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Steampunk Harlots - Chapter 2

By: RedFireBrand - Published:

Hannah loved being gagged, but not when it was because she was scraping rotten wood off the walls of her bedroom. The cloth over her mouth and foggy working goggles were miserable to wear, but it kept her from inhaling mould or going blind from flying wood bits. Work crews, too busy with the rest of the ship and too ugly to fuck, left her with little choice. They were about to lift off by the time she had finished. Somehow Mari lucked out with her room and was already helping Liddy with hers. They were pinning sheets up to cover the unfinished walls when Hannah walked in.


“Seems the fuck breaks haven't slowed you down much,” Hannah observed smiling as much at her joke as relief at taking her mask off.


“Interview is over. There were no fuck breaks. I told you I'm trying to keep this professional!” Liddy scolded, softening it with a smile.


“Well, I’m finally ready to move my bed in so I have a place to sleep after we launch.”


“Oh DAMNIT! We need to take off before noon!” Liddy exclaimed, running to the window to check the clock mounted high on the wall in the docks. “Okay, we've got five minutes to get up. Mari, help Hannah while I wrangle our engine girls and get us in the air.”


Liddy rushed off to the bridge while Mari and Hannah went down to the cargo room and started manhandling the bed. There were eight rooms on the bottom deck, four on either side, and both girls picked the rooms closest to the stairs leading up to the lounge. As they finally got the bed in place the floor moved, and both of them tumbled to the floor.


“Really? I finally get a bed in here and we fall on the floor instead?” Hannah asked, annoyed.


“Quit complaining! I landed on the floor, you landed on me!” Mari retorted, with a grunt of pain.


The ship shook a few more times as it moved away from the docks and into the air. During takeoff, Hannah happily remained on the floor with her head resting on Maris’ breasts like pillows. The girls slowly found their feet once things had settled down and made their way to the lounge. They could see that a few things had fallen over. Hannah was thankful that nothing had broken, and figured Liddy must have gone to great lengths to make sure the whole place was as secure as possible. With chairs tipped back the right way and paintings made level again, Mari led Hannah back into Liddy's room to help finish with the sheets on the wall. It was a quick and easy way to avoid painting or breaking out the varnish.


“Okay, Liddy has way more sheets than she needs for this. Let's take some for our rooms so that we don't end up trying to get men's cocks out and hard while they are terrified of slivers,” Mari suggested.


“Sounds good to me. She has a sunroof, but I'd like to install a mirror over my bed so I can watch the men on top of me pound away. That being said, it might be better to do in the rooms up here than in our personal space,” Hannah responded.


“Good call. I think we should have one room that's full of mirrors. Like a theme to each room,” Mari added. As they hauled the extra sheets down the stairs that were, thankfully, now rust free.


“A velvet room is a must. Everything so soft, no hard corners, doesn't matter where you get thrown or fucked against, it's all going to feel good.” Hannah grabbed half the sheets and started putting them up in her room.


“Careful with the hooks, don't wanna put holes in these sheets. I'm guessing Liddy wants them in good condition,” Mari cautioned. “Liddy is going to have the classy noble woman's room when it's done and not covered in sheets. I think a dungeon room is called for.”


Hannah laughed. “Keep the sheets around, though. We need to hide our bondage kit so it doesn't scare anyone off. I once brought a guy home who saw my chains and he got totally freaked out.”


“Poor Hannah. Lost a fuck because he found out what a skank you are,” Mari teased.


“Lost, nothing! I chained him up and rode him all night. He couldn't help but be hard as I played with him, and I was on top, as he tried to buck me off. Felt amazing, and eventually he gave in and filled me right up. Having spent so long fighting me, he built up quite a load for a big finish. Afterwards, he wanted to ‘teach me a lesson’ and fucked me again to ‘punish’ me after I let him loose. I was impressed he was able to get hard so quickly.” Hannah laughed. “As fun as it was, I always remembered to hide things until I needed them after that.”


“Fine fine!” Mari relented. “We hide the chains and such. What about the last room?”


“Maybe Liddy has an idea. It is her ship after all,” Hannah stated as Liddy walked in, looking slightly frazzled. “Smooth ride, boss!”


Liddy stuck her tongue out. “For my first time ever flying anything, I think I did amazing. Now, our current pilot is a rope on the wheel, so I shouldn't have to do much for the next three days other than correct our course on occasion. How are things out here? Anything broken?”


“Nothing,” Mari replied. “Everything is rather durable and the booze is safe.”


“Glad to hear it,” Liddy replied with relief as she fetched herself a drink. “Everything I bought, I made sure could handle a beating.”


“Like slamming me down on it and climbing on top?” Hannah teased.


“Damn skippy. I expect everything on this ship to be fucked on or against at some point, so It better be able to take it.” Liddy sipped her drink, finally relaxing after the ordeal of takeoff.


The next three days were spent cleaning and hiding the things they couldn't clean. A carpet was finally laid down in the hallway from the cargo bay to the stairs. The four rooms, while cleaned of debris and mould, were empty and wouldn't be used for work. The unused bedrooms were in much the same state. Hannah and Mari weren't happy with their rooms, but they would work well enough since most clients would be more focused on their bodies than the decor.


“I will be taking us in for the landing soon. The city is on top of the cliff and the docks are in the side of it.” Liddy explained. “As a result, the imaginative people who settled there named the city Clifftop. Assuming we survive my landing, we will be heading out to hunt some clients. I have a few ideas, but I will know more once we land. A member of the local tourism board is going to be waiting for us.”


“They know what we do?” Mari asked.


“Nope, so that will be interesting.” Liddy sighed. “Now excuse me. I need to make sure we don't die.”


Liddy returned to the helm on the bridge and took the rope off the helm. She spun the massive wooden wheel, adjusting her course while yanking on the lever to reduce the throttle. Slowly and carefully, she manoeuvred inside the massive opening in the side of the cliff. A small gyrocopter flew into view with signal lights to guide her to her slip. Just as her nerves were beginning to settle with the smoothness of the task, a sudden flash of movement from the left caused her to veer off to avoid a collision. A smaller vessel had crossed right in front of her, and just as she was starting to swear at the near miss, a sudden jolt to her ship almost knocked her to the floor. Holding on to the wheel as she regained her footing, she desperately tried to steer the ship back on course. The gyrocopter in front of her frantically signalled towards an empty slip to dock. Liddy got the ship down as quickly as possible, avoiding any further damage.


“Liddy are you alright?!” Hannah shouted, coming onto the bridge.


Liddy, still gripping the wheel tightly, looked around at Hannah. “Some asshole cut me off and, trying to miss them, I hit something else.”


Hannah helped Liddy let go of the wooden handles of the wheel, and guided her off the bridge. Another quick drink helped calm her down before they disembarked to deal with whatever fallout there was.


Liddy was wearing a red-silk dress and red high heel shoes. Her black bra and garter stockings were slightly visible through the thin fabric. Hannah was in her favourite yellow dress made from a stretchy and durable material that hugged her figure. It could slide up or down for easy disrobing, like her slip-on, yellow shoes. Matching yellow underwear blended in but, she skipped wearing a bra, letting her dress do all the work of keeping her distracting tits in view. Mari elected to wear a short, leather skirt with a slit in the side over her fishnet stockings, and an underbust corset of red and black. The black lace came up over her breasts and kept as much as it could from view but failing wonderfully. The boots Mari wore were her favourite. Tall black leather to her knees, with massive soles and heels. The three emerged from the doorway in the lounge as a bridge extended from the dock to the ship.


A very upset man in a heavily worn work suit was waiting for them. A rather timid-looking man in a much finer suit standing behind him.


“What the..!” the upset man stuttered as the women walked out. “...heck were you…” he stuttered “...doing?” He paused to study them for a moment before resuming. “You swiped a figurehead off the prow of another ship.”


“We were cut off by another ship!” Liddy yelled in anger. “You want someone to blame? Find them!”


“My people saw no other ship. I don't know what the damages are, but we have already promised them compensation. You can expect to be paying for it.”


“I haven't the money for anything like that. I barely have enough for the docking fee alone.”


“If you can't pay the fees and the fine, then your ship is impounded.”


“Fees aren't due until we leave. You can't do that.”


“They are when you crash into other ships!”


“Look, I can cover the fine with what money I have left. The fees I’m sure we can negotiate in my bed,” Liddy explained with reluctance and well hidden inward disgust.


The offer took the man back for a moment. “In your bed now, and fees still due at the end of the week.”


“Deal,” Liddy said with a forced smile.


She took the hand of the dockmaster and lead him into her room. Hannah and Mari waited on the ramp, wondering what to do with themselves. Hannah knew Liddy was not happy about having a sweaty brute pawing at her, but they all knew that sex was something to be exchanged like money for them. Then Hannah had an idea of how to help Liddy. She looked at the blushing man in the suit, who seemed quite stunned at the transpiring events.


“Are you the gentleman from the tourism board?” Hannah asked.


“Yes, ma’am. I’m sorry about whatever it was that went wrong. Is she really…” he trailed off.


“Don't worry. Our trade is in sex, so this is just how we settle our business.” Hannah acted as though this wasn't their first time. “If you are going to help us market our services to the appropriate crowd, perhaps you would care to sample them?”


He blushed a deep shade of red. “Oh, my. I…” He paused while he manned up. “Yes, that sounds amazing.”


The polite young man quickly realised he shouldn't let his reservations get in the way of an opportunity like the one he was facing. He let Hannah lead him down to her room.


Gently Hannah kissed him as her hands slid down across his trousers, feeling him having already swelled. She let out a pleased giggle, unfastened his belt and opened his fly. Letting his pants, drop she took his stiff member into her hands and lightly squeezed and tugged.


Meanwhile, his hands found her breasts, and he gripped them in what he no doubt thought was a rough grip. While he leant against the door, Hannah dropped to her knees and opened her mouth wide, before putting her lips around him. Working her tongue over his head he groaned and put his hands on the back of her head. Most women would have gagged at the sensation of something going deeper into their mouths, but Hannah was well experienced with letting it slide all the way inside. She couldn't breathe, but held him deep until she was forced to back off. A few quick gasps and she swallowed him whole again. She repeated several times, until she could feel him ready to burst.


She got up and pulled him onto her bed. He lifted her dress and pushed aside her panties to reveal the soft pink place where his manhood belonged. He drove it in, already lubed from her saliva, and kept it deep as he pulled her dress down to reveal her breasts. Her yellow dress was collected at her belly as her breasts bounced with each thrust. Hannah gasped each time and yanked on her own nipples while she stared into the eyes of the man grabbing her headboard for support. What he had lacked in initial confidence, he made up for in upper body strength, making the penetration as rough as Hannah typically wished other men were capable of.


“Break me…” she whispered between gasps, spurring him on to an almost violent climax.


A loud grunt and he ripped his swollen member from her, and shoved it back into her face. Hannah took it greedily. She felt the hot fluid burst over her tongue as it slid deep into her throat. She could feel it pumping through his cock with her tongue, and felt it hitting the back of her throat as it slid down with each desperate swallow.


He collapsed back onto the foot of the bed, out of breath, as Hannah lay trying to catch her own breath. A dribble of him fell down her cheek. She whipped it off with a thumb and sucked it clean. She could see him shaking from the stress of having been flooded with adrenaline that she had long ago learned to deal with. Sliding her dress back up to cover her breasts, she helped him redress and get to his feet. As she was about to lead him back upstairs, he turned her around for another kiss while he grabbed her breasts again. A gentle gesture of gratitude before he parted lips and smiled.


Back up on deck, Liddy watched the dockmaster leave. “Prick made me swallow. But at least we still have a ship for now.”


“Reminds me of my dad. Not that I’m happy you had to spread your legs for that swine, but it would have been really weird for me, with him looking so similar,” Mari responded.


“No, anything regarding the ship or business is mine to deal with. Where is Hannah?”


“Down in her cabin with the chap from the tourism board. From the sound of things, it was going quite well. Can’t hear them now, so I guess they are finishing up.”


“When will you girls let me run things professionally and not interrupt with rampant fucking?”


“Isn’t rampant fucking what you hired us for?”


“Contracted fucking. Though, I will admit that you and Hannah seem smart enough not to do anything to screw me over.”


“No, you said not too after the job interview.”


“What? No, damn it! You make puns out of anything I say again, and you are banging every man who even looks vaguely like your dad.”


“Damn you and your iron fist,” Mari retorted, with a stuck out tongue.


Despite the things that had been going wrong, Liddy was pleased that at least she had hired girls who made good friends. Hannah came up the stairs with more than a little wobble in her legs. “So that went well for me.”


Liddy responded with an evil glare. “Glad one of us had fun. If I reek of perfume, it's because smelling like that man would have knocked out anyone I met and killed any animals or small children I walked by.”


“Damn. Now I feel… well, not bad because I got my world rocked. But I`m sorry that had to happen to you at all.”


“It’s alright. Glad you kept our guest entertained.” Liddy smiled at the man following Hannah, holding her by the hips, even though she no longer needed support going up the stairs. “Please have a seat.”


He took his seat on a chair in front of the table where Hannah had had her interview. Mari went to fetch some drinks while Liddy sat across from him. Hannah sat on his lap, keeping her breasts well in his field of view. With one hand he took his drink and while the other rested on Hannah's thigh.


“Thank you. Your hospitality was... unexpected, but most welcome.” He smiled at Hannah's breasts. “My name is Daveron. I had some questions about what you would be doing here, but I think most of them have been answered.”


“I can imagine so. Hannah is my best.” Not that Liddy was trying to make Mari feel diminished, but knew that making him feel worthy of her best would butter him up more. Assuming it was possible or necessary.


“I don't doubt that,” he said with another sip of his drink. “So I will cut through the red tape and grant you your operating license. As long as business transactions take place on the ship, you can go about your work however you see fit.”


“Thank you. You have no idea how much easier this is going to make things for us.”


“I wish I could help more with the other troubles you are having, but sadly I haven't any authority on those matters.”


“Quite all right. Being able to work without waiting for papers to go through will be more than enough.”


“May I also suggest a location frequented by the rich and bored?”


“You may indeed,” Liddy replied, most pleased.


“A private arena box in the stadium. Your licenses will get you through the doors and should find plenty of interested parties,” he explained.


After the formal papers were filled out and signed with a wax seal, the women were alone again in the lounge once Daveron left. Favouring Hannah with another kiss and groping of her breasts.


“Another one in love with you,” Mari observed.


“He's married, so I doubt I have anything to worry about.” Hannah retorted. “Ring on his finger. The real surprise is why a man that good in bed wouldn't be getting his wife on a regular basis. Or maybe she just can't handle him at his best. Needed a more durable woman, I suppose.”


“Who knowsÉ Well, at least we got what we needed.”


“The words I live my life by, Mari.” Hannah laughed.


“I suppose I should adopt that outlook,” Liddy chimed in. “We are here and free to do business. We shouldn’t have many issues earning our docking fees. The girls in the engine room are paid up for the whole month, so at least I don't have to worry about that.”


“I haven't seen either of them come out. Will we ever meet them?” Hannah asked.


“Aleera and her apprentice Marnika. Very quiet and private. I’m guessing we will get to know them better, but they are free to have as much privacy as they want,” Liddy explained.


“Fair enough. Let’s go find this place we are supposed to go. Hannah may have gotten some good action, but I need to get drilled badly, and I’m betting you need someone hygienic to give you a ride.”


“Right now I’d settle for being paid for my body than using it to pay bullshit fines and bribes.”


“Well, then I’m glad I helped move things along. That man was shy and bashful before I took care of him. He would have stuttered and blushed his way and dragged the whole thing out to spend more time with the pretty girls,” Hannah elaborated. “This way, he gets satisfied and relieved of any sexual tension long enough to do his job.”


“And I thank you for that,” Liddy replied with a cute curtsy.


“Though feel free to use us next time a matter needs to be settled,” Hannah added. “You can pay us for it later to keep things professional, but I don't want you feeling like we aren't here to help.”


Liddy was surprised, reluctant to accept, but very grateful. “Thank you. I don't want to put you through what I just did, but I would die if I have to do it myself all the time. So it is agreed.”


“Same with me,” Mari added. “Except when they look like my old man.”


“Oh damn!” Hannah exclaimed. “That’s where I know him from! Mari that was your dad! After we ran away from the slums, he overheard someone use my name at the bar years later and wanted to know where you were. Told him we split up. Said he was leaving the city for a job and wanted to take you with him.”


“You are shitting me!” Mari shouted in disbelief.


“No! He grew a beard but yes it is him! Guess you made a good call with your hair and ink. He didn't recognise you at all.”


The three women let the awkward silence sit for a while. Liddy stifled a comment about how it could have been worse if Mari had taken him to bed instead.


“How did he not recognise you, Hannah?” Liddy elected to ask instead.


Hannah looked at Liddy and then to Mari. “Remember that time we got drunk and went to get your head shaved?”


“Oh, damn.” Mari facepalmed herself. “When you passed out and they shaved yours.”


Hannah levelled a glare at Mari “Yes they did. And you still owe me for that.” Then she looked to Liddy. “They asked how much I wanted to have cut, I thought they said to keep, I told them all of it.”


Liddy gasped. “Oh, no!”


“So yeah, it was a week later, so I guess he just expected me to have a shaved head, and with things being so out of context, he just didn't notice me or Mari. Besides, Mari was a blonde with smaller tits when she left home. If anyone reminded him of anything, it would be you looking like…”


“My mum. Almost thought you were when we first met, but that's another story. Some other time.” Mari stated before she went down the boarding ramp.


“Well. Either way, it’s good that he didn't recognise either of you. Now let's put this from our minds and get to work.”


The trip to the stadium was easy, given it was the main point of entertainment for the city. Their papers got them through the doors to the private boxes. They were happy they could do so without having to avail themselves to the guards. Hannah and Mari had to do that frequently to sneak into events back home. Finding the specific private box, the girls got inside and were greeted to a massive lounge with the walls and floor entirely made out of glass. Hannah looked down and wondered who would be looking up her dress, but quickly saw that any viewers would be, sadly, too distant.


“Okay, meet and greet, seduce, and bring back to the ship. If they don't like leaving, blame the law and shrug. Let's go,” Liddy commanded.


They split up to find their marks. Hannah went to the bar for a drink while Mari went to the window, so she could get a good view while her breasts pressed on the glass. Liddy looked for the most comfortable seat, and found an expensive suit sitting with a pair of bored women under his arms.


“It’s a shame such fine seats don't arouse proper interest.” Liddy let the subtly emphasised word hang. “Would there be a seat for me?”


The man concealed a look of surprise but not quite so with his smile. “Indeed there is.” He gave a stern look to the woman under his left arm who took the hint and left.


She let an icy glare fly at Liddy as she walked past and tried to shoulder bump her. Liddy, seeing the move coming, balanced herself and threw her weight at the right moment to knock the spoiled debutante to her ass. Carrying on with the movement, Liddy took her seat and offered a polite apologetic look to the woman trying to get back up in her ridiculous dress.


“So terribly sorry. I should really watch where I’m going.” Liddy apologised to her mark so he would feel her concerns lay only in what he thought.


“My lady, I say you should think nothing of it.” He smiled back. “I’m Lord Frederik. A pleasure.”


“Captain Liddy. Truly the pleasure is mine. I believe I passed your estate on the way here. It was impressive as I had been lead to believe,” Liddy bullshitted.


Anyone rich enough to be called Lord would certainly have the finest estates and most visibly placed to remind everyone who they were.


“Well, then I am glad you found it so pleasing. What brings you to my fair city?”


Liddy slid in closer, putting one leg over his as though preparing to crawl onto his lap. “In search of fun and money, as one invariably leads to the other.”


“Oh, I suspect you may then only be after my money, is it?” He stated disappointing Liddy with his grammar.


“Well, I thought you would provide me with both. One and then the other.”


“Direct and beautiful. I think I might like you, my dear Captain Liddy. Had my duelist not just been announced as the next contender I would be happy to… fill your wallet.” His pun made Liddy want to cringe, and she could see the other woman roll her eyes.


“I am in no rush to take us anywhere from these comfortable seats. Let us enjoy the bout down there before having our own in my arena.”


“On your ship?”


“Indeed, where these matters are legal, and most importantly, discreet.”


The other woman, who Liddy had figured been working her own angle before she arrived, felt the need to speak up. “Oh really? Why waste time with a whore like her when you have a thoroughbred champion of your own to mount.”


Liddy, despite having just been called a whore, was quietly impressed at the enticing, if somewhat vulgar, proposition. The Lord mistook her impressed look with an offended one.


“Because Ving, she is only looking to gain money and offers an honest bargain wrapped in a clever seduction. Every time I've ‘mounted’ you, I end up with surprise repair bills and one less ship,” he retorted.


Liddy examined her rival. A rounder and fuller yet a quite feminine figure wrapped in a tightly bound corset, pushing her breasts to the limit. Her green locks of hair falling over them and framing her heart shaped face. A short brown leather jacket and black leather pants finished with high heavy boots almost like Mari’s except brown to match the jacket. Dangling from her ears were a fine simple set of...


“You!” Liddy shouted. “You are the one who cut me off at the docks!” Her mark forgotten, Liddy's blood was up. “I had to pay for damages and deal with a very unpleasant dockmaster,” she seethed, bringing her voice down to a level tone.


“You were in my way. I can’t help it if you can't fly well enough to avoid hitting other ships,” Ving scoffed.


“Ladies.” Lord Frederick interrupted before anything got violent. “We typically settle these kinds of disputes with a wager.”


“What kind of wager?” Liddy asked, trying to recover and show that the Lord's attention was always more important than her own problems.


“Well, the next bout is a close match. Bet something on that to settle the matter. Win or lose, at least it's settled officially,” he explained calling over a game-wager official.


“Fine,” Ving agreed. “We bet the fine and docking fees.”


“I haven't anything left to bet because of the fine. I only have my ship, and it is worth more than those fees.”


“Then I bet my ship,” Ving countered.


“That small thing?”


“That was one of the Lord's racers. I mean my personal ship. Smaller than the junker you sail in, but worth more I bet.”


“Deal!” Liddy blurted out, before realising what she had just committed herself to.


Lord Frederik could feel her tremble as she tried to maintain her glare. “Who will you wager on Ving?”


“Your champion, of course!” she replied, assured of herself.


The official signed off on the betting slip and the match quickly begun, leaving Liddy intently focused on the arena below. As the fight was about to begin, the champion gave a bow and the announcer declared a forfeit.


“What?!” Ving shouted, leaping out of her seat. “You can’t do that!”


“My dear this is the qualifying match-ups. He has nothing to lose by this. So I gave him the signal. We do this all the time to fix the match-ups for drama. You know this.”


“You threw the bet to her! It must be void!”


“Also incorrect. If we cancelled every bet because we interfered, nobody would ever win anything. Your ship belongs to the young lady and you are fired. I still intend to employ her trade, but if you are desperate enough for a mounting, I can offer you to my house guard.”


Ving grit her teeth and shook her head.


“Excuse me, sir. I’m afraid there is a problem.” Spoke a new official who walked in ahead of another man with a title.


“What is it?” Lord Frederick turned. “Oh Lord Miton. What seems to be the problem?”


“Captain Ving here seems to have made a double wager.” The new Lord explained. “You see, she bet her ship on your champion for his next bout, and I was on my way to watch it with her when it ended so abruptly. And apparently, she has wagered it again.”


“I see.” Lord Frederik said thoughtfully before smiling. “Then perhaps you win the ship my good friend, and miss Ving her works for my dear Captain Liddy. In whatever position she desires. Maybe multiple ones,” He said with a cocky smile.


Things were moving too fast for Liddy to notice the pun. “Agreed,” she stated at Lord Frederick. “Sir Lord Miton.” She turned. “Would you mind terribly if she were to gather her belongings from your ship?”


He favoured her with a smile. “My dear, the last time I dealt with a double wager, I spent more than the winnings in court fighting with the other claimant. If that’s all you want, then I am grateful to accept.”


“A pleasure doing business with you. Though if you are keen for more business, my good friends should be available.” Liddy indicated Hannah and Mari watching the exchange from the audience.


After a stunned look for a moment, he moved towards Mari, who greeted him with a fiendish smile. Ving, on the other hand, was looking stunned and shattered. Liddy decided to toss her a bone.


“You were right when you criticised my flying,” Liddy started. “Might be obvious I need a pilot.”


Ving snapped up to stare at Liddy. “Seriously? Not just going to whore me out in a slum or something?”


“That wouldn't be very civil of me. Fly my ship proper, and you will get paid standard indebted wages. I would need to see the price on your ship, but if it is anything like mine, well, I need to check my math, but I believe your debt would be paid in fifty to sixty years. The choice to take clients would be yours to make.”


Lord Frederick let out a hearty laugh. “My dear Captain Liddy! I am in awe of your conduct. Let us retire to your bed and allow me the pleasure of your well-paid body.”


“Indeed let us go. Miss Ving. Collect your things and await my pleasure in my cargo bay. Bring everything you can. We will discuss things further once I have been properly mounted.”


Ving didn`t realise when she had started to weep.


After Lord Frederick shared a quick word with one of his men and a nod towards Hannah, Liddy fired a glance towards. Hannah letting her know a client was being arranged for her. She enjoyed a much more comfortable carriage ride with the Lord back to her ship than the one she had arrived at the stadium in. Her client took out stacks of bills from a safe inside the floor. She led him up the ramp to the bar for a quick drink.


“For the redhead.” He put down one stack and then another. “My champion needed some fun tonight. This one is for you.” After pointing to the second stack, he put a jewelled necklace on top.


“You are most generous with my payment. Now I look forward to seeing how generous you are with my pleasure.” She let him down his drink then grabbed him by the belt to pull him to her room.


The belt did not last to the bed, and fell to the floor somewhere near the doorway. As he kicked off his shoes, Liddy slid off her dress and walked backwards towards the bed to sit on the edge. He had his pants off by the time he reached her, and gently pulled her head towards him as he stood at the foot of the bed. She ducked low to take his hardness in her mouth, and she could slowly feel it engorge inside her jaw. Slowly she moved back and forth, feeling it stiffen with every pass. Happily surprised at its size, she held it in her hands and licked its length several times while looking up into his eyes.


“I shouldn’t expect anything less than magnificent from a Lord such as you.”


He grinned and pushed her to the bed before flipping her over and pulling her hips up. On her hands and knees, she felt his hand pass over her and a pair of fingers penetrate. She moaned, expecting some foreplay before suddenly finding her welcoming womanhood filled with his cock. He leant forward to grab her wrists and held firm as he thrust wildly, impaling her on him with each pull.


“I believe you expected to be mounted, so I would hate to disappoint such a fine bitch.”


“This bitch is in heat and needs her mounting badly,” Liddy uttered between thrusts.


Her face kept being driven into her sheets as she felt him thrust over and over into her, making her feel like she was about to be ripped open, when suddenly she felt the hot fluid bursting inside her.


“Ah damn!” he shouted.


“No, keep it in. Fill me right up, please. This bitch needs her breeding,” Liddy pleaded quickly before he could take it out.


In fine form, he was able to maintain himself while pumping his fluid inside and continue his assault on her body.




Meanwhile, Mari came aboard the ship with her own noble following her. She caught a glance at Hannah going down the stairs, hearing a muffled Liddy at work through her heavy doors. With such a fine guest she wagered her room wouldn't be impressive enough so she moved into the lounge. She jumped to sit on the bar and poured a drink, resting her feet on the stools. One foot on each with her legs spread. Her client came before her and reached for a drink, but Mari stopped him. She held him by the chin, and guided his face between her legs. His head tucked in close and she felt his lips exploring hers. She sipped her drink as she smiled, and bit her lip as his tongue found it's way inside. Not as naturally talented as Liddy of course, but Mari loved the feeling any time a mouth found its way down there.


After enough time passed, she brought up his head as she pushed out her chest. She peeled off the lace to reveal her massive gleaming breasts and the steel rings piercing her nipples. He kissed and caressed, them holding both gently in his hands. His tongue playing with the rings, tugging at them in all different directions. Mari laid back on the bar with her head hanging over the edge. Taking the hint, he undid his pants, pulled out and plunged into her open, waiting throat. He could see how deeply he pushed into her, as her throat expanded slightly the deeper he penetrated. She grabbed onto his ass and began face fucking herself as though he was just a toy to be used. Feeling her tongue on his shaft each time, his eyes were closed in bliss. Soon she reached up for his billfold and yanked it out of his coat, tossing it behind the bar. He noticed but didn't care about how much she had just taken. All he wanted was to be inside her. Rolling off the bar but keeping him deep down her throat in a remarkably agile spin that made him gasp, Mari began walking him towards the opposite wall, leading his cock with her lips and teeth.


She let him go and stepped onto the chair, releasing the clasp on her corset to let it drop entirely. He took her in his arms and pushed her off the chair into the wall and, as he pinned her, let her slowly fall down onto his cock. Mari wrapped her legs around him, and kept her breasts on his face as long as she could, before she slid down to take him all the way in. She kissed him furiously as he pulled away from the wall and slammed her back against it. Over and over they shook the wall, and each time Mari knew she was going to love her life, getting paid to be taken so roughly.


Suddenly without warning, he turned around holding her and let go. For a moment Mari was held in the air only by his cock as her hands were on her own breasts, yanking her nipples. Her legs couldn't keep her up and she fell to the floor. He straddled her chest and grabbed her by the rings on her breasts. He crushed them together and pushed his slick wet cock between them. He fucked those massive mountains furiously as he spat on them. Quickly he sprung his cum upon Maris’ face, squirting again and again, almost without end. Her face and breasts soon covered, he finally stopped.



Downstairs, Hannah and the champion quietly discussed the noises they were hearing, and guessing what positions Liddy and Mari were going at to match them. Having already discussed his preference only for men.

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