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I Married a Sex Slave PT4B

Marital bliss is restored!

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I Married a Sex Slave PT4B

By: sfmaster - Published:


WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author does not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age or 18 or reside in a state, nation, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!



I Married a Sex Slave PT4B: Tormented Toni”




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I Married a Sex Slave PT4B: Tormented Toni” by


Do you want to be my slave?” Sam asked Toni.


Yes, Master Sam.”




Master I have always fanaticized about the idea of bondage. I’ve always dreamed of being naked, in chains, and being beaten with a whip or crop. Seeing you and slave Connie in action has made me want to experience my dreams in real life. Connie told me that you were a kind caring Master, and I would trust you with the safety of my body. Please take me as your slave, Master Sam.”


Do you know what you are asking? To be my slave means that you will totally surrender your body to me. I could order you to stop your bondage games at home – not even to use your vibrator until I gave you my approval. Could you follow my orders even at home?”


If it meant exchanging my private activities for doing real scenes with you, yes! I would gladly stop so that I could feel a real crop on my flesh.”


Sam was glad that he had already discussed this possibility with Connie. It had been enough before that he only had to dominate Connie – now he had to face the idea of dominating another woman – with his wife’s approval!


You understand then Toni that your bondage is not going to be a tea party! You will be collared, naked unless told otherwise, and subject to the lash at all times. You shall surrender your body to me!”


Yes, Master!”


But first, you have to fill out a form,” Sam told her.


A form, Master?”


Yes, if I am to dominate you then I have to know what your limits will be. Be seated back in the chair, and I’ll give it to you!”


Toni could not have been more puzzled than at that moment. She had to fill out a form? Here she was, naked, collared and ready to be cropped in their playroom, and she had to fill out a FORM! This certainly never happened in a bondage tape!


I don’t understand, Master,” Toni answered.


Sam retrieved the printout and clipboard that he had hidden earlier for just this eventuality. Connie had as usual been two steps ahead of him. She had found a D/s website that had been a wealth of information during Sam’s “learning phase” and in addition to slave “contracts” there had also been a list that a submissive could fill out specifying their bondage preferences.


Before we begin, I must know what you are interesting in – here there will be nothing forced – nothing done to you that you don’t want. A necessary precaution.”


But this never happened in any of the bondage tapes that I’ve watched!” Toni protested.


Those tapes are useful, but often silly and incomplete. Have you ever gone online and look at the wealth of information on the Web?”


No, Master!”


Then Connie will give you a list of websites and books to study from to further your education. There is more to being a sex slave that just being naked and in bondage,” Sam told his naked charge.


Yes, Master!”


Good, then check off the activities that you do want to do,” he handed he the clipboard and pen, “and I’ll attend to Connie for a while and when we return, you shall feel my lash!”


Yes, Master!”


Sam then locked a chain to one of Toni’s ankle bracelets to a ring-bolt set in the wall before he left her.


Just so that you don’t go away, slave!”


Yes, Master.”



Well, she’s filling out the form,” Sam observed as they shared a drink in the kitchen together.


A very good idea, Master,” Connie replied.


Wait a minute – I just thought of something! Are you planning on dominating your friend Toni?”


What ever gave you that idea?”


Well, you already own two catsuits – one with sleeves and one without – and that’s usual Domme gear. And while I can have two submissives in bondage at the same time, the literature usually had a Dom and a helper using one slave. Am I correct?”


Yes, Master – there are many possible scenarios that we can play out with Toni.”


Have you ever dominated another woman?”


Yes, Master – many times.”


You’ve whipped other women?”




And have you taken them to bed afterwards?”


Yes, of course. There’s something quite different about making love to a woman instead of a man.”


I’m sure that it must be very different,” Sam answered.


You did a very good scene this evening, Master,” Connie observed.


Thank you, but I have the feeling that we’re about to have a second scene – this time with Toni. Just how willing to think that she will be?”


From how hard her nipples were, and the aroma emanating from her cunt, I’d say that she was very willing indeed, Master.”


But the checklist puzzled her,” Sam pointed out.


Actually, that may have been a good thing, even if it stopped the action.”




Because it have given her a final chance to reconsider if she really wants to go under the lash, Master.”


Based on what I saw when I was using you, Toni wanted nothing more than to be in your place. Binding her to the chair like that was a stroke of genius.”


Thank you, Master,” Connie replied.


So you’re not going to be jealous if Toni becomes my slave, are you?”


No Master!”


It’s OK then to strip her, flog her silly and place her in bondage, but not to sleep with her?”


Yes, Master,” Connie answered.


But wait,” Sam thought out loud, “all this bondage is going to make Toni horny and sexually frustrated as hell. After a session, she’ll want me to take her, just as I do you. I just can’t Dom her, and then leave her without any relief, can I?”


Well, under those circumstances, after a session – having sex would be OK, since it would be in the context of a session.”


Oh, so that would make it all right.”




Stranger and stranger’ was all that Sam could think to himself.



Sam took the clipboard from Toni, and went over the list. He observed that her choices were very conservative. Toni wanted to be placed on bondage, gagged, and spanked, paddled, cropped and whipped. She was willing to engage in oral sex; normal vaginal sex, and anal sex. But not in golden showers, or anything like that.


Excellent,’ Sam thought, ‘since those things aren’t exactly my cup of tea either.”


I have given you this checklist for another reason, Toni,” Sam began, “to give you a final chance to back out. If you don’t want to engage in bondage, you can dress and walk out now – nothing further will be said.”


No Master,” Toni answered, “I want to be here!”


Are you ready then to go under my lash?” Sam asked.


I used to think that dialogue in porn films was silly,’ Sam thought to himself, ‘now I’m talking just like I’m in a film myself!’


Yes, Master Sam,” Toni answered, “please crop me?”


Very well then, Toni, your desires shall soon be fulfilled.”


You may now stand up Toni, and place your hands behind your head,” Sam ordered.


Yes, Master,” Toni said as she obeyed.


Toni stood naked before Sam, who then reached out and cupped her breasts in his hands and lightly pinched her nipples.


You understand that as Master I have complete freedom to use your body in any way that I desire?”


Yes, Master.”


That includes your beasts, mouth, sex, and anus?”


Yes, Master.”


Along with complete freedom to use my hand, the Paddle, lash, and crop?”


Yes, Master.”


That is what being a slave means. Do you submit yourself willingly to me, without duress or coercion?”


Yes, Master.”


Sam’s hand crept down between Toni’s legs and began to cup and massage her pussy, making her moan quietly in response.


You have a very body – I’m sure that you will mark nicely.”


Yes, Master.”


Turn around and bend over,” Sam ordered.


Connie handed Sam a pair of rubber gloves which he snapped onto his hands. Then when Toni had bent over, he dipped one hand into a jar of Vaseline, and then inserted two fingers into Toni’s bottom.


I am only going into your bottom once Toni, since you have indicated that anal sex is not to your liking. As Master, I reserve the right to inspect your body totally this first time.”


Yes, Master,” Toni answered.


You have a very nice fit body Toni, I’m sure that you will make an excellent slave.”


Thank you, Master.”


Before we begin, you must choose your safeword.”


Since this will be my first time, I choose Mercy, Master!”


A good choice.”


Thank you, Sir!”


I think that we shall start your submission with a simple spanking,” Sam said as he seated himself on a chair, “you may get on my lap.”


Yes, Sir!” Toni answered as she eagerly placed herself on Sam’s lap like an errant child.


You may count each slap on your bottom,” Sam ordered.


Yes, Master!”


Are you ready?”


Yes – One; Two; Three!” Toni began to count out each slap to her rear.


Sam began slowly, since Toni was new to being disciplined – and Sam was new to disciplining someone else besides Connie!


Four; Five; Six!”


Sam had been half afraid that Toni would run screaming from the room asking for the police. Instead she sat on Sam’s lap obediently, soaking up every impact of her spanking like an experienced slave.


Are you having a good time?” Sam asked.


Yes, Master, please spank my bottom harder?” Toni answered.


Seven; Eight; Nine!”


Ten; Eleven; Twelve!”


Sam then stopped to massage Toni’s heated bottom, holding the red heated flesh in his hands. He didn’t even have to place his hands between her legs to know that she was turned on by her spanking – he could smell the scent of her arousal!


Would you like to try the Paddle?”


Yes, Master.”


Paddle, please?” Sam asked Connie.


I just can’t believe this,’ Sam thought to himself, ‘this is simply god-damn unbelievable. Here I am, Master to my Slave Wife Connie, spanking her best friend Toni, who is now going to be my slave also, with my wife’s permission!’


Here you are, Master.”


Thank you, Connie.”


Sam offered the Paddle to Toni’s red painted lips, and she kissed the leather instrument quickly when offered.


Very good, Toni, you learn quickly,” Sam told her.


Thank you, Master,” Toni answered.


You can learn a lot from porn films,’ thought Toni.


After each stroke you are to count each one out, at some future date you can thank me for each one.”


Yes, Master Sam.”












Three!” It was by the third impact on her bottom that Toni realized that this wasn’t just fun and games! She had willingly surrendered herself to a Bondage Master – and now she was being used!












Six! Owww!” Toni cried out – this was starting to hurt!


You may only count out each stroke, slave!” Sam commanded.








Eight!” Toni had never felt anything like this before – sure her bottom was stinging by now – but she knew that she was wet between her legs!








Ten! Owwww!” Toni cried out again.


Toni’s bottom was by then a nice shade of red, and Sam was sure that whenever she would sit down for the next week that she would be reminded of her first true Bondage experience. Sam massaged Toni’s aching bottom, feeling the heat that the two fleshly globes emanated from their punishment.


Are you enjoying yourself, slave?” Sam asked.


Yes, Master.”


You may kiss the paddle.”


Yes, Master,” Toni said as she did as instructed.


You may rise,” Sam ordered, “Connie will now show you a series of submissive poses that you will have to learn to assume at my direction.”


Yes, Master.”


With her bottom aching and red from it’s punishment, Sam watched as Connie put Toni through a series of submissive poses. From standing with her hands clasped behind her back with her legs open, to kneeling with her legs open, and to kow-towing to a Master’s feet, Toni quickly learned the submissive poses that she would have to know to be a proper slave.


Very good, Toni,” Sam complimented, “Connie will be giving you a printout of all of these poses – your first homework assignment will be to do these at home so that you can learn to assume these poses without thinking – and hold them for some time.”


Yes, Master,” Toni answered.


Excellent – you are quite a willing pupil.”


Thank you, Master.”


Thank you, Connie. We are now going to proceed. Toni, place your hands behind your head and open your legs.”


Yes, Master!”


Toni stood silently in the position that Sam had ordered. Sam picked up the riding crop, and displayed it for Toni’s benefit, bending it with his two hands.


The riding crop is a truly fearsome instrument, Toni. You have seen it used on Connie only very lightly – more to stimulate than for actual pain. Do you think that you could actually endure it used for more serious purposes?”


I don’t know, Master,” Toni answered.


Sam then used the folded leather tip of the crop to explore the valley between Toni’s breasts, and lightly tapped it a few times on her erect nipples.


Excited, aren’t we?” Sam commented.


Yes, Master.”


He lightly ran the tip down her belly to the cleft between her thighs, pushed the crop against her sex, and then explored the skin between her thighs.


The most sensitive part of a woman’s body is the skin between her thighs. I shall not neglect that part of your anatomy.”


No, Master,” Toni shakily answered.


Very good, slave. You shall have to learn that you are no longer in control of your own body – from now on, that belongs to me!”


Yes, Master.”


Connie, place Toni between the columns and make sure that she is held tightly – I want to see her ribs sticking out, but her feet must be on the floor. She is a novice, after all.”


Yes, Master,” Connie answered as she sprung into action.


Until now, Sam had to place Connie into bondage. But now, in the playroom, here were two naked, collared, and braceleted women, one of whom was placing the other into bondage. Sam watched in awe as Connie directed Toni to place herself between the columns, and then open her legs to be chained to the two columns. Finally, both of her wrists were held high above her head, her long hair cascading down her back. Toni’s beautiful breasts were sticking out like arrows, and Sam could see the ribs beneath her chest.


You are now totally helpless, Toni. You may pull at your chains all you like. There is no escape,” Sam told her.


Yes, Master,” Toni answered.


This is very different than tying yourself up at home, isn’t it? Tell me, did you ever think of using a paddle or crop on yourself?”


I hadn’t gotten that far, Master. I suppose that eventually I would have done so.”


Did you bring yourself to climax while in bondage watching porn films?”


Yes, Master.”


Which sort of gag did you like better – penis or ball?”


I liked them both Master.”


Here you shall have both – and more!”


Thank you, Master.”


Now to the matter at hand, my dear….”




Sam first used the crop on the outside of Toni’s left thigh. The crop gently slapped at her flesh, and he followed that with another similar impact just a little way down from the first.


I can either use a crop’s tip – or the rod itself,” Sam told Toni.


Yes, yes…Master.” Toni answered.


Sam then brought the rod itself down onto Toni’s right breast, and it would leave a red stripe behind. He then left an identical mark onto her left breast.


I have marked your breasts to remind you for a while of your submission. Every time that you gaze at yourself in the mirror you shall be made aware of our time together.”


Yes, Master,” Toni answered.


Sam then began to use the crop in earnest, using both it’s tip and length on Toni’s stretched femininity. He used the crop on all parts of her naked form, except that of her already burning bottom. In his time as Master Connie had trained him well in the use of the crop on naked female flesh. Sam knew that he could now use a crop without fear of actually hurting a submissive – yet bringing her taut body to the peak of pleasure and pain was now something that he was capable of.


I’ve never even dreamed that this was possible!’ Toni thought to herself, as the crop marked her naked body. ‘No wonder Connie wanted to experience this once again – having tasted forbidden fruit – I would too!’


Are you all right, Toni?” Sam asked.


Yes, Master…I was just thinking.”


Of what?”


Of the joys of pleasure and pain that await me in slavery, Master,” Toni answered.


Very good, slave.”


Toni’s taut form was covered in a wet sheen of perspiration from the ordeal that she was experiencing. Her naked skin shone under the lights, and the air had a slight salty tang from her sweat.


Aaaaaah!” Toni cried when a stroke was administered a bit too strongly.


Do you wish to stop?” Sam asked.


Whatever my Master desires,” Toni answered.


Sam reached out and played with one of her erect nipples, then placed it in his mouth and bit down ever so firmly, making Toni with both pain and pleasure. At the same time, his hand crept down to the cleft between her legs, and he inserted his fingers into her cunt. Still biting down on her nipple, he next began to piston his fingers into her sex.


Aaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaaah! Aaaaah!” Toni cried within her chains, as Sam’s fingers excited her wet sex.


Without pausing, or Toni even realizing that she had made a switch, Sam then began to use a large dildo instead of his fingers. Toni strained against her bonds to accommodate the larger phallus into her sex. The sweat was pouring off her body as she was driven to new heights of climax by the erotic weapon inside her!


Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah!” Toni moaned with each thrust of the dildo.


Finally, Sam watched as she went into one spasm of orgasm after another, her moans echoing off the playroom walls as she strained against her chains. This was as much a test of Sam’s ability as it was of Toni’s submission.


Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaah! Aaaaaaah!” Toni’s cries lessened as the orgasms deceased in number and intensity.


When it was over, when the storm had passed, Toni hung limply in her chains.


Are you all right?” Sam asked.


Yes, Master, oh yes!” Toni weakly replied.


Sam glanced at a small clock in the playroom. It was late – very late!


Toni, you shall spend the night with us as our guest. Connie, I want you two girls to have a bath to wash that sweat off. Since you two girls are the same size I’m sure that Connie can lend you some pajamas – or else you can sleep naked, as she does.”


Yes, Master,” Toni answered.


Connie, you may release your friend from her bondage.”


Yes, Master.”


Actually, it took both of them to release Toni from her bondage. At first, she was very weak, and it took both of them to support her naked and slick body. Once she had felt better, and could again walk, Connie escorted Toni upstairs into the bathroom. Sam had not even bothered to remove their leather bracelets, which could take being wet and would dry by themselves.


Sam passed the time reading a paperback sex novel as the two women bathed and dried themselves. Finally, Connie found Sam and told her that Toni was waiting for him in the Guest Bedroom.


Toni wasn’t naked, but had taken up Connie’s offer of pajamas. She was under the covers, and a pitcher of ice water and a glass were on the bedside table.


How do you feel?” Sam asked.


Very well, Master,” Toni answered.


Do you hurt?”


A bit,” she answered, “all over, Master.”


You’re not our prisoner, Toni. This isn’t Roissy Castle, and you won’t be chained in your bed tonight. Especially if you have to go to the bathroom!”


Yes, Master.”


Have a good sleep, and tomorrow we’ll talk.”


Yes, Master.”



Well that worked out pretty good, Connie. But what do we do for an encore?” Sam confided to Connie as he got under the covers.


What do you mean?” Connie asked.


We just gave Toni the most mind-blowing sexual experience of her entire life. Just like when I took the crop to you the first time, and you again felt the crop that you had missed all those years – I saw the same reaction in Toni’s eyes. Once she got past the initial pain of the first few stokes – I could see that she was really enjoying getting cropped.”


I told you that she would make an excellent slave, Master. And that you are a pretty good Master yourself!”


Thank you, Connie.”


Under the covers Sam knew that Connie was naked without pajamas, only wearing her bondage bracelets.


Once Toni has had a few more bondage experiences, I’m sure that she’ll want to sleep in nude also, Master,” Connie observed.


But what do we do next?” Sam asked, “I spanked and paddled her bottom, then cropped her firmly, and finally gave her one orgasm after another while chained.”


Master, you forgot the sensual bath that I gave her afterwards. Greg once sent me for Bath Training.”


What’s that?” Sam asked.


I was taught how to bathe and prepare slave girls, both before and after a session. After all, it’s a requirement that a slave girl be clean before a session.”


Is that why you shower before we do a scene?”


Of course, Master. And after a scene as well, if a Master takes his slave into the bedroom a quick bath is called for – no Master wants a sweaty slave in bed!”


Oh. But that still doesn’t solve the problem of what do I do next with Toni.”


Would you like to have her as your slave also, Master?” Connie asked me.


No,” I answered decisively, “I’m afraid that might cause marital complications.”


But Master,” Connie pleaded, “what could be better than having both your wife and her best friend in bondage together?”


I just don’t like the idea. A session or two to show her what it’s all about is one thing. But having her here as a slave in addition to you would be asking for trouble.”


But why not?” Connie asked.


Connie, the only reason why I consented to doing D/s is because you said that you missed having it in your life again. And I have to admit, it’s very enjoyable for me too. But the old saying applies – two’s company, three’s a crowd.”


I thought that you would be pleased to have another woman in your power.”


I am, but not at the risk of our marriage.”


Why do you say that, Toni isn’t trying to steal you away?”


Maybe not now, Connie, but that will always exist. How do you know that one day she won’t submit herself to me, open her legs, and ask me to fuck her silly in an attempt to woo me?”


I just can’t believe that,” Connie answered.


Look, isn’t it the usual scenario that the husband is screwing the wife’s best friend, and the wife is the last one to know about it?”


Yes,” Connie answered, “that happened to one of the women in the beauty parlor last year.”


So I don’t want even the possibility of that happening to us.”


Yes, Master.”


We’ll do one, maybe two more sessions with Toni, and then you can try to find her another Master in the scene. Maybe you can look up some of your other friends in D/s and try to get her into the scene.”


Yes, Master, that would be a very good idea,” Connie answered.


Good, that’s settled then.”


Would Master Sam like a blowjob?” Connie asked.


Well as long as you put it that way…”


I threw the covers back, and undid my pajama bottoms, and Connie’s already willing mouth surrounded my hardening cock. Instead of bringing me off quickly, Connie sucked slowly and gradually, keeping me hard and erect, but not ready to come.


I stared at the ceiling, listening to the sounds of the night, wondering just how I had gotten myself into this position. It had been one thing to have one naked slave in the house – but two?


How could I possibly trust Toni, or myself, before I would have sexual feelings for her? It was all well and good that Connie may have been lent out to others when she was a slave, but Toni was an unknown factor.


No, it was far better to just do a few scenes with her, and send her on her way.


After all, two’s company – and three’s a crowd!



THE END of “I Married a Sex Slave PT4B” 

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