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Janet in Training CH06 PT2

A new Mistress emerges!

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Janet in Training CH06 PT2

By: sfmaster - Published:


WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author does not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age or 18 or reside in a state, nation, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!



The Challenge CH06 Triumph and Tragedy Part Two




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Challenge CH06 PT2

* * * * *

Erica looked at herself in bedroom mirror for the last time. She had chosen to wear a pair of elbow length opera gloves in black leather to compliment her outfit, but now wished that she had worn something else besides the leather bra. The marks on her stomach were showing, and the choice of the bra was just too revealing. Still, it was too late now to change.


She walked out of the bedroom into the study and seated herself in Keith’s leather chair. How often in the last few months that she had knelt naked on the carpet in front of his desk! Now she has the one in control.


Erica was startled by a knock on the closed door, and she prepared herself.




The door opened to reveal Sharon, and her beauty almost took Erica’s breath away. The woman was naked, wearing only her collar and bracelets, and shoes. Clothed, she had been pretty, model quality. Naked, she was the loveliest woman that Erica had ever seen, outside of a centerfold in a men’s magazine.


“Kneel, with your legs open and your hands on your knees,” ordered Erica firmly.


Sharon quickly did as she was told, and she knelt on the carpet in front of the desk.


“What is your name, slave?” firmly asked Erica.


“Sharon, Mistress.”


“What is my name?”


“Mistress Erica. Mistress Erica Riken,” repeated Sharon.


“Touch yourself, beginning with your nipples, breasts, and play with your pussy, but don’t give yourself an orgasm,” Erica ordered.


Erica watched, fascinated, as Sharon did as she was ordered. Her hands began to feel the outlines of her breasts, and circled her erect nipples. With her right hand on her breast, Sharon’s left began to massage her slit. Erica watched the woman closely, making certain that Sharon did not insert her fingers into her slit. Sharon moaned, as she was close to giving herself an orgasm.


“Stop, slave!”


Sharon ceased immediately, placing her hands on her knees, bowing her head in front of her Mistress.


Erica suddenly realized that every other time that she had been allowed the use of another woman, her Dom had been nearby, or supervising her actions. But now she was alone! Sharon was in her power, however briefly.


Memories returned to her, of Daniel abusing her, ramming his cock up her behind as she begged him not to. Her anus had been sore for days afterward. His beating her without mercy until she had bled, tears streaming from her eyes.


Erica picked up the riding crop that she had placed on the desk, her hands electric with power. For the first time, she really felt down deep inside what it meant to be a Dominatrix.


‘I swear,’ she thought silently to herself, ‘I’ll always arrange a safeword with a slave first, and never go beyond it. I shall always respect a slave’s dignity, and never humiliate them, in public or in private. I shall never hurt or cause harm. I will never force a slave into doing something that they refuse to do. I will look out for a slave’s welfare at all times. I shall be known as Mistress Erica Riken.”


“Mistress?” softly asked Sharon, “Are you all right?”


Erica glanced at the clock, and found that she had been deep in thought for several minutes. She wondered just what Sharon had been thinking when Erica had gone off into her own space.


“Fine, Sharon, just fine. What is your safeword?”


“Desire, Mistress Erica.”


“What do you desire?”


“To serve my Mistress,” answered Sharon.


“So you shall,” said Erica as she rose from behind the desk, then walked over to the leather couch and seated herself, “over my knee!”


Sharon scurried to place herself over Erica’s knees, and Erica was not used to the weight of a naked woman resting on her thighs.


“To begin, I am going to give you a light spanking.”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“You will count each one,” ordered Erica.


“Yes, Mistress Erica.”












Erica watched as each stroke of her hand left a red mark on Sharon’s bottom, how she jumped slightly with each impact. Up close, Sharon wore an alluring perfume that only served to entice the novice Domme. Erica marveled at Sharon’s silky smooth skin, and she instantly desired her. She decided that Sharon would not spend the night chained on the floor next to Erica’s bed, but would instead be serving her Mistress within.




Erica ceased spanking, leaving Sharon panting from the session. Sharon’s bottom was slightly red, the skin warm to the touch. Erica had decided that a mild spanking would just serve as a warm-up for the nights other activities. She rubbed Sharon’s warmed ass cheeks, and then opened them to reveal the anal bud within. Reaching between Sharon’s legs, she felt upwards to Sharon’s wet slit.


“Already wet, slave?” Erica demanded.


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Kneel on the floor,” Erica ordered.


“Yes, Mistress,” Sharon quickly did as she was told.


Erica rose from the couch, and went to the desk drawer where she knew that Keith kept all of his toys. She opened it, and found just what she wanted inside.


She withdrew a leash, blindfold, and ball gag, plus a small metal link. Erica held that in her hand, feeling the stainless steel in her fingers.


“Hands behind your back.”


“Yes, Mistress.”


Erica quickly walked over, and locked Sharon’s hands behind her back. She noted that the woman held herself proudly in her slavery.


“Prepare to be made helpless.”


“Yes, Mistress.”


Erica first locked the collar around Sharon’s neck, brushing her long hair out of the way, then closing the collar with a satisfying click. Then she held the red ball gag by the straps, and Sharon did not have to be told to open her mouth wide. Erica buckled the ball gag snugly, but not tight so that Sharon would be uncomfortable. She watched as Sharon’s nostrils flared with each breath that she took. Finally, Erica placed the fur-lined blindfold over Sharon's eyes, than locked the leash onto her collar. The metal chain fell between her breasts. Sharon was now totally helpless, and at Erica’s mercy.


How often Erica had been in this position, first beginning with Mistress Martine, then finally ending with Keith. Now she was the Domme, with all of the responsibility that it entailed.


Erica grasped Sharon by her bound arms, and pulled the naked slave to her feet. Sharon grunted from inside her gag.


“Stand up, slave,” ordered Erica, “we’re now going to the playroom.”


Erica pulled her captive along behind her, guiding her so the she didn’t trip against any of the furniture. She unlocked the cellar door, and helped Sharon down each step. Finally, she opened the door to the playroom itself, and pulled Sharon along behind her.


She guided Sharon over to the stocks, and placed her ankles in the half circles of the wood, then closed and locked the second bar. Then she unlocked the leash, and the link holding Sharon’s wrists together. Sharon did not resist when Erica placed her neck and wrists in the half circles, then closed and locked the yoke. Sharon was now bent over, and helpless.


“Mmmmmmph!” cried Sharon when Erica probed her sex, squirming within her wooden prison.


“Silence!” ordered Erica, as she swatted Sharon’s bottom a few times, “else I will not remove your gag and blindfold!”


Sharon ceased her squirming, and stayed silent.


“Better,” commented Erica.


True to her word, Erica soon removed the gag and blindfold. Sharon blinked several times as her vision was restored to her.


“Thank you, Mistress.”


“You’re welcome,” replied Erica, “I think that we shall start with a flogger.”


From the cabinet, Erica selected a deerskin flogger. It was made of plenty of soft strands, and unless used very harshly, was actually quite gentle form of discipline. Unlike a leather cat, especially one with each strand knotted at the end.


“Kiss the flogger, slave.”


“Yes, Mistress.”


Erica began by applying the flogger softly, swinging each stroke for maximum effect. The multitude of stands struck onto Sharon’s flesh, with a slapping sound. Sharon jerked with each impact in her leather prison, held tightly inside the stocks.


“Aaaaaah!” cried Sharon.


Erica paused and rubbed her hands over Sharon’s heated flesh, massaging and calming the girl under her control. Just for effect, she pinched Sharon’s nipples, making her moan.


Sharon’s face was flushed and red as Erica began again, striking her bottom, thighs, and between her legs. After a series of strokes, she would pause to run her hands over her slave’s body, her attentions helping to drive Sharon into an even greater sensual frenzy.


“Kiss the flogger, slave!”


Sharon did as she was ordered, in silence, her red lips leaving some lipstick on the leather bindings. She kissed the instrument that had been used to create physical torment like the lips of a lover.


“Thank you, Mistress for using me,” said Sharon.


“Your use has not yet begun,” answered Erica.


Returning the flogger to its regular place, Erica decided that it was time to use the front of Sharon’s body. She unlocked Sharon from she stocks, and pulled her over to the X frame. Sharon mounted the X frame when ordered, and Erica restrained her by tightening the straps. Soon, Sharon was tightly held against the wood, her ass against the wall. Also, Erica had locked her bracelets to the frame as well.


Erica retrieved the riding crop, which she held in her gloved hands. She flexed it for effect in front of Sharon, who did not look directly at Erica, but did look at the crop itself.


The one that she had chosen had a folded leather pad at the tip, and that would be what Erica used to strike Sharon’s body with. It would leave a nice red mark behind, and would sing her flesh.


But first Erica massaged Sharon’s sex with her right hand, then inserted two fingers into her sex. Sharon jerked within her bonds, and Erica withdrew and the leather of her gloves was wet with Sharon’s juices.


“Taste yourself, slut.”


Erica forced her fingers into Sharon’s mouth, and she sucked at the leather. After a few seconds, they were clean of her juices.


“Thank you, Mistress.”


“Kiss the crop,” ordered Erica.


“Yes, Mistress.”


Sharon kissed the handle of the crop when it was offered to her, and Erica watched as Sharon tried to anticipate what her Mistress would do next.


Instead of just starting to beat her with the crop, Erica instead pinched both of Sharon’s nipples at the same time. Sharon squealed with both pain and pleasure at the same time.




Then Erica began to use the crop, slapping the leather pad against Sharon’s exposed flesh. She began, not on her breasts, but on her underarms instead. Sharon had evidently just shaved her armpits, as the skin was smooth and there was no trace of hair.


Next, she used the crop on Sharon’s breasts, making her squirm on the X frame. Erica made certain not to strike the same area twice in a row, and to strike hard enough to gently redden the skin. Erica wanted her charge to slowly heat up, to be released later. Much later.


But when Erica began to slap the pad between Sharon’s thighs and sometimes onto her sex did the slave become truly animated, moaning in response each time that the tip struck her flesh.


“Ooooh!” cried Sharon, “ooooh!”


“Moan all you want slave, there will be no respite for you yet,” stated Erica.


Erica used the crop repeatedly, until the front of Sharon’s body was quite red. The leather had left a mark behind with each impact, and when Erica felt Sharon’s flesh, she found it warm to the touch.


“How do you feel slave?” demanded Erica.


“Fine, Mistress,” replied Sharon.


“Kiss the crop.”


Sharon did as she had been told. Erica knew by then that her slave was quite ready for her final use in the playroom, followed by her use in the bedroom.


“It is now time for the cat,” calmly explained Erica, “As you hang from the ceiling, your legs kept open.”


Erica removed Sharon from the X frame, wishing that she had an assistant to help her. If she should ever have a house with a playroom, she resolved that she would have a Maid. A Maid clad in black Latex, obeying her every order, in the Dungeon and the bedroom.


She pulled Sharon over to the ceiling chain, and locked the D rings on Sharon’s cuffs to the last link. Erica had readied a spreader bar in advance, and locked that to Sharon’s ankle cuffs. She activated the motor from the control, and Sharon’s body was pulled taut, and she could barely reach the floor with the toes of her shoes.


“You look divine, with your ribs showing,” said Erica as she lightly tickled Sharon’s flesh, making her laugh.


Before her last use in the playroom, she wanted Sharon relaxed. For the next use might not be so pleasant after all.


Once Sharon had been calmed down, Erica removed the rubber flogger from the cabinet. The strands were made of rubber, and would mark easily. They would sting, and make Sharon moan with pain when applied.


“Did you think that I would whip you?” asked Erica.


“Yes, Mistress.”


“I am a bit more creative than that, slave. You shall taste the rubber flogger, next time I shall use the lash instead,” said Erica.


‘If I see you again,’ Erica thought to herself, ‘more than likely it will be Sharon who puts me under her lash.’


“Thank you, Mistress,” said Sharon.


“Kiss the flogger.”


Sharon did as she was told, and soon Erica began to punish her with it. The strands were heavy, and each one could mark. Instead, Erica slapped Sharon’s body with the flogger, so that the strands did not always mark. Erica wanted to show that she could control whether or not she could mark, demonstrating her control.


“Oooooooh! Oooooh!” cried Sharon as the flogger was applied to her.


“Do you submit to me, slave?”


“Yes, Mistress, yes!”


“Kiss the cat, I shall now use you further.”


Erica allowed Sharon to kiss the cat, then ran her fingertips over Sharon’s flesh. The woman was burning up with excitement and passion. Erica then replaced the cat in the cabinet, and released Sharon, who fell into her arms.


She helped Sharon to a bench, and held and soothed the slave in her arms. Then she took her by the hand, and walked her upstairs to her bedroom. She locked Sharon’s collar to a chain the other end of which was locked around the bedpost, which would limit her freedom of movement.


Erica then stripped until she was nude, and she noticed that the aroma of leather had clung to her like a perfume. Reclining on the bed, and make certain that a crop and dildo were on the night table next to the bed.


“Satisfy your Mistress, Slave,” Erica ordered, “else you will be punished.”


When she felt Sharon’s tongue and lips on her clit, Erica had no doubt that her charge was very experienced in the arts of lovemaking as one explosive climax after another rocked her body.


Sharon then sucked on Erica’s nipples, and then Erica wrapped her arms around Sharon as they rolled on the bed together. Erica then grabbed hold of the dildo, and inserted in between Sharon’s legs. Sharon opened her legs to accommodate the phallus inside her.


Erica did not know, or care, when they stopped. First Sharon drifted off into an exhausted sleep, and Erica followed. Her body was sticky with her sweat and Sharon’s juices, and she had never felt so wonderful in all her life.

* * * * *

The next morning, Erica showered and was allowed to do her toilet. Then Beth cuffed her hands behind her back, locked a collar around her neck, then a ball gag and blindfold. Erica was made to kneel for what seemed like hours, her stomach grumbling from hunger.


‘At least Beth didn’t put a plug up my ass,’ thought Erica, ‘I never have to wait for grades like this in Harvard.’


Finally, she was made to rise, and she was walked into what she presumed was Keith’s study. Then she was sat in a chair, and her blindfold and gag were removed.


Keith was dressed in a casual shirt and jeans, and in the chair next to her was Sharon. She was dressed in a white cotton blouse and denim skirt.


“Good morning, Erica.”


“Good morning, Sir,” Erica replied to her Master.


“Sharon and I have been discussing your use or her. Would you like to hear the results?”


“Very much, Sir!”


Erica was so intent on Keith’s words that she didn’t see Sharon lean over, enfold her in her arms, and kiss her on the cheek.


“You pass, Erica,” said Sharon with a smile on her face.


“I passed?”


“Yes, darling,” answered Sharon, “you do. Keith will want to go over how you used me, which was quite nice. But you passed.”


Erica broke out into tears, something that she had not done since she’d passed that class in Economics. Sharon released her wrists, and passed her a box of tissues.


“Thank you, Master Keith,” sobbed Erica.


“You’re welcome, Erica. You’ve earned it. Breakfast?”


“I’m starved,” Erica replied.


When the four of them sat down to breakfast, Erica was allowed to wear a short robe. She had graduated from nakedness to clothes, and she helped Beth prepare and serve. They cooked cheese omelets, toast, and home fries, and served Keith and Sharon first, before they sat down. Erica greedily tore into her food, as she was famished.


After the meal and washing up was done, Sharon packed her bags and made ready to leave. Erica was divested of her collar and bracelets, and helped Sharon carry her things outside.


“Erica?” asked Sharon.


“Yes, Mistress.”


“One day you must come up and visit me, I’m sure that I can paddle that bottom of yours to a lovely shade of red.”


“I’d love to,” said Erica in response.


“You were very good, darling. Be a good Dominatrix, please?”


“I will,” Erica replied, remembering the silent conversation that she had had with herself, “I swear.”


Afterwards, Keith and Beth provided her with a detailed examination of how she had performed. The only real criticism was that she had held herself a bit too stiffly, like a robot. Still, Sharon had said that she was a skilled Domme, and had lots of promise.


“Looks like I’ve trained my first Dominatrix,” said Keith as Erica prepared to leave.


“Yes, Master.”


“I’m not your Master any more,” answered Keith, “we’ll have a public ceremony for you in a club in Manhattan, or a leather bar. Then you’ll be on your way.”


“Thank you………Keith,” Erica answered.


“Don’t disappoint me, Erica.”


“I won’t, ever.”


“I know you won’t, Mistress Erica,” said Keith as he reached over and kissed her, a kiss that she returned.


When Erica drove away, she realized that her life had changed again. Slave to Dominatrix.


Part Three: Triumph and Tragedy


September 1983


It happened when Erica had gone to the supermarket in Darien. She had forgotten to go shopping, so after work and dinner, she had to get back in the car and go food shopping, since she had nothing in the apartment.


The days of summer were over, and night came earlier as the days shortened. When she had finished checking out, the sky was dark with the oncoming night.


She loaded her bags into the trunk of her Chevrolet Nova, and then closed the lid, only to find Daniel standing on the driver’s side of the car.


“Good evening, Erica,” said Daniel, softly.


“Go away, please!” Erica answered swiftly.


“Is that any way to greet your Master?”


“You’re not my Master any more, you gave me to Keith.”


“Only because you were such a disobedient slut that night. If I hadn’t taken you up the ass, you’d still be mine now.”


“I’m a Domme now, so go away, Daniel!”


“Yes, I heard about next weeks little party for you in Manhattan, at that little gay leather bar. What’s wrong, Keith’s little pet can’t have her ceremony in a proper Dungeon?”


“It’s my ceremony, so don’t spoil it!” cried Erica, as she withdrew the keys from her purse.


“I have no intention of spoiling it. What they don’t know is that you’re really just a fake, just a true slave at heart. Who was never happier when I was using you.”


“You mean beating me to a pulp, abusing me, and keeping me ignorant, don’t you?” Erica demanded.


“You seemed pretty happy at the time, slave.”


“Go away,” said Erica as she slid the key in the door.


“You’ll be back on your knees, begging me in six months,” Daniel sneered.


“You should live so long,” Erica answered as she opened the door, jumped in the car, started the engine and drove off.


She was half-afraid that he would try to do something physical to her outside, but he didn’t. He was too smart for that, which was good for her.

* * * * *

Keith had rented the leather bar for a closed party. All of his friends were there, Dom(mes) and their subs, plus a couple of friends that Erica had managed to make in the scene.


Keith was dressed in a leather outfit, and Beth was wearing a black dress with a collar around her neck. Erica had decided on a vinyl Dominatrix dress, pantyhose, and sensible heels.


She was kneeling on a raised platform, before Keith, who held a crop in his hands.


“Do you, Erica Riken, understand the position that you are assuming?”


“Yes, Master.”


“That you shall be responsible for the well being of a slave at all times?”


“Yes, Master.”


“That you shall never place your desires over the safety of another?”


“Yes, Master.”


“That you must always remember that absolute power corrupts?”


“Yes, Master.”


“Based on my experience as a Trainer, and a Dom, I pronounce Erica Riken fit to be a Dominatrix. Arise Erica,” Keith ordered.


Keith handed Erica a riding crop, with a leather pad on the end. She flexed it in her arms.


“Thank you, Master Keith,” Erica answered, tears at the corners of her eyes.


“Welcome, Mistress Erica,” said Keith as he kissed her on the cheeks.


“Thank you,” she whispered in his ears.


“I know you won’t disappoint me,” he replied.




The rest of the party that night was composed of small demonstrations. Erica did not have any slaves of her own yet, so she was allowed the use of others.


It was the best party ever, Erica thought as she made the long drive back to Darien, even better than the one when she had graduated Harvard. But that had been in another life.


Or so she had thought that night.

* * * * *

Erica was seated at her desk when she saw something that chilled her to the bone. Her mother’s lawyer, Robert Alexander, had entered her firm’s offices!


He spoke to her boss Jason, who called her over to his office.


“Erica, this is Robert Alexander, a lawyer. He would like to speak to you in private. Use my office,” said Jason, as he left the two of them alone then closed the door behind him.


Robert sat down behind Jason’s desk, and pulled a picture of Erica from his briefcase. Erica recognized it as the one she had given Eve when she had recovered from her surgery.


“What’s this all about?” asked Erica.


“Are you Erica Riken?”




“Eve Peters died this morning, two hours ago of a sudden massive heart attack.”


“No!” cried Erica as she placed her head in her hands.


“You have been named as beneficiary of the estate,” Robert said calmly.


Erica cried, for last week she had skipped her weekly meeting with her mother to instead use a woman for the first time. Eve had given no hint in her voice just how sick she was, and now Erica was paying the price.


Robert rose from the desk and whispered in Erica’s ear, “Eve told me who you really are, Alana, why you gave up your life to become Erica Riken. You’re not the first person in Greenwich Society to fall off the wagon, you know.”

* * * * *

Eve’s funeral had been well attended, and everyone from Greenwich had attended. Erica had bought a black dress, and had sat in the back, alone.


Everyone said that it was such a tragedy that Alana had disappeared, leaving Eve alone in her last years.


Erica had done everything possible to cease being Alana Peters, but in the end, she had instead come full circle. Robert Alexander was working overtime to keep her name out of the papers, and the publicity down to a minimum.


She would work at her job for a few more days, then quit and move into the mansion. Erica would inherit a vast estate, of money, stocks, and real estate.


In her mind, plans circled like exciting dreams. The vast basement, which now housed a pool table, bar, and entertainment center could now be put to other more severe uses.


Erica imagined a vast Dungeon complex, like the one that Mistress Martine had at the House of Domination in NYC. There was room for two Dungeons, a cell, and plenty of space for other things down there.


The End of “The Challenge” Chapter Six Part Two




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