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Returning Home

By: Abadone - Published:

© Abadone 2017
The right of Abadone to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by him in accordance with the Designs and Copyright Act 1988.

The story is subject to international copyright and may not be copied in any way without the prior written permission of the Author.


** This is an adult story that explores adult sexual subjects meant for responsible mature adult readers only. This story contains sex, along with other ‘adult only’ related content. The story is purely based in the realms of sexual fantasy storytelling and not reality. **


Returning Home

It happened just over three years ago; I can still hear that almost inaudible click echoing around my head. It was like time had stopped in a fraction of a moment and I knew what it was as soon as I heard the sound; the rest was a blur. I remember some vague distant voices as they shouted at me in the rescue chopper with an unnerving sensation of weightlessness. The rest was shadowed silhouettes of doctors looking down at me; I think it took me over a week to come to terms that both my legs had gone. They all kept telling me that life was not over, but at night in the heat of the desert tears would come unbidden, not from the pain, but the why me?  


Although it was hard to understand that it has happened, and that it had happened to me the worst was yet to come; I think the defining moment that my heart broke was when Ruby met me at the airport. I saw her first, she was standing tall looking around, the sun catching her hair and face was caught in the late evening golden summer glow with the biggest brightest white smile.


She is the love of my life and still the best looking girl I have ever seen and the most beautiful person I have ever known, not just in her looks, but her heart is one of giving and loving. Ruby would spend hours longer at work than anyone should caring for the kids at the hospice, many a night I remember holding her tight as she told me of a child that had pass away as she cried herself to sleep.  


I can still picture the scene now as if it only happened yesterday, when she turned on the tarmac, she was wearing a bright yellow summer dress that flared out at the waist and she had the biggest smile as she turned to see me. I watched as that smile slowly melted away and tears as she spun around to see me.


My thoughts were selfish I know, but all I could think of at the time was the memories of her kissing me goodbye as I left the house, back then I was a whole man and now returning I was half the man, a scared useless cripple.  


That was then and this is now, it is Friday night and after a lot of arguments and inner turmoil we agreed that she should go out and find herself a man to please her carnal desires.


After the incident I was left with not just both legs gone but some of my manhood, in my eyes it is a gnarled stump that is grotesque to look at with all the scar tissue and I no longer had the ability to gain an erection; the doctors said it could be physiological and could possibly return. Ruby, bless her, she would try to please me, but I could see the look of disgust on her face as she put her mouth around the thing, I could feel the heat of her mouth on it and it was pleasing, but nothing would happen no matter how much she tried.


Sex with Ruby in the past was passionate; she was almost a nymphomaniac. She was virgin on our wedding night and what a night that was; the first time we did it she cried and I held her tight as I rode her gently. After that first time we did it two more times and the honeymoon from then onwards was one hedonistic voyage of sexual experimentation.


The last night was the one I remember the most; it was late and we were on the way back from a beach bar when Ruby grabbed my crotch and pulled me into the sea kissing me passionately. I remember sliding my hand down her spine then pushing my hand into her bikini bottoms to grip her firm ass, I slid my hand around and pulled at the bow to watch her bottoms float free. Ruby was as horny as I was and reached inside my shorts to grab my hardening cock and started to masturbate me.  


I could not hold back as her hot mouth almost ate at me with her kisses, so I pushed her down into the sand and under the Mediterranean stars with the surf crashing around us I took her slowly, it was almost dreamlike as we kissed, I remember the sight of her breasts as I freed them to feast on her hard nipples while her lithe body moved under me pulling me in to her, it just deepened my love for her. It did not take us long before we both came in a heated rush and I can still hear her cries as she orgasamed and how the sound echoed around the beach walls.  


It was only then with the round of applause that we came back down to earth seeing a group of youths sitting on the wall above us, me and Ruby laughed as we got dressed and ran off down the beach. I still recall the sight of her small tight ass as she ran ahead of me splashing the surf up as she ran with the bands of rainbow colours on her bikini bottoms hypnotizing me as I followed her laughing.  


Those days are gone now, that childish innocence lost in the horrors of war, I have only one regret I suppose, it is that we decided to not have a child until my return from the tour of duty, now it is impossible; and it was the one thing that Ruby really wanted.


Making it with Ruby, well yea I can eat her cunt or use this useless strap-on thing the doctors gave me, but it is just not the same and Ruby would always seem to be doing it as if it was a chore, so our lovemaking had come to a virtual stop. What got me to thinking of a lover for her was that I would catch her often pleasing herself; I would get up early on a Sunday morning and through the crack of the bedroom door I would watch her as she lowered her hands between her legs to please herself, it was maddening to see her shapely body wither on the bed as the sun shone down on her bringing herself to a gasping climax.  


It was painful to watch yet fascinating to see her please herself, then see her licking her cum from her fingers as she would cool down. So three months back I breached the subject with her that she should get a lover, or even move on and leave me, but she would have none of it. She screamed at me that it was me that she loved and I should not hurt her by saying such things.


It took a long time, but finally I got her to agree that she needed a man that could satisfy her needs with one condition that she put on me; it was that if she found a guy that she was willing to open her legs for then it would have to be done in front of me so we could share the experience. She would have it no other way, I told her that I would hide out of sight, but she insisted that she wanted the man she brought home to understand that it was me she loved and that they were just a one night stand. Reluctantly I agreed.




I can hear her taxi pull up now, I can hear her giggling and the sound of a man’s deep voice with her, my heart sank then and with some regret at what I had agreed too, but I had instigated it yet still it gripped at my gut.


I can hear the keys rattling in the door and then laughing as they both came into the room. The laughing was cut short as this young lad straightened up and sort of gave a half smile then nodded at me. Ruby with her long strides crossed the room still holding the young lads hand pulled him over with her as she leaned down and kissed me. "Hi, Babes." She said. Her breath smelled of alcohol and she wobbled slightly in her high heels as she straightened up. "This is Antony, he's a trainee mechanic." She pronounced.


She turned to him and attempted to kiss him almost stumbling, but he caught her and she smiled down at him, then kissed him; not softly, but a full on passionate kiss. Antony wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in tight; he was not tall, but a stocky young lad with short cropped blonde hair about five nine.


A feeling of disgust passed over me as I watched his hand cup her rear, and then lift her short skirt to grope her ass. Ruby wore a G-string so he got a good handful of her ass flesh and squeezed it tight pulling her crotch hard to him. Ruby opened her legs responding to his passion as she ground her crotch into him moaning, she then reached around and pulled his belt free; then undoing his trouser button she slid her hand into his pants forcing his zipper down.


He must have gone commando as his cock sprang out, it was shorter than mine had been, but slightly thicker; if I am honest, and I could see the head was covered in pre cum as it shone in the light of the TV. They both moaned as they kissed and Ruby wrapped her long fingers around his cock and started to pull him off. He was not slow on the uptake as he pealed her tight dress up over her ass and pushed his hand down the front of her knickers. Ruby opened her legs even more, they looked long and shapely in her high heels as they caught the light, but it was his hand that kept my attention as it gyrated and I could see him thrust his fingers into her through the thin material and heard her gasp as her knees almost buckled.


Then he gave out a cry and Ruby stepped back, I could see the lad had shot his load covering the front of her dress as it run down in thick wads. "Oh my!" she exclaimed, "You are a horny one." She laughed as she rubbed at the thick sticky goo. "Just give me a minute to get out of this and clean it up a bit and I will be back with the condoms." She said, then smiling at me as she turned and left the room to change.  


The lad stood there with his cock still standing up shining and covered in his dribbling cum. He looked embarrassed as he looked at me so hurriedly pulled his pants up. I thought he was going to leave as he glanced at the door, but instead he turned and took a seat on the sofa. "You ok Mister?" he said.


"Yea I'm good, you enjoying my wife?" I asked, the sarcasm was not intended.


"She is hot." He said with a smile.


That was it as the silence ensued; I watched him as he looked around my place and then seeing the photos of me and Ruby he got up and picked up a picture of Ruby in her wedding dress with me in my uniform. He did not look at me he just said "My brother served in the forces." Then he turned and left without a word.  


A few minutes later Ruby came down wearing stockings with black high heels and my favorite half cup bra on with matching small lace knickers. She looked stunning as she stood in the doorway with her hands on her hips. "Where'd he go?" I just shrugged my shoulders. "What did you say?" She asked.


I just shrugged my shoulders again and told her what had happened; Ruby collapsed onto the sofa and looked down. She was silent for a while and then she looked at me. "Christ John, I so wanted that fucking hard cock deep in my cunt." I had never heard Ruby use such words and it took me back a bit. "Get your ass over here and eat me." She said it as she lifted her leg and pulled her knickers to one side. Not sure what it was, maybe it was me feeling as horny as hell at what I had just seen; I could not really say, but like a lapdog I got out of my chair and crawled over to her burying my face in her hot snatch.  


I brought her off three times before we headed off to bed. The bedroom was no longer upstairs due to my needs, it was in the back room and when we got into bed she demanded I fuck her with my strap-on. I struggled to get off the bed and reach the cupboard. I spent ten minutes putting this thing on. Then when I had managed to get back into bed Ruby was sound asleep. I felt gutted and inadequate as I looked down at her glowing naked body looking as sexy as hell.


The next day she never said a word, she did the weeks shopping while I sat at home watching the football. When she got back she made dinner and she was mostly silent; but not in a negative way; I could just tell that last night's experiment had been playing on her mind. It took me back a bit as she looked at me over dinner. "Your right Phil,” she left  long pause “I do need cock." I half smiled at her not really knowing what to say. "I don't know," she said, "having that hard cock in my hand made me realize that I want a throbbing hard cock deep inside me fucking me senseless."  


I felt belittled somewhat hearing these words, but knew deep inside that she now wanted this to happen, and the glassy look in her eyes said it all. "See, you never listen to me." I said back to her with a smile attempting to hide my deeper thoughts. Dinner passed with little else said so I returned to my T.V. sports world and I could hear Ruby humming as she cleaned up and moved about the place.  


About 7pm Ruby disappeared upstairs into our old bedroom and I could hear her rummaging around in her draws and cupboards, I heard her take a shower and then the hairdryer going; I took it that she was going to go out again tonight. When she came down she looked a million, she had on a tight red satin boobtube dress, it was slightly crumpled up in layers and it fit her figure snugly. She wore red stockings to match with the red high heels that finished her outfit off perfectly.


The outfit looked expensive and showed off her long legs and curves, still it was conservative in the straight neckline as it cut across her boobs only showing a slight bit of cleavage to her 'D' cup breasts; her hair was full and bouncing in long golden curls. I had to admit she was stunningly beautiful in a very classy way. I wolf whistled at her as she stood in the doorway, it brought a smile to her face. I pointed out that some of her red lipstick had gotten onto her teeth, and using a vanity mirror she cleaned it off.  


"You think I will get some hard cock tonight?" She asked as she smacked her lips in the mirror.


She sure looked dam fine to me and any red blooded man would be stupid not to want her. "You look amazing hun." I reassured her, "you are still the best looking girl in town."


She came over and kissed me, then sat across from me with her legs wide open showing me that she was not wearing any underwear; and that she had shave all the hair from her privates as she waited for the taxi. Just looking at her sat there in front of me made me want to take her there and then, but I knew it was useless. Still it did not stop me having those feeling of lusting after her though, I mean she is a fine looking woman.


The taxi honked its horn outside and Ruby got up and kissed me on the forehead as she pulled her dress down and said "Wish me luck." Her perfume lingered in the air as she walked out; my feelings were a bit confused as my emotions turned around inside my chest.


I watched her walk down the drive with her long strides and saw how the sun caught her hair as the wind picked it up in the slight breeze. I thought the Asian taxi driver was going to let his tongue roll out as he stared at her open mouthed watching her every move.


When she was gone I opened my freshly stocked beer fridge and took out a tube to watch the sports channel and to hopefully calm my churning gut down.  


It was well past 2am when the taxi pulled up outside, there was no laughing, just the sound of Ruby's high heels clicking on the drive followed by the sound of heavy steps.


There was the rattle of keys and I heard Ruby say, "You know the rules?"  


"Yes, I am fine with it." A deep voice replied.


My heart jumped in my chest as the door opened and Ruby came in walking right up to me placing a big kiss on my lips. She tasted of sour wine, but seemed more sober tonight. I did not get to see who she had brought home until she moved, "This is Mike," she said pointing to a very large guy who was almost blocking out the doorway, my first impression was Action Man with his close cropped black hair and huge muscles bulging out of his short sleeved shirt, "He is an Accountant." Yea right I thought almost laughing out loud.


He was bold I will give him that as he strode right up to me and offered me his hand, his grip was firm and his hands although hard were soft to the touch. "It's John right?" he asked. I nodded affirmation. "Ruby has told me some of what has happen to you; it makes me sick to think about our lads going out there just to fight political wars. No offence, but it is just all a crock of shit to me." His teeth seemed to be almost luminous white as he smiled.


The thing is he had a charm about him and that winning smile seemed to radiate friendlyness as he took a seat and just chatted about nothing really, just everything and nothing. I offered him a tube and he took it and totally ignoring Ruby he gave me all his attention, he asked me about the fighting I had experienced and how often my troop would keep in contact with me, and how generally I was coping. He had a genuine care about what he was asking and his heavy eyebrows knotted as I gave him some of my emotional baggage. It honestly felt like I had known this guy for years as we chatted and it was nice in the way he changed the subject over to sports. We must have only chatted for an hour but we seemed to just hit it off in a good way.  


As the convocation died down a little he just stood up; I thought he was going to leave, but he just looked me in the face and said, "Anyway, I am here to fuck your wife, right?"


Bold as brass he just came out with it as he offered his hand to Ruby. Ruby must have been half asleep after me and Mike had been chatting away as it took a moment before she took the offered hand and he pulled her to her feet. He just wrapped his heavy arms around her and kissed her full on the lips. Ruby was slow at first, but soon she started to respond by wrapping her arms around his neck as she reached up to kiss him back. I watched as his hands started to stroke her back and work their way down to her ass, where he kneaded it with his big hands as they kissed passionately for a long time.


Mike gripped the bottom of Ruby's dress and turning to me asked in a soft deep voice, "You ok with this?


I had to admit to myself at seeing Ruby in the arms of this big guy did put an apple in my throat. "Feel free to have fun." I said opening my hands to him. Ruby smiled at me then and as she looked up at Mike she gave him an even bigger grin.


Mike did not waste any time as he lifted her dress up and over her head. Stood only in her stockings Ruby was naked before him with her breasts bouncing free as he pushed her head to one side and burred his face into her neck, Ruby pulled him in tight arching her back pushing Mike's head down to her breasts. He grabbed a breast as his tongue shot out to taste a dark nipple before he sucked it in to his mouth; and Ruby gasped pulling him in tighter.


He let his hand wander down over her flat stomach circling her belly button as he fed on her nipples, then he moved lower to cup her freshly cut pubic mound. Ruby lifted a knee wrapping her leg around him as his hand slid under her pushing a finger along her slit until it sank into her lips. He worked his hand softly and slowly and I could see her wetness shining on his finger, then with a slow movement he pushed a finger into her and her back arched even more as she moaned. He fucked her cunt slowly pushing his finger in and out and within a few strokes she was pushing her crotch onto him.


I watched as he pushed another finger between her lips and as it got wetter he inserted it into her and pushed slow, but hard as he twisted it into her. "You have a tight cunt bitch." He said as she moaned in his arms. He soon started to finger fuck her faster; so I reached for another tube and settled back to watch. Ruby pulled Mikes head hard into her breasts and he sunk his teeth into her tit flesh as she thrust onto his hand harder and faster until with a gasping cry she came on his hand. Mike looked over to me and winked with a smile.


I just laughed to myself as I watched him pull his dripping fingers out of Ruby's cunt and pushed them into her mouth where she sucked at them as he pushed them in and out, watching her lick them clean with her tongue. Finally he took them out of her mouth and cupped the back of her head pulling her to his deep barrel chest.


Ruby frantically pulled at his shirt buttons one at a time revealing his hairy chest; but she lost patience and snatched his shirt open sending the last button cart wheeling across the room. Passionately she planted a kiss to the centre of his chest working with her tongue as she caressed each of his small nipples. Mike put his hand on the top of her head and pushed her down. She kissed him all the way as she worked herself lower and then pulled at his belt and ripped at his trousers as she snatched them down.


Ruby's eyes almost popped out of her head as this long thick cock sprang out at her. Christ I thought, it was almost as thick as this tube I was holding and a dam sight longer.


"Show me what a dirty slut you are bitch and suck my fucking cock." He said it to my wife in a vile dirty manor as he pulled her tight to his meat, and she did not react to his crude words she just planted her tongue on his thick shaft and started licking at it with long strokes. Ruby had always had long thin hands, but now they looked small as she wrapped them around Mike's cock and lifted it to her face looking at the big head, then closing her eyes she licked her lips and slowly licked the head of his cock, Mike gasped.  


It was at this point that I realized that although Mike's cock was not yet hard, it was already over ten inches long; the feeling of inadequacy washed over me as I saw this thing start to swell even more and grow hard as she licked the swelling head. Then opening her mouth wide she pushed her lips to the bulbous gland and took it into her mouth. I looked up to see Mike looking down at me with a smirk on his face. I raised my eyebrows and smiled at him. I thought Ruby wanted a cock deep inside her cunt; well tonight she was sure as heel is going to get one.


Ruby started to bob her head taking only a fraction of his thick shaft into her mouth, Mike gathered her hair up into one hand and looking at me started to fuck Ruby's face, slowly at first then harder and harder until he was bouncing his cock off the back of her throat and Ruby was coughing as he fucked her face. He stopped and pulled her off his cock and she gasped for air only to have him push her back onto mouth again almost violently fucking her face. He kept repeating it over and over and I watched as Ruby slobbered at the huge meat fucking her face clearly chocking on it. "Suck my fucking cock bitch." He would snarl at her and she did not resist just put her hands on his heavy thighs to brace herself as he fucked her and released her head just enough for her to catch her breath before he rammed it into her mouth again.


He pulled her head off his cock and grabbing the shaft he started to hit her face with it, then he started bouncing it off her bottom lip as she tried to catch it with her tongue. He pulled her in tight and said, "Lick my fucking balls slut." Ruby shot out her tongue and started to lick his hairy nut sack with its huge nuts hanging low, she licked and sucked at them and he leaned back to give a deep groan of pleasure and I saw Ruby smile at me with bright eyes.


Christ I thought as I got a look at the real size of his cock as he held it up against his stomach, it was huge and thick and even thicker at the base with large veins standing out as he gripped it tight. Then he pushed her away and pointed it at her face. Ruby dived onto it and he met her hard with each thrust of his hips.  


Ruby gagged and coughed as he pulled her tight to him and he ground his cock into her mouth trying to force it down her throat. But it was just too big, "Fucking useless cock sucker." He said as he cast her to one side. "Open them fucking legs bitch so I can rip you a new cunt."  


Ruby scrambled onto the sofa opening her legs for him, I could see her cunt literally dripping juices as he got between her legs.


"Grab my cock cunt." He ordered her.


Ruby reached down and took his cock in both hands and bent it down to point it at her pussy. "I want to hear you beg me to fuck you slut." He said it as he pushed forward a little and I could see his large cock head squash up against her cunt in readyness to fuck her with his huge fat meat.


"Fuck me." She said.


"Say it again." He ordered.


"Fuck me." She said.


"Again, louder" he demanded.


"Fuck me." She shouted.


He reached forward and gripped her breasts then squeezed hard, Ruby screamed as his fingers dug into her flesh.


"I cannot hear you." He said.


"Fuck me!" She screamed.


"My name is Mike, let me hear you say it." He snarled at her as he squeezed her again.


Ruby screamed loud, "Fuck me Mike! Fuck me!" Ruby kept repeating it as he let go of her breast and started to slap at her nipples. He nudged forward and Ruby went silent with her mouth open as his cock pushed at her opening. I could see his cock bend slightly as he tried again.


"Your too fucking tight bitch, open that dirty cunt for me." He growled at her.


Ruby let go of his cock and widening her legs she put her hands to her pussy and pulled it wide open for him.  


"Now what do you say bitch." He snarled as he started to rub at her cunt with his fat cock head.


"Fuck me Mike, please fuck me." There was a real begging sound to her voice almost pleading him to fuck her.  


These must have been the words he wanted to hear as he pushed hard into her and I watched as the big fat head of his cock sank into her and she squealed arching her back. I could see her digging her nails into her own crotch as he pulled back and pushed again. Ruby gave another more desperate squeal as his cock got deeper into her, he pulled back and rammed into her again and her back arched even more as she shouted out "Oh Fuck, Oh fucking Christ."  


With only half his cock inside her Mike started to move his hips around attempting to open her up. "I cannot hear you bitch." He said.  


"Oh Christ, fuck me Mike." She said as she threw her head back even more giving out a long loud moan as she came on his grinding cock shaking her head wildly.


Mike pulled almost all the way out of her and slammed into her again bringing another curse from Ruby; and I could see her digging her fingers into her inner thighs as she became ridged with her climax. Mike then grabbed both of her ankles and brought them together pushing her knees into her chest and stated to fuck her with the half of the cock he had in her. Ruby reached around her legs and pulled her pussy open breathing hard as he drilled into her. Slowly he started to push deeper and Ruby's moans and groans started to turn into gasps of pleasure. I could see beads of sweat form on her face and soon her hair was plastered to her as he picked up the speed. Soon Ruby was crying out his name and begging him to fuck her at the top of her lungs as I watched Mike's cock get covered in her foaming juices.


Mike readjusted himself so he was leaning over her and I could clearly see the long fat length driving into Ruby's cunt crushing her into the sofa going deeper and opening her cunt wider until he managed to get all of his full length into her cunt and he was smacking hard against her.


I have given Ruby countless orgasms over the years, but nothing compared to seeing her puffing and panting with a bright red face screaming out Mike's name as she came again and again begging him to fuck her while he crashed his cock down into her slamming into her hard. Ruby had let go of her cunt and was now gripping onto the edge of the sofa for what looked like dear life with white knuckles as she tried to rip out chunks of cloth.


As Mike hammered into her he growled, "whose slut are you?"


Ruby did not miss a beat as she shouted at the top of her voice while gasping for air. "I am your slut; I am your slut Mike, Oh God, oh God, Fuck me Mike! Oh Christ it is too much."


Ruby had never been much into the use of rude words, 'only when they are necessary, so they have meaning' she would say, but now she was shouting them out telling him she was now his slut and begging him to fuck her cunt.


He slapped her face and called her a bitch and demanded she get on her knees as he pulled out of her. Her body was visibly shaking as she turned over and he demanded she pull herself open for him so he could fuck her.  


Ruby reached back and pulled her ass open as far as she could giving me a clear view of her swollen abused cunt, her lips were glowing red and her cunt hole gaped at me as she readied herself for his cock.


Mike put his cock at her entrance and said, "What do you say slut?"


Her voice was wanton and husky. "Fuck me Mike, for God's sake please fuck me."


As she said the words he slammed hard into her and she screamed as it went in, going deep into her, he grabbed her hips and pulled her tight to him as he ground his cock into her then let go. "Fuck yourself slut, fuck that rotten cunt of yours into my cock." Ruby moved forward and then back again rotating her ass on his long cock as she sunk onto his thick shaft, she got greeted by, "Faster slut," he shouted as he smacked her ass.


Ruby had hated it when I once slapped her ass saying she was not a cheap slut, but now she moved faster begging him to' hit his slut harder', he hit her again making her cry out, "Faster slut." He demanded, and Ruby started to push back eagerly moaning as she did, he hit her again and again as she push back onto his fat rod. Ruby's ass cheeks were glowing by the time Mike grabbed her hips and started to fuck her jarring her body with each thrust.


"Oh God yes, fuck me Mike, fuck your slut Mike." She cried out as he hammered into her.


Mike built up speed and I could see sweat rolling down his back as he lowered his hard rod into her then he gripped her hips tight and picked her up as he stood up. Ruby was force to stand on the sofa with her long stockinged legs spread wide open as Mike thrust into her again with his long fat cock pistoning into her.


Ruby seemed to hit another level as her screams and curses got wilder and wilder clinging onto the back of the sofa with white knuckles until Mike cried out pulling her hard onto him shaking as he came lifting her off the sofa with each shot of his come. Ruby gave out an almighty scream and flopped down in his grip like a rag doll in his hands as he slowly lowered himself down to his knees still inside her.


He let go of her hips and wiped his forehead; then thrust his hips forward forcing Ruby off his cock. Ruby landed on her side, she did not move, possibly out of exhaustion I thought but Mike lifted her leg up forcing her to roll on to her back and dropped it leaving her legs wide open. Ruby's eyes were closed, but her cunt was gaping open leaking copious amounts of Mikes thick white cum. Her pubes were covered in their juices and as Mike stood up with his huge cock limp swinging between his legs, I could see his hairs matted with Ruby's juices, all up his belly and over his thighs soaking his pubes into neat curls.


Mike turned to me smiling. "Your wife's a good tight fuck," he said, "she has the makings of a good slut."


I looked up at him and then across at my wife with his cum still oozing out of her swollen red pussy. Seeing him standing there and looking at that over large fat swollen cock of his that had just fucked my wife senseless; and that it had just possibly given her more pleasure in that one fuck than she'd ever had before in all the time I had been fucking her. I felt small, and so much more less of a man than I had only a few hours ago. I felt a tear run down my cheek and Mike must have seen it.


"Don't cry," he said as he stepped over putting his hand to the back of my head. He gently pulled me from my chair and over to Ruby then pushed my face at her swollen cum sodden ravished privates. "That's how a woman really looks when she has been fucked."


I think it was the shock of seeing Ruby totally and utterly fuck before my eyes that did it and the tears started to flow. Being only half a man was bad enough, but seeing this guy with his huge cock; and having my wife beg him to fuck her; then hearing her crying out his name as he verbally abused her and smashed his huge cock into her while she screamed for him to fuck his slut even harder was just too much for me.


Mike leaned down and put his head to my ear and whispered "You think she liked it?" I did not even bother to reply as it was so obvious she loved it, so I just nodded my head.


I felt his large hand on the back of my neck then and he pushed me forward until I was almost touching her swollen pussy filling my nose with the smell of their sex. "Clean her up for me will you so I can fuck her again when she wakes up." He then pushed my face into her spunk soaked cunt. I could smell her juices and I could also taste his cum that was still leaking out of her as it smeared across my lips. "Lick that cunt clean, that's a good boy." He said ruffling my hair.  


It was soul destroying, but defeated to the better man I opened my mouth and licked at Ruby's swollen lips cringing at the taste of another man's cum. Her pussy was red hot and sticky, but I licked it clean, even sucking at her cunt to get the last of it, then I sat back to wipe my face.


Mike patted me on the head and said, "You got a spare room as I live the other side of town?"


"Upstairs, second on the right," I said without thinking.


"Good, good." He said as he patted me on the head like some hound. "Send her up when she wakes will you as I really fancy fucking that tight ass of hers, that's if she can take a big cock up such a small ass." Then he walked off leaving me staring at Ruby's spread legs, then I heard our old bed protest with a creak as he got into it. I just shook my head as the tears flowed; leaving Ruby I crawled to our room feeling useless.


I woke to the sound of a scream and sat bolt upright in shock, then I heard a bed creaking and Ruby's voice screaming out "Your ripping my ass apart." I flopped back onto the bed and rolled the pillow over my ears to block out the sound. It was no use as for the next few hours I could hear him fucking her and her begging for him to do it.


The next morning I was up late, but the house was thankfully silent, I flicked on the T.V. to watch the sports; and it was close to noon when I heard the bed creak and then heavy footsteps. I heard the toilet seat flip up and a long drain of piss. It was Mike I thought, then he came down, he was naked and his cock was still swollen and swinging heavy between his legs. He ruffled my hair as he reached into my beer fridge to grab a tube and collapsed into the sofa said, "You wife sure has a tight ass, Christ I thought she was going to rip my fucking foreskin off as I rammed into her." I looked down trying to avoid his eyes. "But that cunt of hers is so fucking sweat. Yea she sure has the makings of a good slut."


He leaned back into the sofa with his legs wide open showing off his huge cock with his arms spread wide across the back, his cock hair was covered in his dried cum and Ruby's juices, I looked away. We sat in silence for almost an hour when I heard the creaking of the bed then Ruby’s soft foot falls creaked the floorboards as she headed to the bathroom. Just like Mike her piss seemed to cascade and echo around the house. She must have sat silent on the toilet for a full fifteen minutes before I heard the flush and then the shower started. It was another hour before Ruby came down, she had a bathrobe on with her hair slicked back. She smiled at me, but avoided looking at Mike as she walked towards the kitchen.


It was a slow walk and she seemed to be limping as he called to her. "Over here slut, fetch me a fresh beer." She did not look at Mike, but did turn and fetch him a can, as she reached him she sheepishly offered him the tin.


He smiled up at her as he took her by the wrist and pulled her closer between his legs. She tried to look away as he pushed the offered can aside and pulled at the knot that held her robe closed. She did not try and stop him as he opened her robe to look at her naked body. Mike smiled up at her again, but she glanced away again. "You won't be needing this anymore." He said as he pulled it off her, she did not argue as she passed the tube from one hand to the other so the robe could fall to the floor.


Mike leaned back taking the can, then with his foot he casually tapped at her legs and Ruby opened them for him. "Show me your cunt slut." He ordered as he cracked the can, Ruby reached between her legs and pulled her smooth pussy open for his inspection. "You cleaned yourself up real nice, but you left your ass juices on my cock, clean it up bitch."


Ruby gave me a furtive glance and got to her knees and started to lick at his cock, soon she had it hard and she was sucking at it for all she was worth. "Enough of that, now fuck yourself."


Ruby got to her feet and turned around to face me opening her legs wide as she pulled her pussy open with one hand and then guided his big member towards herself with the other. I watched her eyes close as the large head made contact, and she screwed her eyes up tighter as she lowered herself on to it. Ruby started to bite her bottom lips as she raised and lowered herself onto him working it deeper until she was sat on his lap. Then he pushed her forward so she was leaning over and touching the floor with her hands as he gripped her hips and bounced her onto his cock.


Ruby soon started to shake her head and then she cried out "Fuck me Mike." as she came. I looked away as she started to moan in ecstasy calling out to him to fuck her cunt harder, I did not want to see it anymore, but the wet sound of her slamming down on his cock could still be heard. I heard him move her around so I turned to see her lying back on his chest with her feet on his knees and he was ramming his long thick cock into her cunt. Ruby had her head down on her chest and was breathing hard as she gasped out his name.


Mike smiled at me as he reached around her and grabbed both her breasts and squeezed them tight making her cry out. He did not relent as he clamped his fingers onto her nipples and pulled hard upwards. Ruby arched her back as she cried out, but still continued to fuck him. Mike took hold of her knees and pulled them right up and I could see her dripping gaping pussy as his cock slid out of her.


"Shove it up your ass slut." He ordered her.


I watched as Ruby grabbed hold of his cock bending it against her ass and then pushed it in, she gave out a cry as it entered her and then let go of it. Mike wrapped his arms around Ruby pinning her arms in tight closing her legs together and started to fuck her.


"Tell me you want all my cock in your ass slut." He snapped at her as he slid his cock further in.


This was the first time I had seen Ruby refuse him as she shook her head. Mike would not have it so he hugged her tighter into a ball. "Beg me bitch."


Ruby had never wanted anal sex and even when I have touched her ring she would jump away.


Ruby was silent as Mike hammered half his cock into her ass, her face was screwed up in obvious pain. Then her eyes opened wide as she came turning bright red as she orgasmed, her cum leaked out of her pussy and down over his thrusting cock. She started to shake her head then gave in to her animal lust crying out, "Fuck my ass, I want to feel all of you inside me."


"Again," he said.


"Fuck my ass, please Mike fuck my." She never finished her sentence as she screamed, he rammed his cock into her hard, again and again, she screamed as the fat root of his cock opened her up wider with the pounding of his meat. Her eyes were full of tears as it must have been painful, but her pussy flooded out her cum and I could see it opening and closing spewing out her juices.


I looked away not wanting to see that huge cock drilling into my Ruby's ass, that’s when Mike told Ruby to tell me to watch her get fucked in the ass by real man’s cock.


I tried to blank her out as she gasped the words out. "Look at me John, look at me with this big cock in my ass John." I slowly turned to see her taking this huge cock deep into her gut. "Look at me John, and look at Mike's big cock ramming my ass." I watched Mike whisper things into her ear and she repeated them at me. "Mike has a huge cock John, bigger than yours ever was, he fills me up John and makes me cum like you never could. I love his cock John, you were never man enough to fuck me in the ass, God it's so fucking hard."


She was panting and she would screech out the words as she belittled me while she came time and again on Mike's fat rod. Then he grunted as he came pushing his cock deep into Ruby and she cried out as she too reached a crescendo screaming to god and for Mike to fill his slut with his cum.


They both jerked to a stop and Mike released Ruby letting her legs flop over his as she lay there glowing red from head to toe breathing hard with Mike's cock still jammed in her ass.


Mike offered Ruby a swig of his beer, Ruby never liked beer, but now she gulped it down eagerly. I watched her drink it down and saw Mikes cock slowly slide from her ass. Mike whispered something to her and Ruby lifted her feet back up onto Mike's knees. I could see her ass was closed tight, but bright red and still leaking his cum.


Ruby curled her finger at me beckoning me over. "Come here little boy and clean me up." I turned away. "Don't turn away from me you useless excuse for a man, get the fuck over here and clean my ass out." I shook my head, but she continued. "Come on little boy, come lick Mike's cum from my ass." She continued to coax me, belittling me.  


I finally gave in as I rolled from the chair to crawl over to her. Mikes cock looked huge this close up, but I ignored it as I stuck my tongue into Ruby's pussy. "My ass you fucking simpleton!" She shouted at me, so I licked lower until I could taste her arid ass and Mike's cum. Slowly I licked at her red ring cleaning up Mike's leaking cum, and then slid my tongue deep into the crack of her ass. "Suck that cum out of my ass boy." She demanded, so I puckered my lips and placed them on her hot ring and then stuck my tongue in pushing past her tight sphincter. Ruby then must have pushed down as Mike's cum flooded my mouth.


I wanted to puke at the taste, but I stuck it out sucking the cum from her ass, when I was done she patted me on my head and ordered me back to my chair calling me a "Good boy." as I got back up into my seat Ruby got down and sucked and licked Mike's cock clean.


That was it, I said to myself as I admitted defeat, Ruby was no longer mine, she now belonged to Mike as I watched her suck at his balls looking up at his smirking face staring through me. I looked away and down defeated.


Mike pushed Ruby off him and got up, "Shower time."


He headed for the door and then turned, "Come on slut." He ordered, Ruby got up to follow him. "Crawl bitch if you want my cock." She looked down and then slowly lowered herself to her knees and crawled to him. I watched her ass wiggle as she crawled after him following him up the stairs.


I heard the shower start and after a while I could hear Ruby calling out Mike's name. I spent the next hour crying to myself hearing Mike abuse my wife. The next thing I knew Mike was in the doorway fully dressed with Ruby naked clinging to him. "Look at the poor bastard." He said, "The sad fucker is crying because he never got to see me fuck his dirty slut or suck my cum out of his bitch." I looked down and away from them both feeling almost numb. Mike stepped forward and ruffled my hair. "Don't worry boy," he said "I am only off to the gym and then I'll be back and you can watch me fuck your whore all night."


I ducked out from under his hand and watched him leave. I saw Ruby standing at the open front door naked watching him go; after he got into his taxi she headed off up the stairs without a word. I looked at the sofa and there was a clear large white stain there from last night's events and I shut my eyes only to see the big shaft hammering into Ruby and the haunting screams of her begging him to fuck her, calling out his name. The sound of the bed creaking from upstairs brought another round of tears and the feeling of loss swept over me.


A few hours passed and there was no sign of Ruby as I heard a big truck pull into the drive and the loud laughter of men as doors slammed.


In came Mike followed by two men, both big and broad shouldered, Mike said "Hi sucker, where's my slut. I brought a few mates to help open her up." I looked away as he reached into my fridge and threw two tubes at the guys that followed him in as they took over the sofa.


"Hay slut! Get your fucking cunt down here!" he shouted as he took the seat opposite me. I heard the bed creak, then the soft footfalls on the stairs, there was a long pause as she stopped at the base of the stairs, her slim body silhouetted against the side window with her hand at her mouth.


"Get your fucking ass in here bitch!" He shouted as he pulled his gym slacks off exposing his huge erection.


Ruby swept her hair back then came in and looked at the two new beefy guys sitting on the sofa, they both smiled up at her, and the one near me with the blonde long hair grabbed at his crotch as he soaked in her beauty. The guy next to him with a bald head whistled through his teeth as his eyes widened looking her up and down.


"Get your fucking head on my cock slut." Mike demanded and pointed it at her angrily.


Ruby put her hands on his thighs as she lowered herself down opening her mouth and wrapped her lips around the large head. Ruby did not get a chance to get all the way to her knees as Mike quickly slammed her head down his shaft making her cough and gag. He was not gentle as he grabbed her hair and slammed her up and down on his cock hammering her head onto himself. Laughing he said, "she has one dam tight throat, I will get this fucker down there one way or another."


I watched him as he gritted his teeth and his biceps bulged as he crammed Ruby's head onto his cock. Ruby cried out around his cock gagging and beating at his thighs as slowly her head was forced down onto his cock, I could not see it going in, but I could see her gripping his thighs. "Don't fight it slut, swallow my fucking cock." He pushed her head down with the heel of his hand and then threw his head back. "Oh God your fucking tight bitch." He shouted.


The bald man next to him laughed and I saw the bulge in the other man’s pants start to rise as he gripped his growing member tighter.


Mike let Ruby's head go and she shot up gasping. "Get your fucking head back down there." Ruby shook her head, but still bent down to take his cock again. Mike grabbed her head and pushed down hard leaning forward to force her down. His chest muscles tensed up as he shouted, "That's it slut swallow my meat." Ruby's arms flapped at his thighs and then he let go leaning back, Ruby shot up clutching at her throat coughing. Mike gave her a few moments to recover then demanded she get back on it. Ruby shook her head, then pushed her hair over her shoulder flicking it behind her ears as she lowered herself down taking his cock back into her mouth.


Mike slumped back to watch her suck on the end of his cock, then said "deeper slut," Ruby jabbed her head forward and coughed, "Swallow that cock bitch or do you want me to force feed it you again?" Ruby rocked her head side to side as I watched her head slowly get lower into his lap, her body jerked a few times as she choked on it, but still she went lower until he patted her on the head, "That's a good slut," he said, "now make me cum bitch." With his cock deep in her gullet Ruby started to fuck her face into his crotch. "Aw yea, you dirty slut, swallow that cock," he growled at her as his head rolled back.


He must have been horny, or Ruby must have done him good as he gripped the arms of the chair and tensed up as he came filling her throat with his cum. Ruby's arms flapped at his unexpected climax, but buried her head deep into his lap. As he relaxed she slowly let his cock slip from her mouth and turned towards me. She had a huge grin on her face and her grinning mouth was leaking Mike's cum slobbering down her chin. She must not have managed to catch it all as right up the side of her nose and over her right eye was one long streak of thick white cum that started to roll down her face. Ruby reached up to wipe it away but Mike stopped her, "Leave it bitch, let everyone see what a cum hungry slut you are."


The bald man laughed, "You’re right Mike, she is a dirty little cock craving slut."


"Aw yea," followed up the blonde guy.


Mike gave Ruby a shove, "Stand up slut and show my mates that rotten cunt of yours."


Ruby got to her feet and opened her legs to pull her cunt open for the two guys to inspect, the bald guy was licking his lips and the blonde one was wanking at the huge bulge in his sweat pants; I could even see a stain of pre cum seeping into the grey material.


"Finger it slut, get it hot for the lads to fuck." Ruby stroked a hand up her body too cup and squeeze a breast as the other hand slid between her legs too push three fingers into herself with ease. We all watched her as she frigged herself lifting a leg up to plant it in the crotch of the blonde guy massaging his cock through his gym slacks with her toes. She then started to get vocal moaning as she pushed her fingers in deeper.


"Tell me what you want slut?" Mike asked her.


"Cock," she said, "Big, hard, angry, throbbing cock buried deep in my cunt." She moaned.


"Fuck," she said, "God I want a hot hard cock stuck in me, I want a throbbing cock fucking me hard, I need to feel it fill me up," she got more and more vocal groaning out her words as her face and chest started to glow red; until with a loud cry she orgasmed covering her hand with her cum, then with a dirty smile she licked her fingers clean. It must have all been too much for the blonde guy as he too was moaning as the stain in his gym slacks started to spread and foam.


Ruby saw what she had made the blonde guy do and played some more with her foot before she got down and sucked at the stain in his pants. Not content with just sucking at his cum stain she wrapped her hand around his cock in his slacks and made it stand up as she pushed it into her mouth sucking at his cock through the material. The blonde guy moaned and gasped as she sucked his cock for a long time and he must have been ready to cum as Ruby pulled her head off his cock and he screamed "Bitch!" at her; but she ignored him as she tugged at his pants until his long cock was free springing up and throbbing it's angry deep purple head at her.


Once free she dived onto it taking it deep into her mouth, then lower as she slid it down her throat, and this time he shouted at her. "You dirty fucking slut!" As his cock started to explode in her mouth, he wrapped his hand in her hair and pulled her head hard onto his cock. "You fucking bitch," he cried out as she pulled her head off his cock, but the blonde guy was not letting her go as he grabbed his cock to finish firing his cum into her face.


The bald guy was laughing as he pulled his pants down saying "I gota get me some of that hot mouth. Get over here and blow me bitch."


Ruby changed places and dived onto the bald guys fat raging hard-on; then sucked it deep into her throat hammering her head into his lap. "Christ, you have a tight throat bitch." He growled as he arched his back to force his cock deep into Ruby's mouth. Ruby pulled off his cock and licked it fast pushing her tongue hard onto it as she gripped his fat meat by the base and cupped both his balls with the other hand. "Fuck me!" he shouted at the top of his voice as his cock exploded against her face covering her with his come.


"Christ almighty!" He exclaimed as she dived onto his cock sucking his spewing cum. He was left gasping as he collapsed back down into the sofa. "You fucking dirty slut," he shouted as he slapped her around the head; and Ruby just smiled at him through her hair that was plastered to half her face with cum. Slowly she opened her mouth and let the contents of his cum drool out of her mouth down over her chin to drip onto her breasts where she rubbed it around both of her nipples, then massaged it into her breasts. "You fucking filthy cunt." He said as he pushed her away.


Mike was the one laughing now as he said, "get your tight ass up here slut."


Ruby must have been really worked up as she almost jumped to her feet and backed onto Mikes cock, she gave out a cry of pain and her cum covered face screwed up as Mike pulled her hard onto him and lifted her legs up. His cock was deep in her ass and he was thrusting hard, Ruby was instantly gasping and crying out "Fuck my ass," as she pulled her knees up higher and I saw her pussy push open as she gushed her juices out as she climaxed.


It was the blonde guy that got up pulling at his pants saying, "I need to get me self some of that dirty cunt."


He stepped astride Mike's legs and aimed his cock at Ruby's privates and then in one hard thrust of his hips he sunk his cock deep into her. Ruby screamed as he rammed it home. "Take that you fucking whore," he shouted at her as she screamed. Two large fat cocks hammered into Ruby as she screamed, but I saw her arms reach out and pull the blonde guy's ass deep into her.


The bald guy looked at me then and said, "You have one dirty slut for a wife," as he got up stepping out of his slacks; and gripping his cock he pulled Ruby's head from under Blondie and shoved it into her mouth. Ruby moaned around the fat cock in her mouth as the other two men fucked her hard; and every time she opened her mouth to cry out her orgasm the bald guy would ram his cock deep down her throat.


The blonde guy was the first to shout that he was coming as he pulled out stepping back to shoot his cum over Ruby. Then he stepped away so I could see he had shot a heavy load over her as it covered her left breast and over her gut in thick wads that ran down over her navel.


Then the bald guy pulled out of her mouth holding his large cock in his hand he shot his cum over her face and breasts; then shoved it back into her eager mouth as she sucked him dry.


Mike reached down and pull his cock from her ass; and holding it tight against her wet pussy fucked his coming cock up against her. I could see his balls jump in their sack as he shot his cum high to land on her gut and then another as he cried out, shot after shot spurted from his large cock head covering her privates with his with cum.


Ruby was gasping for breath as she let her legs fall, and reaching down she rubbed Mike’s dripping cock head into her pussy smiling like a Cheshire cat.


Finally Mike pushed Ruby off him and she slid to the floor only to take his limp cock into her mouth. Mike took several long swigs from his tube and crushed it as it emptied, "Get me another bitch." He ordered Ruby.  


Ruby got up and fetched all the lads another drink and then there was knock at the door. No one moved at first; but Mike gave in pulling his gym slacks on.


"What you want?" He aggressively demanded of the person at the door.


"It's about all that noise last night." The voice sounded very muted, I am sure it was that moaning fucker Mr. Doyle from next door by the sound of it.


"Is Ruby in, or John? Can I speak with them?" Mr. Doyle asked.


Mr. Doyle was always a moaner, and at any excuse he would be at someone's door complaining.


"Yea they are in, but last night has fuck all to do with you." Mike snarled.


"There is no need to be rude, who are you anyway?" Mr. Doyle enquired.


"I'll be as fucking rude as I like, now fuck off." Said Mike, I could see the half smile on his face.


"I demand an apology, or I will, I will ring the police." Said Mr. Doyle angrily.


"Come here," I saw Mike reach out the door and pull Mr. Doyle into the house. "I will get you a personal apology from Ruby, if you likes?" Mr. Doyle looked flustered as Mike just dragged him in by the scruff of the neck and pushed him into the room. His mouth dropped open, and his eyes almost popped out of his head at the sight of the two big guys sat naked on the sofa and Ruby on the floor looking up at him with her face dripping cum, naked trying to hide her breasts with a pair of gym slacks.


Mr. Doyle the avid church go’er as we all knew him, I had seen him many a time looking at Ruby when we left the house where he would pretend to prune his flowers with invisible cutters or hide behind bushes hoping we would not see him as we bathed in the sun in the back yard; he seemed totally lost for words now though as Mike said to Ruby "He wants an apology for all the fucking noise you were making last night, so you can suck his cock dry to say sorry."


Ruby looked down now the reality of what she had been doing, and how she must now look to her neighbor. "Suck his dam cock bitch!" Mike shouted at her. Ruby jumped and started to pull at Mr. Doyle's pants. Mr. Doyle made a half-hearted attempt to stop her or it looked like it; as Ruby managed to pull his pants out of his clutching fingers to reveal his hard cock.


 To my surprise it was not that long, but it was fat with a big mushroom head to it and Ruby did not give him time to react as she buried it into her mouth. Mr. Doyle's eyes bulged and his jaw, if possible dropped further open as he gasped looking down at Ruby's blonde head and lips bobbing on his cock. "OH MY GOD!" He strained out as his cock exploded his cum.


Mike slapped him on the back and said, "Was that a good enough apology?"


Mr. Doyle did not say a word just gasped for air, so Mike said, "Suck him again."


Ruby put her lips to the head of his cock and looked up at Mr. Doyle smiling as she licked the mushroom head.  


"No, no," He stammered but made no attempt to stop her. "Lord help me," he moaned as Ruby took his whole length into her mouth and worked hard on his cock bouncing up and down his shaft. It took only slightly longer this time, but Mr. Doyle could not hold back too long and making Ruby choke he thrust his hips forward as he shot his load into her mouth. Ruby sucked him dry then smiling she looked up at Mr. Doyle stood up to look him in the eye. Smiling she cupped his shocked face with both her hands and moved in for a kiss; or that is what I thought, but as Mr. Doyle opened his mouth to kiss her Ruby opened her mouth and let the come he filled her mouth with drip out over his lips.


"Will that do you?" Mike asked, "or you want me to have her suck it again?"


Mr. Doyle seemed to be in a state of shock and was almost stuck for words as he stammered out, "No, no, that's f-fine."


With his pants still around his ankles Mike yanked Mr. Doyle back with a start and then threw him out the door, "Now fuck off you perverted fucker." A woman was walking past pushing a pram and she screamed at the sight of the half-naked Mr. Doyle and ran off. Mr. Doyle stumbled down the path trying to pull his pants up and wave at the woman. We all laughed at the sight of him tripping over as he reached the end of the drive.


That's when I noticed Ruby had leaned over me and her breast was right next to my face radiating heat, her nipple was hard and it smelled of sex. Ruby saw me looking and pushed it into my mouth; it was hard and rubbery as I sucked on it. Mike saw what I was doing and laughed; then he pushed her down and pointed his cock at her. His cock was right under my nose as Ruby put her mouth around it and started to suck it in, I watched as her lips slid down the long length until her nose pushed into his pubes and then she gave a gargled scream as the blonde guy got up behind her and pushed his cock into her ass.


My chair rocked as Mick fucked Ruby's face and the blonde guy fucked her ass; then the blonde guy would switch from her ass to her pussy and soon Ruby was moaning around Mike's cock as I felt her whole body shaking as she came time and again.


Mick started to moan and pulled Ruby's head back, and right in front of my eyes his large cock head shot a long ribbon of thick white cum into her face and Ruby opened her mouth wide to catch more shots of his cum.


When Mike had finished coming Ruby turned to me and kissed me passionately, her lips were soft and swollen and tasted salty, then she pushed her tongue into my mouth along with Mike's cum. At first I wanted to gag, but she kept pushing more and more of his cum into my mouth spreading it all around my lips so the kiss was a sloppy mess and her tongue licked it from my face and then delved deep into my mouth to collect it all back into her mouth to swallow it.


Her kiss was lustful and wild as he attacked me with her tongue and her hand wandered to my crotch and started to knead it through my pants. I kissed her back as hard as she kissed me feeling as horny as hell at my slut of a wife's antics.


She came three times as the blond guy fucked her moaning deep into my mouth then he shot his cum deep inside her almost knocking the chair over with his thrust. When he was finished and pulled out Ruby wiped his cum from her ass and pushed her fingers into my mouth. I could taste his cum and the staleness of her ass juices. Then she kissed me licking at the cum she had pushed into my mouth. I was high on her passion and lusting after her as she scooped up even more and fed it to me followed by a deep tonguing kiss.


It was the bald guy that broke our kissing as he turned Ruby around so that she was on my lap as he lifted her legs high and I watched him jam his long thick hard cock into her.


Ruby shot her head back striking me on the side of the face as she cried out. Then the chair was rocking as he hammered into her and I found myself holding Ruby's legs open so he fuck my wife harder. He looked like he was in agony as his face screwed up while he fucked her harder. Ruby started to beg him to fuck her cunt and punish her bad pussy and would cry out each time she came thrashing around on my lap as she ground herself onto his driving rod.


The smell of their sex filled my senses and Ruby was crushed into me time and again and would dig her nails into my arms as she cried out to be fucked harder as she came. His huge cock was relentless as he thrust into her with long hard strokes and I could see the thick coating of her cum glistening on his shaft.


I watched the sweat start to bead on his bald head and his muscles start to tense up as he gave a load moan to gave Ruby his last thrusts as he came deep inside her and she gasped her climax. Then he slapped her breasts saying “slut,” as he pulled out to sit back.


Ruby jumped up with a cry of pain driving her ass hard onto my cock. She was the one that noticed not me as she put both her feet on the bald guys chest and pushed him away as she flipped over and almost ripped my pants off to get at my cock.


There it was and she stared at it all gnarled and twisted, but hard and pointing up at her. He was not big in any shape or form; but she sank her head into my lap and like a bolt of lightning the heat of her mouth enveloping my cock caused me to jump as her tongue seemed to wrap and snake all around my cock making me quiver with pleasure.


It was almost painful and I cried out loud as I shot my cum into her mouth, Ruby had never swallowed my cum; but now I could feel her sucking at my cock and swallowing every ounce and there was a lot of pent-up cum in those balls as I came. I finished gasping as Ruby licked and sucked my cock softly then gently kissed it every time it throbbed, when it had shrunk again she started to suck it harder trying to blow more life in to it and I felt the old trooper start to respond.


Ruby had the biggest smile that lit up her face as she looked up at me still covered in cum then winked at me with my cock still in her mouth. I beamed my own smile back at her as she stood up and leaned down to kiss me. I could taste my own cum on her lips, but this kiss did not have that heated passion or crudeness to it; it was soft and tender, the kind of kiss that Ruby would usually give me, and as I opened my eyes she pulled away. She had tears in her eyes. "I need to confess," she said as she looked down fumbling her fingers together as she fell silent. I looked up at her questions written all over my face.


"This," she said "is not what it seems, Mike is not really an accountant," well I had already guessed that, but I nodded my head, "he is a Doctor, well a psychotherapist based in sexual disorders."


I was a bit set back so I looked to the side past Ruby at Mike, he had a big smile on his face as he waved at me. It seemed a bit surreal so I moved back from this large naked guy waving and grinning at me and looked up at Ruby.


Ruby squatted down and cupped my face "I love you John, I love you with all my heart and I could see the frustration on your face when making love was not what it used to be and you seemed to collapse into yourself as you could not perform. It was horrible to see so I found these guys who work with ex-soldiers. They told me it would not be easy and I did not realize how hard it was going to be, I am knackered and I almost gave up." Reaching down she wrapped her hand around my hard cock and gave it a squeeze as she moved closer looking me in the eye. "But seeing this thing has made it all worth it. I love you John, heart and soul."


Confused was not the word for it but my heart was pounding in my chest at her words as I loved Ruby with all my heart and I honestly thought I had lost her, I grabbed Ruby by the face and said "I love you too Baby," as I pulled her in for a kiss.


We kissed for a long time and it was Mike's polite cough that brought us down to earth, "Ok guys it looks like we are done here so it's back to the office to write up the reports."


I watched the guys get dressed and Ruby got up to hug Mike and kissed him, not full on the lips this time, but one kiss to each cheek. "Thank you." She said.


"No problem," he said as he smiled down at her. "I will send you the reports with the bill later this week."


He shook my hand as he was about to leave and my mind was spinning with questions so I had to ask, "Was the young lad anything to do with you guys?"


Mike laughed with that beaming bright smile of his, "He is one of our research guys, so don't worry, he is a bit shy, but I am sure he will get over it, and just to let the cat out of the bag he was to fuck your wife senseless that night; but I guess your wife was just too hot for him."


We both laughed then I asked, "What, what about Mr. Doyle?"


"Him," Mike's smiled softened, "He is a pain in the ass for everyone around here I would guess at, but I would not worry about him now, I think he will be sufficiently embarrassed not to bother you again."


The Blonde guy took my hand and shook it hard, "You have one good looking wife there; it has been a pleasure working with her."


"Thanks, I said.


The bald guy took my hand and grinned at me, "Your lucky mate, I usually get to fuck the patient and you have a nice ass."


I was a bit taken aback, but took his hand as I said, "err thanks, I think?"


The two guys left and as Mike was about to follow, but Ruby pulled him in for a hug, "Thanks again, you don't know what this means to me."


"Oh, I think I have an idea as you are a very sexy lady, now don't waste time with us you have a hard cock to deal with." He kissed her on the cheek and I watched the look on Ruby's face change as she closed the door, she paused for a moment with her hand still on the door silhouetted against the side window. She had a gorgeous slim curvy figure I thought to myself just how lucky a guy I was.


Totally by shock Ruby jumped up squealing shaking her hands then ran to me and kissed me hard on the lips. "Do me a favor," she asked as she turned her back to me and got to her knees lowering her head to the floor. She then pushed her ass up at me and reaching back she pulled her cheeks open, "Fuck me in the ass hard, as I found I just love the feeling of a hot hard cock being rammed in my ass."  


I looked down at Ruby, her ring was red and still leaking cum from her last ass fuck, and her pussy was glowing red and still swollen all puffed out at me leaking its cum as she wiggled her ass. How could I resist as I pushed off my chair and pointed my gnarled stump at her ass, "Oh Christ," I moaned feeling her ring slide down my cock as I sunk him into the heat of her ass.


"Fuck my ass John, please fuck my ass." Ruby begged me, what could I do? So I gripped her hips tight and slammed into her hard and fast then watched as Ruby gripped the hearth mat as she started to call out my name. She came begging me to fuck her ass harder and to spank his dirty slut of a wife.


She came twice on my cock and sucked the gnarled old man until he was hard again. We had a lot of catching up to do and boy did we make up for it, I don't think we slept much that week and my old man was sore as hell; but Ruby would not let him rest, possibly in fear that he would not stand up again. I would wake to feel her mouth around him and I would fall asleep at the end of the day with her mouth around him. Sex has never been better even Ruby admitted late one night as she sucked on my cock ensuring my balls were truly empty for the day.


Just over a week later the report arrived, it was heavy in detail on the times that Ruby had been serviced, and in which hole they had stuck their cocks, 16 pages in total with the last being the bill. It was a hefty bill of over 18K, what a hard job these guys must have I thought. They get to fuck and abuse some guy's wife all they want and also they get highly paid for it! I had to laugh to myself, but still the cure was worth every bit of it.




Mike would often call around and we cracked it off as mates, he never once looked at Ruby or acted inappropriate around her, he was a perfect gent, and truth be told, he is going to be my best man when I have my marriage blessed again.


Ruby now wants us to try for a baby and I am all for it, while Mike has asked me to join his team at the office to help interview prospective clients, to write up his reports and do his research. There is five of them in the team and I found out that they had argued about who was going to be the one that got to fuck my wife and there is not one of them with a cock under a foot long apart from the research guy who after my experience decided he could not handle the job so had left.


It was a hard emotional journey, but with the love of a good woman I made it out the other side. Like I said Ruby has a big heart and I owe my new life to her. Yet there are a lot of good men out there with similar problems and I am happy to now be part of this team. So if you're a woman out there who has problems with her husband's performance do give us a call I am more than sure we can help.




All creative criticism is always welcome:

Fred F.

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