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Robert and his Governess Part 1

By: cathexis - Published:

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   18-year-old Robert had done it again!  Expelled from the third boarding

school in the last 3 years; this time it was for breaking a window in the

dormitory; It wasn't that he TRIED to be naughty; it just seemed to happen that way.


   Called into the Headmaster's office, Robert was given a stern lecture

about responsibility and behaving like a Gentleman...  And then the

bombshell; he was to be shipped off to a boarding school that specialized

in rehabilitating badly behaved boys like him.


   His belongings were stuffed into a trunk and a long black car crunched

over the gravel in the driveway; here to whisk him away.


   The drive was a long one; twisting and winding its way through the

hills, until nearly 3 hours had passed; the driver was silent, with not

even a glance at the 18-year-old boy in the back seat; then looming in

front of them a set of massive, black wrought iron gates set into a high,

stone wall.


The drive had given him time to fret and worry; even at 18 years old, he had not developed like the other boys and he hadn’t hit puberty yet; this ate away at him for the whole drive, until he felt the car slow to a stop.


   Pulling through the gates and up to the imposing front door, a mousy

looking boy of around the same age as Robert, opened the door.


   "Follow me"....  he said..  "The Governess wants to see you to go over

the rules here at the Reston Hall institute for boys".


   Through gloomy hallways lined with dark wooden panels they trudged,

until Robert couldn't tell which way was up or down.


   Arriving at a massive wooden door with a large brass key sitting in the

keyhole, the mousy lad cleared his throat, then knocked.


   A few seconds, then a Woman's voice...  "Enter!"


   Robert nervously took a few steps, until he stood in the middle of a

huge study.  Thick carpets, lined with wood panels and bookcases full of

books...  A sturdy desk lay in front of him; behind it stood a Woman.


   "Robert, is it?" she smiled at him; "welcome to High Dudgeon." "You must

have been terribly naughty to end up here my boy, am I correct?' she asked

him pointedly.


   "Ummmm....  Umm....  I don't know, Miss" the 18 year old replied.


   "Well...  we will have NONE of your nonsense here, I can tell you

Robert; even the slightest transgression will be punished MOST harshly; do

you understand me?"


   Nodding in agreement, the 18 year old nervously looked at the Governess.

About 5'5" tall and brunette with blonde highlights, slender and with a

twinkle in her eye; her hair up in a perfect bun; wearing a white blouse,

buttoned up to her neck; a black skirt that came down just past her knees;

a pair of glasses perched precariously on the end of her nose...  She

peered over the top of the glasses at him, a slight look of disapproval on

her face.


   He could tell that she was very pretty, if a

bit stern.


   "Better keep on her good side" he thought, as he was dismissed from her



   The first few days went well enough; the other boys seems a bit subdued;

many had tales of being punished for some minor transgression and Robert

paid close attention, wanting to make sure he knew what NOT to do.


   On the fourth day, in the lunch line, he was holding his plate out for

the serving maid to give him his portion of what looked liked burned

porridge, when a boy beside him slapped the plate out of his hand;

"CRASH"...  the plate shattered on the ground at his feet!  Angry, the

eighteen year old turned on his attacker and punched him RIGHT in the nose...

Startled, the older boy fell to the ground, as much in surprise as for any

other reason.


   A hand grabbed him firmly by his left ear...


   "OW...  OOOOW!!!" the boy yelled....  Marched down the

hallway and straight to the Governess' office.  The chair outside was

uncomfortable and he wriggled and squirmed trying to find a comfortable



   From inside the Governess' office, he hear the unmistakable sounds of

someone receiving a thorough spanking!  Loud yells and squeals emanated

from behind the thick, wood door.


   His stomach got all fluttery; full of butterflies.  Soon a boy emerged

from the office, red-faced and tear stained.  "On, no!" Robert though to



   "Boy!" she yelled at him...  "Three days!...  only three days and

ALREADY you have been brought to my office for misbehaving"....


   Her face red, the veins on her forehead throbbing as she glared at him.


   "Right...  off with your trousers and underwear!!!"...  "I am going to

administer a spanking that you will NEVER forget!!!"


   "Ummmm...  what do you mean, Miss" he replied


   "I mean TAKE OFF YOUR TROUSERS AND UNDERWEAR!!"...  "How do you expect

me to spank you PROPERLY with your clothes on???"


   Trembling now, the eighteen year old slowly removed his shoes and socks,

then every stitch of clothing on his lower half.


   Standing there half naked in front of her felt so embarrassing!  The

Governess looked him up and down, then sat down on the chair behind her



   "Come here and lie over my lap, so I can spank you".


   His legs slightly wobbly, the 18 year old made his way over to her and

bent over her lap.


   The Governess, place both her hands on his hipbones and gently

positioned him; his feet dangled in mid-air, just off the ground, so that

even on tip-toes, he couldn't quite touch the carpet.


   "WHACK!!!!"....  Searing pain shot through his backside....  "WHACK,

WHACK, WHACK!!!".....


   "OOOOOW!!!!!...  AAAAHHH!!!" the 18 year old yelled....  "OOOOW!!!....

Miss...  please stop!!!!"....


   "Only two more to go Robert; I always give the boys 6 strokes for minor transgression like yours"....




   Only one more to go he thought, almost done......  but then, he felt it!....


   Terrified of what she would think of him, if she felt his little

hairless cock getting hard, he struggled to get free...  But she held him

in place firmly.


   "You WICKED little boy!!!....  how DARE you try to escape; just for

that, you deserve two more smacks!"...  "Stop squirming, or it will just be





   His prepubescent penis was as hard as a nail now!




   No matter what he did, he could feel his hard, hairless little cock

pressing into the flesh of her upper thighs....


   He waited for the last stroke, but it didn't come!


   "You VILE little Boy!!!!"....  "Do you have an ERECTION???" she



   "WHACK, WHACK, WHACK!!!".....


   Each blow that rained down on his smooth, reddening buttocks only seemed

to make his erection grow....  Even worse; as it grew, his foreskin which

was too tight was starting to hurt as the head of his cock swelled and

stretched the delicate membrane....


   Starting to panic, he finally struggled free and lurched to the corner

of the study; frantically his hands reached between his legs....  When he

lifted then back up, they were streaked with blood!


   "ROBERT!!!...  what is going on?" the Governess yelled at his turned



   Pivoting to face her, the frightened boy showed her his hands.


   The Governesses' anger turned immediately to concern.


   Rushing to his side, she bent down to see what the problem was.  In an

instant, she realized what was happening....  His foreskin was being

stretched so much that it had begun to tear!


   Rushing to her desk, she grabbed a tube with a red label on it.  Taking

the 18 year old by the hand, she leant over him.


   "Be brave, Robert; I know it hurts, but I can help you, OK?  Just trust

me; we have to make your erection go away first, so come back over here and

lie on my lap again...


   Now crying in pain, the 18 year old did as she told him.  He could see

that her face had softened and she was looking at him with concern in her



   Getting back in position over her lap, he waited for her to make it all



   The Governess opened the tube and squirted some thick white cream onto

her right hand; reaching between his legs, she began to rub the cream into

his red, spanked little behind; her fingers delved between his cheeks and

found his wrinkled little scrotum; his tiny undeveloped testicles no bigger

than a pea.  Rubbing and squeezing it, she worked her fingers around and

under it, until her fingers brushed the base of his rigid little cock.


   He felt her slippery warm hand wrap around the head of his penis; as

soon as the lotion coated his painful foreskin, he felt almost immediate

relief.  She continued to wrap her fingers around every inch of his smooth,

hairless cock and foreskin and the pain slowly faded away.


   The pain gone, his body began to relax; tears still streamed down his

face though.  Suddenly, he felt a sensation in his stomach; like when he

was nervous and got "the butterflies"...  her hand kept stroking the hard

little shaft.


   "Almost there Robert; what a brave little boy you are; you must be in so

much pain, you poor thing!"...  and her fingers kept up the rhythm.


   The feeling of butterflies got stronger; his little legs began to quiver

and shake...


   "It's nearly over, you dear little boy; just one more thing I have to do

and you will feel SO much better".


   Suddenly, his muscles tightened up and he felt a wave of electric

pleasure crash through his body...  He didn't know it, but he was

experiencing his first orgasm.


   Just as she felt the 18 year old start to orgasm, she released his

throbbing little cock and placed the tip of her cream covered forefinger at

the entrance to his pink little anus, then......  thrust deep into him!


   Squealing and thrashing the boy kicked his legs as her finger penetrated

his tight, smooth ring....  She could feel his anus spasming and squeezing

around her finger as his orgasm took hold...  She wondered at the fact that

he could have an orgasm, even though his undeveloped testicles could

produce no sperm...  Nature was amazing and it meant no clean-up



   She watched him as he writhed in pleasure; his little legs spread wide

as she worked her slippery finger into him, his voice high and trembling as

he cried out, wailing in pleasure...  "Hmmm...  this one holds some

promise", she thought wickedly to herself.


   His body shook and writhed under her expert touch, as tremor after

tremor shook his body; she realized that he had cum much harder after her

anal stimulation of him began.


   "He DEFINITELY holds some promise", she said to herself under her breath.


   Finally, he quieted down as the sensations left his body; his little

cock flaccid now...  no more pain as his penis shrunk and retreated from

his stretched foreskin.


   She helped him to his feet and knelt in front of him.


   "Robert, I have to take a look and see if there is any permanent

damage...  be brave for me ok?"


   With a kiss to his forehead, she gently examined him.


   "I think I had better take you to the Nurse, just to make sure that

everything is ok down there."


   Helping him into his underwear and trousers, she helped him put his

shoes back on and guided him down the corridors to the Infirmary.


   The Nurse fussed over him, prodding and soothing his slightly torn

foreskin with various ointments, until she seemed satisfied.  The whole

time, his Governess sat and watched...


   Once the nurse was finished, the Governess took him back to her office.

Closing the imposing wooden door, she took care to lock it behind them.


   "Robert; this can never happen again, do you understand?"...


   His heart sank.  He WANTED it to happen again; for the incredible

pleasure to take hold of him and make him shudder and shake; he WANTED to

feel the butterflies again.


   "But Miss..."


   "No buts, young Man; We cannot have you hurting yourself every time your

beautiful little cock gets hard, now can we?"


   Confused, the 18 year old looked at her.


   "I have decided....".  "You will come to my study EVERY day while you

are here and we can work on your "problem", ok?" .  "We have to make sure

that your foreskin gets stretched just a little bit every day, then a

little bit more, until you are comfortable and until your foreskin fits

over the head of your penis".  "Come by my office every evening at 8



   His heart soared....  he would get to feel the butterflies again!


   The next day was agony; each class seemed to take years; the time ticked

by like molasses.  His mind flooded with images and sensations from the day



   Being spanked was a punishment...  at least that's what he had always

thought until yesterday, but what the Governess had done to him felt SO

good!  Did that make him a dirty, bad boy he thought?  If it did, then he

was determined to be as bad as he could be.


   FINALLY!  8 o'clock came.  18 year old Robert stood outside the study

door, trembling with anticipation.  The door swung open and he rushed



   "Good evening Robert...  how are you feeling today?".


   "Ummm...  ummm..  a little sore Miss" he replied.


   "Well come over here and take off your underpants and trousers just like

yesterday and we can begin" she smiled at him.


   Fingers made clumsy by his haste to take off his clothes and shoes, he

fumbled a bit, but finally stood half naked in front of her again.


   Taking her seat, she gently patted her lap, but this time, she hiked her

skirt up almost to her waist!  The 18 year old could see the gauzy white

gusset of her panties; her now bare thighs awaited him.


   Lying over her lap, he felt the warmth of her skin on his and almost

immediately began to harden.


   "Robert...  If we are to continue these treatments, I have to be able to

trust you; CAN I trust you?".


   "Oh, YES, Miss...  you can trust me, I PROMISE".


   "Well let's keep this as our little secret, shall we?".


   He liked that idea; the thought of something secret, something just

between them....  He nodded his head in agreement.


   Reaching down, she gently spread his legs a bit wider for better access,

then she began.




   "Now listen to my voice Robert"..




   "I have to train you properly, if we are to continue these sessions..




   "You do understand, you beautiful boy, don't you?"




   The 18 year old couldn't speak..  it was everything he could do, not to

cry out in pain as her blows, reddened his tender bottom..




   "Just nod your head if you understand, ok?"


   His head bobbed up and down furiously as he acceded to her wishes...




   Each blow stung his delicate flesh; each blow sent shivers through his

young body; each blow thrilled him in deep, secret ways.


   His erect, hairless cock was trapped between the Governess's smooth

thighs now; he could feel something wet dribbling from his cock, making her

skin slippery...




   He writhed and wriggled as the blows rained down; each movement thrust

his rigid little cock tighter between her thighs....




   He could feel the tingle starting, just like yesterday....  But no hand

landed on him...


   "Part of your training is to learn how to make ME happy Robert...  you

DO want to make me happy, don't you?"


   "Oh, yes, Miss...  I want to make you happy, I would do ANYTHING to make

you happy!"


   "Good, boy..."


   Taking him by the hand, she pulled him up off her lap and positioned him

between her thighs...


   "Robert, I want you to kneel in front of me and lick my panties...  will

you do that for me?"


   Without answering, the 18 year old dropped to his knees and found his

way to the juncture of her thighs....  The white gusset he had seen but a

peek of previously was inches from his face; it glistened and seemed

wet.... He extended his tongue and started to lick.


   The Governess gently held the back of his head, guiding him to just the

right spot....  Soon she was on the verge of cumming as his sweet little

tongue licked and probed the flimsy material covering her wet pussy.


   The 18 year old started making a high pitched noise...  then he stopped

his licking...


   "Miss...  it hurts again...  it hurts SO much Miss; please help me?"


   Standing up, his tiny erect cock was swollen and throbbing; the foreskin

stretched tight as the head of his cock tried to force its way past the

delicate skin.


   She reached into her drawer and pulled out the tube of soothing cream

she had used the day before.  Coating both her hands with the slippery

substance, she beckoned him closer, until she could touch his painfully

swollen cock.


   Completely hairless, he felt so smooth; she wrapped the fingers of her

left hand around the base of his shaft and scrotum, her right hand sliding

across the slightly exposed head and foreskin.


   His body tensed at her touch; the butterflies were back.


   Her head and his were at the same level; she looked into his blue eyes

as she skillfully teased and manipulated his cock...  every so often, she

would grasp his foreskin and try to pull it further down and over the

helmet of his cock...  every time she did so, his eyes grew wide, his

pupils dilated with the pain of the skin stretching.


   "Come up here, Robert..  sit on my lap"


   He did as he was told, sitting sideways across her naked thighs.


   Her left hand still fondling his shaft, her fingers squeezing his tight

little scrotum, she felt him start to squirm in pleasure.  Wicked thoughts

crossed her mind.  She had waited a long time to find just the right boy;

could this be him?


   It had been at lest 5 years since her last trainee had left her; since

then, not one suitable candidate had come through her School; maybe Robert

was the one?


   Molding boys into her personal playthings was what this was all about.

Men had no appeal to her with their rough skin and their incessant sexual

demands on her.  She had discovered the joys of prepubescent boys, quite by

accident one day as she spanked one of her pupils.  His reaction had been

interesting; as she spanked him, he got hard; something she hadn't

expected. The first time had been so thrilling...  watching the boy have

his fist orgasm at her hands had excited her more than anything she had

ever experienced before.


   Over the years, she had regrettably only found a couple of boys that had

the right combination of temperament and obedience; perfect for using as

sexual toys.


   Her mind came back to the present as the 18 year old on her lap was

beginning to wriggle and breathe heavily.


   She pumped her left hand more firmly along his smooth, hairless shaft,

stopping every couple of strokes to squeeze his tiny testicles...  With her

right hand, she slid underneath his bottom, where it met her soft thighs...

finding the right spot, she pressed her slippery finger into his smooth,

tight center, until she found the hard little bulb of his prostate; her

finger probed and pressed on it, until she felt it harden and pulse..


   He opened his mouth and began to wail and cry....  spasm after spasm

ripped through his body as he remained impaled on her probing finger deep

inside him.


   Worried that the noise he was making would attract attention, the

Governess let go of his hard little cock and quickly grabbed the back of

his head with her left hand and pressed his face into her breasts, muffling

his cries of ecstasy...


   His muscles went rigid, his legs kicking and thrashing as orgasm after

orgasm coursed through his body.  Her hand went back to his slippery, hard

cock ...


   Oh, how she loved hearing his high pitched squeals of pleasure...

beneath the 18 year old, she readied a second finger and slowly penetrated

his tight little hole with both fingers; pressing deep into him.


   The boy was delirious with ecstasy; the Governess's skilled fingers

teased him further and further into the throes of pleasure; he had

forgotten the pain of his stretched foreskin now...  everything was searing

pleasure...  her fingers inside him stirring up feelings he had never

experienced before...  almost as if her fingers could touch the very center

of his soul.


   With one final gasp into her blouse, his body went limp; totally spent

and exhausted by his ordeal at her hands.


   Looking down at him, the Governess watched as he closed his eyes; she

carried him to her overstuffed leather couch and covered him in a blanket;

leaving him to sleep peacefully..  before covering him, she gently teased

his foreskin back into it's correct place, kissed the now soft tip of his

cock and left him to sleep peacefully.


   The next day was even more tortuous than the last...  endless boring

lessons; Latin, Math, English....


   The Governess was occupied with thoughts of how to continue the boy's

training.  Over the years, she had become an expert in controlling boys,

shaping them into her personal fantasy objects.  So smooth, so willing to

please her once they got a taste of the pleasure she could bring them.


   Training them early was the key; to shape their sexual direction; fetishizing them early, made sure they were programmed properly to serve her particular needs.


   Training the boys to change their focus from genital to anal took a few

years; patience and rewarding the boys was the key...  as was punishment

for when they deviated from her path for them...  She decided that she

liked the punishment of the boys almost as much as the pleasure she got

from them "servicing" her.


   At 8 o'clock sharp, the 18 year old waited desperately at her study

door. She opened it and ushered him inside.


   "Robert; today we have to concentrate on your foreskin stretching, OK?

It might be quite painful, but we have to do it...  can you be brave for

me? I promise it will be worth it"...


   "Anything Miss...  ANYTHING...  I think...  I think I love you Miss, he



   Smiling at him, she knew she had him hooked already.


   "I want you to remove all your clothes today please..."


   Seconds later the 18 year old stood completely naked in front of her;

not a hair on his entire body; he was still at least 3 years away from

hitting the beginnings of puberty.


   The Governess sat on her chair and beckoned to him with one finger.


   "Robert darling; remember what we did yesterday when you licked me?  I

want you to do the same thing to me now".


   Pulling her skirt up, she waited for him to get on his knees to serve

her.  His blonde hair shining from between her thighs, she felt his soft

tongue on the flimsy material covering her pussy.


   Her hand on the back of his head, she guided him until he was in the

right spot....


   The 18 year old was in heaven; she tasted so good....  Clean, creamy and

slightly salty!  He licked and licked...  his tongue felt something under

her panties swelling and getting hard...  her hand on his head forcing him

to concentrate on the swelling, he doubled his efforts.


   Almost there, she thought...  the familiar feelings washing over her...

"but not yet," she said under her breath.


   Pulling his head back, she took his hand and guided him to her huge

leather covered desk and helped him onto it.


   "You sweet boy!  I want you to lie on your back for me please"...


   Compliant and eager, he lay down in the center of the desk.


   Getting onto the desk, she quickly straddled him and moved up his naked

body....  Positioning her soaking wet crotch over his face, she lowered

herself onto his waiting mouth and then pulled down her skirt until it

covered his face completely.


   Darkness and her scent overpowered the 18 year old as her skirt

enveloped him...  her thighs clamped around his head, his mouth full of her

wet panties, hardly able to breathe.....  something deep inside him knew

that this was where he wanted to be....  Forever.


   She felt his tongue begin its work again...  her weight pressing her

wetness onto his face, her thighs capturing him in a viselike grip as he

struggled to pleasure her.


   "Time to introduce him to more of me" she giggled inwardly.


   Reaching beneath her skirt, she pulled off her panties, revealing her

wet, swollen flesh to the boy's lapping tongue.


   Robert explored this newly exposed flesh greedily; her lips, the sweet

hole in her center and the hard, swollen bud at the top where her lips



   Above him, the Governess was content; he was a natural...  already he

had found her clitoris and almost instinctively knew that he should

concentrate his efforts on it.


   In darkness, surrounded by the smell of her arousal and his face covered

in her wetness, the 18 year old felt her start to move...  her breath

became heavy...  panting with desire now, as she rode his tongue...  his

lips fastened around her bud, like a baby suckling at a nipple...


   His mouth and nose filled with her overpowering smell...  her juices

trickling across his face, filling his nose....  All he could smell and

taste was her and he wanted more of it.


   His lips and tongue lashed at her wet, swollen clit...  sucking it into

his mouth, he licked and nibbled gently at it until he could feel her

thighs begin to quiver.


   A few more licks at her swollen clit and she was there...  Her voice a

muffled scream, her dress covering his head cutting out most of the

sound....  she started to cum...  bucking and thrashing on top of his

captured face...


   The boy underneath her was momentarily startled!  A gush of warm fluid

squirted from her opening .....  at first he though she had peed on him,

but it didn't taste like urine...  just a LOT more of her juices that he

had been tasting and swallowing as he licked her.


   Gagging and choking, all he could do was keep swallowing her creamy,

salty essence...  each contraction of her pussy on top of him brought a new

flood of her cum into his eager mouth.


   He felt her pussy moving and contracting above him as he tried to stick

more of his slippery tongue inside her...  all he wanted was to keep

pleasing her...  he could hear her gasps of pleasure above him, even though

they were muffled by her skirt and the enveloping darkness....


   Slowly, she lifted her weight from his face and lifted her skirt..  As

the light came back into his vision, he could see her gorgeous face above

him, smiling down at him.


   "Robert, you wonderful boy!!  You made me cum SO hard!"....  "I think I

have a very special reward for you, because you did so well"...


   Still on his back, the 18 year old watched as the Governess started to

gently kiss him...  his neck, his chest, his stomach....  His little cock

was hard, but it didn't hurt as much as before...  she WAS helping him

after all he thought...


   Her lips reached his rigid little penis; her eyes gazed into his and she



   His whole body jerked with surprise!  Her lips engulfed his cock and her

tongue was licking at the sensitive opening in his cockhead.


   "What is she doing, he thought"...  his innocent ways hadn't prepared

him for this.


   Slowly and gently, she sucked his hard little cock...  her mouth was SO

warm and wet; as she sucked, the butterflies came back into his stomach...


   Her hand around his shaft, she gently pulled on the skin, trying to

force the skin over his swollen head.


   "NOOOOO!!!  Oh, NO Miss.....  stop...  it hurts too much...  please



   "I TOLD you that you would have to be brave, Robert...  just a little

more and we will have your problem solved!"


   It was too much however and he started to lash out and kick...


   "ROBERT!!!!  How DARE you!....  if you can't control yourself, then I

will have to restrain you"....


   Whipping open a drawer in her desk, she pulled out 4 silken, red

ropes....  Quickly and with an obviously practiced hand, she bound each of

his limbs to the legs at each corner of the table.


   Standing back and admiring her handiwork, she pulled each rope as tight

as she could without hurting the boy too much.


   Standing over the 18 year old gave her such a feeling of control,

especially with him bound and helpless.


   Reaching for the tube of soothing cream, she coated her hands with it

once more and slowly encircled his cock...  His eyes locked on hers...

pleading silently with her not to hurt him; trusting her.


   Slowly she began to pull back his foreskin; little by little she pulled

harder, occasionally rubbing her palm over the sensitive part of the head

that WAS showing; lubricating it with the thick white cream.


   His whole body trembled and shook against his bonds; tears started to

stream down his face, but he didn't cry out or make a sound.  The Governess

leaned forward and kissed the tracks of his tears...  she pulled his

foreskin down a bit more; his body shook harder than ever...  more tender

kisses, this time on his lips.


   As her mouth was on his, she pulled his foreskin down HARD...


   "AAAAAAAA....  NOOOOOO, please Miss...  NOOOOOO, it hurts!!!!!!" he

screamed into her wet mouth...  "AAAAAAAARGH!!!!" ......he bucked and

struggled against the ropes that bound him, but the Governess kept pulling

the skin down......


   She loved the feeling of his smooth body struggling against hers..  he

was completely at her mercy...  to do with as she wanted....


   She pumped her hand up and down the shaft of his tiny, hard cock..  with

each movement of her hand, she pulled his foreskin further and further over

his swollen head...  A few final struggles and the 18 year old orgasmed

again; his body thrashing, his voice a drawn out wail of pleasure....


   And then it was done; the head of his cock was fully free from the

restrictive foreskin.


   Giddy with arousal at having freed his little penis, the Governess took

his newly naked cock-head into her mouth and sucked and licked him, her

tongue exploring his little pee-hole and sucking his whole cock and scrotum

into her wet mouth, tonguing his little testicles, until he shuddered and

twitched with another massive orgasm.


   AS she stood up, she could see him crying and she moved to comfort the

18 year old, but before she could, he spoke...


   "Thank you Miss...  THANK YOU!!  You stopped it from hurting, like you

told me you would....  I DO love you Miss...  really, I PROMISE..I will do

ANYTHING you want me to Miss...  ANYTHING!!"...


   Her heart leapt with joy...  she could tell that he really meant it and

she smothered his face and lips with kisses as she wrapped her arms around



   Freeing him from the ropes that bound him to the table, she gathered him

in her arms; slowly she unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her breasts,

tipped with erect, hard nipples and drew his tear-stained face to her...


   Greedily he sucked on her sensitive nipples....  His suckling sent

shocks of pleasure down her body, as if directly wired to her wet, swollen



   Unable to wait any longer, she reached between her legs; frantically

rubbing and pinching her clit as she drove her wet fingers deep inside

herself, re-living what she had done to the boy who suckled at her breasts,

until shuddering and gasping she came again and again and again...


   Slowly she came to her senses and got the 18 year old dressed; she was

late for a meeting and hurriedly left her study, with instructions to the

boy to hurry up and go to his dormitory.


   Alone in her study, Robert made sure his tie was on straight and that

his shirt was tucked in; to the side of the huge desk in the study, he

noticed the Governess had left her soaked panties...  Quickly grabbing

them, he stuffed them into one of his trouser pockets and left.


   As soon as the lights went out in his dormitory, he quietly took the

stolen panties from the pocket they were stuffed into; holding them to his

face, he sniffed the crotch...  they still were slightly moist and smelled

of his Governess....


   The smell; the memory of what she had done to him earlier that evening

made his cock harden...  with one hand, he held the panties over his nose

and mouth, inhaling her scent, tasting her cum with his tongue...  with his

other hand, he played with his hard, hairless little cock, trying to

remember exactly the way the Governess had done it......  A few seconds

later, he had to bite his tongue to stop from crying out as his body shook

and his muscles cramped with his first self induced orgasm....  Happy, he drifted off to sleep.




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