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Womens Studies - Part 1

By: darwin - Published:

Women's Studies

Part 1: Chapter 1: Maggie loses control

Copyright (c) 2017 by This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, see:

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Story-Codes: mc M/f

Series Synopsis: Maggie falls under the control of her ex-husband, David, who humiliates her by manipulating her to transform from feminist activist to subservient, make-up-wearing sex worker.

Chapter Synopsis: David takes control of Maggie and coerces her into beginning her transformation into a porn star. She begins by giving David a blowjob in the coffee shop bathroom.

Chapter 1: Maggie loses control

"Thank you so much for meeting me here!" David said to his ex-wife, Maggie. "I got you a decaf skim milk no sugar." he said with his warmest smile (he'd practiced it with his new wife).

"I'm vegan now. I think it's the only ethical choice, given what we now know about the farm industry," she said coldly.

"Oh yes. Of course," David couldn't help but hide his disappointment.  "Well, let me get you a replacement. Soy milk or black?"

"Soy milk, but really that's not necessary. I can get my own coffee.  I'm not actually here for coffee. I'm eager to hear what you have to say. Your email said that you'd had an epiphany?"

David smiled broadly. He felt like laughing. Maggie was a Ph.D. and a tenured faculty member like himself, although whereas he was a full professor and fancied himself a behavioral scientist, she was an associate professor of Women's Studies. Her research explored the secret role that pornography plays in supporting male power structures. In other words, her so-called research was complete and utter bullshit.

She also had a secondary line of research on the experience of women engineers because the NSF would totally fund that shit. Even though her main research was essentially anti-porn (after all, even the most feminist, sex-positive porn supports male power structures) it was hard to get funding for that research. She had to make due with small local grants that she wheedled from guilty male administrators who didn't want to tell her what they really thought about either porn or Women's Studies.

And she was a complete, man-hating bitch. He'd thought he was in love with her once and they'd been married for about six months when she found a porn URL in his browser history and that was that. He tried to tell her that it was a mistake (because he was good at hiding his porn URLs), but she wouldn't listen to a word. She kept screaming about betrayal and "the patriarchy." She'd thrown him out of their house and divorced him immediately.

He was really looking forward to seeing this man-hating bitch degraded and humiliated. He smiled broadly.

"I have!" David said excitedly. "But let me get you your coffee first!" and he bounced up to order it. He fumbled a bit putting the top on the cup.

"They didn't stir it very well," he grumbled when he sat down and gave the coffee to her.

"Thanks," she said coolly. "So, what was your 'epiphany'?" She wore a look like she was speaking to Satan. Probably, David reflected, she was.

"Oh, well," he began. "I wanted to share this with you because I realized just how wrong I've been all my life..." he began the speech he'd written and rehearsed last night. To the best of his abilities, it hit all the right points -- male privilege, white privilege, white male privilege, his own contributions to the patriarchy, ways he'd oppressed her and other women, how her comments and complaints had been spot on, how he saw now that their divorce a year ago had been entirely his fault -- basically, it agreed with her worldview in every possible way. His speech could have been summarized as "You were absolutely right and I was absolutely wrong."  He provided details about his supposed transgressions, especially as they related to her.

He kept talking for well over ten minutes and, as expected, she ate it all up. She didn't interrupt him once (which must surely have been a record) and she hung on every word. His speech was the kind of vindication that would make her toes curl. As he spoke, she wished she was recording him so she could replay it over and over. In fact, as he went on, his words took on a hypnotic quality and she felt that she was slipping into something like a happy daydream.

David recognized the signs and switched gears. It had hurt his mouth a little (and his pride a lot) to deliver that bullshit, but his suggestions would work best if she were cooperative and his speech was tailored to win her over to "his side." He was sure that he'd been successful.

Speaking quickly and quietly, he implanted the suggestions he'd planned.  Yes, he thought her plan to get more hands-on about sex-work and porn was a great idea. Her idea to completely "walk a mile" in the fuck-me heels of a porn starlet made perfect sense and was academically brilliant.  He was so proud of her courage. Yes, he would help her in any way that he could. Yes, "her" idea about going into the bathroom and giving him a blowjob was a good idea. She should start experiencing the sex-worker lifestyle as soon as possible. Yes, later that day they'd do some photo shoots so she could start putting her name and likeness out there.

He produced a stack of cheap bound lab journals and "reminded" her that she'd bought them to record her experiences. He showed her some printed pages and had her copy them into the first journal

There were three entries. The first entry was from a couple weeks ago on new year's day. In it, she expressed her reasons for doing this "project." She wanted to learn first-hand exactly what it was like to be a sex-worker and porn star. Yes, it would involve discomfort. Yes, she would suffer embarrassment. Yes, it would be humiliating to have sex for money. Yes, she'd have to suppress her feminist feelings. But she had thought about it and she was sure this would be worthwhile.

The second entry was long and detailed. It was dated last week and laid out her plan. She would experience all aspects of the sex-worker lifestyle. She would change the way she looked and dressed to be more "slutty." She would learn to style her hair, wear makeup, paint her nails. She would learn to look "cute" and "girlie." She would work hard on being pleasing to men. She would try to appear as young as possible. She'd researched it and waxing and shaving caused potentially serious side-effects, so she would pay to have her body hair lasrered off -- all of it -- her underarms, her intimate areas and her legs. She'd even laser off her arm hair if it grew any darker or thicker. She would get manicures and pedicures. Basically, she would think about everything in terms of how a feminist would think, then do the opposite. She would steer into humiliating and painful experiences, instead of trying to avoid them. She would go full-pornstar-mode.

She debated about piercing and tattoos. On the one hand, these had long since ceased being counter-culture elements; it seemed like every young woman had a tattoo and several piercings. On the other hand, the incidence of body modifications among pornstars was very high (about 85% according to one recent study) and this suggested that she should invest in some ink and piercings. In the end, she'd decided to get some piercings and two small tattoos.

As far as experiences go, she felt that it was important, for her research, that she do it all: She would start dressing more provocatively. She would try to use her "feminine wiles" to try to exploit men, ideally earning her living this way. In fact, if all went well, she'd donate her salary to a good cause, like NOW, and live on the proceeds of her sex trade work. She would pose nude for pictures. She would take semi-nude and nude selfies. She would do exotic dancing. She would do some webcam modeling -- including some vanilla caming and some kinkier stuff like bondage and fetishes. Of course, she would do some porn. She also made a cryptic reference to "other common behavioral paradigms confronting women in the sex trade" and David "reminded" her that that was her way of saying that she'd do illegal things like prostitution.

The end of this long entry investigated the ethics of this experiment. She resolved that she would not be deceptive about the lifestyle. She would be transparent about herself and the lifestyle. She would literally become a slut and she wouldn't hide it. Yes, she would be participating in the patriarchy and yes, she would be abandoning many women -- particularly her own family and friends (her mother was going to kill her) but that's a part of the lifestyle and part of the trade-off necessary to conduct this experiment. She was certain that it would be worth it. She closed by speculating about the articles she could write: exposes of the sex trade, authoritative first-hand accounts of ethical issues in gender relations, etc.

The third entry was brief and was dated from yesterday evening. In the entry, she said that she was going to meet her ex-husband David for coffee and that she had decided to attempt to enlist his assistance. For example, to get his input on what men wanted and to assist her in becoming a slut. In the entry, she doubted that he would pass up an opportunity to be involved in something that humiliated her and gratified him. Her entry noted her resolve to totally humiliate herself. For example, it would be humiliating to be naked in front of him again, so she would try to steer things to that humiliating end -- to jump into the lifestyle by seducing him. David helpfully "reminded" her that she'd decided to give him a blowjob in the family bathroom there at the coffee shop.

After she'd copied the entries, David "reminded" her that she'd written these entries herself and he took the printed pages away and put them in his pocket.

As she showed signs of coming out of it, he asked her if he could read her journal entries. They discussed the experiment, the ethics, the potential journal articles. David told her again how brave and creative she was. He wondered if there was a way to turn this into a Nobel prize -- maybe if she wrote about the economic aspects? -- because this was genius-level material. He asked her how her friends and family would react and was encouraging and supportive when she expressed how she expected to be ostracized.

"Well, this has been great!" David said with a smile. "But I need to be going."

"Oh. Um. Well. Ah--" her fair face turned bloody red. She leaned over and very quietly whispered, "I wanted to-- Um-- Can I please give you a blowjob in the bathroom?"

David never acted professionally, but he'd been in many community productions. His face wore just the right mixture of shock and desire.

"Lead the way!" And so she did, walking to the family bathroom, looking around to make sure that he was following her and that no one was looking, then into the bathroom. David slipped in after her and locked the door behind them. It felt wrong for him to be locking her in a small room with him, but she did appreciate that she would only humiliate herself in front of him.

"I-I've never done this before," she said with her eyes downcast. "Can you coach me through it?"

"Of course: Say 'I have a surprise for you!" and then do a sexy striptease." Her eyes grew wide with shock and her face wore a look of dismay, but David simply stared down at her, waiting.

"I-I have a s-surprised for you, Mister!" she said in the most unconvincing slut voice ever. But she smiled at him and then she started swaying back and forth, running her hands over her breasts and stomach and hips. Her face was red with embarrassment, but she slowly removed her sweater. Then she started unbuttoning her blouse. Before she could take it off, David said "Pants, shoes and socks first." so she swayed a bit more and then slipped her ugly Birkenstocks off. She made a show of rolling her socks down but she was actually wondering how much fungus and urine she was touching on this filthy bathroom floor. Then she unfastened her jeans and lowered the zipper.

As she went to push down on the waistband, David said "Uh-uh-uh! Dance like that for a moment or two with your hands over your head. Rub your body against me. Say things like 'This isn't the surprise... Wait until I get naked.' and 'You're so handsome.' and 'I'm going to let you feel my panties because you're making me sooo wet.'"

Maggie turned two shades darker red but she did as she was told. She rubbed her crotch against his and said, 'You're going to love your surprise." David was grinning like a college kid and he took out his cell phone and started taking pictures. She was mortified but she smiled pretty for the camera.

"Turn around and show me your ass while you slowly pull those pants down. You can kind of accidentally lower your panties and flash me, but then you should pull them back up. Your panties will be next, after you've gotten you pants all the way off and have danced for me some more." Maggie did as he told her. "That's very good. Look over your shoulder and smile at me. Smile like I was a box of chocolate." Maggie smiled.

"You're so handsome, David. I really like dancing for you, but I'm really looking forward to giving you your surprise."

He had her rub her ass on his crotch as she slowly removed her panties. Then he had her remove her blouse and bra, all while facing away from him (although he could see her body in the mirror). Then he had her put the blouse back on and tease him some more with her hands and the blouse. Finally, the big finale where she danced naked.

"I looove being naked for you, Baby!" she cooed.

"Daddy," David corrected. "Say: I love being naked for you, Daddy."

Maggie's stomach knotted and her vagina wanted to strangle David, but she swallowed her pride and smiled and said "I looove being naked for you, Daddy! ... Time for your surprise, Daddy" She looked down at the floor.

"Do I have to kneel?" she asked hopefully.

"Yes, I'm afraid so," David replied matter-of-factly. She she pasted what she hoped was a bimbo's smile on her face and sunk to her knees in front of him. She had trouble unbuckling his belt, but he didn't move to help her.

"Come on slut, don't act like this is your first," he hissed. She colored and tried harder. Suddenly, David grabbed her by the hair and slapped a hand roughly on her mouth, stifling a squeal of shock and pain.

"I'd be quiet if you don't want everyone to know what you're doing in here." He was squeezing her cheeks painfully. She was shocked how strong his hand was -- he was just some fucking professor! "And you'd better stop fucking around and get busy! Or else!" 'Or else fucking what!?' her Id screamed, but her Ego pushed back. She tried to smile at him and pulled desperately at his jeans and they finally opened. She yanked the zipper down and pulled his pants and boxers down so that his semi-rigid cock slapped her chin.

"Oh Daddy! You're sooo BIG!" she said and started licking up and down his shaft. When they were married, she'd never have given him a blowjob like this. If he made her sufficiently aroused and he was already pleasuring her with his mouth, she would sometimes consent to reciprocate, but she considered it degrading. Consequently, she wasn't very good, but she'd watched more than a few pornos. David took things in hand, literally, by grabbing her hair in one hand and his cock in the other.

"Open wide," he ordered and then drove his now-rigid cock deep into her mouth. His dick was maybe a little longer and wider than average and he was soon hurting her mouth and throat but he kept going.

"More tongue, you whore!" he hissed and put both hands on her head to force his cock all the way down into her throat. She felt like her throat would be ripped up by his abuse. She was gagging and it was all she could do to prevent herself from vomiting on his cock as he held his cock down her throat and her face pressed against his public hair. Then he pulled out and jammed it back in. After a couple minutes of this, he started hammering her mouth. She was in agony. Her eyes were streaming.  She was gagging constantly. His cock felt like a brick.

David, however, was in heaven. He'd always wanted to sexually dominate her and she looked a mess. He wondered if he could make her cry. Without warning, he pulled out and yanked roughly down in her hair to painfully turn her face up. She looked up fearfully and he spit in her face.

"Open your mouth, whore!" he commanded, so she did and he spit again into her open mouth.

"Swallow!" he commanded and she obeyed. Then he went back to abusing her throat with his cock.

Soon (although it seemed an eternity to Maggie) he was ready to cum.

"I'm ready to cum, whore!" he hissed. Her eyes went wide with panic and she tried to stop.

"Oh, no! You fucking bitch!" David slapped her face. It wasn't a hard blow, because with his dick in her mouth he didn't have a good angle and no follow-through. But even a half-assed slap was a sea change for this feminist. David ignored her. All of his thoughts were centered on his dick.

"When a man says 'I'm going to cum,' you act excited. You moan like you fucking love cum. You suck harder. You encourage the man! Do you hear me? Or do I have to slap you some more?!"

Maggie could feel her stomach knot itself but she forced herself to moan and try harder. When he momentarily pulled out she quickly said: "Oh Daddy, I want your cum so bad, Daddy! Please cum for m--" he jammed his cock back into her mouth and came and came. Like a fucking monk, he'd avoided all sexual contact for a week before this so that he had a lot of cum and he flooded her mouth. She was horrified. It was like having a mouthful of snot, but it tasted vile too. It was salty and bitter. But she knew what a pornstar would do and she tried to do that. She moaned like he'd just squirted the finest chocolate into her mouth. And though it almost killed her, she swallowed, which hurt because he was still ramming his goddamn cock down her throat but she swallowed again.

"Oh Jesus!" David said louder than he intended but softer than he wished. She was doing something to his cock that felt so good as waves of pleasure rolled over him.

David had forgotten to take pictures but he did so now. He made her smile up at him and lick his softening cock and blow him kisses. Finally, he looked down with a smile as he zipped himself up.

"That was great!" he said. "I'll see you at your house at 2:00 to help you out some more." and he left the bathroom. There was a woman waiting to change her baby and Maggie's eye met hers and she watched the woman's eyes grow wide and her mouth open. She knew what that mom was thinking, 'What a fucking whore?!' and 'The nerve of some sluts!' Then the door swung shut and Maggie turned beet red. She raced to lock the door and then she got dressed as quickly as possible. When she slipped out the door of the bathroom, the woman was not there but as Maggie walked out of the shop, she saw the woman watching her and scowling. Maggie kept her eyes down. She was bright red as she rushed out.



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