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Janet in Training CH08 PT2

Janet meets evil.

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Janet in Training CH08 PT2

By: sfmaster - Published:


WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains

Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS

only, and the author does not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age or 18 or reside in a state that prohibits such

behavior, stop reading immediately!!!



"Janet in Training" Chapter Eight: The Competition

Part Two





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Janet CH08 PT2 Continued:




Janet breathed a sigh of relief when the last document was classified, holed, and placed in the loose-leaf binder. She had stopped when Tina had announced Dinner the night before, when she had found the dread document telling of the test that she must undergo.


But the night's activities had brightened her spirits. In the morning, she had released Tina, and they had bathed together. Janet dressed herself, and went downstairs to the kitchen while Tina was still getting ready. She sipped juice while Tina prepared the rest of her breakfast, a western omelet that tasted wonderful.


Afterwards, she had adjourned back to the library with a cup and a pitcher of black coffee. She sipped at her coffee while reading the final papers, remembering the events of the previous night.


Pleased with herself, Janet finally felt like she was a real Mistress, not just an amateur. She had felt like a fake ever since she had found that she had inherited Erica's estate, and last night had finally proved what she might be capable of.


It wasn't necessary to be mean or cruel to a slave, merely to test their limits. While she was sure that she had gone nowhere near what Tina was capable of, it was a good first night that she would long savor and remember.


There was nothing in the rest of the package of consequence. Janet got up from the desk and decided to walk around. Outside, the rest of the world had gone to work. Inside, Janet was now in her own world, one that she was determined to keep for herself.


Instead of wearing a blouse and skirt, she was wearing an old shirt, torn jeans, and a pair of open toed sandals. She opened the library doors, and inhaled the country air. Walking outside briefly, she watched a plane off in the distance.


"What next?" Janet asked herself.


Seating herself at the desk again, she remembered that she had wanted to go through it. Unlike every other drawer that she had opened in the house, these finally contained some disorganized contents. There were the financial records of the house, all bills, paid and unpaid, organized neatly. Janet doubted that all of Erica's correspondence was here, but she went through all of it.


When she went to replace one of the hanging folders that fit into the desk drawer, Janet saw an envelope bearing a familiar logo at the bottom of the desk drawer. Janet bent down and grabbed the envelope.


It was from her company and addressed to Erica! The postmark said it had been mailed three months ago, but it was empty. Nothing inside!


"Damn!" Janet cursed.


Draining her coffee cup and finding the pitcher empty, she had a sudden inspiration. If Erica owned stock in some companies, why not others?


She picked up the phone, and this time she was calling Blanca.


After speaking to her secretary, Janet got lucky since Blanca was just back from court.


"Janet, nice to talk to you. How can I help?"


"I just finished going over that package you gave me," Janet told Blanca.


"Good. Do you understand its contents?"




"Then you know what you have to do, then. Is there anything else?"


"Yes. I'd like you to fax me a complete listing of Erica's stock holdings?" asked Janet.




"I'm looking for something, so please do it."


"No, you're not to have access to that for another year," refused Blanca, "Besides, you can't do anything with it."


"I don't want to sell any of it, I just want to look for something."


"What?" asked Blanca.


"To see if she held stock in my old company, where I just got laid off from yesterday," explained Janet.




"Curiosity, that's all."


"Again, no. I refuse."


Janet had once dated a stockbroker, and she had listened to him talk endlessly about the market. After a while, though, she picked up some of the language.


"Blanca, if she's a shareholder of record, that will be public knowledge. I may have to call shareholder services myself and I'll do it. It will only take me a little time to find out, so don't make it more difficult for me. I know how to find this information, damn it!"


She heard Blanca breathe a sigh at the other end of the phone, as she considered just what to do next.


"All right. Yes, Erica was a stockholder in your old company. What does that have to do with anything?" asked Blanca.


"Now it's my turn to refuse to answer," said Janet.


"You're learning," said Blanca, before Janet heard the connection severed.


Janet wished she could have some more coffee now, hot and black. She felt a small measure of satisfaction that she had gotten something out of Blanca. Janet fingered the envelope.


It wasn't too much of a leap of imagination to believe that Erica had arranged to have Janet fired from her company shortly after her death. Janet resolved to continue searching until she found the letter itself. Or something from Erica asking that she is to be fired on a certain date.


"A small victory," said Janet, "is better than none at all."


Whenever Janet had been out of work in the past, she had managed to fill her time with reading and soap operas. Now, as Mistress of an estate, she found all she could do was to explore the mansion and watch Tina at her chores.


After rising, she had freed Tina of her bracelets. They had bathed and dressed, and Janet had ordered Tina to wear a red rubber Maid's outfit for the day. Janet loved the way it clung to her figure, and the wet sound it made whenever Tina moved.


Janet looked over the list of her stock portfolio, and decided that now was the time to start learning. Her portfolio was to be exclusively controlled by a broker here in Greenwich, so she called him for an appointment. Dressing again in a smart looking business suit, she went to his office.


The terms were quite strict. He was not allowed to give any recommendations or advice, only to execute buy or sell orders. He was to report to Blanca with all of her trades, and to keep her informed.


Janet thought it would be quite a revelation to him if her knew the true purpose of his strict orders. The winner would become a Mistress and the loser her slave. She left his office with his card in her purse, and bought a Journal at the first newsstand.


"Demon of Wall Street," she said to herself.


For the day at least, life was good.

* * * *

Some days later, while Janet was dozing in the library, she heard a knock on the door.


"Yes," said Janet.


"Mistress Tiffany has come home," said Tina after she opened the door.


Janet got to her feet, just in time to see an airport limo arrive at the front door. The driver opened the door for Tiffany, and got her bags out of the trunk. Tiffany paid the driver, and faced Janet.


"Hello," greeted Tiffany.


"Have a good trip?" asked Janet.


Tiffany ran over and wrapped her arms around Janet, and they kissed awkwardly.


"I'm sorry I was such a fool," said Tiffany. "Can you ever forgive me?"


"Sure," Janet answered.


Tina had already taken Tiffany's bags inside, and the two Dominants entered the house together.


"Hey!" said Tiffany, "it's a workday. What are you doing here?"


"I got fired," said Janet, glumly.


"That's too bad," answered Tiffany.


"Let's go in the library, and then you can tell me all about your trip," suggested Janet.


After telling Tina that they would like some sodas, they went into the library. Tiffany flopped down into one of the big leather chairs, and sank down into the cushion.


"Where did you go?" asked Janet.


"Hawaii, Malibu, Baja. Every beach I ever wanted to," answered Tiffany.


"You certainly have a nice tan," said Janet.


"All over, too. Let's just say that I wasn't wearing any clothing."


"What about your medallion?" Janet asked.


"I had the medallion removed, but not the ring. After all, I'm no longer Erica's slave," replied Tiffany.


"Andrea's no longer here to shave my pussy, so I guess that I'll let it grow back," Janet offered.


"It looks better that way anyway. What have you been doing?" asked Tiffany.


"Keeping the home fires burning, learning what it takes to run a place like this."


"You always were the level headed one, Janet. Did you read all that stuff Erica left for us?"


"Yes, very boring," answered Janet.


"Quite. I lost interest going through that stuff," answered Tiffany.


The next day, Janet chanced upon Tina emptying the wastebasket from Tiffany's bedroom. Inside was a week's worth of the Journal.


Damn! Thought Janet.

* * * * *

Part Two: Encounter with Evil


After her second trip into Greenwich to meet the broker, Janet decided that now was a good time to walk around. Janet looked over the list and merely nodded, holding the computer printout like it was about to bite her. She put the list into her purse, and decided to stroll around for a while.


Walking outside in the summer air, she passed by an electronics shop and ventured inside. Janet picked up a cell phone and played with it.


"Would you like to purchase it?" asked the salesgirl.


"Yes," smiled Janet in response.


It was her first purchase as Mistress of the House. She bought a mid-priced model, and a calling plan. It was so light, Janet wondered if she knew that it would really be in her purse. It was also just an impulse purchase, something to justify her trip to go into Greenwich.


"It's great," said the girl, "perfect for an emergency."


"I don't plan on having one," answered Janet.


"Nobody does. Until you need it to save your life."


Janet slipped her purchase into her purse, and was reminded to charge it up fully on its base every night. She decided that placing it on the nightstand next to her bed would be a good spot for it.


When she arrived home, Janet programmed in Stephanie's number first, then left it to charge for an entire day.


"Would you like to go somewhere tomorrow?" asked Tiffany over dinner.




"I've met a new Mistress named Lauren Singer. She's invited us to a party at one of her friend's houses," offered Tiffany.


"Can't say that I ever heard Erica talk about a Mistress Lauren," commented Janet.


"That's because her horizons were a little limited. Want to come?"


"Sure. When?"


"Tomorrow at 10. Don't worry, I'll drive," said Tiffany.


"Okay," smiled Janet.


The next evening, Tiffany and Janet set out together. Janet had worn a PVC outfit that had been Erica's, and Tiffany had decided on a leather dress. Since it was cool, they each wore a jacket.


Tiffany drove, and Janet wondered just how and when she had met this new Mistress. Erica had been one of the most highly regarded Dominants, and surely knew everyone. Except that Janet had not found any mention of Lauren in Erica's records, and was puzzled by the omission.


They arrived at the house of a modest estate over the border in New York. Tiffany parked the car, and they entered together.


Inside, some women that Janet had never met before warmly welcomed Tiffany. She waited in silence as they embraced and kissed.


"I'd like to introduce Janet," said Tiffany.


"Pleased to meet you," said Janet.


"I'm Tanya," said one, "would you like a drink?"




"Let's go the bar," suggested Tanya.


Tanya was an attractive woman, thin tanned and muscular. Janet could see the muscles that rippled beneath her skin.


"Have you ever been to one of Lauren's parties?" asked Tanya.


"No," Janet answered.


"Then you're in for a treat. Lauren just doesn't invite just anyone. You have to be one of the special people. Drink?"


They had finally arrived at the bar. Behind the bar was a naked slave, wearing a collar that attached her to the wooden bar. Janet noted that she wouldn't be leaving her post until released, and there was a riding crop hanging from the front of the bar.


"In case you're not satisfied, you can give the bartender a few strokes. Or even if you are satisfied, and want to have some fun," smiled Tanya.


"Whiskey sour," ordered Janet.


The slave quickly mixed the drink, and placed it on a coaster before Janet. Janet picked it up and took a sip.


"A little too sweet for me," observed Janet.


Before Janet could say that she would drink it anyway, Tanya grabbed the riding crop and administered a few quick slashing strokes to the naked girl. Janet noted how she cowered, and that her skin already bore the marks of several such punishments.


"I'm sorry, Mistress," cried the girl.


The girl mixed another drink, and offered that to Janet. The second one was tart and not that sweet, the way that Janet preferred.


"Thank you," said Janet.


"You're welcome, Mistress," thanked the girl.


"Did you have to do that?" Janet asked as they walked away.


"Why not? She's there for our use," commented Tanya.


"But not for something so petty as a bad drink. It certainly didn't merit several harsh strokes like that," pointed out Janet.


"What kind of Mistress are you? The slaves are here for our enjoyment and use," answered Tanya.


Janet chose not to respond, only to thank her companion and politely walk away. Janet stayed out of everyone's way, only engaging in small talk with a few of the other Mistresses when asked.


Instead, she hung back to observe. She seated herself in a large leather chair, and watched as the other Mistresses displayed how they treated their slaves. It was nothing unusual to see a girl led in by a leash, totally naked. But Janet was offended by the almost casual and capricious way that the slaves were treated and showed signs of abuse. Often, they were made to cower in fear with the threat of a severe punishment if they did not obey quickly.


Janet was glad when she heard her cell phone buzz and she had to excuse herself to find somewhere private to talk.


"Stephanie?" Janet asked when she was outside, "can you hear me?"


"Janet, where are you? I'm sorry, I was out all day and I didn't know you called till I got home just now."


"I'm with Tiffany at a party."


"Really. Who's the host?" asked Stephanie.


"A Mistress Lauren, I haven't met her yet."


"Don't. Just leave," advised Stephanie.


"That would be rude," said Janet.


"You don't want to have anything to do with her," cautioned Stephanie, "trust me, please?"


"Janet, so that's where you are!" said Tiffany.


"Have to go," Janet said into the phone.


"Janet, please! Listen to me," plead Stephanie, as Janet cut the connection.


"Who was that?" asked Tiffany.


"Just calling a friend," said Janet, "what's next?"


"The entertainment. I've been looking for you. I want to introduce you to our host, Lauren," offered Tiffany.


"I'm looking forward to it."


Janet was soon shaking hands with her hostess, who Tiffany had introduced.


"I've been wanting to meet you for a long time," said Lauren, "ever since Tiffany told me about you."


"She's never told me about you," replied Janet.


"Let's just say that I travel in different circles than the ones that you're used to. Shall we go down to the Dungeon, since everyone else went there while you were outside."




Janet followed Tiffany and Lauren down to the Dungeon. Smaller than the one under Erica's house it still had enough space for all the usual things that a Mistress would want.


It was obvious that the entertainment had gotten started without Janet. The other guests had begun by punishing two naked girls already, and numerous stripes and welts already covered their bodies.


Tanya pressed a crop into Janet's hand, which she took and did not use. Instead, Janet played with the crop, bending it with her hands.


"Why don't you use one of the girls?" asked Tiffany.


"Thank you," said Janet.


Suddenly, all eyes were on Janet as she walked over towards the spot where one of the slaves was hanging from a ceiling chain. Janet noted that the girl was attired in a collar and bracelets, and a spreader bar opened her ankles.


Janet looked the girl in the eye.


"What's your name?" asked Janet.


"Audrey, Mistress."


"Do you accept my discipline?" demanded Janet.


"Yes, Mistress."


Since she did not know either how much the girl had been used before, or what she had been trained to endure, Janet only administered several light strokes with the crop. Then she felt the girl's breasts and sex, making her moan.


When she was finished, she was surprised to find Lauren standing behind her.


"Surely you can do better than that?" asked Lauren.


"What do you mean?" asked Janet.


"I'm sure that you've been punished harsher than that, haven't you?" questioned Lauren.


"Yes. But I don't know how she's been trained," pointed out Janet.


"That doesn't matter here," said Lauren.


"It always matters," corrected Janet.


"Who was your trainer?" demanded Lauren.


"Mistress Erica," said Janet.


"Erica was a sentimental fool," said Lauren.


"I disagree."


"Then let me demonstrate," said Lauren.


Janet handed the crop to Lauren, who soon replaced it with a whip instead. Janet then seated herself on a chair that was near a small bar, with the same girl chained to it.


"Do you submit?" asked Lauren.


"Yes, Mistress," cried Audrey.


"Now you shall know what it feels like to have a truly severe Mistress!"


Lauren began her punishment with a series of hard strokes that left the girl panting from the pain. It didn't take long for a series of ugly red welts to appear on her body.


"Why doesn't she call for mercy?" Janet asked the bartender, softly.


"Because she knows that it will not be heeded," said the girl, "were you really trained by Mistress Erica?"


"Yes, I was her slave," Janet answered.


"Then you served a better Mistress than any here," she quietly replied.


When the whip curled itself around her body, Audrey hung limply from her chains. Lauren continued to strike her without pause or mercy, and ignored the moans from the girl.


"Stop it," said Janet to Tanya, since Tiffany had disappeared.




"Because Audrey's been used enough," Janet protested.


"Lauren's not finished yet," replied Tanya.


"Lauren may not be done, but I am," said Janet.


Janet rose to her feet and walked out of the Dungeon. She had asked the address before they went to the house, and called a cab from her cell phone. She felt sick and disgusted by what she had seen. But it was the look of pure venom on Lauren's face when Janet had taken her exit that Janet remembered most as she left the party.


The End of Chapter Eight PT2



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