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A Matter of Class PT1

Here's a story with Mistress Stephanie, from my "Janet" novels. The wealthy are different than you or me!

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A Matter of Class PT1

By: sfmaster - Published:


WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author does not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age or 18 or reside in a state, nation, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!



A Matter of Class PT1”




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“A Matter of Class PT1” by


“Enter,” Mistress Stephanie commanded from inside the library.


Her Maid Camille opened the library door for Allison Robbins, Stephanie’s newest prospective client. Allison was twenty-one, just out of college, well built and attractive, a Greenwich socialite, heiress of a modest fortune, and unfortunately for her, getting into trouble and being chased by the paparazzi.


“Mistress Stephanie, Allison Robbins is here,” said Camille.


“Thank you, Camille. Allison, so nice to meet with you, please take a seat,” Stephanie offered.


Stephanie watched as Allison, dressed in the newest Dior dress, walked over and took one of the chairs in front of Stephanie’s desk, smoothing down the fabric over her lush body before placing her bottom on the chair. She placed her purse on the other chair, and waited.


“We can be alone now,” Stephanie said to Camille.


“Yes, Mistress,” Camille replied as she shut the library door behind her.


“That’s better, we can be alone now. What may I do for you?” Stephanie asked of her guest.


“I’d like to experience a Dominatrix,” Allison quickly replied, “I’ve always had these strange desires about leather, rubber, and bondage, and now I find normal sex boring – I’d like to be a slave – a woman’s slave.”


“That’s quite interesting, do you know where you got this desire? Watching women get tied up in movies, or the old Avengers TV series perhaps?”


“What series is that, I don’t think I ever heard of it?” Allison questioned.


“Hmmm, you’re too young. I suggest a visit to a retail store – I think you’ll find the series interesting. However, suggesting old TV series isn’t why you’re here. You have other desires. Would you care to elaborate?”


“I’m tired of being chased by journalists and paparazzi looking for a story! I have no privacy in life! Shake a tree outside my estate, and someone will probably fall out! I’d just like to lead a normal quiet life out of the limelight.”


“A laudable goal,” Stephanie agreed.


“Mistress, I understand that you were born to wealth and privilege, yet you manage to keep your name of the papers. How?”


“Very simple. I do nothing to make journalists and paparazzi interested in me. Outside this house, I appear to be a perfect normal woman, retired from my former profession. Inside, I am a Dominatrix serving the wealthy and powerful of Greenwich with the utmost discretion.”


“I’d love to be normal! You have no idea what it’s like being harassed! I can’t do anything without someone watching. I just want to be normal – to go to McDonald’s for a meal, instead of a fancy place in Manhattan. I want to go to a porn shop like a normal person without attracting a crowd. I hate living in a fishbowl!”


Stephanie removed a manila file folder from the top part of her desk, and handed it to her guest.


“Please open it,” Stephanie commanded.


Allison opened the folder, and saw all of the press clippings of some of her press exploits. Drag racing her new Jaguar; nude sun bathing; drunk in public, all had been public embarrassments – and good copy!


“Perhaps the reason you’re being chased by the paparazzi is that you’ve made yourself a target for them. You commit some outrageous act that’s fodder for the tabloids, so it’s no surprise that you end up on the supermarket racks. If you were to lead a more discrete lifestyle, they will go away in search of someone else, leaving you alone – to pursue D/s with me,” said Stephanie.


“I don’t understand,” Allison answered.


“Allison, the tabloids and gossip columns allow average people to be voyeurs of the wealthy and powerful, and if we commit some outrageous act in public, then we have no one but ourselves to blame if it’s splashed all over the media. Some of your exploits have been quite noticeable – and dangerous. You simply must lead a more sedate and reserved lifestyle to keep yourself out of the press.”


“Nobody has ever spoken to me that way before!” Allison protested.


“Allison, what you do not seem to realize is that you have been given a very great gift in life – a sizeable inheritance that allows you to live in comfort and privilege that most people can only dream about. For a time I lived and worked as a “normal person” and it’s not easy – so don’t give me this “poor little rich girl” act, please,” Stephanie lectured. “Many of my other clients are wealthy women, and they live quiet lives and keep their names out of the gossip columns, which will be my first requirement, should I take you on as a client.”


“I’ve always done what I wanted in life,” said Allison.


“Not any more. You have come to seek the services of a professional Dominatrix who will exercise the utmost discretion in keeping your secret sex life exactly that – secret. Here, under my tutelage, you have the chance to experience the bondage and the punishment that you so crave. But outside of these walls, you must do nothing to attract attention to yourself. As your Mistress, I have specific responsibilities to you, to insure your safety. As my submissive, you have responsibilities to me – to keep your new lifestyle a secret.”


“I think I understand, Stephanie.”


“That’s Mistress Stephanie, to you. Failure to address me properly can result in a spanking.”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“That’s better. If you want to become my submissive, to wear my ring and chains, and feel my lash, then you have to learn to behave differently. Your entire life will change. No more drunk driving or racing, no more trying to steal clothes from a store – in fact, I’ll tell you how to dress from now on. You’ll be shopping at JC Penney and the Gap from now on, not Dior or Max Mara or Versace.”


For effect, Stephanie picked up a small wooden paddle that she kept on her desk, and began to slap it against her, the smacks resounding through the library.


“Mistress, why aren’t you wearing some kind of outfit like I see in movies?”


“Because we are not in my Dungeon right now, nor are we doing a scene. I only get dressed up in leather when I do a scene – not just for show.”


“Of course.”


“Are you prepared to change your life to accommodate a new one? Else you can leave right now, and nothing further will be said,” Stephanie concluded.


“Yes, Mistress. I promise that I’ll behave differently from now, and I’ll stay out of the newspapers.”


“Good. Do you understand what being a submissive means?”


“Not exactly, Mistress.”


“To wear my collar means that you won’t be wearing any clothes, and those that you do will be picked out by me. You’ll be punished in any way that I desire, spanked, cropped, or whipped. You will have to obey all my orders without question – don’t worry you won’t be asked to do anything illegal or harmful. Your body will belong to me, and while you’re here I’ll tell you when you can have an orgasm at my command – and if you come without permission, you’ll be punished.”


“I think I understand, Mistress,” said Allison.


“No you don’t,” Stephanie contradicted her, “you don’t have the faintest idea what you’re stepping into. Being a submissive is a lot more than just running around naked with a collar and getting a mild spanking. You’ll be placed in bondage, locked in a cell, and screaming out your submission to me. I’ll have the complete use of your body – and that includes your mouth, breasts, and pussy.”


Allison appeared to be shaken by Stephanie’s description.


“Is this all true?” Allison asked.


“Yes, would you like to go downstairs and see my Dungeon?” Stephanie offered.


“Yes, Mistress, I would very much.”


“Come with me then,” Stephanie commanded as she rose from her chair.


Allison followed meekly behind Stephanie as the two women walked over to the elevator, and got inside after the door opened. Descending quickly, the door soon opened again, and Stephanie opened another locked door, and turned the lights on.


Allison gasped at what she saw inside!


“I didn’t believe it when I heard about you, that it could possibly be true! Do you really use this on naked women?” Allison asked.


“Yes,” Stephanie answered matter-of-factly, “is there anything that you would like to try out? I won’t do a scene with you, since you have to write me your sexual history, provide a checklist, and be interviewed, but you can try out something fairly mild.”


Walking past the X-Frame; Rack; and ceiling chains, Allison seemed as if she was in a spell. Stephanie had seen this all before – new submissives seemed to go into a trance when they saw that the bondage devices of their fantasies actually existed in reality.


“I’d like to be locked naked in the jail cell with handcuffs and leg irons, Mistress Stephanie – if that’s all right.”


“Of course. You’ll find hangers on the wall for your clothing,” Stephanie directed, “you can still wear your high heels.”


“Thank you, Mistress.”


Allison proved to be a little bashful as she removed her blouse, skirt, and underwear, but soon she was standing naked in front of Stephanie. One arm was folded across her breasts, and the other covered her pussy.


“Have you ever been naked in front of another woman?” asked Stephanie.


“No, Mistress.”


“Well you had better get used to it here. Have you ever worn a Maid’s uniform?”


“A Maid’s uniform?” Allison asked in surprise, “certainly not! I’m not a servant!”


“Well, here you shall certainly do so, and without underwear, so that I can beat that impudent bottom of yours if I so desire!” Stephanie declared.


“You’re not serious,” Allison answered.


“May I remind you who is the Mistress here? I’ll do anything with that luscious body of yours that I desire.”


“Yes, Mistress,” Allison answered.


“Now then, let’s get you into cuffs. Hands at your sides, Allison, you have a very nice body. There will be nothing concealed from me here, do you understand?”


“Yes, Mistress.”


Stephanie began by locking a pair of gleaming stainless steel handcuffs on Allison’s wrists in front, making a point to lock the ratchets very slowly and for dramatic effect. Next came a matching pair of leg shackles on her ankles. Stephanie motioned to Allison that she place her feet on a small raised platform so the she wouldn’t have to bend all the way down, and again the sound of closing ratchets faintly echoed through the Dungeon. She opened the cell door, and Allison walked inside, then Stephanie closed the steel door behind her with a clang!


“There now, that should keep you,” said Stephanie.


Allison pulled at the cuffs on her wrists, and then at the cell bars without effect.


“They’re real!” Allison proclaimed.


“Of course they’re real! That’s why you’re here – to experience Bondage,” said Stephanie who then removed a crop from the rack, “this is a riding crop, but it isn’t going to be used on a horse – it’s for spoiled little rich girls like you.”


Stephanie began to bend it between her hands.


“Do you know what a riding crop is made of?” Stephanie asked her jailed visitor.


“No, Mistress,” Allison answered.


“Leather wrapped around bamboo, and it will hurt.”


“Yes, Mistress,” Allison replied.


“I’ll just leave you alone down here so soak up the atmosphere here for a while then send Camille to release you in a while. Enjoy yourself,” said Stephanie, pausing to replace the crop back on the rack.


Of course Allison had no way to know that the entire Dungeon was covered by closed circuit TV, and that she would be under constant observation for her own safety by Stephanie.


Once back in the library, Stephanie activated the CCTV system, and in full living color, watched as Allison paced back in forth in the jail cell, pulling at her handcuffs and ankle cuffs as well. The only clothing that she had been allowed to keep had been her designer high heels, and Stephanie chuckled that her Jimmy Choos weren't worth a whole lot when their owner was naked and chained a in a jail cell.


Before seating herself in the leather chair, she had removed a can of Coke from the small refrigerator that she had in the library. Stephanie watched her newest client pace back and forth, and every few moments the young woman would grab hold of the bars and uselessly try to force the door.


Stephanie turned the sound on – the Dungeon was wired for sound as well!


“What am I here for, have I gone nuts?” Allison asked herself in the cell confines, “to place myself at the mercy of a whip yielding leather clad bitch?”


‘That hurts,’ Stephanie said to herself, ‘I haven’t laid a hand on her and she calls me a bitch. Typical spoiled kid – nobody ever said no to her in her whole life!’


Sitting back in her chair, she knew that she could only keep Allison in the cell for an hour, since she had another client coming in that morning. Ellen White was the director of a large NY firm, a typical Type A personality, who also enjoyed being stripped naked, flogged, and placed into rubber bondage once a month. Ellen’s sessions usually lasted hours long, and also required Camille to assist her in order to satisfy the client.


Stephanie sipped at her Coke, watching Allison test the bars that held her captive.


‘Pull at them all you want, sweetie,’ Stephanie thought to herself, ‘you haven’t seen anything yet!’




Two weeks after their first meeting Stephanie had decided to take Allison to the Galleria Mall. Instead of shopping in the designer stores they had shopped in JC Penney, the Limited, and the Gap. Stephanie made Allison pick out an entire new wardrobe that was affordable for a Middle Class budget – not one that would spend hundreds (or thousands) for something get worn once, and then discarded for next season’s fashions!


When they arrived back at Allison’s Mansion, Stephanie had another surprise for her!


“Is the Jaguar your only car?” Stephanie asked.


“Yes, Mistress.”


“I want you to buy another car – less ostentatious – used. Perhaps a Chevrolet or a Toyota.”


“Why, Mistress.”


“Because when you submit to me, you’ll be taking off your Middle class clothes, and I want you driving a Middle Class car to go with it. Besides, most rich people in Greenwich already own a show car and a more practical one anyway – why take the Jaguar to the supermarket?”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“I’ll help you pick out that one also,” Stephanie offered.


“Yes, Mistress,”


Stephanie hung a clothing bag in Allison’s closet, which she had kept in her car as they two had gone shopping. Allison had been wondering what it contained all day, and now she was burning with curiosity about the contents!


“Allison, I went over your sexual history and checklist that you wrote out for me, and I have decided that I am willing to accept you as my student. Provided of course, that you keep our activities a secret and do not gossip about them to anyone; and of course you keep your modest lifestyle. If you do anything that gets in the papers, you will have seen me for the last time.”


“Yes, Mistress.”


Allison was suddenly excited – she had passed the test that Stephanie had given her! Getting locked in the cell for an hour two weeks ago had just been the beginning – now she was going to experience something new!


“I’ve looked over your closet, and I will say that you’ve got good and expensive taste in clothes.”


“Thank you, Mistress,” Allison answered.


“But you will be wearing a more modest wardrobe from now on, do you understand me?” Stephanie threatened.


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Good. At least you already wear high heels,” Stephanie observed as she picked out a Prada stiletto that was five inches high, “another of my clients only wore flats, and I had to convince her that I wanted her in feminine high heels.”


“How did you do that, Mistress?” Allison asked.


“With the whip,” Stephanie casually answered, and she could see that Allison was shaken by her answer.


“You whipped her because she didn’t wear high heels, Mistress?”


“I told you that I have complete freedom of your body, that includes dress as well as use of the lash. Now another of my submissives has a medical reason why she can’t wear high heels – pervious use has damaged her for life – so she has been allowed not to wear them in my service.”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Will we be alone for the rest of the day?” Stephanie asked.


“Yes, my Maid only comes in a few hours each week to clean and do the laundry, everything else I do myself, including cooking.”


“Good, so you’re not totally helpless,” Stephanie answered.


“No, Mistress.”


“Good, I want you to remove your clothes, and then put on what’s in the bag,” Stephanie ordered.


Allison walked over to the closet.


“No, darling, you’ve got to strip first,” Stephanie ordered.


Stephanie sat on the bed and watched with wry amusement as Allison stripped off her clothes, placing them on hangers. When she was still in bra and panties, she made an effort to open the bag.


“No, darling, I said naked, and that means everything,” said Stephanie.


Allison soon complied, and she was naked in front of Stephanie.


“That’s better, darling. Now you may open the bag!”


The bag contained a rubber Maid’s uniform, matching stockings, corset, and a pair of gloves.


“There’s no underwear, Mistress,” Allison pointed out.


“Of course not, silly!” Stephanie answered, “Submissives have no need of underwear during a session – that’s so I can get at your breasts, bottom and pussy all that much easier. When you go off to work, and in your normal life, then you can wear bras and panties – we’ll have to go shopping and get you some normally priced things to replace all this Prada & Eres undies.”


“Yes, Mistress,” Allison answered.


“Now then, get into the rubber hose first, and I’ll help you, since this will be your first time. Now, where in the bathroom do you keep the talcum powder?”


With Stephanie’s assistance, her newest submissive was taught how to get into a rubber garment. Stephanie told her how to coat her legs in powder, and then roll up the rubber stocking and then carefully pull it up her legs. Same for the matching gloves. Next, the uniform itself was zipped up round her, with some powder on her back, breasts, and sides. Finally the skintight garment was smoothed and ready for inspection.


“Go look at yourself in the mirror,” Stephanie instructed.


Allison stood before her full-length bathroom mirror, and gasped at the sight of her wearing the tight black rubber Maid’s uniform. She felt her breasts under the rubber, marveling at how it covered, but did not conceal, all of her feminine curves. She pulled up the skirt to reveal her pussy, and she knew that she was available for whatever Stephanie would demand of her!


“You look divine, darling,” Stephanie complimented her.


“Thank you, Mistress,” Allison answered.


“Now I have another gift for you, and I guarantee that you can’t buy these shoes in the mall,” Stephanie laughed.


Stephanie handed a large shoe box to Allison, who opened it and placed in on the bathroom vanity. She took one shoe out, and then gasped when she saw the straps.


“Mistress, these have a loop for a lock! Can these be…”


“Yes, Allison. They can be locked on your feet. Put them on, please.”


Doing as she was told, Allison placed the shoes on her feet, finding that they were only four inches high, not the five that she had been expecting!


“Do you like them?” Stephanie asked.


“Yes, Mistress, thank you very much.”


“Here are two small padlocks – you may lock them on your feet, Allison.”


Allison closed the two small padlocks on her shoes, and once on, the ankle strap couldn't be removed! She would be in the heels until released!


“Walk around, dear,” Stephanie directed.


Allison walked through her bedroom, feeling very sexy in the black rubber and heels!


“I’m glad that you have a four-poster bed – it makes things so much easier. Could you stand at the right foot and grab onto the post?” Stephanie asked.


“Yes, Mistress,” Allison replied.


Allison grabbed hold of the post as instructed, and was mildly surprised when Stephanie reached around her and closed the corset at her front! Then she felt the Mistress begin to tighten the laces, compressing her chest!


“Ever wear a corset before?” Stephanie asked.


“No, Mistress Stephanie.”


“Then I won’t tighten it too much, just a couple of inches at first. Don’t want you fainting from lack of breath!”


“Ooooooof!” Allison exhaled when the laces were tightened, compressing her middle to an hourglass shape.


“There’s a considerable art in learning how to work the laces on a corset, and I was sent to school by my Mistress to learn just how,” Stephanie told her charge, “you’ll be so feminine in a corset.”


“I’ve never felt like this before,” Allison gasped.


Stephanie pulled the laces around Allison’s waist, then tied them at her back, making a proper bow of them.


“There now, you look divine. Why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror.”


Seeing herself in the Maid’s uniform, with the black rubber stockings, gloves, locked shoes on her ankles, and lastly the corset, Allison didn’t recognize herself. She was truly a different person!


Then Stephanie walked up behind her, and placed a leather collar around her neck, and locked it shut. It closed with a tiny click that was clearly audible to Allison’s ears. In front was a D ring that could be used to attach her to anything!


“Why don’t you put on your wrist restraints, Allison,” Stephanie ordered, “and then we can get down to business.”


“Yes, Mistress.”


Allison did as she was instructed, and soon she was totally ready for action! She couldn’t be released from her uniform until Stephanie was finished with her!


“You look very attractive, Allison,” Stephanie complimented her charge.


“Thank you, Mistress Stephanie.”


“Now I want you to polish all the furniture in the living and dining rooms, and vacuum the rugs as well. Do you think that you can do that?”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Now go ahead, and if you miss a spot, you’ll be punished, then made to do it all over again, except the second time it’ll be with a dildo harness holding a phallus in your pussy – every step will be agony for you!”


“I understand, Mistress.”


“Good, I’ll be watching from the kitchen having a soda, now run along,” said Stephanie.


Allison wasn’t too surprised when Stephanie gave her a gentle smack on her rubber clad bottom, and she quickly exited the bedroom to fulfill the orders that she had been given!


She polished the furniture in both rooms like a fanatic, leaving not a single inch forgotten, bending down (not easy in the corset and heels!) to get into every beveled edge of wood. Before, she would do just a cursory spray and wipe, but she now suspected that her bottom would suffer if she didn’t do an excellent job, so she took her time – covering every inch with polish, then rubbing it in like a fanatic!


Next she vacuumed, and used every attachment, got into every crevice and under every piece of furniture. She pushed the vacuum back and forth over every inch of carpet, picking up everything in her path. Allison had never taken such time to clean her own place – and this had just been two rooms!


“I’m finished, Mistress Stephanie,” Allison announced after she had stowed everything away.


“Inspection, then! Stand still and silent – that’s the way the household staff used to stand after they had completed their work and the Master of the house would inspect their work.”


“Yes, Mistress,” Allison answered.


Stephanie inspected every inch of Allison’s work, and indeed the girl really had taken the effort to remove the dirt that Stephanie had managed to place in both rooms. There was no reason to punish her because she had failed to clean, rather the only reason was for her pleasure!


“Very good, Allison. You have obeyed my orders completely, and truly cleaned as instructed.”


“Thank you, Mistress.”


“Next time you don your Maid’s outfit shall be in my house when I command you to clean there, under the same orders.”


“Yes, Mistress Stephanie.”


Stephanie had placed her gym bag containing a few of her toys next to the couch. She seated herself, and opened the bag, placing the implements on the wooden coffee table in front of her. There was a paddle (leather on one side, wood the other); crop; a small flogger; nipple clamps; chains; dildo; and a ball gag. Just a handful of items that could drive a submissive wild when used.


“On your knees, Allison,” Stephanie ordered.


“Yes, Mistress.”


Allison got her knees, and placed her hands on her knees, legs open, as Stephanie had told her.


“Do you know what all of these things are?”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“They are all intended to punish you in any way that I desire. You cleaned very well, so there is no reason to punish you for failure. That leaves being punished for my pleasure. Do you understand?”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Very good, I want you to get on my lap, as I’m going to start with a spanking,” said Stephanie.


“Yes, Mistress,” Allison obediently sat on Stephanie’s lap.


Stephanie raised her skirt, exposing her bottom, and rubbed the girl’s fleshly globes.


Smack! Smack! Smack!


Allison’s first discipline at the hands of her Mistress had begun!


Smack! Smack! Smack!


Allison had fantasized that she would have been stripped naked in Stephanie’s Dungeon, hung from the ceiling, and whipped! Instead here she was in her own house in a Black Rubber Maid’s uniform, corseted, being spanked!


Smack! Smack! Smack!


Stephanie had started slowly and carefully, beginning with small strokes of her hand just to mildly sting Allison’s bottom. She wanted to keep the full force of her hand available for later, when her subject would get the paddle!


Smack! Smack! Smack!


“Enjoying yourself, darling?” Stephanie asked.


“Yes, Mistress,” Allison replied.


Smack! Smack! Smack!


Stephanie did not have to be a mind reader to know that Allison was intensely excited by her spanking – she could smell the girl’s arousal from between her legs!


Smack! Smack! Smack!


Which made it all-important to start slowly and keep Allison hungering for more, rather than just beat her senseless with a whip, in which case she would almost certainly never see the girl again as a client!


Smack! Smack! Smack!


Stephanie decided that she should now use something stronger!


“Allison dear, reach over, get the paddle, kiss it, and hand it to me,” Stephanie ordered.


“Yes, Mistress.”


Stephanie watched as her newest client did as she was instructed, and once she had kissed the instrument, handed it to her Mistress.


“Thank you, Allison.”


“You’re welcome, Mistress.”


“Sit tight!”




The harsh sound of the bare wood against Allison’s bottom, as opposed to the more gentle smacks of Stephanie’s hand was quite a contrast between the two. Allison jerked when the harder instrument struck her bottom.


Crack! Crack! Crack!


The sound of the paddle echoed through the living room as Stephanie used it on Allison’s bottom. However, Stephanie held back her true strength, teasing Allison – to make the girl want more serious punishments!


Crack! Crack! Crack!


Stephanie noted with approval as Allison’s bottom reddened and became warm. Later, she would use Noxzema or toothpaste to sooth her wounds!


Crack! Crack! Crack!


“Do you like the paddle?” Stephanie asked.


“Yes…yes, Mistress,” Allison stuttered in reply.


“That’s good, because as my submissive you know that there will be more cruel things ahead!”


“Yes, Mistress,” Allison answered.


Crack! Crack! Crack!


“Ooooooh!” Allison cried when she felt Stephanie’s hand creep into her wet sex and insert two fingers inside!


“You seem to be quite wet,” Stephanie commented, “clean my fingers off!”


Stephanie placed her fingers into Allison’s willing mouth, and she complied with her Domme’s command.


“Very good, darling.”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Perhaps you’d like a dildo in your pussy? Tell me, do you have any sex toys in the house?”


“Just my own vibrator, Mistress.”


“What a saucy thing you are,” Stephanie commented.


“Yes, Mistress.”


Crack! Crack! Crack!


“Have you ever been in bed with another woman?”


“No, Mistress.”


Of course, Stephanie already knew the answer to that question, since Allison had written out her sexual history. She was not a virgin, and had three male lovers so far in life.


“How does the idea of making love to a woman sound to you?”


“It excites me, Mistress,” Allison answered.


“You’re going to be taught how to please a woman in the arts of love,” said Stephanie, “or else be punished for failing.”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Your body now belongs to me when you wear my collar.”


Crack! Crack! Crack!


“Yes, Mistress.”


Crack! Crack! Crack!


“Would you like to have a little test?” Stephanie asked.


“How, Mistress?”


“If I place the dildo in your cunt, and continue to paddle you, do you think that you can keep it inside you without climaxing and it falling to the floor?”


“I don’t know, Mistress,” Allison answered.


“Later on, when you’ve been properly trained, you’ll be able to do so easily. I just want to see how much control you have over yourself now.”


“I can try, Mistress.”


“Very good then!”


Placing the paddle down on the table, Stephanie retrieved the dildo, opened Allison’s legs, and then inserted the dildo’s tip at the entrance to her sex.


“Oooooooh!” Allison shook and moaned when the dildo was placed inside her, “Ooooooh, Mistress,” Allison cried.


“How do you feel?”


“Fine…fine, Mistress, I think,” Allison answered.


“You told me that you used a vibrator, why should the dildo affect you so?”


“Because I’ve never been spanked first, Mistress,” Allison answered as she shuddered when Stephanie pistoned the dildo inside her.


“Oooooh!” Allison moaned.


It was simply all too much! Allison thought to herself! The uniform, the corset, her collar, the shoes, a spanking, and now a dildo up her cunt! If Stephanie could excite her so with just a few toys in her own mansion, she could just imagine what the Dominatrix could do when she would be naked in the Dungeon!


“Ready dear?”


“Yes, Mistress,” Allison cried.


Crack! Crack! Crack!


Stephanie did not want to paddle Allison so much that the dildo would fall out. She could see how much the girl was straining to control her vaginal muscles in an honest effort to please her Mistress. So Kegel training would be called for!


Crack! Crack! Crack!


Allison had certainly demonstrated her submission today, and she would be amply rewarded for it later – with intense training that would leave her covered with whip marks!


Crack! Crack! Crack!


“Just hold on, Allison.”


“Yes, yes, yes…Mistress!”


Crack! Crack! Crack!


“All done!” Stephanie announced, as she put the paddle down and felt between Allison’s legs for the dildo, which was still there!


“Very good, darling,” Stephanie praised her submissive.


“Ooooooh!” Allison groaned when Stephanie removed the dildo from her pussy.


“Very good dear. Now I’ll release you from your outfit, as I have another client that I have to see tonight. You’ve done very well, and I can promise that you’ll just love your first session in my Dungeon!”


“Thank you, Mistress,” said Allison as she got shakily to her feet.




That night, after Stephanie had left, Allison couldn’t wait to zip herself up in the Maid’s uniform and lock the heels onto her feet. She enjoyed the aroma and feel of the latex on her figure, and the sexiness of the uniform.


All she could think about in bed while trying to sleep was what delights awaited her in the Dungeon – all those whips, crops, and floggers were meant for her, and she couldn’t wait!


The End of “A Matter of Class PT1”



To be continued…                               

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