked her heels in my direction.

“Hey stud! Glad you could join us!”, she greeted me, “Were you busy? Did we drag you out of bed?” Julie laughed hysterically, which was a clear indicator of how much she had to drink already. “You guys have been partying!”, i pointed out, as Julie pushed a martini under my nose “Yeah! You look like you could use some partying yourself, hun!”. I really didn’t want to drink that night, but considering that i was merely a few blocks away from home, i chose to throw caution to the wind.

“So… where’s Quinn? Is he curled up puking under a table again?” i asked, and suddenly Julie’s face darkened, “Honey… i know it’s not okay to talk about your brother this way… but he’s a fucking idiot.” Julie blurted out, while sipping on her drink.

“What did he do this time?” I asked, more rhetorically than anything else.

“God… where do i begin!”, was how Julie started her drunken rant about Quinn being a dick to her, after she mentioned a few details of her sex life when they were together, with a focus on this Sean character, and his freakishly huge cock. “I thought we’d be laughing about it! God!! I didn’t know she would act like such a little bitch… no offense...”, she ended her speech, while  Leslie was checking her phone, over an empty glass with a lonely green olive stabbed with a toothpick more times than necessary.

“Oh fuck!” Leslie shouted out of nowhere, “Ok girl, i’m tired of hearing you bitch. You know what you need to do? If Quinn is so hung up on you making such a big deal about cock sizes, why don’t you give him a taste of his own medicine! Give him what he really wants!”

I watched as Julie’s face turned red, and her eyes turned to the window, “What are you talking about? I’m not going to cheat on Quinn!”, Julie responded in outrage, while still not making eye-contact, which i found rather peculiar.

“Cheating? Oh no, honey… it won’t be cheating, if he’s watching...” Leslie rebuffed, before bursting into a short laughter.

“Oh my God, Leslie! What  the fuck?? … you can’t be serious…”, Julie protested, but i had a feeling the die had already been cast.

“I am, honey… the way he’s obsessing about Sean’s cock, i have a feeling he wants to see that thing plow into you, even more than you do!”, Leslie continued.

“Fuck you, Leslie… you’re just sick…”, Julie kept rebuffing her.

By the time i was done listening to Leslie’s attempts to set up a three way with Quinn and Julie, it got to be almost midnight. During such time, i had a chance to marvel at Leslie’s filthy mind, and yet, i couldn’t help but wonder if she hit the nail on the head with my brother. Memories of us going through college together, and seeing him dealing with girls back then, came back to me, and there was always a pattern in which he would end up coming back to the dorm earlier than expected, with a pissed off look on his face, and unwilling to explain what happened.

Of course i would later find out through other channels, how virtually any girl he dated ended up sending him packing halfway through the date, on account of his insecurities.

As i left the bar and bid both girls goodnight, i walked back to my apartment, still wondering whether my own brother could really be into that kind of sick cuckold shit.

Just as i locked the door behind me, the intercom buzzer rang, startling me a little. I pushed the button and muttered “Yeah?”.

“It’s Julie… can i come up for a sec?”, i heard through the crackling old speaker.

In retrospect i should have told her to go home, but the truth is, i decided to let hard liquor do the thinking for me.

It wasn’t until she walked through my front door that my heart sank. Julie was in tears as i locked the door behind her and instinctively hugged her.

That’s when i realized i’m just  the worst.

My own brother’s fiancee came to my apartment, probably to talk about fixing her relationship, and the one thing my mind was focusing on, was the feeling of her perfect breasts pressed against my abdomen, and she holds me tight for what feels like a full minute.

I lead her  to the living room, and let her sit on the futon, while i fill up a kettle with water, and look for chamomile.


“I’m sorry Bob, i didn’t mean to break down like that... “ Julie apologized to me, while blowing her nose repeatedly into napkins from a box i had out on the coffee table.


“You don’t seriously consider Leslie’s suggestion, do you?”, was my immediate conversation starter, “I mean… he’s a little odd, but… i don’t know…”, i taper off my thought, expecting it to drop the conversation entirely. To my surprise, she picked it right where i left off.

“I know. Honestly, it couldn’t be more clear to me. It’s so obvious he’s trying to hide some kind of sick kink from me… by overcompensating! … Oh my God… i think i’m feeling sick…”, Julie looked rather distressed in fact, physically. Of course the bulk of it was the five martinis she guzzled down earlier at the bar, which was all the hint i needed to jump on my feet and help her to the restroom, where she hurled for several minutes. Not a pretty sight.

I let her borrow one of my tshirts to wear as pajamas, and unpacked a brand new toothbrush for her. I couldn’t let her drive in the state she was, and sure as hell i wasn’t going to walk into an awkward conversation with my brother about his bride-to-be, being drunk in the middle of the night.

She took her time in the shower, as she probably needed to, while i set up camp in my living room, ready to sleep on my foldable futon. When Julie walked out of the shower, she had an awkward smile. My t-shirt looked more like a mini-dress on her.

“You don’t have to sleep here, i’ll take the futon, go sleep in your bed.”, she almost orders me.

I smile and shake my head. “This is actually very comfortable… memory foam and everything. I’ll be fine. Go rest.” i tell her, as i tuck myself in.

“Thanks  for letting me sleep here, Robert. I appreciate everything you’re doing. You’re a true friend.” i hear her saying, although honestly, my mind was already concocting fantasies about her, before we even hit the lights.

I honestly didn’t know if i could have held my raging hardon at bay another minute before Julie finally shut the bedroom door behind her and went to sleep.

As soon as i heard that click, my mind, and my right hand went to work.

The outline of my shaft was visible in the dim illumination filtering through the window, from the street lights, and the constant up and down stroking motion under the flannel blanket, was a dead giveaway that made me thankful for having a noisy bedroom door lock.

Now that would have made it for an awkward conversation in the morning.

Typically, it would have taken me at least twenty minutes to finish, as i like to take my time, but that time was different. I was ready to go, galloping towards my own climax, with fresh images of this beautiful woman, sleeping in my bedroom. In less than five minutes i was ready to go full-throttle.

What i didn’t anticipate, was my own breathing being so loud as my own climax mounted… which incidentally made me tune out every other noise completely. Including the bedroom door.

Before i could do anything to cover up, a blade of white light washed over my raging cock, drenched in cum, towering like a lighthouse on a sea of shame.

“Oh God… i’m so sorry!!” i heard behind me. I turned my head, with my cock still within my grasp, as i looked into Julie’s eyes, open wide, and her mouth gaping. She repeated her apology three times, before starting to chuckle, which, oddly enough, didn’t make me feel any worse than i was. I shook my head, and apologised, before getting up and walking to the guest bathroom, with the blanket wrapped around my still raging hardon.

When i was finally done cleaning myself up, too my surprise, Julie was sitting on the very same futon where she caught me masturbating. “Sorry you had to see that, Julie… “, i tried to muster another apology, even if the damage was already done.

Then she suddenly bursted into laughter, “Oh God… you guys are… something, aren’t you? What were you thinking about?”.

“What do you mean?” i asked, genuinely curious at that point.

“What were you thinking about? I mean… i literally just went to bed, and after our conversation… what gets you going so fast? Do you have a switch of something?” Julie elaborated further, half-chuckling.

“I… don’t know. Well…”, and that ‘well’ was officially the snowball starting to roll on the side of a very steep hill.

“Well… what? It’s not like you can’t tell me! Not after all that conversation about your brother… i think we are past that.” Julie prodded me.

“I probably shouldn’t… tell you.”, i tried to dismiss her curiosity, but didn’t take into account her persistence. I swore to myself there and then it would have been the last time i made a mistake like that.

“Ok, Mister. Cut the shit and tell me what you were jacking off about. It wasn’t me i hope! God that would be awkward…”, Julie joked, but her eyes were scanning my face for clues, almost as if she was confident about me saying no, but yet not quite 100% sure. Sadly, my silence gave me away. “Oh...shit. It was me??”.

I nodded. The cat was out of the bag. “Hey… it’s no big deal… it’s a fantasy. Nothing real…” i justified myself, while doing my best in damage control, “It’s not like… i want to bang my brother’s fiancee… that’s… sick, right?”.

She fell silent for a second too long than necessary… then shrugged and grinned at me “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. I can’t imagine the shit he’d pull if i told him that i found a cock bigger than Sean’s.”, Julie casually mentioned, as she got up from the futon and walked towards the bedroom door. “Goodnight, Bob…”.

And with that, my sleep was completely gone.

It took me two Nyquil to finally fall asleep at around two in the morning. That’s when the noises started. Very faint, almost inaudible, unless i really paid attention.

It was rhythmical, paced, then gradually faster, and slightly louder. Panting and deep breathing noises, until what sounded very much like a climax.

The next morning, Julie was already gone. I found a text in my phone, from her, thanking me for letting her sleep at my place.

At around  ten in the morning, my brother called me, and i wasn’t expecting anything good.

“Hey bro, what’s happening?”, i answered in as neutral a tone as i could muster.

“Hey… listen, we need to talk. It’s kinda… serious.”, Quinn replied. He sounded pretty shook up.

“What’s going on, man, talk to me.”, i prodded him,

“Julie… she’s… told me about last night…”, he suddenly dropped the bomb. My face turned bright red.

“What? What did she tell you, man?”, i asked him, in an alarming tone.

“It’s cool man… i’m… i’m fine with it, ok? She said she’s going to arrange the whole thing… we figured it can only be you…”, Quinn’s tone sounds resigned, almost as if someone were telling him what to say word for word.

“It can only be me? What the Hell does that mean?”, i asked him, hoping for an answer that’s anything but what i was beginning to suspect. Then it happened. Quinn’s voice faded away, replaced by Julie’s.

“Hey Bob, hi! Well… i wanted to thank you for letting me sleep off my little drunken self last night, first of all… and… Quinn and i were wondering if you had plans tonight!” Julie sounded cheerful, but not a ‘happy’ kind of cheerful.

“Hey Julie… listen, i sense there may be some issues you guys need to work out… why don’t we reschedule…”, i tried to dodge a bullet, but it had already turned into a freight train.

“Honey, don’t be silly, Quinn and i had a discussion, which was very productive, and… illuminating! We’d love for you to come by the apartment tonight. No pressure, hun. Eight o’clock.”. Julie steamrolled any objection out of me. She had  a habit of being very authoritarian, and part of me believed i could just leave before anything… awful could happen. Or so i thought.


At exactly eight o’clock, i knocked on my brother’s apartment door. I was immediately greeted by Julie, who looked like she went through some serious trouble to put herself together for whatever occasion that was supposed to be.

Her hair was done up, in a stylish bun, held together with what looked like two crossed metal chopsticks, with a cute fringe, draping around her face. A touch of makeup accented her lips, eyes and cheeks.

Her dress was simple, but elegant, and sexy. A short, tube dress, sleeveless, with short fringes dangling from the hem of her skirt.

Her choice of footwear was a classy ankle boot, five-inch heel, jet black, covering about half of her ankle. Her nails weren’t simply “done”, they were designed, each nail with a unique black and red pattern, which i assumed it was something Julie had done herself.

I couldn’t see Quinn anywhere which alarmed me for a second, until Julie called out to him “Honey! Bob is here! Hang on for one more minute, ok?”.

Just when i thought things couldn’t get any odder, Julie took my hand and walked me straight to the bedroom. That’s when things got weird.

Quinn was, thankfully, fully dressed. He was sitting on a chair, in the corner of the room. He didn’t look restrained, or bound to anything. He was simply not moving. “Sit down on the bed honey, i’ll be right with you guys in a second.”, Julie told me, before disappearing into the bathroom for ten minutes, during which i walked to my brother, trying to figure out if i was still at my apartment, in my bed, having some sort of crazy dream about his fiancee.

“Quinn! What the fuck is this?? Has she gone insane or something? Why are you going along with this?”, i asked him. His response flabbergasted me.

“I wanted this, brother. I always wanted it. It’s been a fantasy of mine for a long time. I just didn’t want it to happen with Sean… no fucking way…”.

I was floored… yet, it suddenly dawned on me. It made some sort of perverted sense. I was the logical choice in this sick scheme between Quinn and Julie.

I still had my reservations, and a strong will to leave, until Julie came back in the room. She still had her dress on, but the skirt was hiked to her hips, and if she even had any undies before, they were gone.

My brother and i were both staring at her, head to toe. She was magnificent.

“There is only one rule, tonight. Robert is the Alpha male. He is the only one with the authority to do as he pleases with me. Am i clear, Quinn? You are not allowed to even touch me, without Robert’s saying so.”, she stated, clearly, without a hint of hesitation in her voice.

I watched as Quinn nodded.

“Robert, if you don’t mind, i’d like you to remove all your clothes, honey.”, Julie asked, in a commanding tone, placing an emphasis on the word “honey”, as if it were a veiled taunt, directed to Quinn.

As if i were under a spell, i began pulling my shirt over my head, and unbuckling my belt. I slipped off my denims. Next came my underwear. I was finally completely naked before my own brother and future sister in law.

I wasn’t quite sure why, but i felt strangely empowered, in this new form, as if i didn’t fear anything anymore. I was bare, and i liked it. Was i a horrible person because of it? Probably. Did i care. I still don’t to this day.

“Quinn, sweetheart, please remove your pants and underwear.”, Julie instructed my brother, and he proceeded promptly.

I followed Julie with my eyes as she walked to the edge of the bed, facing me, and sat on the duvet. She extended her arms and grabbed my hands, as she pulled me closer, without saying a word.

I closed my eyes, and felt Julie’s warm breath on my half-hard cock, as it began to grow. I felt her right hand wrapping around the girth. I felt her body shift and move. I realized she changed position, and knelt before me.

It took me less than a few seconds for my cock to become fully erect. I opened my eyes again, as my shaft hovered a few inches above Julie’s forehead.

“Oh my God… it is bigger than Sean, honey… did you know?”, Julie taunted Quinn, while her hand began to stroke my cock.

“I wonder it it’s going to fit, honey… Sean had to take his time, remember? Almost half hour!”, Julie continued her taunts, “...although that time we didn’t have any lubrication… this time we are fully stocked! Where did you put the KY jelly, sweetheart?”.

I heard Quinn’s voice, almost fainter than a breath. I could barely hear him say “...night stand…”.

I heard him clearing his voice… but i knew exactly what was going on. He was about to break down. Oddly enough, i grew curious of how much more he could take… how far he would allow this to go on.

Julie quickly walked to the nightstand and reached for a bottle filled with clear XY jelly, and squirted some on her hands, as she laid the bottle on the edge of the bed. She was very thorough in coating the entire length of my erection with lubricant, adding more until a thin film of the substance covered every millimeter of my cock.

Then i watched her as she leaned on her hands, on the bed, facing Quinn, while her ass was pushed upward. She was on all fours, in full display, offering every opening she had to a willing and able cock, except for Quinn’s. “Robert, honey… you know what to do.”.

I knew exactly what i had to do. Was it also what i wanted? Oddly enough… yes.

I climbed on the bed, and positioned myself behind Julie’s glorious ass. I lined up the head of my cock with her slit.

She must  have felt some hesitation, as her right hand quickly reached behind, and grabbed my right hand, and placed it on her hip. “Come on honey… you know you want it… you have been wanting this for a long time.”, i heard her whisper.

I began the slow descent into her pussy. At first i felt my cock was trapped in a vice. The first few inches seemed the hardest, as Julie was extremely tight. I listened to her breath, getting deeper, with every inch i gained. Thanks to the additional lubrication, sinking the full length of my cock inside her took much less than 25 minutes.

Once inside, i began a slow, but paced pistoning motion. Suddenly i noticed Quinn’s face. He had a look i couldn’t quite read. He didn’t look disgusted, but didn’t look aroused either. He looked tense, as if a million thoughts were going through his head, while his own brother fucked his future wife.

With every stroke, his face turned more blank, almost lifeless, but at that point, i was too far gone into my own pleasure zone. Julie felt like nothing i had ever experienced. The way she moved her hips to meet my movements, and the way she grabbed by hands, holding on so tight, with such force. She wanted this. She wanted it bad.

It wasn’t long before our pace began to accelerate. Slapping sounds echoed across the apartment, as my pelvis hit her buttocks.

I instinctively grabbed the chopsticks holding her hair bun together, and removed them, allowing her hair to drape her back. I grabbed her hair, and used it as leverage to slam harder into her.

With every stroke, she moaned louder, uttering “Fuck!” in between sighs and heavy breaths.

As i increased the speed of my thrusts, her utterances multiplied, “...Fuck! Fuck! Fuck…”.

It didn’t take long for her body to stiffen entirely. She fell silent for almost twenty seconds, before exhaling hard and loud, “Oh God….. oh my God, i just fucking came… i just fucking came…. Hard…” she kept whispering, barely audible to my ear, but crystal clear to Quinn’s.

The look of surprise on his face told me everything i needed to know about Quinn’s ability to give Julie an orgasm. Not just an orgasm… a glorious one.

It was there and then that i realized Julie got it all wrong… although neither of us cared any longer. I noticed a tear running down Quinn’s cheek. He didn’t expect this to happen. Not this way. It wasn’t supposed to be this good. She wasn’t supposed to be into it this much.

And yet she was.

I wasn’t exactly sure what Quinn expected out of this fantasy.. Perhaps he  didn’t even know.

Julie turned to face me, as i was still on my knees on the bed, with my hard, erected cock, twitching.

Julie didn’t hesitate for a second. She pulled me to move ninety degrees to my left, most likely to give Quinn a first row seat.

Julie’s mouth engulfed me as far as she could take me, which wasn’t very much. I quickly hit the back of her throat, and let her take control, and her head began to bob back and forth, fast, and deep. I could feel her tongue brushing against the underside of my cock as she sucked me, relentlessly.

My climax built up quickly, until i was ready to release. She knew it too, by the look of my face. She continued her motion, then, as soon as she noticed my abdomen contract, she immediately withdraw my cock from her mouth, and began stroking it, slower this time, yet with a tighter grip. It felt incredible.I looked down, as my breath was cut short by my own orgasm. Sperm darted out of my cock in thick, long, stringy projectiles, several of them, layering over Julie’s face like white frosting on a cake.

I was spent. I had my limits. Julie, however, did not. Her evening of entertainments wasn’t over.

She scooped and licked off every glob of sperm i shot on her face, until all that remained was a glistening transparent film on her cheeks, her chin, and her forehead.

As soon as she was done “cleaning” herself up, she looked at me with a wicked smile. “You better not slack off on me now, honey… i saved the best for last.”, she announced, as i watched her reach for her purse on the night stand, and draw out a small box. One single blue pill with a diamond logo on it was being held between her thumb and index finger.

“You are going to take this little pill for me, honey… i want that monster in my tight ass now, and i want the whole thing!” she ordered me. At this point i wasn’t sure what to do. I had never taken Viagra, or any male-enhancement pills before. I didn’t even know how they worked. All i knew about those things is that you could go blind, and other side effects.

Of course… i had to throw caution to the wind, once again, and down the hatch it went.

Just as advertised, my erection returned, much stronger than before, while Julie proceeded to apply a thicker coat of lubricant. “You are in for a treat, stud….”, Julie commented, as she was almost done applying the lubricant.

Once again, she positioned herself on all fours, but this time, her face was pressed against the bed, and her ass was propped up, with her rear passage well exposed and accessible, as both her hands were holding her ass cheeks spread.

I had never performed anal sex before. I was extremely new, just like taking male enhancement pills. The reality was that i was harder  than i ever was before, and i wanted this. Sadly… more than Quinn.

As i lined up the head of my cock with her anus, i began pushing, and gained barely an inch, while loud breathing echoed from Julie, who sounded like she was hyperventilating.

Finally, the head was past the rim, and i was officially inside. All i needed now was to ensure that the lubricant did its job. Luckily it did. With every inch gained, another inch came easier than the last. Little by little, i sank half of my cock inside Julie’s tight ass, with minimal pain, at least judging from Julie’s noises. As no indication of pain was apparent, i grew bolder, and began thrusting deeper and increasingly faster, building momentum with every stroke.

I was finally lost in my own feeling, it was the wildest ride i could have ever hoped for.

I shut my eyes, and continued to ram into Julie, who at that point was writhing and panting uncontrollably.

Almost twenty minutes later, i felt a surge. I couldn’t believe i was going to come again.

My body stiffened, and to my amazement, a brand new climax washed over me, though not nearly as strong and powerful as my first.

It lasted for almost a minute, almost as long as it took me to successfully withdraw my cock from Julie’s vice-like grip.

As soon as i was out, i watched Julie collapse. She was a writhing mess, panting and occasionally coughing, as she struggled to catch her own breath.

As i looked up, i was almost surprised to see Quinn was gone. I could hear him in the next room. He sounded like he was sobbing.

Julie turned her body to lay on her back. She looked at me with a grin on her face. “Good job, honey…”, then, just as i began moving away to get off the bed, Julie startled me as she suddenly screamed “Was that what you wanted, Quinn? I hope you liked it as much as i did, because i’m thinking of making it a regular thing now.. Every fucking Friday a new cock bigger than the last!!!”.




I have not kept contact with my brother, now officially estranged, or Julie, but i did receive a wedding invitation, with a special request for me to be the best man, signed by both Julie and Quinn.

I have a good mind to show up, and see what happens. Just out of curiosity.  

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