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Steampunk Harlots - Chapter 3

By: RedFireBrand - Published:

Hannah said goodbye to her new friend and favoured him with a kiss in view of the carriage that had already collected his Lord. She went to join Liddy, who was relaxing in the lounge at the front of the ship counting money.


“So is this part of the job better or what?” Hannah asked.


“I enjoyed myself quite a lot last night, but this is fun, too.” Liddy smiled and teased the jewelled necklace resting between her marginally-covered breasts. “I'm just happy I got the first token.”


“I seem to recall snagging myself a rather fancy billfold,” Mari said, coming into the lounge.


“Pilfered would be more accurate,” Liddy grinned. “But as long as the client leaves happy, I suppose I can't be too upset. Also, you snagged almost twice the rate I would have charged.”


“And here I thought you would be angry with not consulting you.” Mari sat next to Hannah.


“Well, I mostly just wanted to make sure you either didn't sell yourselves cheap or hack anyone off with a ridiculous price. Besides, I'd rather you not interrupt me while I'm with a client. Seeing as he had his cock too far down my throat for me to talk anyways. You exercised your own judgement and did well. I was honestly expecting to hire dumb sluts when I made that rule. How was yours, Hannah?”


“Preferred men, so we just talked and tried to guess your noises all night,” Hannah replied.


“Oh well…” Liddy was surprised. “Glad you stuck with him to keep the secret. Finding a new client would have caused an issue. Thank you for being discrete and not letting your lust get the better of you.”


“Sometimes it is nice to just talk. Poor man probably hasn't been able to be open with anyone in a long time. Had we been looking for men to work on the ship, I'd have suggested him.”


“As big as this ship is, I can't support that much diversity. Women only, and we serve the ample clientele who that interests.”


“Yea I know. So when is that new bitch getting here?”


“Oh, she's down in the cargo bay.” Liddy nodded towards the stairs. “I’m having her sort through all her things so we can do some more decorating. Ving, why don't you come up?”


Ving made her way up in a weary trudge with a scowl on her face. “What now?”


“Ving, be mindful of your position. Either you are my pilot for the next several decades, or you are my whore for about one. If you do not mind your manners, then I am more than happy to keep you as a pilot chained up on the bridge.”


Ving cringed and swallowed her remarks. “Apologies, Mistress. How may I be of service?”


“Better. Now if you want life to be better than miserable, then I suggest you try to make some friends.”


“Hannah, Mari, I am sorry for any danger I placed you in the other day,” Ving addressed the girls. “I may not be happy with this situation, but I am here for a long time it would seem. Hopefully, we can start over.”


“Nope, not convinced,” Mari said flatly.


“Mistress Liddy has made my place very clear.” Ving gritted her teeth. “I know this all sounds forced, but I do wish to make the best of the situation.”


Mari spread her legs. “Then eat me, little bitch. Of course, you don't have to. But I tend to hold grudges, so if you want me to actually believe you're telling the truth, then sacrifice your pride and get on your knees and eat me. The choice is yours to make.”


Ving looked to Liddy. “Mistress?” she asked, looking to see if she would stop it.


“I don't require you to do anything of the sort. What happens between you girls is up to you to decide. You made the offer of friendship, that's all I required,” Liddy explained.


Ving weighed her options. Having Mari treating her poorly would result in Hannah doing something similar, and most likely would influence other girls hired. Giving in and doing what she was told might be a fun hazing for them, but eventually, they would tire and accept her. Also, if Ving was being totally honest with herself, Mari was an amazing looking woman and she would have gladly pleased her, had they met in other circumstances. So Ving made her choice and got down on her hands and knees to crawl over to Mari.


Mari spread her legs and draped them over the armrests to expose herself, having not bothered to wear anything under her skirt. She gripped Ving by her hair and yanked her face up to meet hers and smiled before pushing it back down between her legs. Ving struggled to breathe for a moment before opening her mouth to taste Mari, sliding her tongue between the folds of the sweet flesh Mari offered her. Ving could smell the man who had very recently used the same spot to stuff his cock.


She moved her mouth furiously to voraciously devour every centimetre between Mari’s legs she was allowed to reach. Her tongue flicked and ran over her clit with great enthusiasm. It wasn't long before Ving found herself undoing her blouse so her breasts could be free for her to tease with her own hands. However, as soon as they were free of her bra, Hannah slapped her hands away. Unable to see, she wasn't sure why until a sudden pinch on her nipple made her realise a clamp had been placed on it. Not only just a clamp, but Ving could feel the weight hanging from it sway as her own body was moved. Soon another clamp was added to the nipple on her other breast, and Ving let out a smothered scream as Mari pulled her closer.


Yanked by her hair again, Ving was brought up for a violent kiss with Mari while Mari used her free hand to slap the weights hanging from Ving's bouncing breasts. She squealed each time they tugged at her and tears streamed down her face. Whatever she thought rough sex would be like with a woman before, it was nothing like what she was receiving now.


“Give up? Or do you want more?” Mari asked, finally finishing her penetration of Ving's mouth with her tongue.


Ving gasped. “I…” she muttered before kissed again by Mari. “I want more…” she whispered as fresh tears rolled down her cheeks.


Mari lifted her top to reveal her massive breasts, and placed Ving on her left one while continuing to play with the weights hanging from Ving. Hannah had retrieved another toy, and after a big windup, she slammed it against Ving's leather covered ass. Ving screamed into Maris' breast.


“Finger that pussy. You aren't doing enough with your hands.” Hannah laughed as she undid Ving's belt to take off her pants.


Ving complied, putting three fingers inside Mari and working them furiously as she felt her pants being pulled down to expose her now reddened ass. Another loud slap and Ving screamed again. Not just from the assault on her bare bum, but how her reaction to it jolted her and caused the weights on her nipples to tug and yank even more. Repeated strikes with the paddle elicited a scream every time, and Ving was quite visibly bawling under the brutal attentions. Mari transitioned Ving to her other breast. Hannah sat down the paddle and pulled Ving's pants from around her knees down to her ankles so she could spread her legs and take a taste herself. Ving was dripping wet when Hannah arrived and was sure to lick slightly as a tease, deliberately ignoring the one spot Ving wanted to feel her most. Ving moaned in protest over her clit being ignored.


“You want something?” Mari asked, easing the pressure from Ving's head against her breast.


“Yes, oh I want it so badly, just do it please Hannah. Finish me off.” Ving begged through her tears.


“Show me how you want it,” Hannah said, standing beside Ving while lifting her dress.


Ving latched onto Hannah eating her out in all the ways she craved that would allow her the relief of the pain an orgasm would bring. She slid a pair of fingers deep into Hannah while Mari gently caressed Ving's tender ass sliding so closely between Vings' legs, but never where she wanted it. Her tear filled eyes looked up at Hannah.


“I’m good for now. All warmed up for clients. Let’s go Mari and look through Vings' things and see what we want.” Hannah started putting her dress back down and walking away down the stairs.


Mari followed, leaving Ving on her knees with her blouse open and pants down around her ankles. The weights still hanging from their clamps on her nipples and tears falling on her breasts. Her green hair a mess, she looked at Liddy to explain what had happened. Liddy, who had been unable to resist watching, went back to her counting without even a shrug at Ving. Ving collapsed onto the white carpet of the lounge and began sliding the fingers so wet with the juices of Mari and Hannah into herself as she desperately worked towards her desperately desired climax.


Down below, Mari and Hannah could hear Ving sobbing through her moans. It sure wasn’t the first time they took a woman down like that. To show her that the world didn’t revolve around her wants and needs. Expose them as weak vulnerable people who need others as friends and not enemies or servants. A harsh lesson, but one that they knew would see Ving become a member of the crew and not a miserable, indebted servant. While they were looking through her clothing and other belongings, Ving came down the stairs. Her blouse still open, with the clamps hanging from her abused nipples. She had put her pants back on but left them undone and open.



“Are we good?” Ving asked, looking between Mari and Hannah.


“I’m good,” Hannah responded. “Mari?”


Mari ran over to kiss Ving, grabbing the weights and yanking them off. Ving screamed with her lips locked onto Mari’s.


“I'm good now,” Mari said, soothing the tender nipples with her hand while passing the clamps to Hannah. “Now is there anything here that would fit me?”


They spent a few hours looking through her things and moving some of her furniture into her new room. Given how small it was, some of the nicer pieces were taken upstairs to fill out the lounge and start to getting one of the working rooms in order.


When they were finished, they saw Liddy at the forward door to the upper deck. She was welcoming someone, and the girls quickly ran back to their rooms to ready up. Fixing their hair and towelling off after all their fun and hard work. They quickly tidied up and joined Liddy upstairs, who was showing the lounge to some guests.


“It seems that word has spread of our services to the great and good of the city. We have some guests!” Liddy introduced.


The girls smiled and each gave their idea of a cute curtsy before introducing themselves in turn. There were five men in total, two of whom went straight for Mari, who lead them to the newly decorated working room. Ving was approached by a third before Liddy lead a fourth down the hall to her room. Hannah walked over to the last man, who seemed rather out of his depth.


“I hope I can take care of your needs,” Hannah smiled.


“Actually, I am here to bring you to my Duke's estate,” he explained. “The captain said that as long as payment was issued on the ship, that any activities could be performed anywhere.”


“Indeed that is the case. I am at your disposal.”


“If you don't mind. A new dress would be appropriate for your work there, as any guests without sufficiently fashionable attire would attract the wrong impression.”


“You want a Lady to be attending a meeting. Not a woman providing her obvious trade.”


“Indeed.” The man sounded relieved that Hannah had been perceptive enough to understand, and not take offence of her wardrobe.


Far from being offended, Hannah was thrilled to be getting a new dress. So she walked to the door and saw a chalkboard had recently been hung with all the girl's names listed. Beside hers was ‘off ship’ while the rest were listed as occupied.


The shop Hannah was taken to was a small but elegant one, tucked away for privacy no doubt. Most of what was shown to her was quite over the top, and Hannah wanted something she could wear in style in any city. Also, something that would come off in only a few seconds.


After some searching, she settled on a soft, pink lace bra that barely covered her nipples, with matching panties that hugged her body. Over this, she wore a pure white blouse trimmed with red braid, tight enough to slightly stress the buttons doing it up. Hannah would have to replace the buttons with clasps that could be torn apart without ruining anything. A black dress that hugged just enough of her legs to show them off to anyone paying attention but avoids attracting attention, from anyone else. It lifted easily and could gather around her hips without getting in the way or wrinkling afterwards.


The older gentleman had been blushing at the ‘tests’ Hannah had done during the fitting. She placed her older clothes in a chest on the carriage that would take her home afterwards. During the final leg of the trip, Hannah was given some final instructions on how to act. Of course, Hannah used to sneak into noble parties to get laid and snag expensive food, and knew how to walk straight and not look at servants. She also knew everywhere was different so she listened closely for the details.


Once she arrived, she waited for the valet to open her door and walked out without looking. Disinterested and bored was the best expression to have when you walked into a place you didn't belong. Not that she went unnoticed, but she didn't stand out beyond the sight of a beautiful woman. Inside, she walked down a long hall decorated more in abstract wealth than good taste, but she knew from experience that some people thought that as long as a thing was expensive that it made them look good. A door opened and Hannah was led inside to a private bedroom where a woman was waiting.


“Welcome. My husband is getting ready and will be here in a moment,” said the woman.


Hannah looked at her. Her face looked sad and lonely, framed in a much more muted shade of red hair than Hannah had. She seemed like she wanted to be anywhere else. Hannah could see the reason. Her belly was massive with a child due at any moment it seemed. Clearly, her husband no longer found her interesting and thus Hannah had been hired.


“You look wonderful, My Lady.” Hannah curtsied with a smile. “Surely a beautiful child to come.”


“Thank you… miss.” She fumbled wondering how to address someone so below her station in a respectful manner. “For your own good, though, please do not speak with my husband. He would not appreciate it.”


Hannah gave a nod in understanding. While she was forced to wait, she was wondering how Mari and the girls were getting on with their clients.




Mari had been pushed to the bed as the two men came into the room after her. Quickly they took off their shirts and smiled at her. Not considering her worth any words, they yanked off her clothing without preamble and grabbed at her. Yanking at her breasts and her piercings, finding them a novelty. One smacked her right across the face with an open hand. As Mari recovered, they took off their pants and pushed Mari to the floor. On her knees, Mari got the hint and grabbed each of their cocks, sucking off one and then the other. Taking one deep down her throat, then doing the same for his friend. She was looking forward to what she knew was coming next.


Satisfied with his warm-up, one laid down on the bed while the other picked Mari up and tossed her to his friend. He caught her and manoeuvred her legs apart, and brought her down upon his cock. Being lifted up and slammed down, Mari loved the rough handling and looked around for the other to stand in front of her to get her throat again.


Instead, she felt him grab her ass, and she only had moments to prepare herself for him to suddenly shove his cock deep inside her bum. His hands reached around to grab her by her mouth and neck, penetrating it with his fingers and slightly choking her as he violently sodomised her with each thrust. Her breasts were further abused by the man she was on top of as he grabbed her piercings, almost using them to sit himself up. Tears streamed down her face as she cried under the assault before letting out a scream as she orgasmed. Unable to focus on counting, she lasted thirty seconds before she subsided, but the assault on her body did not, and a few short minutes later she was brought to climax again.


Her second round had elicited a fountain of hot fluid inside her bum as the man inside it was finished off. He pulled out and collapsed on the floor exhausted. His partner flipped Mari to the bed and got on top of her to slam his cock into her over and over, as her head hung over the bed to afford a view of the man who had assaulted her ass. Again, he slapped her face and then her breasts, each suffered under an assault until she screamed again in orgasm. Before she had finished screaming, she felt him lose control and fill her up with his seed deep inside her. He pulled out and pushed her off the bed to lay on the floor, while he laid down to recover.




Back at the estate, Hannah finally saw her client enter the room wearing only a robe. “Ah, finally. I get a woman worth bedding. What do you think Elsa?”


“Most beautiful. Fine flesh that should prove pleasing to you,” his wife explained, almost choking on the words.


“Undress her,” he ordered as he dropped his robe and climbed onto the bed.


He was overweight, but thankfully not monstrously so. Hannah didn't mind heavier men per say, but lamented having to literally climb a man or move his body out of her way to find what she was looking for. His wife came over and gently undid her blouse. Hannah breathed in, sharply but quietly, whenever the woman's fingers touched her breasts. Hannah was determined to let the poor wife know she was going to be the one turning her on. It seemed she was getting the message when Hannah moaned slightly as her panties were slowly slid off. Far more slowly than they should have been, as though the pregnant woman was suddenly trying to savour the experience.


Fully naked, Hannah remained standing to wait for her client to beckon her to the bed. When he did, she walked over and then crawled onto the bed, hoping he would give an indication of how he wanted her. He lay prostrate and said nothing, but Hannah could clearly see him swelling. She leant down to take him in her mouth and slowly worked her tongue over his hardness and sliding it down her throat. Not as deep as she liked, but no sense in complaining about the limits of a man she had no expectations for. He soon made a noise, and Hannah slid him out of her mouth and looked up. He motioned for his wife to come over.


“Continue girl.” Hannah returned her attention to his cock while he continued. “See how she does it! That's how you should be pleasing me every night. None of this complaint about gagging. She goes all the way. Look at her!”


Hannah looked directly at Elsa and darted her eyes towards the foot of the bed. There she saw Hannah’s left hand pointing at her before sliding between her legs and pushing into her. Hannah kept her eyes locked with the wife’s, unseen over her clients gut and moaned as best she could with a full mouth, as she pleased herself. Elsa could see Hannah dripping while looking at her. The fact her husband's cock was slowly licked by another woman’s tongue suddenly made her tingle between her legs, imagining it was her womanhood being licked. Of course, it didn't last, as another grunt made it clear he was ready to have Hannah move on.


He gestured Hannah to move up and quickly she realised he wanted her on his face. So she put her dripping pussy over his head and slowly lowered it onto him. He grabbed her by the thighs and inelegantly mouthed all around without direction. Elsa had moved behind the head of the bed to look at Hannah, who reached out and grabbed her by the neck and pulled her close for a kiss. She pushed her tongue deep and felt the gesture returned as they moved against each other in bliss. Hannah's other hand slid down over her breasts, but Elsa knew their goal and lifted her dress. Soon Hannah was two fingers deep inside the woman, and while one hand slowly penetrated her, the other caressed her pregnant belly. Quite fit for a woman that far along, Hannah loved how smooth and soft her skin was. Her breasts had gotten much bigger than they must have been previously. Stretch marks were obvious but Hannah dove on them after breaking the kiss. Her client trying to wriggle a finger inside her was amused enough for the time being as any effort of Hannah's to make it better was wasted on him. So she continued to please the breasts of the neglected wife. Hannah had to put a hand over the wife's mouth so her husband wouldn't overhear.


Eventually, he tired of ‘pleasing’ Hannah and pushed her down to finally get ridden, not seeing his wife put her dress down and putting her breasts away. Hannah ground into him, slowly lifting herself up and down with her legs as she kneeled over him. But while she went through the motions to please the man who wasn't sparing any real effort on his part, Hannah wanted his wife to enjoy herself. Hannah ran her hand through her own hair and bit her lip moaning softly. Pushing her chest out and fondling her breasts with her other hand. Sparing glances at her client to make him feel like he was relevant before closing them again, knowing Elsa would realise she was the one Hannah was thinking of, unable to look at her directly while in his view. Almost too quickly he finished with a disappointing spurt inside her. Hannah kept going until he gestured for her to get off, apparently having trouble breathing after such an effort.


“Show her out,” he mumbled.


“Of course, my husband,” Elsa replied.


Slowly, as Hannah gathered her clothing, he got to his feet and left the room. Before Hannah could turn, she felt her breasts grabbed from behind gently as a pregnant belly pressed on her back.


“Oh, my woman I want you. I am ashamed that I can't please my husband, but so desperately want to feel loved. He will be gone quite some time. I don't mean to keep you, but I can't resist begging you to stay a moment with me.”


“My Lady, you must never beg me of anything I freely choose to give.” Hannah turned to kiss again.


A knock came at the door and the man who had dropped Hannah off spoke. “I am here for the girl. Is she decent?”


“A moment, Hurda. A woman's wardrobe takes time and care to make elegant,” Elsa responded.


Sadly forced to redress, Hannah smiled gently and kissed Elsa again. As Hannah dressed, Elsa had left for a moment before returning. Once ready, they left and Elsa escorted them.


“Wait for her in the carriage, I wish to speak a moment longer.”


“My Lady?” Hurda asked.


“She and her talents won't be available forever and I need advice. You will wait for her while we have a women's discussion. I will send her out through the kitchens. It is almost time for other arrivals and I do not wish for a harlot to be noticed.”


“Understood.” He bowed and walked off.


Elsa showed Hannah into a room with a massive table that, if she was any judge of decor, she guessed as a ready room for the food from the kitchen. Where it was placed after it was prepared but before it was served. She didn't wait long after the door closed before dropping to her knees and getting up the dress of Elsa, who gasped as she leant against the door.


“Apologies,” she muttered, amusing Hannah at how many gasps she had to get through just to say the one word. “I didn't want him to think I respected you.”


Hannah stopped. “Whore, slut, fuck-trash, I have been called a lot, but I really love that name, Harlot. How can this little harlot make you happy, My Lady?”


“I've been told that enough pleasure can make a woman shake and seize. I never understood until you touched me and I felt it building. Now more than before as you do those things to me. Do this for me, please?”


Hannah didn't respond verbally, but she did use her mouth. As much as she wanted to make it last, she knew she didn't have time, and got to work with her tongue quickly over her clit. Elsa had learned from the bedroom to cover her mouth and even still, screamed into it as suddenly like a dam breaking, her juices flowed all over Hannah's face. Her legs trembled and she could barely stand. Hannah stood up and checked her blouse, seeing wet spots all over, making it cling to her breasts.


“Here, take this token,” Elsa said, handing over what looked like a large metal coin. “I was born in Valley Hub before being married to the Duke here.” Hannah inwardly cringed knowing the response Liddy would have at that name. “This will grant you an easy pass for docking and work as well as significant leeway for any issues that might arise. It is the only way I have to thank you.”


“Thank you so much!” Hannah knew she shouldn't take any payment for sex from clients, but a token should be fine considering nobody was around… “Who are you?”


Hannah's quick glance had settled on the girl holding the tray of drinks. She had soft blue-green hair in waves around her shoulders, stopping just before they started to hide a pair of breasts that rivalled Hannah's. A smart maid uniform of blue and grey trimmed in white lace at the end of her skirt. Quite a beautiful young woman, but the most noticeable quality aside from her sparkly skin, the shade of honey, was the broad wings that belonged on a rare butterfly coming from her back.


“I am so very sorry…” she squeaked, almost terrified.


Elsa was equally terrified at being seen with Hannah between her legs. Hannah looked between them, wondering just how much trouble she was in. She gave Elsa a tap on the arm, snapping her out of shock. She walked over to the fairy girl, reaching behind her for, what to Hannah looked like her wings, but instead grabbed a leash. It attached to the collar Hannah had missed around the fairy's neck. She handed it to Hannah.


“The Duke would like to thank you for your excellent service. Please take this Emberborn slave as a token of his appreciation. Also, poor Easy deserves better than the neglect she suffers here.”


“Easy?” Hannah asked.


“Her name. You strike me as the kind of caring woman who would not keep slaves, so I hope she finds some freedom with you. Also, I cannot have her stay here with what she has seen. Her mouth is not known for staying shut.”


Easy looked away, knowing full well how true that was, but also trying to contain the excitement of being allowed to leave. Elsa reached into a small pouch at the back of the maid outfit and brought out some papers. She signed them with a pen Hannah wondered where she had kept hidden and showed it to Hannah.


“Don't sign until you are sure you can free her and see her safe. Otherwise, send her back. As bad as things can be here, it's worse out there without a home,” Elsa explained before turning to Easy. “Now show her out and let her hold your leash.”


A quick kiss and Elsa left them. Hannah looked surprised at Easy, who quickly set down her tray and led the way through some doors. She wondered how she would explain this to Liddy.




Liddy, meanwhile, was against the wall of her cabin with her naked back against the yellow glass of her bedroom window. Her legs wrapped around the man who was thrusting into her and against the glass. She braced herself with her hands, more to protect the window than to help her client, but it worked both ways. He was holding her by her breasts, frequently breaking their kiss to suck at them and bite her nipples gently. She had already climaxed for him earlier when he had her bent over her wardrobe with her face almost touching the mirror. He had been holding her by her, hair yanking with each thrust, and making her watch him look at her with contempt.


Like most aristocracy, he felt she was beneath him, but that's what he paid for so Liddy loved it when doing her job was so easy. He let her drop to the floor and pushed inside her mouth, pinning her head against the wall as he kept driving it deep down her throat. Then grunting loudly, Liddy felt him pump into her mouth as he pulled out just enough to get it over her tongue. He held her jaw to keep her mouth open and unable to swallow until he was finished. Liddy moved her tongue around, letting him see his seed flowing all over her mouth before he let go and let her swallow. He moved away and redressed before leaving the bedroom.




Hannah was explaining to Hurda about how it was common practice to provide women in her profession non-monetary rewards for excellent service, and asked if it was common practice with his line of work as well. He sheepishly explained it was not, and jealously wished he had been rewarded with a slave like Easy. When they arrived, Hannah could see Ving bent over the railing on the upper deck in front of the bridge. She waved with a curious look on her face as Hannah walked by with her new slave. Ving, being the pilot, apparently figured that would be the best place to do her first client.


Of course, earlier Ving had been taken inside the cockpit. With the steering and engines shut down, she could hold onto the wheel while her client was behind her, feeling her up through the leather pants she was wearing at the time. He grabbed roughly, but because of Mari and Hannah, most of the pain was from their greeting earlier and not him. If anything, Ving was slightly numb from the experience. Her blouse she took off herself as he fumbled with his own shirt. Then she turned around to kiss him, pressing her breasts against his chest. Ving did not enjoy chest hair, but the client gets the girl he pays for and he pays for her to want him. She slowly moved so her nipples would feel along his chest and move his hairs. He pushed her back against the wheel and lifted her leg onto the throttle lever that was, thankfully, locked in place. Pulling his own cock out, Ving started rubbing herself to get her wet enough to admit him inside. Plenty hard, he plunged it in and Ving immediately regretted not lubricating it with her throat first. Still, after a few thrusts, things felt better and she let herself moan as he kept her pinned to the wheel. Ving almost didn't notice when he started biting her breasts and yanking her nipples as they had indeed been numbed from the clamps.


He didn't seem to care or notice her inattention as he pulled her off the wheel and against the door to the forward deck. Facing the door, Ving bent over, holding herself on the door handle as he pushed inside from behind. Then suddenly he pulled out and pushed into her ass. Ving almost never let men do that to her, and she had to stifle choice words at his initiative, knowing he had paid for it, letting out a growl instead that he took as pleasure. He kept himself inside her ass he pulled her by her hair until he had her almost upright. Holding her like this, he moved to open the door and pushed Ving out on deck, where he bent her over the railings and continued to grab her by the hips and buck wildly inside her.


Eventually, he pulled out and slid it back in where his cock was supposed to go. Ving cringed at how much she was going to need to wash after. He had decided to take his sweet time and enjoy the feeling of fucking Ving in full view of anyone in the docking bay. She knew her reputation would turn from racer to whore but didn't think it would happen so soon and publicly. He couldn't contain himself much longer and pulled out just in time to cover her back. When he was finished, he left Ving bent over the railing and went back for his clothes before going back downstairs. She didn't realise how much time had passed until she saw Hannah arrive with an actual Fairy on a leash. After seeing her pass through the doors to the lounge, Ving got up and dressed to go see what was going on.


Liddy was waiting in the Lounge, having seen off the clients a while ago. Mari was laying on her belly on the couch in a clean black dress. Something simple she slid on that was comfortable enough to let her poor bum recover. She was the first to notice Easy and leant up looking in surprise. Liddy had been counting money and writing amounts in her ledger when she heard Ving come through the door to the forward deck, and she looked up.


“Why do you have a fairy on a leash?” she asked, trying to wrap her head around what she was seeing.


“You said we could keep tokens and such. Well, here is a token.” Hannah tossed the token Elsa had given her to Liddy. “And this is Easy the ‘and such’ part of the equation. Got the papers to free her, assuming we are taking her with us.”


“Oh, job interview!” Mari exclaimed. “These are always fun!”



Liddy fired a friendly glare at Mari before turning to Easy and Hannah. “Give me a minute to process this.”

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