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Womens Studies - Part 0

Thanksgiving is a very happy day for Psychology professor David Warner and his graduate student, although they won't know it until she misses her period in a couple weeks. David is satisfied that his control over his student is permanent and complete. He finds himself planning his revenge on his man-hating ex-wife, Maggie Malloy.

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Womens Studies - Part 0

By: darwin - Published:

Women's Studies

Part 0: Prologue: A seed is planted

Copyright (c) 2017 by This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, see:

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


Story-Codes: mc M/f

Series Synopsis: Maggie falls under the control of her ex-husband, David, who humiliates her by manipulating her to transform from feminist activist to subservient, make-up-wearing sex worker.

Chapter Synopsis: Thanksgiving is a very happy day for Psychology professor David Warner and his graduate student, although they won't know it until she misses her period in a couple weeks. David is satisfied that his control over his student is permanent and complete. He finds himself planning his revenge on his man-hating ex-wife, Maggie Malloy.


Prologue: A seed is planted

Professor David Warner's comfortable apartment smelled delightful -- just the way all homes should smell on Thanksgiving, with a turkey roasting in the oven and a pumpkin pie cooling on the range. Many a home might sound louder today, with extended family gathered together, raucous and laughing. No doubt that described David's parents' house right now, but David preferred soft jazz and the company of a special girl. A quiet Thanksgiving at home was a soothing balm for a day that sometimes brought friction because David was the middle child and only boy among five girls, all of whom married fairly loud, loutish men.

Besides the coarse company, there would be the questions and the comments:

"Your sisters' kids will be too old to play with yours!"

"When are you going to have a son to carry on the family name!? I'm not getting any younger!"

"When are you going to find another girlfriend? Just because she broke your heart doesn't mean all women are going to do the same..."

"That bitch! I never liked her... She wasn't good for you..."

"Don't you want to settle down and have kids?"

"You shouldn't wait too long... You're not getting any younger!"

In fact, you won't be surprised to find out that, at 39, David knew very well that he was getting older. Making a baby was actually part of the reason he didn't travel to his parent's home. He would enjoy showing the girl off to the family someday. His brothers-in-law would drool and be idiots, pissing off his sisters who would be envious and catty at first, until they realized what a kind heart she had -- then they'd be really envious but secretly catty, because the girl was literally the stuff of which wet dreams are made. She was amazingly beautiful, easily the most beautiful woman he'd personally known, and models became insecure when she enters the room. When David found out that she was also brilliant, he was utterly smitten.

To make matters worse (or far, far better), her family was obscenely wealthy. Her grandfather was richer than God. David was no pauper, but she was half his age and one hundred times wealthier. It was a strange feeling for David to be the poor one, but he charmed her with his expertise and worldliness. Also he took full advantage of what his ex-wife (the bitch!) would call "male privilege."

But right now, all David really wanted was to fuck this girl's brains out. She hadn't been using protection for a week and they had been fucking all the time. He saw no reason to let Thanksgiving get in the way.

So, there they were seated, naked, on his living room couch. Well, David was seated on the couch, and the girl was seated on David. She was straddling him, running her hard nipples over his chest as she delightfully impaled upon his rigid cock. Her hot, wet pussy was gripping his member hard and she was grinding herself against him, rapidly driving herself towards a second climax. Every time she flexed her hips, she rubbed the tip of David's cock against her cervix, driving both of them crazy with ecstasy.

She had been kissing him passionately, but right now her head was thrown back and she was loudly declaring his cock to be the finest in the land. Also, she apparently wanted the neighbors to know that she was about to cum. David was normally a secretive person but in his present state of extreme arousal, he was very turned on by her loud dirty talk.  He would sooner die than discourage her -- let the neighbors be a trifle miffed. It would be their cherished family story in a few years, about the crazy neighbors having extremely loud sex on Thanksgiving Day and how Nana kept telling the kids to turn down that "sinful" television program.

Calling David's paramour a girl was unfair. She was a graduate student finishing up her first semester and handily achieving high marks in all her classes. David was her academic advisor, but she wasn't taking any classes from him. When he met her at orientation he'd been delighted that she'd been assigned to him for advising, but then it dawned on him that, as her advisor, any relationship would be ethically questionable. Although he was tenured and therefore secure, getting caught at that kind of thing could easily get him thrown off the faculty. At first, that made him angry, but then he thought, "Fuck 'em!" because this girl was far, far too good to pass up. Besides, he thought he could handle it if anyone complained.

But the girl wasn't just a student and a sex toy for him, although she was both of those -- she was also unwittingly a participant in a secret and highly unethical experiment. It had started with research on so-called "truth serum" drugs like sodium thiopental. This class of drugs decreases higher cortical brain functioning and because misrepresentation is cognitively more effort than reporting the truth, it was hoped that these drugs would induce honest responding. And, indeed, suppression of the higher cortical functions was observed to make subjects very talkative and to appear to be quite cooperative with researchers. However, the reliability of information divulged while under the effects of sodium pentathol had been found to be extremely questionable and truth serums have been relegated to a tired trope in bad erotic literature.

However, such drugs have been found to reliably leave a person susceptible to suggestion and even to alternation of their memories. David's university, GGSU, happened to have one if the world's foremost pharmacological organic chemists on the faculty. He happened to have done his undergrad there (Go Gardeners!), otherwise they never could have landed such a big fish. He anchored the third-ranked pharmacological chemistry department in the US. When the CIA needed someone to evaluate the risks of truth serum experiments using dithiotimobenzocate (DTB) by hostile regimes, they turned to GGSU. And that chemist, Jack Learnert, an old friend of David's, turned to him to test the DTB on human subjects.

Their research was eye-opening. DTB was fairly easy to synthesize and turned out to have powerful mind-altering effects on participants. About 15 minutes after administering the drug, cooperative participants could be talked into almost anything through suggestion, and David had shown that participant's memories could be permanently altered by use of the right suggestion technique while the drug was active. The suggestion and memory effects persisted long after the effects of the drug wore off -- potentially permanently. Researchers at GGSU had improved the effect of the drug while weaponizing it -- making it more concentrated, odorless, tasteless, readily water soluble, and highly effective when ingested..

* * *

During orientation, David had made a point of asking the girl some personal questions. Turns out they both liked a shot of caffeine after lunch; he liked a strong black coffee and she preferred Chai Tea with extra sugar and nutmeg.

At their first advising meeting, a few days later, he'd come to his office slightly late, bearing two cups from the local coffee place and an embarrassed smile. She was waiting a bit impatiently for him.

"Sorry I'm late, the line was unbelievably long! I guess I'm not the only one who needs a pick-me-up after lunch!" he said with a smile and he handed her a small Chai tea. "Chai tea, extra sweet, extra nutmeg, right?"

"Yes!" she smiled in delight. She noticed that it was barely half full and made a mental note not to patronize that coffee place, but she reconsidered when she'd tasted it as it was very good.

David had been late to his office on purpose. After he got the drinks, he went into the bathroom where he dumped out some of the tea in the sink to make the small tea as concentrated as possible. Then he'd spiked the remaining tea with a double dose of DTB because the toxicity was low and he feared that she might not drink much. (Who chugs hot tea?)

As it tuned out, it did take a good 20 minutes for her to ingest enough tea and another few minutes for her to show signs of going under. At that point, David took the opportunity to dump the half-finished tea into the garbage. It might lead to trouble if she drank some later. Then he got busy implanting the many memories and feelings and suggestions to assist his plan.

He implanted a memory that she'd dreamed of his eyes repeatedly growing up. He "reminded" her that she had had a crush on him and about the frequent sexual dreams in which she submitted to him. He asked how often she masturbated and she said "not very often." He knew that information was unreliable, but if she never masturbated she probably would have said that. So he suggested that he was her favorite topic to fantasize about while masturbating. He also implanted a suggestion that she would have the urge to masturbate about him more frequently.

Soon, she was showing signs of coming out of it, so he resumed academic advising, "reminding" her about her interests in his research areas.  He recommended several papers and explained what was significant about each one. He "reminded" her that she intended to go directly to the library website and find and read those papers.

During the meeting, the girl had gone from slightly imperious to shy, but by the end of their meeting, the girl had worked up the courage to invite her advisor to her apartment for dinner to discuss the papers. She'd downloaded and read them all carefully before he came and they spoke about them as she prepared the chicken. However, they had ended up eating it for breakfast because they forgot about dinner while getting lost in each other's bodies.

All semester long, he'd enjoyed her company and almost from the start, she rarely slept at her apartment, often spending days at his place. He enjoyed winding her ever more tightly around his little finger. By Thanksgiving she was sure that he was her soul mate and she was obviously making plans to move into his place.

* * *

With a groan of pleasure, David was cumming and she was screaming "Oh! Jesus! Fuck! Make A BABY IN ME! Do it! Do it! Dooooo iiiiittttt!"  as her second climax took her. She thought she felt her pussy milking his cock for the precious semen that it provided -- probably wishful thinking and lust, because she also thought she could feel his little swimmers racing to her egg. She was sure that he would fulfill her deepest desire, which was for a part of him to grow inside her womb. She could taste her desire to carry his baby and she was sure that this time she would conceive and then he'd have to marry her. It threatened to smother her in pleasure. She breathed like she was possessed. Overcome with gratitude, she leaped up off his cock and settled to her knees and began to lick his cock clean.

She continued for a long time. David tried to get up, but she actually growled at him and held gently but firmly to his cock and balls. "My cock!" she said. "I LOVE IT!" she hissed and "I want to kiss it all over!" She resumed licking her cock and balls.

When the timer went off for the turkey she said "Fuck the turkey!" and resumed her cock worshiping. In the end, he had to shuffle to the oven with her sucking on his cock. He was extremely careful while removing the turkey because she was oblivious. He finally got her to eat something by saying, "Think of the baby!"

Their shared pregnancy optimism turned out to be spot on and David and Rachel made a baby boy that day and they were both very, very happy with each other.

But no matter how contented David felt with this girl, he couldn't forget about his ex-wife, who'd divorced him a year ago. He found himself thinking about that bitch. When he caught himself, he reminded himself on all the ways that this young nymph was superior to that cunt. 'Am I a masochist?' he asked himself. 'Why am I with the world's most beautiful woman, who worships my cock and is likely carrying my child, but I'm wasting my time thinking of that emasculating bitch!?'

The third time David found himself dwelling on that bitch, he knew that his subconscious was telling him something. He knew that he had unresolved issues that he would have to resolve. 'No problem,' he thought. 'I could use another project now that I am well on my way to marrying the most beautiful daughter of a fabulously wealthy family.'

And then he began to plot his revenge.



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