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Janet in Training CH06 PT1

Janet is tested to her limits!

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Janet in Training CH06 PT1

By: sfmaster - Published:


WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains

Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS

only, and the author does not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age or 18 or reside in a state that prohibits such

behavior, stop reading immediately!!!



"Janet in Training" Chapter Six: Role Reversal




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"Janet in Training" by


Chapter Six: Role Reversal


Part One: Switch


When the limo left her in front of Erica's house one weekend, Janet was eagerly looking forward to seeing Erica. Over the past few weeks, Erica had been placing her in more stringent and difficult bondage positions. In addition, the Mistress had been punishing her in many more different ways. Janet had learned the cat and the flogger, and had been able to stand many more strokes than she had before.


She was pleased that Erica had also decided to use her in the bedroom as well, and she had to learn rather quickly how to satisfy her Mistress. Failure meant a stay in the Dungeon, plus additional punishments.


So when the limo departed, Janet hurried up the stairs. She was hoping that her stay this weekend would be a repeat of last week's. That had been both a pleasurable and painful experience at the same time, and Janet hoped that this weekend would be more of the same.


When the door opened, Andrea was standing inside as usual. It was rare that Mistress Erica would open the door of her own house. Why should she when she had a slave for a Maid?


"Come in," greeted Andrea.


"Thank you," said Janet as she handed Erica's Maid her coat.


"I'm to take you to the library," said Andrea.


"Is that where Erica is now?" asked Janet.


"No. Please come," directed Andrea.


Janet was crestfallen. Where was her Mistress? She hurried behind Andrea. The library was empty, without Erica. Janet was disappointed by Erica's absence.


"There's a letter on the desk," directed Andrea.


"Oh," answered Janet.


Janet picked up the envelope that Andrea had mentioned. It was made of a rich fine heavy paper, not like modern paper that made to go through a printer at work. No, this was paper that someone might use for something special. On the front was written Janet's name in a simple script, and the envelope flap had an ER embossed in the heavy paper. It was also sealed by a glob of red sealing wax, into which was pressed the letters ER inside a crest.


Janet slowly opened it, and found a single sheet of paper inside. She read:

Dear Janet,

Sorry, but I was called away suddenly on urgent business. Since you were looking forward to seeing me so much, I decided on a special treat for you. Tonight, Friday, Andrea will have her use of you. Tomorrow, Saturday, you shall have the use of Andrea. Please be creative and imaginative, both of you! I shall expect a full report, and discipline meted out for improper conduct.


Erica Riken


"Andrea, I'm yours," said Janet.


Andrea read the letter in silence when it was offered to her. Janet wondered if she knew the contents even before, and if her companion was merely playacting.


"You certainly are. Now, what should I do with you?"


Janet knew better than to respond to a question like that. She had always feared that one day Andrea might get her chance to dominate her, and now Erica

had given her to her Maid!


"Better not stay silent too long, Janet," cautioned Andrea.


"I could take off my clothes, Mistress Andrea," said Janet.


"What a nice idea. You know, Janet, some girls don't train as easily as

You did. They pout and protest, thinking that will get them some attention. What they forget is that none of that behavior works when you face a Dominant."


Janet could only nod her head in agreement.


"I'd say that you were one of the best slave girls that Erica has had for quite some time. You really love the whip, don't you."


"Yes, Andrea."


"Mistress Andrea. And that will cost you tonight, my dear. But don't strip here, downstairs is better."


"Yes, Mistress Andrea."


"Now go downstairs and get ready, and I'll be along in a minute. The Dungeon's already open, and you know what to do."


Janet knew that there were two ways that she could use to go to the Dungeon. One was the hidden elevator, and the other was a set of concealed stairs. The doorway was left open, and Janet descended to the Dungeon. True to Andrea's word, on a table were her collar, bracelets, and shoes.


Janet was by now used to the routine. She stripped quickly, and paused to look at herself in the full-length mirror. She saw her naked body, with the stripes as evidence of her slavery to Erica. But it was her sex that fascinated her. Ever since Erica had ordered her cunt shaved several weeks ago, it was an additional reminder of her slavery to Erica. When the cotton or silk of her panties rubbed up against her bare lips during the day, it only served to remind her that her Mistress had ordered her pussy shaved.


Nor was it allowed to grow back. For every weekend afterwards, Andrea had the duty of again shaving her cunt to make sure that it wouldn't grow back. For the first few weeks, Janet had wanted to protest and resist. But she had never said anything. Now it was an accepted part of the routine of her visits, just like removing her clothes and being placed in bondage.


Janet placed the collar around her neck first, brushing her hair away. Then the bracelets went on her ankles and wrists. She then bent down and locked the shoes onto her feet, snapping shut the little padlocks that would imprison her feet. Next, she held her mouth open to accept the ballgag, and closed the roller buckle at the back of her neck.


Janet took one final look at herself in the mirror, proud of her life as a slave girl. She walked carefully in her high heels, and tried to figure out just where Andrea would want her to restrain herself before her entrance.


She walked among the devices of slavery, her heart pounding with the memory of how everything had been steadily used on her. Janet looked for some obvious way of locking herself to something before Andrea would arrive. But there seemed to be nothing! It looked as if Andrea had searched the Dungeon, and removed every obvious way that Janet could confine herself easily!


Taking a deep breath with her nose, Janet wished that she did not have to wear the ballgag. She felt like sighing, since she should have confined herself by now!


Janet wondered if Andrea had known of Erica's plans, and this was some devilish trick made especially for her!


"Well Janet, I see that you know how to take orders," commented Andrea on her entrance.


All that Janet could do was nod her agreement behind her ballgag. Whoever had thought of the gag must have designed it for girls, as the silence it imposed was near total.


"I'm sure," said Andrea as she grabbed a D ring on Janet's collar, "that we are going to have a nice time tonight. Do you know that I have been waiting to punish you ever since the first time I saw you? And now I have my wish."


"Mmmmph," commented Janet.


"Now then, what shall I do with you?" asked Andrea.


In no time at all, Janet again found herself stretched into the shape of an X. Her wrists and ankles had been attached to spreader bars, and she was slightly suspended so that her heels barely touched the floor.


Andrea was wearing a leather bra and skirt, with a pair of thigh high boots completed her outfit. A studded collar adorned her neck; it's shiny parts catching the light.


"Like my outfit? Pity I can't dress this way all the time, but Erica is the Mistress of the house, after all."


Andrea stepped behind her and removed the gag from Janet's mouth. Janet breather deeply in relief when the rubber ball was gone. However, Janet noted that Andrea had buckled the gag around her neck, so it would not be far when it would be needed again.


Janet reacted with fear when Andrea removed a slender riding crop from the wall. She watched with apprehension as Andrea flexed the crop with her two hands, finally striking it against the side of one of her leather boots.


"You know, Janet," Andrea began, "I've been waiting for this for a long time. Ever since that first day when you were here, and I pinched those nipples of yours and fondled your sex. All the times I brought you down here for training by Erica made me very jealous."


"Yes, Mistress Andrea," Janet answered.


"I was really astonished at the way you took to training. I had originally thought that you were no more than a fake that would run after her first time but you proved me wrong."


"Yes, Mistress."


"All I could do in the past was to feel your breasts and sex. But now, I've got you just where I want you."


Janet could only nod her head in reply.


"I'm sure that the two of us can have a really fine time tonight, darling."


Janet had expected to be struck with the crop at that moment, but instead Andrea merely clicked her heels in walking closer to her. She was not really surprised when she felt her naked sex being probed by Andrea. In spite of her bound position, Janet found herself responding to Andrea's efforts.


"Tell me Janet, what do you prefer? The whip, or my touch?"


"What, Mistress?" Janet asked.


"You weren't paying attention, now were you? You were just getting off," accused Andrea.


"Yes, I mean no, Mistress. I mean........."


"I know what you mean. It's very dangerous to let your attention wander when the woman controlling you is holding a crop, don't you agree?"


"Yes, Mistress."


"Now, what shall I do with you? You're a bad girl."


"Whatever you please, Mistress."


"Now be a good slave girl and kiss the crop that you like so much, and ask me to punish you harshly with it."


When the crop was offered to her, Janet kissed the handle several times. She pretended that it was Erica holding the crop, not Andrea.


"Mistress Andrea, please punish me with your riding for being a bad slave girl."


For her request, Janet received a stroke to her behind. The crop's slash left a stripe of pure agony on her naked rear. Janet strained against her bonds, making the chains rustle in response.


Andrea began to circle her captive, striking Janet occasionally with the crop. Janet had expected Andrea to strike her repeatedly, but instead the Dominant had decided on a pattern of random stripes on Janet's bound figure. The strokes touched every part of her exposed female form, placing stripes wherever the crop finally landed. All that Janet could do was to wait in her chains for the next stroke. Andrea, unlike the other Dominants that Janet had experienced, was in no hurry to punish. Rather, she seemed content to take her time. Each stroke with the crop was carefully aimed, and delivered with deadly accuracy.


"Well now," commented Andrea, "do you think that after all these months of waiting, I would rush? No, I prefer something a little slower. Once we finish, I think that you'll find that I punish girls rather effectively!"


"Yes, Mistress," Janet answered.


"I believe that a slave girl should be punished slowly, like a work of art. There's nothing like erotic anticipation to heighten the senses."


Janet nodded her head in assent.


"I'm so glad that you agree. Why, this is one night that we both shall remember," said Andrea.


Andrea next hung up the crop and removed the whip from the wall. She ran the thin leather through her hands, feeling the well-oiled leather flex and bend. Andrea was responsible for the upkeep of Erica's Dungeon. It had taken her some time, and many punishments, before she had learned the care and upkeep of Erica's things. For each time that she had made a mistake, Erica had made certain to use that very instrument on her that night.


Janet tensed herself against the whip, screaming each time it hit a spot made tender by the crop. Andrea took her time with her captive, making each stoke count.


"Well now, Janet. Having a good time?"


"Yes, Mistress. Please punish me."


"Now let's see just how you are doing," said Andrea.


Janet watched in silence as Andrea reached out and pulled and pinched at her erect nipples. She moaned in response since she was already aroused. Then Andrea reached down and inserted her finger into Janet's sex.


"Wet, aren't we?" commented Andrea.


"Yes, Mistress."


"You're such a bondage slut, you know," said Andrea.


Janet's whipping continued. Andrea knew just how to place the cruel thong so that it would produce the most agony for her naked thrall. She twisted in her bonds, unable to escape from the awful agony that the Mistress inflicted upon her exposed flesh.


"Tell me, Janet. If Erica or some other Mistress were to offer you the chance at being their permanent live in slave, would you take them up on it? Would you quit you job in exchange for wearing a Maid's outfit and being at their beck and call 24 hours a day?" asked Andrea.


"Yes, Mistress," Janet answered, "I would gladly give up my freedom for the life of a slave girl."


Janet did not know why Andrea had forced the admission out of her regarding slavery. Perhaps Andrea was jealous that Janet could resume her normal life, while Andrea's life was quite different.


"I know that the idea secretly thrills you. Perhaps when you take your vacation, Erica will oblige you by keeping you here for two weeks. You would like that, wouldn't you?"


"Yes, Mistress. I would like that very much."


"Except that what you want doesn't count. All that matters is what Erica wants. For that statement, we shall continue."


"Yes, Mistress," Janet answered fitfully.


Again, Janet expected to be gagged. Instead, Andrea produced a pair of nipple clamps from inside her leather bra.


"Rather a good place to store these," said Andrea.


Janet winced as they were applied to her erect nipples, excited by her nakedness and discipline.


"Janet, you really have become a good girl. You have become used to the clamps, aren't you?"


"Yes, Mistress," Janet answered.


Hanging up the whip, Andrea then selected the cat. It was composed of a solid leather wrapped handle, with several thin strands of leather that ended in a small leather knot. Having already experienced the cat, Janet knew and feared its effect.


"We'll continue with the cat," said Andrea.


Andrea displayed the cat to Janet, who shivered with fright inside her chains. There was nothing that she could say or do to stop Andrea from having her way with her!


"Yes, Mistress," answered Janet.


Andrea proceeded to strike her with the cat. Each strand left it's imprint on Janet's figure, with the knot leaving a red welt. In spite of her best efforts, Janet soon found that she was crying. Not out of pain, but rather out of joy. She was aroused and excited by everything that had happened to her tonight, and she loved being disciplined by Andrea.


It was true what she had heard from Mistress Erica. She enjoyed being a slave girl, no matter who kept her in chains and yielded the whip!


The cat left several marks where the whip and crop merely left one. It felt as if her entire body was on fire, and sweat poured from her and ran down her naked and exposed form. Instead of a quick series of punishment like Blanca had administered, this was a slow form of erotic agony that threatened to consume her.


"Mistress," cried Janet, "The cat hurts!"


"I know, Janet. Not much longer now, until I'm satisfied."


Pulling at her bonds in a futile effort to escape, all that Janet could to was to strain her already tired muscles. The stress of being suspended and punished was becoming too much for Janet to bear. Tears continued to escape her eyes, and she had no way of drying them.


After one final vicious stoke with the cat between her legs and onto her shaven pussy, Andrea stopped.


"Thank you, Mistress," cried Janet.


Janet was offered the cat, and she proceeded to kiss the handle like it was the lips of a cherished lover. She could only wonder about the new marks that Andrea had just inflicted upon her, and what they looked like.


"Ready for something else?" asked Andrea.


"Whatever my Mistress desires," replied Janet.


Janet soon found herself lowered to the floor, and she gasped when her strained form buckled when her legs wouldn't take her weight. Andrea quickly released her from the spreader bars, and led Janet to the wooden horse that she had been bound and bent over on.


"Stand here for a while," ordered Andrea.


"Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress," gasped Janet.


Quickly, Janet recovered from her ordeal. She took a few trail steps, and found that she had regained the use of her legs. It seemed like such a grand erotic tableau with her naked in the Dungeon and at the mercy of a Mistress!


"Feel better?" asked Andrea.


"Yes, Mistress," Janet quickly answered.




Naked, all that Janet could do was to keep her hands at her sides. She had learned from hard experience that she must always leave her breasts and sex exposed, so that they would be available for whatever the Mistress would desire.


"You certainly have been well trained," complimented Andrea.


Janet had a moment to silently reflect to herself that all of the taunts that Andrea had hurled at her were essentially true. In the time since she had consented to become a slave girl, she had done things that she would never have done before. Naked before other women, bound and chained, and finally whipped on a regular basis. Janet Davis was definitely not the same girl as the one several months ago that had disrobed in front of Mistress Erica and consented to slavery. Now she eagerly accepted her role and looked forward to each encounter with her owner.


"Janet, come over here," commanded Andrea.


Janet did as she was ordered. Andrea grabbed her wrists, and pulled and then locked them behind her back. Next, she felt the gag being unbuckled, and she opened her mouth wide in anticipation of having the ball once again in her mouth. Janet was not disappointed, and she suffered in silence as the ball entered her mouth and was secured in back. Janet was once again bound and helpless, and her heart beat swiftly in her chest in expectancy over what might befall her next.


"There now," said Andrea, "all tied up and no place to. We're not finished just yet."


Janet felt like squealing when Andrea finally removed her nipple clamps. Both her nipples were red and raw from having worn them for so long. Whenever the cat's strands had struck them, Janet had winced in agony but had kept from showing Andrea just how it had made her feel.


"Come along now," commanded Andrea after she had attached a leash to Janet's collar.


The two walked in silence through the well-lit corridors of Erica's Dungeon, Janet wondering just how big the place below ground really was. When they had been chained together one evening, Tiffany had told Janet that this sub-basement had originally been a disused fallout shelter from the fifties. It was a perfect location for a Dominant's Dungeon, and Erica had evidently spent a lot of money down here.


When they arrived in another room, Janet was disappointed to see that all it contained was a wooden box in the center. It was about five feet long and two wide and only appeared to be a few inches high. Janet could not possibly imagine just what the thing was for!


After she was pulled closer, its purpose became quite apparent to Janet. She had been a slave girl long enough to recognize how a new device could be used on a girl. At the bars on the edges of the box were circular holes meant to imprison wrists and ankles. On one side was a hinge, the other a hasp lock. It was a variation on the usual set of stocks, except this was lying flat on the floor. It would force a girl to rest on her hands and heels, and expose her bottom to what a Mistress would desire!


"Now don't give me any trouble, and it won't hurt too much," advised Andrea.


Andrea opened one side, and Janet hesitantly placed her ankles in the half circles of wood. Andrea closed the bar and locked a padlock into the hasp. Immobility was the purpose of the stocks, and they performed their goal well with a naked girl inside them. Janet's leash was then removed, and her wrists were drawn into their wooden prison. When the padlock was closed, Janet found that she was truly a prisoner again.


"Have to get something. Be right back, don't run away," happily said Andrea.


With her wrists and ankles restrained in the stocks and her behind up in the air, Janet knew that Andrea had made a joke at her expense. She had demonstrated her submission to Erica, Stephanie, Blanca, Tiffany and now Andrea. Even if Janet wore the key to the padlocks around her neck, there was no way that she could open the locks with her hands imprisoned by the wood.


Janet had not counted the number of strokes that Andrea had inflicted, but even though they had hurt severely, Janet guessed that they far below what Erica would have done. Perhaps Andrea knew that if she hurt Janet too much, she herself would have felt Erica's wrath. So it was one of the more mild nights that she had been a slave girl. Locked in the stocks, she wondered what would happen next!


"Have a nice wait?" asked Andrea on her return.


"Mmmmph!" cried Janet.


Her eyes widened when she saw that Andrea was wearing the same dildo harness that Erica had used on her before. Andrea had removed her leather clothing except for her boots and collar, and her breasts were free. Around her waist was the leather belt, and protruding from the harness was a large phallus.


Before, Janet had taken it from the front. Bound in the stocks, she was now going to take it from the rear.


"Now just so you don't think that I'm being cruel," said Andrea as she produced a tube of lubricant and spread some on the shaft.


Janet soon saw that Andrea was standing behind her, by looking backwards through her imprisoned arms and legs. Andrea ran the tip of the phallus around Janet's behind, making sure to brush the thing against her ass cheeks. In a moment of panic, Janet was sure that it would be her anus that would be entered. However, the thing was guided down and further between her legs.


Janet soon felt the capable hands of Andrea reach out and were placed firmly on Janet's hips. Andrea's fingers dug into Janet's flesh, holding Janet firmly in place as Andrea maneuvered the dildo towards it's objective. Before her slavery, Janet had only had sex on her back. Any other position she had considered was somehow improper.


She flinched when she sensed the dildo enter her sex, and moaned from within the gag. Andrea was experienced, and she held onto Janet to steady her as the dildo was pushed deeper into her sex. Soon, Andrea was sliding the phallus back and forth, performing intercourse with the phallus.


"Mmmmmph!" cried Janet.


"You must really be having a good time," commented Andrea.


Strange as it was, it was better than being whipped, thought Janet. Even though it was now her sex that was being violated, it was infinitely better than being punished again.


Janet also wondered why her sexual climaxes always seemed more intense when she was gagged. In all of her prior sexual experiences, she had never felt anything like what she was having now.


She reacted to Andrea's thrusts by trying to match her thrusts. There was no escape, and Janet found that she enjoyed being used in this manner.


"You're really getting off on this, aren't you?" asked Andrea.


The dildo continued to drive itself deep within Janet's sex, and she felt like she was ready to climax.


"You can't climax before you're allowed," commanded Andrea, "else there will be quite a punishment for that. Do you understand?"


Janet restrained herself, trying to control her arousal. She had embarrassed herself when she had slipped with Erica, and her reward was to have her pussy shaven and bare. She did not want to fail again!


Her long hair had fallen nearly to the floor, and she was sweating from her sexual exertions. Her skin tickled as she felt the beads of sweat form, then run down her naked and exposed form.


The strokes of the phallus seemed endless, and Janet wondered just how long she could contain herself before she experienced a shattering climax. It felt like her entire body was a bow ready to be released.


"Now!" said Andrea.


When the climax came, Janet felt as if her sex had exploded in a shower of sensation. The multiple orgasms sent shudders throughout her entire body. She could only moan through her gag, being denied the use of her mouth. Janet stole a glance at Andrea, who was obviously excited by her exertions also. Her naked body glistened with sweat, with a fine sheen on her body.


"You are really a little slut," began Andrea, "liking yourself used in this manner. I have seen many women since I have been with Erica changed from frigid cunts to slaves that enjoyed themselves. But you seemed to like slavery from the start. You may not always be a slave girl. But I can tell you one observation: you will look back on this period of your sex life as the most exciting time that you will ever have. You will find sex with men boring and shallow in comparison to being chained and whipped, or being able to discipline another slave like yourself."


Janet did not know why Andrea had chosen to lecture her at that moment. She was still recovering from the massive orgasms that had coursed through her body, and she felt dizzy with excitement. The rubber ball was still held firmly within her mouth by the leather strap, and she was unable to respond.


"Let me take your gag out," said Andrea.


True to her work, Andrea walked around and unbuckled the gag strap. When the ball was removed, Janet took several deep breaths.


"Thank you, Mistress," panted Janet.


"The bad thing about the stocks you are bound in is that they are rather limiting. I think that I'll release you for your next ordeal."


Janet was thankful when she watched Andrea unlock the two steel padlocks that held her within the stocks. Andrea released Janet's wrists and ankles from within their wooden prisons. Janet was glad to stand again after having been bent over while her sex was being used.


"Thank you for releasing me, Mistress," said Janet as she stood before Andrea and massaged her wrists.


She stole a glance at herself in the mirror. Naked, her flesh bore the marks that she had received that night. Her cheeks and makeup were tear stained, and her hair was a mess. But somehow that didn't matter, as she was happy to be here with Andrea.


Janet recalled that she was in love with Mistress Erica. But when she had been loaned to Mistress Stephanie, Stephanie had observed that Janet desired to be used by any woman.


"Hands behind your back," ordered Andrea.


It was by now quite normal for Janet to have her hands locked behind her back, rendering her helpless. She often wondered why her ankles weren't hobbled by chain, except that the five-inch heels already imposed a disciple upon her that make every step a cautious exercise.


"Do you enjoy wearing cuffs?" asked Andrea.


"Yes, Mistress," answered Janet.


Attaching a leash to Janet's collar, Andrea led Janet out through the dungeons back to the elevator. She paused to unlock the harness around her waist, leaving the harness near the instruments that she had used tonight.


"I have to clean them before Erica returns, or it will be my hide that gets whipped," stated Andrea.


"Yes, Mistress."


"Now for your final task of the night," said Andrea.


Janet was blindfolded, cutting off her sight. Andrea led her to the elevator, and they ascended upstairs. Gently pulled along, she felt Andrea leading her somewhere. They walked for a brief period, before they entered a room. Janet felt her leash being attached to something, before she was made to kneel down.


When her blindfold was removed again, she saw that she was in one of the bedrooms. She was chained to a ringbolt set in the wall, and Andrea was seated on the bed, wearing nothing but the collar and boots.


She opened her legs to invite Janet within.


"Service me, Janet, or else it will be the riding crop," said Andrea.


Janet walked on her knees over to Andrea, and began to slowly make love to her. With her hands locked behind her back, all she could use was her tongue, lips, and teeth. When she had spent the night with Blanca, the Dominant had taught her how to use her mouth to service a woman. When she had showed hesitancy or inexperience, Janet had been rewarded with multiple strokes on her thighs.


Janet thought that she was moderately experienced in giving another woman pleasure, and soon Andrea was aroused and shaking from Janet's efforts. Janet bit and tugged at her outer lips, then tongued her clit again and again. She stole a glance at Andrea, and saw that she was flushed with excitement and passion.


Andrea grabbed Janet's head and pulled it deeper between her legs, moaning all the time. Breathing though her nose, Janet continued to service Andrea. Finally her efforts were rewarded when Andrea let loose in a shuddering climax that shook the bad. Her leather-clad legs surrounded Janet, and the combined aroma of Andrea's wet sex and leather almost overwhelmed Janet into stopping.


Andrea shuddered again and again, each climax bringing her waves of pleasure. She rocked back and forth, holding her prisoner tightly between her legs.


When the last climax ended, she drew Janet up and unlocked her wrists. Andrea then removed her boots, unzipping them from thigh to heel. She folded them on the floor.


They shared a drink from a pitcher on the nightstand, and then Andrea invited Janet into the bed beside her.


"Now then, shall we begin again?" asked Andrea.


Janet did not know when they finished because Andrea had been inexhaustible and she was totally spent. All Janet remembered was that she finally passed out sometime during the late night.


End of Chapter Six Part One



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