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Filthy Addict

Filthy Addict is a mature story of sex addiction, obsession, and foul play.

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Filthy Addict

By: MissLadyH - Published:

Filthy Addict



Part 1

(the alley)



The stool was warm and sticky to the touch, he thought.  The drinks were subpar as well as the esthetics but he didn't care about any of that.  Paul tapped the bar, "Sam...another!" Sam pretended not to hear him and continued to talk to an older woman as he served her another shot of tequila.  Paul tapped the bar again, "Sam...I know you hear me! Do I need to shout it, my man?" Sam turned around and gave Paul a dirty look. "No, that won't be necessary." Sam made Paul another gin and tonic and placed the glass hard on the bar. "This is your last one! I'm not serving you anymore. I want you to leave!" Paul licked his lips and looked up from his drink with a cocky grin stretched across his face. "After this one," he chuckled, "sure thing, I think I'm good anyway." Sam rolled his eyes as he watched Paul's gaze wander across the room over to a young woman sitting alone sipping on a long-island-ice-tea.  Sam had asked the young woman several times before if she was alright and she had told him that she was fine and was just waiting for a friend.  By Sam's count, the young woman had been waiting for over 30 minutes. He had feared that whoever she was waiting for wasn't going to show but there wasn't much more he could do without coming off like an alarmist.  Sam shook his head as he watched Paul stroll over to where the young woman was sitting. He saw Paul mouth the words, "may I sit with you," and with bated breath, he waited and hoped that she would say no, but that didn't happen. Paul took a seat and looked over at Sam and gave him a wink. Sam grimaced in objection. 


"Come on...that's it", Paul whispered in her ear. The wall was cold, rough, and dirty. She didn't want it to happen here but everything was moving so fast. He was moving fast. "Oh, look at you! You like to fight a little!" Her head was swirling from the two long-island-ice-teas she had.  He began to kiss her neck while his hand pulled at the top of her dress. She was so warm he thought, as he released her small breast from the cheap material.  And she smelled so good, despite her liquored-up breath. He knew he had to act fast before she changed her mind. All of the time spent talking about her ex-boyfriend had bored him to death. He couldn't listen to another word. "Hey, hey there...we don't have to do this here, you know?" She wanted to get out of the alley. What if someone saw them? "Did you wear this dress just for me," he breathed? She couldn't think. Her dress was fitted tight and a bit on the trashy side. Paul loved it. It reminded him of something a hooker might wear. Paul began pulling at her dress, lifting it further and further up. Trish tried to keep herself steady as he pushed himself against her. She felt as though her heels were going to give way.

"Hey, what's your name again," Trish managed to ask?

"Why... isn't it sexier not knowin'?"

"What's your name," she managed to ask again?

"David," Paul lied, he hadn't any intentions of this becoming anything.

"Hey...hey, got somethin', right?"

"Why," Paul chuckled?

Trish tried to open her purse to get a condom but Paul pushed the weight of himself against her again and her purse fell. Trish's eyes grew wide as Paul pulled down her panties. A lump formed in the middle of her throat that kept her from objecting. And with that, Paul inserted himself inside of her. 


Trish's stomach started to churn. Paul heard her trying to garble out words. He knew he had to come quickly otherwise she might puke all over him. It really pissed him off having wasted so much time trying to convince her to go outside. He figured he better pull out before coming, and with the stiffening of his body, he did just that. Trish stood silently looking down at Paul's cum on her left thigh. She reached down to pick up the contents of her purse and noticed the unused condom and began to cry. "Oh wow, don't do that! Here...", Paul reached into his pocket for a tissue. "See, it's all better now. You got your stuff and now all you gotta do is call a friend to give you a ride home." Trish picked up the rest of her belongings and tried to stand up. She was sore and completely drunk. "I'd give you a ride home, but-uh, I didn't drive here either. Gotta call an Uber." Trish just gave him a hollow stare. She couldn't care less. There was no way she would allow him to give her a ride home and take the chance of him knowing where she lived. Paul started to walk away trying to get a better signal. Trish began to cry harder, not knowing how she was going to get home. The bar was closed and so was every-other-place on the block. Paul pulled out his wallet and held out a fifty. "WHAT?! DO YOU THINK IM SOME SORT OF WHORE OR SOMETHING?!!!" Paul threw the fifty to the ground. "That's for the Uber that's coming! Grow up and get some therapy!" Trish stood there in amazement as Paul walked off and got into a black Porche and drove away.




Part 2

(the email)




Linda had been reading and answering emails for the past two hours.  She expected Dr. Anderson to be late again. It annoyed her that he didn't come in early.  She knew not to schedule anyone in the morning. Lately, all appointments had been scheduled for late afternoons, often being canceled by him, just to be rescheduled again.  He would see one or two patients at most, then leave Linda to lock up the office without so much as a goodbye. Linda would have left a long time ago had it not been for the handsome insurance policy that she needed to cover her sick husband. Over a month ago, Dr. Anderson had been doing well, Linda thought, but something, once again, began to deter him from his work. What it was, she did not know.


Linda noticed an email that had been sent several times from a Dr. Clausen. 

The first one read:

Call me!

It was short and sweet and to the point.

The second one read: me! I do not have your current number. You are supposed to stay in contact with me!

And the third and last one read:

You must be busy. Unbusy yourself and contact me ASAP! I have got one and she's my favorite!

"Who is Dr. Clausen," Linda whispered to herself? She had never heard of him before. And what did he mean by "I have got one and she's my favorite"? A cold chill ran down Linda's spine. Linda wondered if she should give Dr. Anderson the message. Her finger lingered over the delete button for a moment. Then she decided that it was in her best interests to write the messages down and give them to him anyway. Linda didn't want to lose her health insurance, however, she did decide a little digging would be alright.


Linda didn't know how many times she had dug through Dr. Anderson's files or personal effects but it was more than she would have liked. His office was extremely neat and orderly, to the point of being excessive. There were parts of his office that were off limits.  Linda figured she would start there.  She knew she had to be careful. Everything she touched had to be put back exactly where and how she found it, otherwise, he would know. 


Sweat began to accumulate above Linda's upper lip as she flipped through documents, never picking up more than a few at a time. Nothing seemed to be out-of-order or out-of-the-ordinary. She didn't know what she was looking for or if she would find anything. Despite having been put in charge of the office, the accounting, scheduling, and other personal tasks she didn't know much about the doctor's personal life. She did find it strange that he never spoke of a girlfriend or a significant other. For several years she thought that he may have been gay but one evening, several years back, he had forgotten to log off his computer.  Having been left to lock up, she had noticed that his computer had been left on but the monitor was turned off.  He had left in a hurry so he must have forgotten, which was very unlike him. Out of curiosity, she turned on the monitor. Pictures of women tied up and in lewd sexual acts were plastered across the screen. A quick look at the history showed an extensive list of xxx rated porn sites, so many that Linda became ill. She knew that men looked at porn. She had found her father's stash once when she was a little girl long ago so, despite her age, the concept wasn't new to her.  But, it was the amount and the type of porn that she found on Dr. Anderson's computer that she found alarming. The sites were nothing like the simple Playboy magazines her father or her husband had enjoyed, they were cruel, nasty, and perverted in nature. But one thing was certain...Dr. Anderson was not gay.    




Part 3

(pink marbles)




"What's this Bitch think'in," Maurice yelled at Kitty, "she ain't bring'in in the monies she used to?!"

"Well...she ain't as pretty as she used to be, Daddy," Kitty whispered while taking a drag off of a cigarette.

Maurice took Kitty by the arm and hustled her off the corner. Maurice looked her over with ice-cold eyes that made Kitty shiver. She knew he could be really sweet at times but right now wasn't one of them. Maurice's moods could shift fairly quickly. She always tried to stay clear of him when he got this way.

"Is her pussy fucked up," Maurice spat at Kitty?! Kitty's arms began to shake.

"Is her pussy FUCKED UP?!" Maurice's grip became tighter and tighter.

"No Daddy...ain't nothin' wrong with her pussy." Maurice smiled really wide and loosened his grip on Kitty.

"That's right baby, ain't nothin' wrong with that pussy. You guys still hold tight on those marbles like I said?"

"Yes." Kitty shuddered.

Kitty hated that he made them do that. He said it was an old trick his grandfather had come up with for his girls to stay tight down there. Maurice had bought a bag of marbles from the liquor store on the corner where all the neighborhood kids liked to buy their bubble gum and Jacks. He made each of the girls go around to the back alley and lift up their skirts. He handed each three marbles a-piece. Lacie, the girl who he had recently given a black eye to, stupidly asked for all pink ones, that being her favorite color and all. This is how they became known on the streets as "Maurice's Marbles". It was humiliating. The other girls taunted them constantly about the marbles and she hated it but there was nothing she could do. It wasn't wise to go against anything Maurice said.


Lacie skipped down the stairs pausing just as she got to the entryway. Her john peered out the side of his door. Leon loved to watch Lacie's ass bounce. She was a sweet young girl with a firm athletic body, blond, blue-eyed, with pouty lips, and a soft heart shaped ass.  "Love whatcha workin' with baby!" Lacie flipped her hair and blew him a kiss. Lacie hesitated to open the hallway door to the street. When she heard Leon shut his door she regretted not taking him up on his offer to walk her out.  She had decided it wasn't a good idea after all because she didn't want to lose another john.  Leon was her favorite and she didn't want Maurice to get jealous again. She looked into her purse to find her marbles and inserted them one by one into her vagina with her forefinger.  Without any care or concern, she wiped her wet fingers on the side of her skirt and then opened up her compact to take another look at her black eye.  "Just a little more makeup," she whispered to herself.


Maurice and Kitty were waiting down the block.  Lacie swallowed and took a long drag off her menthol before opening the door.

"Hey, Daddy," she yelled while waving, "got your money right here!" When she got a little closer Maurice grabbed her by the arm.

"Shut the fuck up! Why you yellin'?! You walk up to me and hand it to me! Don't nobody need to know our business!"

And with that, he snatched the money out of her hand. Kitty stood against a dirty pole watching the two of them. She watched as Maurice took Lacie's chin in his hand and tilted her face to the side to get a better view of her shinner.  Slowly, Maurice kissed her on her closed eyelid.  Kitty turned away in disgust. She knew it was just a matter of time when he would do it again, just as he had so many other times. Kitty wanted out. She figured if she could just make enough money to buy a bus ticket, she could get away. It didn't matter where just anywhere but there. 


"I love this song, Kat!" Lacie turned up Maurice's radio.  It was The Rolling Stones, Sympathy for the Devil.  "I just love this song! Do you know who he's talking about, Kat?" Of course, Kitty knew who he was singing about but she said nothing.  "He's talking about the devil, Kat. Isn't that crazy?"  "Maurice said I was really smart because I figured it out the first time I heard it!"  Kitty said nothing in regards to that.  " better turn down the radio before you blow the speakers.  You know Maurice doesn't like it when you turn up his radio that loud."  Maurice was at the corner liquor store buying smokes.  Kitty knew he'd be walking out of the store soon and would hear the music blasting from his Caddy. Sometimes Kitty wondered if Lacie had brain damage.  "I need to get out," Kitty yelled over the music.  Lacie leaned forward and Kitty got out.  She lit a cigarette while standing outside beside the car.  That was another thing, Maurice didn't like anyone smoking in his car even though he smoked in it all the time.  He didn't want his leather seats ruined.  She shook her head at the thought of how stupid his rules where but no one could argue with him, he was in charge of everything.  They had handed over their power to him long ago and it was the worst thing that they could have done.




Part 4

(university girls)




Trish rolled over and turned off her alarm clock.  She knew she had to go to class otherwise she was going to be kicked out.  Four days still didn't seem like enough.  Her body ached from laying in bed for so many days.  She stumbled over to the bathroom and turned on the shower. She slowly peeled off her pajamas and socks and stepped in.  The water was hot but Trish didn't seem to feel it.  Her skin became bright red and began to burn but she didn't care.  If she could have boiled herself she would have.  A thought crossed her mind, would she ever feel clean again, sadly, she didn't think so.


Nicolette sat behind her computer checking her schedule.

"Tammy, when is my next appointment," Nicolette asked? 

"You've got fifteen minutes Nic. Lunch is almost over and your next appointment is with a...Trish Welton.  She's a sophomore living off campus. Here's her paperwork.  She filled this out several days ago online." 

Nic looked through the file while she finished her sandwich.  She slowly put it down and sighed. "Not another one!" She thought. A chill ran down Nic's spine.  She was going to have to call Officer Williams again.   


Trish adjusted her seat.  She was grateful that she was the only one in the waiting room.  Classes had started so the hallways were quiet. Trish's long red hair was dripping from the rain outside.  "I have some paper towels here if you would like some," Tammy asked?  Trish shook her head no.  She owned and umbrella but was unable to find it.  She had almost called to cancel her appointment with Dr. Keyton but decided to keep it instead. "Dr. Keyton is ready to see you now," Tammy said while handing her a clipboard and a packet,"You can fill this out in her office."  Trish nodded and took the clipboard with the packet and went inside.  "Hello Miss Welton, please have a seat,"  Dr. Keyton said looking at Trish with direct eye contact, "and tell me what has brought you to my office today and how can I help?" All of a sudden a rush of emotion came over Trish, an emotion she hadn't anticipated.  " It's all right. You're in a safe space. Take as much time as you need," Dr. Keyton whispered and handed her a tissue box.  Once again, a lump had formed in Trish's throat making it hard for her to speak, only this time, she wasn't being rushed.   


After Miss Welton had left her office, Dr. Keyton flipped through her Rolodex and pulled out Officer Williams's card and dialed the number. 

"Hello, this is the operator of the Davis Police Department, may I help you?"

"Hello, this is Dr. Keyton Penton University, is Officer Williams in today?"

"He is but he's out in the field, may I take a message or is this an emergency?"

"No, this is not an emergency.  Please just let him know that I called and to please give me a callback.  I have more information that he is looking for."

"What exactly is this pertaining to?"

"This is pertaining to the university girls. He will know."




Part 5

(good girl)




Nic looked down at her cell and smiled.  

"I've made dinner," Fisher had texted.

"Oh yeah?" Nic texed back.


"Mmm, what did you make?"

"You have to come home and see."

"Mmm, I will.  I'm on my way," Nic texted back while licking her upper lip slowly at the thought of Fisher.

"But first...," Fisher texted.


"Where are you?"

"I'm in the car parked in the parking lot getting ready to leave."  Nic waited a few seconds for Fisher to respond.

"Take off your panties," Fisher continued.

Nic looked around the parking lot.  It was pretty much empty but there were still people walking back and forth from the parking lot to the front of the university.  She slowly adjusted her seat and reached under her skirt and pulled down her black lace panties.  She laid them beside her on the passenger seat.

"Are they off?"


"Show me."

Nic took a picture of her panties laying on the seat and sent it to him. They were the same ones he had put out for her to wear that morning.

"No," Fisher responded.


"That won't do. I want to see more."

Nic took another glance around the parking lot and looked in her review mirror then decided it was safe to take another picture. She set her flash on and set her camera on rapid fire. Then she reached under her skirt and took several pictures. She pressed send on the entire lot.


"How much more?"


Nic knew what he wanted even though she asked.  She placed two fingers inside and worked them in and out.  Her breath became rapid as she masturbated. She was wet, very very wet, and that was what he wanted to see.  She pulled her lips apart and took pictures. Then she took pictures of her fingers and sent them to him.

"Very nice," Fisher replied, "good girl."

"Yes...yes, I'm your good girl."

"Now put them in your mouth and lick them clean. I wanna smell your cunt on your breath first thing when you get home."

Nic did as he said and then started her engine. She couldn't wait to get home for dinner. Fisher always knew how to feed her appetite.

Nic unlocked the front door and walked in.  She could smell Fisher's Baked Ziti from outside. Fisher was in the kitchen pouring a glass of wine when Nic walked up slowly behind him and put her arms gently around his waist.  Fisher turned around and kissed her deeply and she became wet instantly.  "Sweet honey," Fisher whispered.  Nic knelt down and unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and pulled down his fitted boxers.  Fisher was fully erect and completely ready.  Still sipping on his glass of wine, Fisher looked down and watched as Nic sucked the tip of his penis.  He tilted his head back and inhaled deeply.  He almost came but decided to hold back.  He wanted to be inside her.  "Get up," he ordered while putting his glass of wine down on the counter.  Fisher pushed her against the wall and hoisted her skirt high above her waist.  "Spread your legs," he whispered.  She began to spread them and then he pushed her leg aside further with his foot.  Fisher inserted the girth of himself deep inside of her and Nic came all over his thighs.  That was what he wanted.  He wanted to please her and have her wet cum jet forth like a fountain with a cracked nozzle. In complete extasy, Nic turned around and kissed him hard.  She pushed him toward the bedroom and onto the bed, got on top of him, and rode him hard.  It was a habit of theirs to indulge in dessert first.  Dinner always came second to that.

Later, the next day, in the early morn, Nic's cell began ringing.  Fisher was sound asleep with his arms around her.  His body was so warm and luscious that she didn't want to move but her phone continued to ring.  "Who would be calling this early," Fisher whispered.  Nic reached for her phone and looked at the time. "I don't know," Nic whispered back.  It was 3 am and she didn't recognize the number.  

"Hello," Nic answered. 

"Hello, is this Dr. Keyton?"

"Yes, who is this?"

"This is nurse Rondell from Lincoln Medical Center in Sacramento.  Do you know Trish Welton?"

"Yes, I do. Why?"

"I'm afraid I need you to come up.  We have no one else we can contact.  Sadly, Trish Welton tried to commit suicide last night.  We understand that you are her therapist?"

"Yes, I just started seeing her.  So, are you saying I need to drive up now?  Are you releasing her?"

"No, not yet. Our head of psychiatry, Dr. Johnson, thinks that she should be admitted and would like to see you in person to talk about her case.  He feels that it would be in your best interest to see Miss Welton before that happens."

Nic sighed. "Alright, I'm on my way.  Will you please text me the address of the hospital and Dr. Johnson's contact information.  It's going to take me a while to get there."

"Certainly, Dr. Johnson and I will be waiting for you."

Nic ended the phone call and waited for nurse Rondell to text her their information. 

"What's going on," Fisher whispered?

"I've got to go to Sac."

"This early?"

"Yeah, I'm not looking forward to it either, but I've got to go."

Nic reached down and kissed Fisher. She could see he was rock hard and so wanting.  She loved morning sex but he was going to have to wait. She knew she would have to make up for it later but she didn't mind, she enjoyed a good challenge.




Part 6





Dr. Johnson was waiting with nurse Rondell at the ICU's front desk drinking coffee.  Having already been given a description, he was then able to spot Dr. Keyton come out of the elevator.

"You must be Dr. Keyton," Dr. Johnson said and extended his hand to Nic for her to shake.  

"Yes, Hello it's nice to meet you."

"This is nurse Rondell."

"It's nice to meet you Miss Rondell."

"It's nice to meet you too."

"So which room is she in," Nic asked while looking around?

Nurse Rondell looked towards room 105 and shook her head. "She's in room 105 but she's asleep right now.  She's very heavily medicated at the moment.  I had to give her a shot to calm her down.  She was very upset when she was brought in.  It helped her quite a bit.  I was able to tell her before she fell asleep that we had gotten a hold of you.  That really seemed to calm her down before the medication kicked in."  Nic nodded.

"So what exactly happened?"

"Why don't we step into this room over here and discuss this in private," Dr. Johnson interrupted.

Nic followed Dr. Johnson into a private room and sat down.  Dr. Johnson sat down next to her with Trish's file in hand.

"Nurse Rondell informed me that you haven't been working with Miss Welton for very long, is that correct?"

"Yes, that's correct."

"Well, based on our intake and the cause of her injuries, I think it would be wise that she be admitted to our psych ward for a while.  I believe she is an incredible threat to herself and possibly others."

"What happened?"

"An ambulance brought her in.  According to the EMTs, a man driving behind her on the freeway saw her swerve and drive directly into a pole.  He stopped and ran towards the car but he couldn't get her out because she was stuck behind the wheel.  She was crying and yelling for him to leave her alone and let her die.  He called the cops and the Fire Department.  They got her out and brought her here."

"Is there a police report?"

"Yes, it's here, in the file.  The police department faxed a copy about an hour ago before you got here.  They suggested after treatment of her injuries that she be 5150'd.  She was in quite a state when she was brought in."

"And her injuries...?"

"From what I can see she has minor scrapes and bruising around the abdomen.  She does have a considerable gash on her forehead.  She may have a mild concussion.  We are waiting for a technician to run a CAT scan so as of right now..."

"You mean to tell me one has not been done yet," Nic interrupted?!!!

"No...for some reason, down in the ER, the paperwork went missing during her intake and she was left on a gurney behind a privacy curtain unattended.  They were under the impression that she just had a stomach ache.  Luckily, one of our nurses found her paperwork.  It was found covered by several hospital blankets behind the gurney!"

"Good God! Do you think she did that?"

"I asked her and she gave no response.  I'm guessing that she did."

Nic shook her head several times while in complete shock.  For several minutes, Nic and Dr. Johnson sat quietly.

" mentioned a technician being called...has she not been scheduled for the CAT scan yet?

"Yes, the one machine we have is in use as we speak.  We should be getting a call as soon as it is free for use."

"I'm so confused! It took me 20 minutes to drive here, not to mention parking!  She has been in your care that entire time!  I don't understand!"

"I wasn't here when I was contacted.  I was at home just like you.  I was on my way and I got here about 15 minutes before you did.  Someone in the ER did not finish her intake properly.  Once she is in the clear that will be the very next thing I investigate."

"Were there any blood panels done at least?"

"Yes, I told nurse Rondell to do that immediately when I got in but we still haven't gotten them back yet.  That too is going to take some time."

Just then there was a rapid knock on the door.  It was nurse Rondell.

"What is it," Dr, Johnson inquired?

"It's Miss Welton, something is wrong, she's bleeding out," nurse Rondell said frantically!

"She's bleeding out," Nic shouted?!!!

Dr. Johnson ran out of the room and into room 105.  Dr. Keyton stayed close on his heels.  Trish was still asleep but her bedding was visibly soaked with blood.  Nurse Rondell pulled back the bedding.  It was obvious, Trish was having a miscarriage.

"Did anyone bother to give her a pregnancy test," Dr. Keyton yelled?!

"Well," Dr. Johnson yelled at nurse Rondell?!

"I'm pretty sure I did."

"Pretty sure," Dr. Keyton yelled back?!

"I will call the on-call surgeon."

Nurse Rondell ran out of the room to call the on-call surgeon Dr. Hasher.  Dr. Hasher, having had been on a break, came up within 3 minutes. Several other nurses accompanied him and assessed the situation.  

"I'm going to take her into surgery right now!  She's had a miscarriage and there may be further complications.  I won't know until I get in there but it looks as though she is going to need a blood transfusion as well.  Where is her chart," Dr. Hasher asked?

"Here it is," Dr. Keyton said handing it over.

"Alright, good, there is nothing in here stating she can't have one. Alright ladies, let's get going!"

"How long will she be in surgery Dr. Hasher and will she be alright," Dr. Keyton asked placing her hand on his arm?

"I don't know," Dr. Hasher responded bleakly. 

Dr. Hasher and several nurses wheeled Trish out of the room and onto the elevator, leaving Dr. Johnson and Dr. Keyton behind.




Part 7

(missing earring)




Time was running out and Linda was growing tired of searching.  Dr. Anderson was due to come in soon and she didn't want to be caught snooping.  There didn't seem to be anything in Dr. Anderson's office that could be tied to the strange email that she had read earlier.  Then it occurred to her that maybe she should take computer screenshots of the email and keep them.  For some reason, Linda's intuition never failed her.  Something about that email didn't sit right with her. After taking the screenshots, she then emailed them to herself.  Then Linda rushed around his private office, making certain that everything was in its right place.  Linda saw that she had left Dr. Anderson's letter opener on top of one of his filing cabinets. She walked over to pick it up when she noticed something strange hiding behind the lower part of the cabinet.  It looked like a large manilla envelope.  She reached down to get a better look but didn't realize Dr. Anderson was standing in the doorway. Linda knelt down to reach for it when she heard movement behind her.

"What are doing Linda," Dr. Anderson said in a low commanding voice leaning over her shoulder?

Linda became stiff and turned to her side to look at him.

"Uhm...actually I...," Linda had to think quickly, "I was just going to look for a file when my earring fell out."

Dr. Anderson's eyes narrowed down at her.  "You have it in your ear, Linda.  Is there something else that you are looking for?" 

Linda slowly rubbed her hidden ear from his view causing its earring to fall out.  Linda then turned further towards him so that he could see that she didn't have both.  That seemed to calm him a bit.

"Do you see it anywhere," she asked?

Dr. Anderson looked over the Berber carpet and noticed a small diamond stud shining. 

"Is this it," he asked still looking at her in a suspicious way?

"Yes! You found it!  Oh, thank you so much, Dr. Anderson.  My husband would kill me if he thought that I lost it." Linda decided to ham it up even further. "He gave these to me for our 5th anniversary."

Linda could tell that Dr. Anderson seemed satisfied with her explanation.  Little did he know, her heart was racing and she was sweating profusely underneath her rayon-blend blazer.

"Well then, you must be careful."

"Yes, you are so right."

Just then the phone at Linda's desk began to ring.

"Well, duty calls."

Linda walked briskly out of Dr. Anderson's office not taking a chance to look back.  She sat down and took in a much needed long breath, wiped her brow, and answered the phone.

After Linda got off the phone, she realized that she hadn't given Dr. Anderson his messages for the day.  She looked through the small stack and came across Dr. Clausen's message.  She decided to pull it, along with a couple of others and put them aside for later.  She knew if she gave them all at once to Dr. Anderson she wouldn't be able to see his reaction while reading Dr. Clausen's message. 

"Dr. Anderson, I have several messages for you from earlier today," Linda said to him while handing them over. 

"Thank you, Linda."   

Dr. Anderson quickly shuffled through the messages and then stopped abruptly.

"Are you sure these are all of the messages?"

Linda hesitated.  She knew that he had been suspicious of her earlier and perhaps still didn't trust her.  She had noticed that Dr. Anderson's personality had changed a lot in the last few years.  It showed in the little things as well as a few big things.  She knew something wasn't right but didn't know what it was.  So, she decided that she better come clean. 

"Just a moment, let me make sure," Linda said with a forced smile.

Linda's heart began to race as she turned on her heels to head toward her desk in the waiting room.  She then picked up the last three messages she had set aside.  She deliberately walked back to his office slowly as to feign looking for the stack. 

"Oh, here are a few more. I apologize."

Linda handed the messages over and waited.  She watched him slowly go through each message.  She had purposely placed Dr. Clausen's message at the bottom.  And there it was, a very strange display of silent emotion played out before her.  It was obvious that Dr. Anderson was trying to contain his emotions but Linda had been working for him for years and had never seen him reveal himself quite the way he was at that moment.  A familiar illness came over Linda while watching Dr. Anderson.  It brought her back to the same feeling that she had when she found all the porn on his computer.  She became very aware of her physicality.  A desperate fight or flight reaction came over her.  She didn't fully understand why.  Maybe it had to do with the sly grin that slowly stretched across his face.  She swore it was sinister. 

Dr. Anderson's eyes peered upward and over Dr. Clausen's message and crossed paths with Linda's stare.  A look of panic rested on Linda's face.  A brutally forced smile was planted there, completely fake, and yet was very satisfying to him.  Even an old woman's fear could get Paul going.  




Part 8

(the plan)




Kitty sat at the edge of the bed waiting for Maurice to decide.  Maurice took another drag off of his Kools.  He had already gone through half a pack.

"He has seen the both of you, right," Maurice asked puffing away?

"Yes...," Kat said.

"But he prefers me,"  Lacie interrupted, "He has seen me more than Kitty." 

Kat rolled her eyes.  She preferred not to go.  There was something about this john that she didn't care for.  She didn't want to be doing this, this was something they had never done and she knew it would be extremely dangerous to pull off.  The only thing she could think of was the safe and the money it contained.  

"But Kitty is the better pickpocket though, that's how come she knows he's got so much great stuff at his place," Lacie exclaimed, once again interrupting Kat's thoughts.

"That's not how I know! I saw him take money out of his safe."

"That makes no sense! What dummy would open a safe in front of a hooker," Maurice questioned?

"I know because he took me to his apartment!  I reminded him of an ex so he took me to some highbrow fund-raiser in San Francisco.  After he drove me to his place and we did it.  When I was lying in his bed he got up to get the money he owed me.  Just so happened that his dressing mirror was angled where I could watch what he was doing. He didn't notice."

"Was that that one night I kept call'in and your phone was off," Maurice asked?


"I was so pissed about that until I saw how much he paid you!"

"You never told me he took you to San Francisco.  Why wouldn't he take me?" Lacie whined.

"Maybe he doesn't like you as much as you think." Maurice chuckled causing Lacie to frown.

"And what does highbrow mean," Lacie asked?

Kat laughed out loud and Maurice shook his head.

"You really need to pick up a book sometime!" Maurice laughed.

"Yeah...and a dictionary," Kat replied!

"You guys can be so mean!"

"I still love ya, baby," Maurice said then he leaned over and kissed her.

The conversation was cool for Kat until he did that.  Kat wasn't jealous of their relationship, she found it idiotic.  And stupidity often caused her stomach to churn.

"Yeah, well, nice work," Maurice said giving Kat a side grin.

Lacie watched as her cell lit up. 

"He just contacted me again," Lacie said, full of excitement, not paying any attention to what Maurice had just said.  

Maurice grabbed Lacie's cell to read her text messages and decided to take over the conversation.  Her cell was a throw-away.  Maurice always made sure to cover their tracks.  All business came through their posted listings on Craigs List.  Maurice would buy new phones ever-so-often.  He had kept this phone for over a month waiting for the doctor to contact them again so they could put his plan into motion.

"What's the color of his Porche again," Maurice asked?

"It's black," Kat said while putting on her boots.

"So, one more time...Kat will drive the Caddy and follow us in the rental to the bar. Once there, Kat, you drive around the bar to wait and see where the doc parks his Porche. Wherever he parks, park a block away around the corner from it. Then text me where you're at.  Lacie and I will drive the rental into the alley.  Lacie will go to the bar and wait for the doc then get him good and drunk.  Once Lacie leads him out into the alley I will hit him over the head and put him in the trunk of the rental,"  Maurice said while pointing at Kat to look at the GPS address of the bar.

"She's following us. I know the way to the bar.  She doesn't need that." 

"I need it in case we get separated, Lacie!"

Maurice shook his head.  "Just listen!"

"After I put him in the trunk, Lacie will take his keys and start to walk down to wherever you are at.  When you see that she is a quarter of the way, you get out of the Caddy and start to walk towards her.  You guys switch keys when you get close, but Kat, don't walk all the way up to the Porshe.  Drop the keys and kneel down like you need to tie your shoe and wait for Lacie to get into the Caddy and pull out. Lacie, you will drive down two streets over from wherever that will be and wait for my text.  Then you Kat, get into the Porshe and drive around until you get to this street, here.  This is the street where we will rendezvous because it's a decent distance away from the bar. I will text you when it's time to meet. Then when you see me, follow me, but from a distance.  Then we'll make the drive to Richmond. We won't go to the complex.  I've picked this area here for you to park the Caddy and this area where we will park the rental.  After that, I will put him into the back of the trunk in the Porche and we will all ride together.  Then we will pull into the garage at his complex,"  Maurice ordered while handing Kat a red colored wig and Lacie a black one," put these on before we get there."

"One problem," Kat said.

"What's that," Maurice asked?

"The trunk isn't in the back," Kat said.

"What are you talking about," Maurice asked perturbed?

"The trunk, the trunk of the's in the front, not the back."

Maurice blinked his eyes several times.  Kat knew that meant that he was trying to process what she was saying.

"Like a Bug?"


"Oh that's weird," Lacie said.

"You didn't know that?"

"Nah...well, whatever.  Is there gonna be enough room for him in the front, cause if not that's gonna jack up this whole plan?"

"Yeah, there's plenty of room.  He's not as tall as you.  He's about 5'10."

"Okay, cool!"

Then Lacie held out her wig.

"Another problem," Lacie quipped.

"What the fuck now," Maurice shouted!

Lacie just stood there holding out her black wig, as if it were obvious.  Maurice waved his hands in a gesture of getting her to speak.

"He likes my blond hair, how will he know it's me if I'm wearing this ugly thing, no offense Kitty," Lacie asked timidly?

Kat had jet black hair and despite Lacie thinking blond was better she knew otherwise.  Kat rolled her eyes and then grimaced due to the churning in her gut.   She began to worry and wonder if Lacie was going to be their weak link causing something horrible to happen.  She truly hated stupidity.  

"So what! There will be people at that bar that will be able to id you as a blond if he decides to go to the police!  I'm trying to keep that from happening,"  Maurice yelled, "And just open that god damn mouth of yours when you see him for fuck sake, he'll know it's you," Maurice yelled again!

Lacie grimaced and then nodded quickly while feeling stupid and ashamed.

"Make sure you both have the right address,"  Maurice said giving Lacie a stern look, "I don't want anybody gettin' lost."

Lacie and Kat nodded.

"All right, he's ready to meet! Let's go!"

Maurice grabbed his bag, checked his right boot for a knife, his right arm for the other, and tucked his gun into his belt behind him. Then the three of them left the motel.  Kat followed Maurice and Lacie as planned in the Caddy.  They were headed to a small bar near the downtown area of Sac. Kat's stomach churned over at the thought of Maurice bringing his gun.  All she could do was hope that he wouldn't have to use it.




Part 9





Dr. Keyton waited for Trish to come out of surgery.  It had already been over 2 hours.  Nurse Rondell had left because of a shift change and Dr. Johnson had left due to prior appointments he had to attend.  Nic was worried, so much time had passed.  Finally, Dr. Hasher came out and unencumbered his face from his surgeon's mask.  Dr. Keyton stood up to hear the news.

"Ahem...well, we all most lost her.  She had lost a considerable amount of blood but luckily the transfusions worked. Sadly, she needed a D&C."

"Were you able to tell how far along she was?"

"From what I could tell, she was about 15 to 19 weeks.  Still fairly early, but, she had some internal bleeding that was not caught in the beginning.  She had a clot, which was what had slowed down the bleeding but the medication that was giving to her to calm her down counteracted that and consequently caused her to bleed out.  Had we not gotten her into surgery when we did she would have died."

Nic was shocked by what she was hearing.  She wondered if Trish had known. Nic knew she had to get to the bottom of what had happened.

"So, what now," was all Nic could get out?

"Well, we have her in intensive care.  She's sleeping and being monitored.  I will be making sure that she is properly looked after.  I was pretty shocked that no one had ordered a simple pregnancy test.  I will be writing a full detailed report about this.  That was completely incompetent."

Nic nodded.

"Well, I guess that's it for now. Who will be her doctor?"

"I will be calling Dr. Johnson shortly.  You can stay in contact with him.  She will have a new doctor tomorrow. I believe it will be Dr. Morris but if you have any further questions you can call me.  I plan to keep an eye on her progress.  Right now, she needs time to heal."

Nic nodded again and shook his hand.

"Thank you so much.  I will be staying in touch."

Nic texted Fisher that she was finally on her way home.  She got on the elevator and sighed.  It was still early morning and she was due for work.  The thought crossed her mind that it wasn't too late and she could put in the time but her body wasn't going to allow it.  She was exhausted and emotionally drained.  At that moment, the only joy she could muster for the day was the fact that she was going home.  




Part 10

(just in time)




Linda stood there in silence not knowing what to do.  Dr. Anderson got up slowly keeping his eyes firmly locked on hers.  Linda took several steps back.  Just then a voice was heard coming from the waiting room.

"Hello, is anyone here," Jeffery asked?

Linda backed up and quickly turned to walk out.  Her heart was racing.

"May I help you, sir," Linda asked somewhat breathless?

"Uhm, Dr. Anderson in?"

"Yes, he is.  What is your name again?"

"I'm Jeffery Speigal, his 3'oclock."

"Oh, yes. I will let him know that you are here."  Linda started to pack up her belongings as she said it.  She was not going to be left with Dr. Anderson to close again for the night.  She didn't feel comfortable.  If he asked she would tell him that she had suddenly become ill and had to go.  She didn't bother going back to his office to let him know. 

"Dr. Anderson, your 3'oclock is here.  I am leaving for the day.  I don't feel well.  Hopefully, I will see you tomorrow.  If not I will make certain to call."  She left without getting a reply.  She didn't care if he had heard her or not.  She was done for the day and she wasn't sure if she would be coming in ever again, and if she did, it would be with a resignation letter in hand.




Part 11

(his methodical approach)




Nic allowed the water to cleanse her of her long day.  She tried to keep her mind clear of any thoughts.  Fisher stepped in with her and she welcomed him.     

"Mmmm, I missed you," Nic said in her throaty voice.     

"I missed you too."    

Fisher kissed her deeply and brought her body close.  She felt his masculinity stir with great wanting.  He kissed her neck and she moaned.  Her nipples became hard against his chest.  She wanted him, desperately wanted him to take the harshness of the day away from her.  Fisher began to gently wash the length of her curls and her body.  He knelt down and placed her bent leg on his shoulder.  He began to gently wash her shrouded vagina.  He then opened the thickness of her labia and kissed her there.  Despite the constant running of water, she could feel the warmth of his mouth, his soft lips, and his moist tongue.  He was tender at first and then methodical in his approach, using a slight point of pressure.  With his right hand, he placed his forefinger and middle finger deep within her causing her to moan. 

"Yesssss, oh yes, Fisher, that feels so so good."

Fisher began to stroke her clitoris with his tongue and massage her G-spot with a come-hither caress.  Feeling that she was about to come, he slowly slid his fingers out and stood up. 

"Turn around," he ordered. 

Nic turned around, bent over slightly, arched her back and allowed him to take her from behind.  She held onto the sidebar in the shower with her right hand while bringing him closer in for a kiss with her left.  He filled her completely with his girth and length causing her to become speechless and her eyes to roll back.  Her body began to shudder as she came over and over.  Once satisfied he had pleased her, he came deep inside leaving her completely warm throughout. 

Nic stepped out of the shower and onto a dry bathmat so that Fisher could towel her dry. 

"I love you," he whispered. 

"I love you too, baby."

She had a way with her speech that he loved.  In moments like these, her voice would become melodic and throaty.  She knew it too, for others had told her.  One had been so bold as to tell her her voice was like sex on a stick.

"I'm worried about you."

"Why, honey?"

Fisher stopped for a moment to look deeply into her eyes.

"I know you aren't supposed to talk about your patients but some of the stuff I have heard you talk about over the phone sounds like something very dangerous is going on at that school and I don't want you to get hurt."

Nic gently smiled.  She found his concern for her sweet and kindhearted.  He knew her job was taxing.  Being a psychologist wasn't the kind of job that one could clock out of at the end of the day, not if one cared.

"I'm not going to get hurt," Nic replied kissing him softly on his lips.

But, he was right, there was something dangerous going on at the school, and Nic was determined to find out who was behind it.




Part 12





Finally, he's gone, Paul thought.  "What a loser," he whispered to himself.  He didn't care about his patients unless of course, they were attractive young women.  Actually, that didn't matter either.  He realized that when he looked up at Linda.  He found his actions very intriguing.  He was a mystery unto himself, which he thought was ironic, due to he being a psychologist.  Had they not been interrupted, Linda would have seen just what kind of beast he could become.  Her state of panic was completely appropriate and quite a turn on to him.  He found the control intoxicating.  It was like an entirely different person existed underneath his skin and it was desperately trying to peel back the false exterior to reveal it's true form.  Paul had always forged his way through his life using lies and keeping secrets.  There was only one that he knew that was like himself, his mentor, and friend Dr. Gregory Clausen.

Paul texted Gregory only once and got a response right away.

"So, now I hear from you," Gregory responded.

"I've been busy," Paul answered.

"Do you want her name and picture?"

"Sure," Paul replied getting excited about new blood.

Paul and Gregory had known each other for over a decade.  Despite the fact that Gregory was gay and much older than Paul, they were very much alike.  They had met at an erotic art gallery and went for drinks with a small party to a strip club in San Fransisco.  That was the beginning of their friendship, a very unnatural and psychopathic relationship, where they fed off of each other's twisted logic for entertainment.  Gregory loved to live vicariously through Paul's actions.  He would create a scenario and watch Paul live out the experience.  Gregory would watch, or listen over the phone, or hear about it later.  Mostly, he would watch, while Paul filmed.  Gregory was attracted to Paul and wasn't sure if Paul knew, but Paul knew.  Paul wasn't interested in Gregory sexually, nor men in general, but he did like Gregory watching.

"She's quite spunky, young like you like'em, and has a very nasty mouth on her," Gregory texted.

"What do you mean by "nasty mouth"," Paul asked?

"Well, I heard her cursing in the corridor the other day.  She was very aggressive towards this poor young woman who was just asking for directions.  She tends to be quite moody."

"Sounds like a challenge."

"Maybe, but I think a few drinks could straighten that out."

"I don't think so, I've got other plans anyway."

"What other plans?"

Paul could tell that Gregory was getting upset but he didn't care.  He wasn't going to waste his time dealing with a moody aggressive woman.  Women like that didn't turn him on.  Now Lacie, on the other hand, he absolutely loved.  Not "love" in a conventional way, but "preferred" more.  He hadn't seen her in a while and felt the need to contact her after Linda left.  He enjoyed Lacie a great deal because she wasn't very bright and she was great in bed.  He hadn't planned on doing anything but going home early but he became extremely turned on by Linda and he couldn't get her off his mind.  That's when he decided to text Lacie.   

"What other plans," Gregory texted again?  

"Other plans," Paul texted back not answering his question.   

"Fine, I have other plans too.  As a matter of fact, I've been invited out to dinner and a show."

Paul couldn't care less. None of that sounded interesting to him so he didn't respond.     

Not wanting to give up what little connection they had Gregory texted back again.   

"Will you be video recording it?"

That perked up Paul's interest.   

"I might if the mood strikes me," Paul replied.   

"Well, the mood strikes me, my dear.  I'd love to see that brilliant cock of yours pumping away," Gregory texted back while starting to sweat with excitement at the very idea of seeing Paul's flesh. 

Paul wasn't bothered at all by Gregory's excitement.  If he felt like recording it and sharing it with Gregory, then he would, and if he didn't then he wouldn't.   

"I'll let you know," was all Paul texted.      

"I'll be waiting," Gregory sighed.   




Part 13

(the right way)




Nic looked through her Rolodex to find Officer Williams card again.  She decided to give him another call.  Hopefully, he's not too busy, she thought. 

"Hello, this is the operator of the Davis Police Department, may I help you?"

"Hello, this is Dr. Keyton from the Davis University, I would like to speak to Officer Williams, please.  Is he available?"

"Actually, he just walked in, just a moment..."

Nic waited patiently on the phone.  

"I'm going to transfer your call."

"Thank you."

"Hello," Officer Williams answered, "This is Officer Williams."

"Hello, this is Dr. Keyton.  Do you recall us speaking here at the university?"

"Yes, I remember.  I've been meaning to call you back."

"So, you did get my message?"

"Yes, I did.  It says here that you have some new information pertaining to the university girls?" 

"Yes, that right."

Nic proceeded to share the latest happenings with Officer Wiliams.  Then she told him of her plan.

"No, absolutely not! That is too dangerous!"

"I don't see why? I have the name of the bar.  I just need to ask the bartender a few questions and..."

"No," Officer Williams interrupted, "Do not go there and ask questions, you need to leave this to us!"

"But you said there is nothing you can do and something needs to be done!  This can not continue!"

"You're right, but my hands are tied until one of them decides to come to us and actually press charges.  And honestly, when I spoke to the DA, he said that there may not even be a case here because none of them objected and they were completely coherent."

"So, what you're saying is, that none of these cases are considered rape cases!"

"What I am saying is, for me to be able to do anything about this, I need one of them to report it, not you."

Nic was silent.  She knew he was right but she felt that something needed to be done.


"If anything else happens, call me, but you have to realize there is a right way to do things and a wrong way.  We have to do things the right way."

"I understand," and with that, Nic ended the call with Officer Willams.




Part 14

(not the only one)




Nic looked further throughout the file set before her. 

"Tammy, what is Veronica Mason's next class?"

"What is her student id number?"

"It's 135473-232."

Tammy pulled up Veronica's class schedule from registration.

"Economics with professor Wilcox," Tammy asserted.

"I need for you to contact the professor and have Veronica come to my office.  Tell professor Wilcox that I won't have her too long.  Fifteen minutes tops and she'll be back in his class."

"Sure thing."


Veronica was a beautiful young black woman all of 22 years old.  She was dark complected, long-legged, and modelesque. Her eyes were the most potent color of blue, very much like the Caribean sea.  If they didn't mesmerize you then surely they could make one quite uncomfortable.  She always had been a very self-assured, bubbly, adventurous type of person, but now she was no longer.  Anger, hate, rage, and self-doubt were the only emotions she had left.  All she wanted to do was to finish her master's degree and get the hell out of Davis.

Veronica squirmed in her seat while waiting to see Dr. Keyton.  Tammy looked up from her computer and smiled.  Veronica didn't smile back.  Veronica stared sternly at Tammy, so-much-so that Tammy became uncomfortable and looked away. Finally, to Tammy's relief, Dr. Keyton was ready to see Veronica.

"Tammy, would you send Miss Mason in please," Nic voiced herself into her intercom.

Before Tammy could address Veronica, Veronica stood up and walked into Dr. Keyton's office.  Tammy shook her head with disapproval.  "How rude," Tammy whispered to herself.

"Hello Miss Mason, how are doing," Nic asked?

Veronica flopped into the office chair facing Nic.

"What do you want?"

Nic tilted her head to the side and narrowed her eyes slightly.

"Well, I'll get right to it, so you can get back to class." 

Veronica sighed heavily.

"I need you to tell me who the person was that you were supposed to see at the bar in Sacramento before the incident occurred?"

"Incident," Veronica said sarcastically, "Don't you mean rape?"

"Yes...," Nic responded while nodding her head.

"I told him what happened and he told me not to drag him into it."


"Yeah, my friend I was supposed to meet."

"Does he attend this school?"

Veronica rolled her eyes upward toward the ceiling.

"You could say that."

Nic eyes widened.  

"He works here?!"

Veronica gave Nic direct eye contact without saying a word.

"Is he a teacher of yours?"

"Not anymore."

"I need you to tell me who he is."

Veronica shook her head.

"I can look up your transcripts, you know?"

"Then do that."

"I'd rather not have to since you are right here."

"Whatever, I'm out," Veronica exserted jumping upward toward the office door!


Veronica quickly turned around.

"You don't understand..."


"You are not the only one!"

Veronica slowly slid back into her seat.

"What do you mean I'm not the only one?"

Nic swallowed slowly, knowing it was wrong having had revealed that.

"Just what I said."

"How many others?"

"I can't reveal that, but know that there were others that went to the same bar to meet someone who never showed up and then ended up in the same situation."

"So, are you saying this may have been a setup?"

"I'm not saying that nor suggesting that.  I just want to know who you were supposed to meet."

Veronica began to tear up.

"Dr. Clausen."

"Dr. Clausen?"

"He teaches German History. I had him last semester and he called me wanting to meet up for drinks.  He knew I was interested in visiting Germany for summer break and said he could help me create an itinerary, but after going through...well, you know...," Veronica's voice trailed off, "the trip never happened."

All Nic could do was nod her head.

After several moments of silence, Nic checked the time and realized Veronica's class was already over.

"Wow, that's a lot to take in,"  Nic sighed, " and now your class is already over...I apologize, but before you go, I need you to promise me not talk to anyone about this conversation.  I'm working with a detective."

Veronica's eyes got wide.

"Okay, so, does he need to talk to me?"

"Yes, he will, but let me get back to you on that."

Veronica nodded.

"Here is my card with my private number on the back," Nic said while handing it over.

"Do you want mine?"

"Is yours the same as what you filled out here on this intake on the 23rd?"


Nic placed her hand softly on Veronica's shoulder.

"I will be contacting you soon, alright?"


Once Veronica left, Nic got onto her computer to look up Dr. Clausen in the faculty directory.  A profile with a  picture of an older greying man came upon her screen.

"Now I've got you, you bastard," Nic whispered to herself.




Part 15

(the confrontation)




Nic had decided that she still had time to run over and catch Dr. Clausen in his class.

"Alright, there's an hour-and-a-half left.  Tests have to be turned in regardless.  Once turned in you can pick up next week's syllabus," Dr. Clausen said to his class.  He began to sit down until he caught a glimpse of her walking down the steps.  He knew exactly who she was and he had no intentions of talking to her. 

"Clive, I need to use the bathroom, so take over, please," Dr. Clausen told his assistant in a thick German accent?

Nic was only ten steps away when Dr. Clausen grabbed his bag and rushed out of the class.

"Hello, I'm Dr. Keyton the university's psychologist," Nic said while extending her hand out to Clive, "Where did Dr. Clausen run off to, I need to speak to him about something important?"

Clive was an attractive blond wearing stylish rimmed glasses.  He looked up from grading tests and stood to shake her hand.

"He needed to use the restroom," Clive answered.

"Where is that?"

"Just down the hall," Clive answered while giving Nic a curious look, "but I'm certain he will be right back."

"Here's my card.  Please make sure he gets this.  I'll see if I can catch him in the hall. Thanks."

Nic dropped her card and walked swiftly out of the classroom.  She looked down both ends of the hall and saw the sign for the men's restroom.  She opened the door and walked in.  She looked under every stall then opened each door with her foot.  They all were empty.  Nic sighed.  She knew he was gone but she wasn't going to give up.  She'd see him soon.



Part 16

(pink cashmere)



Nic decided it had been a long day and she was looking forward to the weekend.  She was nervous and excited about going through with her plan despite what Officer Williams had warned.  Fisher had sent her several text messages already.  He was headed to San Jose for the latest tech expo in Santa Clara and planned on lodging at a Hilton overnight. 

Nic headed home and showered quickly.  She wrapped herself in a towel and began looking through her closet for something sexy to wear.  She knew it shouldn't be too sexy but it should accentuate her hourglass figure. She looked at several black figure-clinging dresses and decided that she would go with something completely different.  She decided on a very pale pink cashmere dress. It was v-necked, which always flattered her c-cup breasts, and it had quarter length sleeves, which were perfect for the chilly autumn weather.  The length of the dress was tapered all the way down several inches past her knees.  She found that length to be the most dignified and sexy of them all. It was classy and elegant but the tapering past the knees was what made it contemporary, modern, and very sexy. She then decided to put on a pair of thigh-high pale white sheer stockings.  She always felt that stockings completed a look despite the fact that many women now went stockingless.  One could blame that one on her grandmother.

While looking through an abundance of shoes, she decided that her 5-inch cream colored patent leather pumps would be the most complimentary. Nic stood before her dressing mirror moving left to right. "Not bad for a 40-something," Nic whispered to herself. Now all that was left was to put on some gold hoops and pin up her jet-black curly hair. She decided to go very light on the makeup. She penciled in a distinctive cat eye on her upper lids, put a bit of cream on her face along with a bit of warm blush, and the "piece de resistance" was her bright china-red tangerine-hued lipstick.  Just as Nic was making her finishing touches her cell began to ring.  

"Hey baby," Nic answered.

"Hey," Fisher replied.

"So you got there okay?"

"Yeah, my room is nice."

"I'm glad babe.  Are there a lot of others there for the expo?"

"Yeah, it seems like it.  I'm waiting for Chris and Shawn to text me back to see if they want to go out for drinks."

"Just a night out with the boys, hm," Nic asked teasingly?

"I don't know, maybe we'll go to a strip club."

Nic laughed.

"Well if you do don't spend too much money."

"Yeah, if we do Chris or Shawn can pick up the tab.  I'm not paying for some striper's tuition!"

Nic began to laugh again.

"So, now you know my plans, what are yours?"

Nic looked at herself in the mirror and wondered if she looked too sexy. Then she felt guilty because she wasn't going to tell him the full truth.

"Well, I think I might head over to the hospital," Nic answered hesitantly.

"Ah," Fisher replied.  Fisher felt bad for her and wished that he could be there to support her.

"Don't you wanna wait to do that when I get back? I could go with you, you know?"

"It's alright.  I'll be fine but thank you for saying that."

"Alright, if you insist.  Just call me when you get back, okay? I wanna know that you're okay."

"Alright, I will."

There was silence over the phone.  Nic knew that he didn't like the idea of her going alone because of Nic's past but she had to go.  She knew if he knew the full truth he would be fuming and would not allow it but she had an obligation to her girls. 

"Everything will be alright, Fisher.  I promise to let you know when I'm back."

"I don't want a text either, Nic.  I want you to call me."

Nic's began to feel warm all over.  He was the only man who could make her feel that way.

"I will."


"I love you."

"I love you too."

Nic hung up her cell and looked in the mirror again.

"You're not going to be dealing with a naive little girl tonight," Nic whispered to herself while giving her reflection a wink.

Nic put on her long black wool coat, grabbed her purse, got into her Celica, and headed for a seedy part of downtown Sacramento.  It was ironic that the name of the bar was Lucky's for there was nothing lucky about it.



Part 17




Nic looked at her watch and realized she only had 45 minutes to scout the bar.  Definitely not more than an hour.  She had to keep an eye out for lost time because she didn't want to miss hospital visiting hours.  Nic wanted to make certain that she visited Trish before going home.

She definitely felt overdressed for the space as she looked around.  There were two heterosexual couples sitting in the back and an old woman drinking shots alone at the end of the bar.  Nic couldn't tell if any of the men in the back resembled the man that the girls had had the encounters with.  It was too dark, which lent to perfect conditions for such predatorial ongings.  

She noticed that there were double doors on the far left side of the bar.  Nic figured that it had to be the infamous exit that lead to the poorly lit alley.  She remembered Shi-Ling, a foreign exchange student, had said that the alley had been a haven for smokers and obviously sexual predators.  She had told Nic that she couldn't get the smell of smoke out of her hair for days and that the sight of cigarette butts on the ground now made her nauseous.  Nic hadn't found Shi's plight out of character.  It wasn't unusual for victims to have physical ties to their trauma. It was often tangible things that would sustain a continuing memory and cause a victim's trauma to remain.  Psychologically, a victim that had dealt with such trauma would often recall physical objects, smells, tastes, and sounds.  Sadly, the more details remembered the harder it would be to heal.  There was something wise about the old adage of "forgiving and forgetting" although, it was much easier to preach than to do. And Nic, herself, sadly could testify to all of that.

Nic decided to approach the old lady at the end of the bar.

"High, how are you doing this evening," Nic asserted?

The old woman had obviously had a rough go of it.  Nic could smell more than just her shots.

"What's it to ya, miss how-do-you-do," the old lady huffed giving Nic a solid once-over while showing several missing teeth?

"Well, do you happen to know where the bartender is or do we just serve ourselves," Nic jested hoping to keep the old lady calm?

"Ah...yes...lightfoot...yep, sure do."

Perhaps it was a nickname of some sort but Nic wasn't sure what she meant.


"Ha ha your kind are too politic..." the old lady stammered, "too poooolitically...correct for name callin' but that's what he is and he don't mind that I call him that cuz he likes a little brown-eye action if you know what I mean," the old lady said while gesturing her hand into the shape of a circle and taking her forefinger to poke into it!

Nic grimaced and slowly backed up deciding several stools between them was a much wiser choice.  She was completely disgusted.  Somehow, the woman's demeanor and words made Nic feel dirty and in need of another shower.

"Ah, have I affected your how-do-ya-do sensibilities," the old lady asked switching stool tops to get closer?  Nic knew this type.  She wasn't affecting Nic, Nic was affecting her. Nic decided to stand her ground instead of backing up.

"Not at all," Nic said with a sly grin, "my sensibilities are just visiting while your sensibilities are right at home."

The old lady gave Nic a snarling type of a look and stumbled back to her stool.  When she turned to look at Nic, Nic just smiled back at her.  

That seemed to shut the old lady up, Nic thought. 

Nic looked down at her watch.  She knew she didn't have much time left.  She was deciding to leave when the bartender came out of the restroom.

Sam was a tank-top-clad, ripped jeans wearing, dirty blond bed head, steal-toe stomping 20-somethin', piece of eye candy, and he knew it.  Sam and Nic's eyes met and both immediately smiled.  

"Well well well...what do we have here, Maurine," Sam asked with his left hand on his hip?

Nic smiled.

"A how-do-ya-do miss princess," Maurine sneered.

"Oh good grief Maurine, you jealous," Sam jested back?

Maurine looked at Sam and then Nic while contemplating her answer.  And then, with complete sincerity, she answered.


Nic was completely taken aback.  She wasn't expecting that response from her.

"Well, I am too honey," Sam jived!

"So what're the likes of you doing in a place like this," Sam asked?

Nic could hear a faint southern accent when he spoke which she found to be quite charming.

"Well actually, I'm here to see you," Nic answered.


"Yep, I have a few questions I'd like to ask you."

"Well good heavens, I just knew you were here by mistake.  Are you needin' directions somewheres?"

"No, I wanted to ask you about one of your regulars."

Maurine stayed silent while listening in on their conversation.

"Mmhm, I see. Are you someone's wife," Sam started to ask?  His speech began to speed up as he became excited.  "Cuz I don't date married men no more!"

"No, no I'm not here for that.  I wanted to know if you have seen a guy with dark hair, about a medium build, very attractive, mid-thirties, around 5'9 or 5'10, and he drives a black Porche."

Maurine huffed.

"Why," Sam said sternly?

"Do you mind if we can talk in private somewhere," Nic asked while looking around?

"The only private place would be the restrooms or the alley out back and I wouldn't suggest the restrooms."

Nic shuddered at the thought of the alley.  Then she decided that maybe she would get a better perspective if she saw it for herself.

"Is anyone back there right now?"

"Hold on...Maurine, go out back and check if there is anyone out there and if there is tell'em they have to leave."

Before Sam finished his request Maurine had already gotten off her stool and began shuffling dutifully to the back.  Nic was somewhat impressed by their camaraderie. 

"I bet she gave you a hard time while I was fixing the can, huh?"

"Yes, she did."

"Don't mind Maurine. She's mostly bark and very little bite."

Nic nodded.

"And by the way, I can tell she likes you."

Nic gave Sam a shock-infused look.

"Oh yeah, if she didn't you wouldn't still be sittin' here. She would have bit!"

Nic laughed at the thought.  She was so grateful that Sam was decent.

Maurine shuffled her way back into the bar and up to the counter.

"All clear captain," Maurine stated with a solute.

Sam reached under the bar for his bat. Nic's eyes widened.

"Never can be too safe."

Nic nodded.

"Maurine, darlin' you know what to do.  Keep an eye on the bar babe and no more drinks!  I got a tuperware of homemade spaghetti in the cooler for ya."

And, with a wink and a nod to Maurine, Sam began to lead the way to the back of the bar and out into the infamous alley.  Nic held her breath as Sam opened the steel-clad door.  It was almost more than she could bear.  

The alley was dark just as several of the girls had described.  There was one light illuminating a small portion right at the very spot of entry.  Cigarette butts had been strewn everywhere making Nic's stance unlevel.

"So, what do you want to know," Sam asked while looking around to make certain they were alone?

Nic wasn't certain where to start.  She honestly didn't think she would get any answers that night.

"For one, I know exactly who you are talking about.  His likes to go by the name David around here but I happen to know that his name is Paul," Sam interjected before Nic could ask.

"How do you know that?"

"Guy thinks he's slick but he left his cell by his drink one night.  While he was in the restroom, he got a couple of texts and I pounced on it before he got back."

"Does he come here often?"

"Yeah, I'd say about every couple of months or so to pick up chicks.  I don't like him but It's a free country, right?"

"Have you ever seen him take women back here?"

"Yeah, he does that every time...right before I close."

"Has anything bad ever happened?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well...," Nic began and then stopped.

"Like...fights or something worse," Sam asked?

"Anything peculiar?"

"I haven't heard anything.  Many of these boozers come out here to smoke and make out.  I've been telling Greg to put more lights up and a camera out here for years but he hasn't done it."

"Who's that?"

"Oh, that's the owner.  He's rarely ever here.  He leaves all the responsibility of this shit-hole on me.  Heck, I don't know what all goes on back here!  It's hard enough keeping up with the front of the bar!"

"I understand."

"So is there anything else, cuz I need to go back in?"

"No, that's it.  You've really been a great help."

"So, what's this about anyways?"

"Oh, nothing...," Nic had to think fast, "his wife is a friend of mine."

Sam nodded.

"I figured as much.  Your friend has her hands full with that one, I can tell you that much!"

"What do you mean?"

"I know men, and he is a certified creep.  I would tread lightly with him!"

Nic nodded.

Sam opened the door and allowed Nic to enter first.  Both walked to the front of the bar, she shook Sam's hand and waved goodbye to Maurine.  Maurine gave her a sly grin in return.  Nic checked her watch and decided she needed to leave right away but quickly, just before, she decided to go to the restroom to check her makeup and hair.  A dark-haired woman was leaning over a sink adjusting her cleavage.  Nic gave her a quick friendly smile.

"Any good looking men out there," Lacie asked while rubbing her pouty lips? 

"I don't know," Nic laughed," I really wasn't paying any attention.  I was just about to leave."

"Just as well. Less competition for me then," Lacie whispered, winked, and then left the restroom.


Nic waited for several cars to pass before crossing the street.  Just then a black Porshe with tinted windows pulled over to park.  Fisher was texting and Nic needed to answer quickly so that he wouldn't call.  Nic began to walk across the street while looking down at her cell.

"That's a very dangerous habit you have," Paul said while walking towards Nic.

Nic looked up and immediately dropped her phone at the very sight of Paul.  Paul bent down to pick it up and rose slowly to take in the view of all Nic's curves.  Nic held her breath.

"Fisher...wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you," Paul said looking down at her cell reading a few of Fisher's text messages.

"Please...," Nic whispered.

"Of course," Paul answered just shy of handing Nic her cell, "Please, is, after all the magic word."

Paul then handed her her cell.  Paul's finger brushed against hers and Nic shuddered. 

"I do hope I see you again," Paul whispered.

Nic nodded and quickly walked to her car, got in, and locked the doors.  

In her review mirror, Nic could see that Paul was still standing on the curb watching, watching her as she drove away.




Part 18

(plan in action)




Paul's head was throbbing.  He didn't know what had happened or where he was.  He tried to open his eyes but the pain was intense, far more than any other ocular migraine he had had in the past.  The aura was so crushing that his stomach started to churn.  He was desperately trying to fight back the urge to vomit. Then he began to hear faint voices and wasn't sure if he was dreaming.  Paul tried to get up but hit his head. Then he tried to get up, again and again, hit his head.  He couldn't make out what the voices were saying.

"Hurry up, I need that card," Kat spat at Lacie!

"I don't know what I did with it," Lacie panicked while looking through her large boho purse.

"Hurry up, she can't sit here all night," Maurice yelled!

"Okay, okay, I think...," Lacie whispered firmly.

"Your dumb ass better not have left it in the Caddy," Maurice surged!  And then, they heard a thump coming from the trunk.

"Shut up," Kat whispered!  

Maurice and Lacie were in the back seat while Kat was in the driver's seat.  They all stopped talking and became very still.  Then the thumping from the front of the car stopped.

"I just need a little light so I can see," Lacie whispered.

"I...can't...turn...on...the...light, Lacie, there is a camera pointing right there," Kat breathed harshly!

While Lacie sat in the back seat looking through her purse for Paul's access card to get into the garage, Kat feigned to look through hers for the benefit of the camera.  

"Why don't you take her purse and look for it, you have more light," Maurice hissed?!

Kat reached back and grabbed Lacie's purse and began digging through it.

"This is totally ridiculous," Kat hissed back, "I don't see it! The longer I fucking sit here the better that camera is going to pick up my image!"

"Just keep looking, it's got to be in there," Lacie prayed.

"You don't give a shit! It's not your fucking face that's being recorded," Kat seethed!

"Well, he's seen my face so...," Lacie began but Maurice interrupted, "Shut the fuck up! Is it in there or not!"


Maurice gave Lacie a dead stare.  She knew what that meant. Maurice was so maddened he was about to hit her and then Lacie remembered, she had put it in her bra.

"I got it, I got it," Lacie exclaimed excitedly while digging into her bra pulling out Paul's white designated access card for the garage!

"You fucking white bitch! If you ain't about the dumbest broad," Maurice yelled!

Kat snatched the card, rolled the window down, and swiped the machine with haste.  The boom barrier rose and Kat hit the gas.


Once his car came to a full stop, Paul realized what was happening.  With the recognition of Lacie's voice, his mind instantly cleared.




Part 19

(two hot cocoas)




Nic placed a small gift on the edge of Trish's bed.  She had bought her a silver necklace with a heart that said hope on the back of it.

Nic walked back to the front desk to ask nurse Rondell where Trish was.

"She's not in there," nurse Rondell asked?

"No, she's not," Nic answered.

"Oh, she must still be at the chapel."

"The chapel?"

"Yes, the last time I saw her that's where she said she was going. The hospital added it on last summer.  It's really quite beautiful."

"So, where is that?"

"It's on the 3rd floor, the same as the cafeteria."

Nic took the elevator to the 3rd floor and followed the arrows to the chapel.  There was a man talking to a woman further inside the chapel and a man sitting close to the entrance where Nic was standing.  Nic didn't see Trish anywhere. 

"Are you looking for someone," the elderly man asked?

Nic thought he had very kind eyes.

"I'm looking for a young woman in her early 20's.  She has long red hair."

"I'm sorry.  I haven't seen her.  I haven't been here that long.  I came to visit my daughter."

"Oh, I'm so sorry sir...," Nic started.

"Oh, no no...nothing like that.  My daughter is a nurse here.  I brought her something to eat for dinner."

"Oh, that's very sweet."

The older man looked as though he were in his mid 70's.  Nic felt an unexpected sharp pain in her heart at the thought of her late father.

" wife died last year. I can't sleep so, I bring dinner for my daughter sometimes and then I come here.  She works in the ICU," the old man said just a little above a whisper.  Nic felt bad for him.  She knew what it was like to be lonely.  Then it occurred to her that he might be Rondell's father.

"Is nurse Rondell your daughter?"

"Yes," the man said lighting up, "you know her?"

"Yes, I have a friend that she is helping take care of in the ICU."

The old man nodded.

"I haven't seen your friend but the cafeteria is down the hall.  She might have walked down there to get a cup of hot cocoa or something.  Cocoa always helps me."

"What is your name sir, I'll be sure to tell your daughter I met you."

"My name is Walter."

"Well thank you for all your help Walter.  I really appreciate it."

Walter smiled.


Nic followed Walter's directions to the cafeteria.  She scanned the empty tables and didn't see Trish anywhere.  She decided to take Walters's advise and got two hot cocoas from a vending machine, one for her, and one for Trish.  Perhaps Trish had already gone back to her room and she had missed her, Nic thought.  It took a little while for Nic to navigate her way back to the ICU.  She took a sip of one of the hot cocoas wondering if it were still at a decent temp.  Nic hated anything eatable to be lukewarm.  Once at the ICU Nic thought she would mention that she had met Rondell's father Walter but Rondell wasn't at her desk.  So, Nic decided to go directly into Trish's room only to find that she still was not there.

Nic placed Trish's hot cocoa on her side table.  "What's this," Nic whispered to herself.  Nic picked up a small MP3 player with its earbuds still attached.  It was still blinking and playing a song on repeat.  Nic decided to sit down and wait while listening to whatever music Trish had been listening to.  She watched the words flash across the screen.  It was David Bowie's song "Life on Mars" sung by Aurora.  Nic had never heard this version before.  It was the epitome of sadness and very telling Nic thought. Trish was nowhere to be seen and this caused a surge of worry to come over Nic. 

Nic decided to find nurse Rondel.

Rondell was back at her front desk typing up a new schedule for the week.

"Where is Trish," Nic asked in a stern voice?

"She's not in her room?"


"I'll see if I can find her," nurse Rondell relented.

Nic went back to Trish's room, sat down, and waited.




Part 20

(apt. #13)




Maurice handed Lacie his gun and showed her how to use it.

"I don't want to stay here," Lacie whined.

"Well you're gonna have to!  Kitty is the only one who knows where the shit is," Maurice hissed!

Lacie frowned.

"Why can't I just go with you guys," Lacie pleaded, " I don't want to be left with him!"

"You have to!  It's no big deal!  He's been knocked out!  Don't worry about it!"

"You heard him earlier...what if he isn't," Lacie whispered?

"He can't get out, Lacie," Kat whispered sternly!

"Fine, just leave me here," Lacie cried.

Maurice and Kat looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

"Text me if he wakes up, okay," Kat relented.

That seemed to relieve Lacie somewhat.

"We gotta get this shit done now!  We don't have time for this.  We gotta go,"  Maurice hissed!

"Okay, okay, okay...," Lacie repeated.


Paul waited for the others to leave. He decided to play to Lacie's sympathy.  He knew he could outsmart her but he wasn't sure of the other two.

Paul began to moan.  Lacies eyes got wide as pure panic rushed through her.

"Lacie..."Paul moaned.

Lacie looked around not sure what to do then she remembered to text Kitty.

Lacie texted "911".

"Unable to send," her cell read back to her, "what the fuck," Lacie hissed in a panic!

"Lacie...I'm bleeding," Paul claimed!

Lacie pretended not to hear.

"I really need help, Lacie," Paul feigned to cry.

She had never heard him like that.

"Just relax, it's gonna be over soon," Lacie whispered leaning close to the trunk.

"Lacie, please...please," Paul performed.

Lacie looked down at her phone hoping that she would get some sort of response even though she had no signal.  Maybe just a peak, she thought, just to make sure he was alright.  After all, she did have a gun so she felt as though it would be alright.

Paul felt around the side of his trunk for a hunting knife he had hidden there years before just in case he was ever carjacked.  No one could have told him that one day he would have to use it.

Lacie swallowed hard while she reached down through the driver side window to pop the hood of the trunk.  She stepped back and pointed the gun directly at the hood.  Slowly the hood rose and Paul emerged.  He had tucked his knife in his belt behind him so that it would be hidden from view.  Instinctively, Paul raised his hands once he saw the gun.

"Please don't shoot me, Lacie," Paul pleaded.

"I won't. Just don't hurt me and I won't hurt you," Lacie said firmly.

"Okay, okay, okay...," Paul started.

"Don't move too fast Paul," Lacie ordered.

"Can I get out and stretch my legs?"

"No, I don't know...," Lacie started and then ended with a resounding, "NO!"

Nevertheless, Paul swung his right leg over and began to rise very slowly up and out of the trunk.

"No, no, no...," Lacie started in.

"It's okay, I just want to sit on the edge here.  Is that okay?"

"Just don't do anything else!"


Lacie's mind was racing.  She knew Maurice would be pissed.

"Fuck, Maurice is gonna be pissed," Lacie accidentally spoke of her thoughts out loud.

"Who's Maurice?"

"Don't worry about it!"

"Is that your boyfriend?"

Lacie didn't answer.

"Your pimp?"

Again Lacie didn't answer.

"He's your pimp, huh," Paul asked again?


"He's making you do this?"

Lacie looked down for a moment and then back up.

"So, who is the other woman?"

Lacie's stomach began to churn.  He already knew her and now he knew Maurice's name.  She didn't want him to know that Kitty was there too.

Paul's mind began to race.  Who was the other woman, he thought?  Obviously, it had to be another prostitute he had dealt with.  Then he remembered.

"Is it Kat?"

Lacie began to shake. 

"Yes, it's Kat," Paul confirmed. 

"Yeah, Maurice is gonna be very upset with you. Is that him," Paul asked pointing to the elevator behind Lacie?

Lacie turned in a panic to see that no-one was there.  Paul then lunged forward and grabbed Lacie's wrist. Lacie tried to keep Paul from getting the gun but he was too strong.  They continued to struggle until Paul hit her in her kidney, instantly taking Lacie's breath away, and causing her to double over letting go of the gun.  Paul grabbed the gun, caught his breath, and pointed it to Lacie's right temple.

"Get up," Paul shouted!

Lacie slowly rose from the ground.

"So, the other two are my apartment trying to rob me?"

Lacie didn't answer.

"Answer me!"

"Yes," Lacie whispered.

"Well then, let's take a walk!"

Paul put his arm around Lacie's neck and shuffled her over to the elevator. 

"Push the button," Paul ordered Lacie.

Lacie's mascara began to run as she started to cry knowing that she had fucked up royally.

"Shut the fuck up! I don't want to hear that shit!"

Once in, Paul told her to push the number 3.  The elevator began to rise a short distance and then the doors opened.  Lacie didn't know who to be more afraid of at that moment, Maurice or Paul.  Paul pushed her forward and they shuffled down the hall until they were standing before Paul's apartment #13 where they found the door slightly ajar. 

"Fucking figures," Lacie whispered to herself.

Paul used his foot to slowly open his door further.

"How much longer? I'm getting worried," Kat whispered.

"I think I've got it," Maurice answered, finally opening the safe. 

"You got it, huh," Paul whispered loud enough for Maurice and Kat to hear and turn around?

"Oh, fuck, Lacie," Kat whispered!

Maurice stood silently watching.

"So, here's what's gonna happen...," Paul began but stopped once he and Maurice's eyes met.

Maurice was an intimidating 6'4 tall black man with dreads.  Maurice slowly shook his head from left to right then pulled out a knife from under his sleeve and threw it at Paul.  It hit Paul in the shoulder making him yell out.  Both he and Lacie fell to the floor.  Maurice lunged forward and began to fight Paul for the gun.  Kat backed into Paul's stereo and caused it to come on blasting JT's song "Filthy".  Two shots rang out.  Kat looked to her right and grabbed Paul's marble statue of Hades with Persephone and hit him on top of his head.  Blood began to run down Paul's face.  He stood swaying back and forth for a while staring at Kat.  He began to open his mouth to say something but fell to his knees and then flat to the floor instead.  Kat dropped the statue and ran over to Maurice who was clutching the left side of his stomach. 

"What's wrong," Kat insisted?

Maurice shook his head and looked over at Lacie who was laying silently on the floor.  Kat covered her mouth to keep herself from screaming and Maurice scooted over to where Lacie was.  

"Lacie, baby," Maurice pleaded.  Lacie didn't respond.  Maurice began to cry.  He rolled her body over to reveal a gaping hole in her chest.  Lacie's eyes were wide open staying perpetually focused on the ceiling.

"Baby, baby, baby, don't do this to me," Maurice rocked Lacie's limp body back and forth.

Kat began to cry.  She had never seen Maurice so upset.  It occurred to her that he really did love Lacie, in his own way of course, but nevertheless.  Then another thought occurred to her.

"Maurice, Maurice," Kat pleaded, "we gotta go!  Someone had to have heard those shots!"

"Lacie...Lacie," Maurice cried.

"There is nothing we can do for her.  We gotta go!"

Kat stood up and ran over to Paul's safe and emptied all the contents into her bag.  Then she ran into the bathroom and grabbed a towel.  With it, she began to wipe everything they had touched.  Then she took the statue, wiped it, and placed Lacie's hand on it.

"What are you doing," Maurice questioned?

"Covering our asses!  You need to snap out of it!"

Maurice tried to stand but struggled to do so.  Kat helped him up and took one last look around.

"Where's the knife?"

Maurice held out his bloody hand to show her he had it.

"Okay, lets go." 

"What about my gun," Maurice asked?

"She was shot so we gotta leave it."

"Yeah, your right."

Kat helped Maurice onto the elevator and pressed the towel over his wound.  They walked quickly to an exit out to the front of the complex and out onto the street.

"I'm gonna drop you off at the nearest hospital."

"You can't."

"Why?  You need to go!"

"They'll put it together.  Gotta take me back to Sac."


"Yeah, I can make it."

"That's too far, Maurice!".

"Well, I got a cousin in Vallejo. Take me there."

"To your cousin's?"

"No, to the Fraser hospital in Vallejo.  I'll give you her number and you can call her."


They got into Maurice's Caddie that Lacie had parked on the street and drove towards Vallejo.  The song "Whirlwind of Rubbish" by The Evangelist was playing on the radio when Kat started the car.  She immediately turned it off.  The silence was all that Kat was willing to hear at that moment. 




Part 21

(crimson cashmere)




Nic decided to turn off Trish's MP3 player.  She continued to drink her cocoa in the darkness of the room.  It was taking nurse Rondell a long time to find Trish she thought.  Just then she received a text from Fisher.

"Hey babe," Fisher's text read, "What are you doing?"

"I'm sitting waiting to visit with her."

"You still haven't seen her?"

"No.  She hasn't been in her room.  No one seems to know where she is."

"Wow, you've been there a long time."

"Yeah, I went to the chapel that they have here and the cafeteria to see if maybe she was there but she wasn't." 

"That's kinda crazy that they don't know where she is."

"I know.  I'm pretty worried."

"How much longer are you going to stay there if she doesn't turn up?"

"I don't know.  Hopefully, she does because this is not good."

"No, it's not.  Well, please text me before you leave and call me when you get home."

"I will, I promise."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Once the conversation had ended Nic put her phone back in her purse.  She decided to see if nurse Rondell was back.

Nurse Rondell was on the phone speaking to someone when Nic walked up.

"What's going on," Nic interrupted not caring that Rondell was on the phone?

"I'm speaking to Dr. Johnson."

Nic decided to wait for her to get off the phone. 

"What did he have to say?"

"He's on his way.  I've already alerted security and they are looking for her.  Dr. Johnson believes that she needs to be transferred to psych as soon as she is found."

"I would agree with that.  This is not good at all."

"I know.  I had no idea that she was going to do this.  We really aren't prepared for this kind of a situation here.  I have several other patients I look after.  This really is out of my purview."

"I understand.  No one is blaming you."

Nurse Rondell sighed heavily looking very deflated.

"I'm not going to stay for much longer.  I'll wait for Dr. Johnson but after I'm going to leave."

Rondell nodded.

"By the way, I really need to use a restroom.  Where is the nearest one?"

"There's one in Miss Welton's room."


Nic walked back to Trish's room and opened the restroom door, which had been hidden from view behind the room's large door.  She instinctively reached to her right trying to find a light switch but slipped and fell.  Nic began to fumble in the dark on her hands and knees.  She reached out into the darkness and found the edge of the cold sink.  She pulled herself up and took very careful steps to the side wall.  Once again she tried to find a light switch.  She felt her bruised side and realized she was wet.

"There's a puddle of water in here," Nic whispered to herself.

Nic continued feeling around for the switch.

"Fuckin' A...where is it?!"

Then she slipped again hurting herself more this time.

"Oh my God...fuck!"

Nic crawled closer to the door and used its handle for leverage.  Once on her feet she searched for the light switch again and found it.

"OH MY GOD," Nic screamed once the light was on!

Trish was slumped in the corner with her arms stretched out to her sides.  With a piece of broken mirror, Trish had sliced her arms opening up her veins.  And to Nic's absolute horror, Trish had bled out.

Nic continued to scream.

"NO, NO, NO..."

Nurse Rondell came running.

"What's the matter?"

She took one look at Nic and screamed.  Nic and her pale pink dress were completely covered in Trish's blood.




Part 22

(no place like home)




Nic sat in a daze completely void of any thought while several hospital staff scurried around.  

"Get her a fucking blanket to cover her up, she looks awful," Dr. Johnson ordered!

Nurse Rondell nodded and then ran to the linen room, grabbed several towels, and a large hospital blanket.

"Here you go. Is that better...," Nurse Rondell mindlessly asked, "Yeah, that's better. There you go."

Rondell draped the blanket around Nic trying her best to cover her blood-stained dress.  Rondell's father, Walter, stood by watching in silence.  A look of shock, disbelief, and sadness was displayed on his face.

"I just talked to her," Walter said quietly, "she was looking for her friend."

"Dad, I need you to go home," Rondell ordered.

"It's all so sad.  How could this happen?"

"Dad, I need you to go home.  There's a lot to do here and I don't want you seeing this."

"I just saw could her friend do that to her," Walter asked quietly?

Dr. Johnson kneeled down to look Nic in the eyes.

"Dr. Keyton," Dr. Johnson asked, "Dr. Keyton, are you alright?"

Nic nodded her head slowly.

"You don't look alright."

Nic said nothing.

"Dr. Keyton, do you know where you are?"

"Yes," Nic replied quietly.

"Where are you?"

"I'm here, at the hospital."

"Okay, good."

"I wanna go home.  I was on my way home but I decided to wait for you."

"I know, and I'm sorry."

"I wanna go home now."

"About there anyone I can call for you to come pick you up?"

Nic shook her head.

"Fisher is at a convention far away.  He can't pick me up."

"Is there anyone else?"


Dr. Johnson scratched his head and stood up.  He walked over to nurse Rondell.

"I don't think it would be a good idea for her to drive home in her condition.  I think I should admit her overnight. What do you think?"

"Yeah, she doesn't look good."

Dr. Johnson walked back over to Nic and kneeled down again.

"Dr. Keyton, would you like to stay the night here at the hospital? You can, you know?"

Nic shook her head.

"I just wanna go home."

"You spoke of a "Fisher"...why don't you let me give him a call for you?"

Nic nodded and handed him her phone.  Dr. Johnson gave nurse Rondell a look then he began to scroll through Nic's phone.

"Hey babe, you finally got home?"

" this Fisher?"

Fisher was silent for a moment.

"Yes, this is Fisher.  Who is this?"

"This is Dr. Johnson...," Dr. Jonson started.

"Is there something wrong with my girlfriend," Fisher said in a panic?!

Dr. Johnson began telling Fisher all of what had happened.  

"I'm packing as we speak.  It's going to take me quite a while to get there.  Take down my number and text me yours."

"and that's 3452?"

"Yeah.  Put her on the phone," Fisher ordered.

"Okay, here she is," Dr. Johnson said and then handed Nic her cell.


"Hi," Nic answered in a soft voice.

"I want you to stay there tonight.  I'm on my way, okay?"

"'ve got the conference, I'll be fine. I'm going to drive home. Don't worry."

"No! The conference doesn't matter.  I want you to stay there.  I'm on my way."

Nic ended the call but had no intentions of staying the night.  She wanted to get as far away from the hospital as possible.  She wanted to be home in her own bed with Fisher where she knew it was safe. 

Nic waited for Dr. Johnson and nurse Rondell to leave the room.

"I'll be right back to set you up in a room, alright," nurse Rondell asked?

Nic nodded.  

Once she was gone Nic grabbed her purse, the gift, left the room and got onto the elevator.  When nurse Rondell came back Nic was already in her car heading towards Davis.


"What," Fisher shouted?!

"I'm sorry, it seems that she has left," Dr. Johnson said.

"You guys are fucking incredible!!!"

Dr. Johnson couldn't disagree so he remained quiet and listened to Fisher's rant.

"It's a fucking good thing I told you to take down my number!  Just fucking unreal," Fisher shouted and hung up before Dr. Johnson could even reply!




Part 23

(fuck it better)



Fisher wasn't sure what he was gonna find when he got home.  He saw something partially hanging out of Nic's car door.  He kept the car running while he got out to take a look.  It looked like a dark colored blanket.  He tried opening the door but it was locked.  He got back into his car and parked it then he took a long breath and got out.

At the door, Fisher heard music playing. It was FKA Twigs song "Two Weeks". He opened the door and stepped in, dropped his bag to the floor, and turned on the light.

"Nic," Fisher yelled out?

He got no response.

He walked through the kitchen and found an empty bottle of wine but no glass.  He then noticed a glow coming from the backyard. 

"What," Fisher whispered to himself?

He walked to the back, opened the french doors and saw their pit was burning.  He found what looked like a pair of Nic's heels slowly melting away in it.  He looked around but Nic wasn't there.  Then he went back in and walked slowly towards the bedroom.

"Nic," Fisher whispered?

Nic said nothing.  She was sitting in the corner sipping a glass of wine.

Fisher was about to turn on the light when she stopped him.


"Are you alright?"

"You came."

"Of course I did, I'm worried about you."

"You must have sped here."

"I kinda did.  Just under the radar," Fisher sighed.

"Take off your clothes," Nic ordered.

"What? Are you drunk," Fisher chuckled?


"You shouldn't drink like that, babe."

"Take your clothes off."

Fisher sat on the edge of the bed and began to take off his shoes.

"Stand up and take them off," Nic ordered.

"I can't even see you."

"I can see you."

"What are you doing?"

"Take off your clothes," Nic repeated.

"Okay, Okay," Fisher relented.

Fisher began to take off his clothes slowly.  He kicked off his shoes, unbuttoned his shirt, and took off his pants.  All that was left was his fitted boxers and his socks.  He leaned over and squinted his eyes trying to see what Nic was doing.  He could only see her legs glistening in the moonlight and her right hand holding a glass.  She uncrossed her legs, finished what was in her glass, and placed it on their dresser.  Then she got up and slowly walked towards Fisher.  He could see she was completely naked and her hair was completely slicked all the way down her back hitting the crack of her ass.  Her eyes were glistening like two semiprecious Onyx stones.  He opened his mouth but nothing came out.  She then stuck her fingers in her mouth and then placed them in his.  She walked around slowly till she was standing behind him.

"Your mouth is full," she said.

Fisher said nothing.  Then she stuck her tongue in his ear and rolled it around.  Fisher could barely breathe.  Nic slid her fingers out of his mouth down his chin, neck, chest, and into the front of his underwear.  He became hard to her touch.

" flinched," She whispered and then she licked his earlobe.

Fisher began to moan as she sucked on his neck and stroked his manhood.  His flesh grew fully in her hand while her nipples became hard on his back.

"Like it," She whispered?

"I love it," He answered.

"Mmmm," She said and he could feel her smile against the base of his neck.

"Remember when we met?"


"I use to listen to this very song and fuck myself with your name on my lips and thoughts of you rolling around in my mind."

Nic licked her right hand and replaced the other with it.  Fisher began to moan when she concentrated on the tip of him.

"You like that," Nic whispered in his other ear?

"I love it," he moaned.

"Bend over," she ordered.

"What," Fisher asked suddenly becoming nervous?

"Don't be nervous, relax."

Fisher swallowed and did as she said.  

"Stretch out your arms over the bed."

He did as she asked.

She pulled down his boxers and began to kiss his ass and then lick it while stroking him at the same time.

Fisher's eyes became wide and then rolled back as he nearly came in her hand but caught himself.  Nic felt him flinch and decided to change positions.  She went between his legs and began to lightly flick her tongue on his testicles and then blow sweetly upon them.  He could barely take it anymore.  Then slowly she rose up his shaft while sucking, and with her moist lips, she kissed the tip of him.  He couldn't take it anymore and without thought, he began to bring her head forward. 

"FUCK," Fisher moaned.

Over and over until she pulled him out slowly.

"Tsk Tsk Tsk," She clicked her tongue, "I need you to fuck me to make it better."

He slid her up and onto the bed, and began to rub the tip of himself over and over on her clit.  He knew she loved that.

She was slick to his touch, ready, and wanting.  She always wanted him.  He loved that about her.

She grabbed a fist full of bedding and moaned.  

He knew she needed him and needed him badly.

"Make it better, baby, I need you to make it better," Nic begged and with that, he pushed himself inward.


He began sucking and licking her right ear and she came all over him.  He felt her wetness hit his thighs but he wouldn't stop.  In between moments of sucking on her ears, he whispered all his thoughts and feelings for her into her ear.

"Are you mine," He asked?




Over and over they rocked.

"Say it," he ordered, "you belong to me."

"I belong to you!"

He made it better and he knew it.




to be continued...








































































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