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Janet in Training CH12 PT1

By: sfmaster - Published:


WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains

Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS

only, and the author does not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age or 18 or reside in a state that prohibits such

behavior, stop reading immediately!!!



Janet in Training

CH12 Two Days till Doom Part One




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Janet in Training by



Chapter 12: Two Days Till Doom


Part One


The entire world had shrunk to the confines of the library. Janet sat behind the desk, a pitcher of coffee in front of her, a pile of Journals there as well. The television set was tuned to the financial channel, and Janet watched dumbly as the ticker scrolled across the screen.


'I've lost,' Janet thought to herself, 'it's the end.'


Now there was nothing to do except watch the clock tick away her last few remaining hours of freedom until the meeting with Blanca in Manhattan, which would decide who would inherit Erica's estate.


Just a few days ago, Tiffany and Lauren had visited the house together. Tiffany had dropped enough hints that she was ahead, that Janet would be the loser. Janet remembered the horrible way that Lauren had looked at her, and it had chilled her blood.


Had all of this happened to her in just two years? Slave, Mistress, and now slave again?


"Janet?" called Stephanie as she opened the library door and burst inside, followed by Tina.


"In here," Janet answered, too tired to even stand up.


"What the hell is going on?" asked Stephanie.


"I didn't call you over here," recalled Janet, "what are you here for, Stephanie?"


"You didn't call me. Tina did," answered Stephanie.


Stephanie rushed over to Janet, and placed her medical bag on the desk before she peered in her eyes, felt her pulse. She frowned in response.


"Tina, how long since Janet has slept?"


"Three, four days, Mistress."


"Is this Mistress Tiffany's doing?" demanded Stephanie.


"No, Mistress," Tina answered.


"How has she kept herself awake?"


"With pills and coffee, Mistress."


"Has she had any stimulants in the last eight hours?"


"No, Mistress."




Stephanie had ceased to carry her medical bag over the years since she had stopped practicing, but ever since the two incidents at Janet's house, she would always take it with her. She opened the bag, and withdrew a hypodermic needle and a vial of liquid. Stephanie then upended the vial, and filled the syringe, with Janet watching, not comprehending what Stephanie was doing.


"Is Mistress Tiffany around?" asked Stephanie.


"No, Mistress. She will return tomorrow morning," answered Tina.


"What are you watching, Janet?" asked Stephanie.




Stephanie suddenly swabbed Janet's arm with an alcohol patch and then injected her with the needle. Janet was so weak, she didn't even attempt to resist.


"What the?" asked Janet.


"Nighty night," answered Stephanie.


Janet was swallowed up by a sudden tide of darkness, and peace for the first time in days. Her head slumped to the desk, and the world receded from view.

* * * *

When Janet awoke, she found that she was in one of the first floor bedrooms. The same one that she and Stephanie had carried Tina to, that horrible night when she had been left alone in the cell by Tiffany.


"Good evening," greeted Stephanie.


"What did you do?" asked Janet.


"You needed sleep, Janet. You were exhausted, so I knocked you out for a few hours. Do you feel better?"


"Yes, thank you."


Janet rubbed her eyes, and saw the contents of her purse lying on the dresser, next to the binder where she had catalogued all of Erica's documents, one year ago! Including the cell phone that had saved her life six months earlier.


"You know, don't you?" accused Janet.


"Yes, after we put you to bed, I went through your purse and I found these papers," indicated Stephanie.


"I must have forgotten to remove them when I saw Blanca three months ago," said Janet.


"Then I found Erica's book in the desk. Very interesting reading. I never knew that Erica could be so devious," observed Stephanie.


Janet was relaxed, and finally at peace for the first time in days. She could talk to her closest friend, and finally explain what she had been subject to for all this time.


"In two days," Janet began, "a limo will arrive in the morning to take Tiffany and myself to Blanca's office. She will read the codicil to Erica's will, which will say that the winner of the stock market contest will inherit Erica's estate. Which will include the loser, who will become the victor's slave."


"Why didn't you tell me?" demanded Stephanie, "now that I know what all this has really been about."


"Because if you would have read the documents fully, you would have found that I had to keep it a secret. That's why I've been under such a strain, Stephanie. Because I couldn't tell you, or anyone," answered Janet.


"I'm sorry, Janet. I didn't understand the pressure that you were under. I'm amazed that you haven't broken under the strain until now," observed Stephanie.


"Maybe I finally did," Janet answered, "Tina?"


"Yes, Mistress."


"Could you get me a drink, please?" asked Janet, stirring under the sheets.


"Icewater, Tina," Stephanie ordered, "no stimulants of any kind."


"Yes, Mistress."


Janet waited in silence until Tine returned from the kitchen with a pitcher full of icewater. She poured a large glass for Janet, who first propped herself up in bed, resting on two pillows. Janet's mind was clear, her body partially rested. Now she had to do something that would be very difficult.


"Leave us, Tina," ordered Janet.


"Mistress, please, I want to stay with you," begged Tina.


"Does she know?" demanded Janet.


"I didn't read all of those documents myself," Stephanie answered.


Janet exhaled, and tried to decide what to do next.


"All right, Tina, stay. Because now Stephanie and I have to discuss your future, not mine," said Janet.


"Janet?" cried Tina, "what do you mean?


"If Tiffany wins tomorrow, then not only will I become her slave, but you will be also. Tiffany associates with Mistress Lauren, who believes that the only way to get total obedience from her slaves is to punish them past their breaking point. You saw what she did to my back."


"Yes, Mistress."


"One of her slaves, a girl named Myra met me in Greenwich, and told me that Tiffany was being advised by Lauren, and that she was ahead. Myra begged me to buy her, crying in public. That's when I asked Jessica to help me as an investment advisor, and not just a slave. She's been doing so for the last three months."


"Is that why you ordered me out of the Dungeon, Mistress?" asked Tina.




"I'm sorry. I didn't know, I was just jealous," cried Tina.


"If I lose, and I don't really know who may be ahead, then you'll be Tiffany's slave. I can't let you become the property of a dangerous and cruel Mistress like what Tiffany has become. I can accept my own bondage, but not yours. Therefore, I release you Tina, long before your contract to me expires," calmly explained Janet.


"No," cried Tina, "I want to stay with you always, no matter what."


"No, you stupid fool. I release you and all your obligations to me. If you won't leave, Tina, then I give you to Stephanie. She will be a far better Mistress to you than Tiffany or Lauren," ordered Janet.


"Yes, Mistress," tearfully answered Tina.


"Tonight, both you and Stephanie must leave, so that I can spend tomorrow alone with Tiffany. Just as we started one year ago. The next day we shall go to New York, and then we shall know who will be the Mistress in this house," lectured Janet.


"You've become a far better Mistress than Erica could ever have imagined," answered Stephanie.


"That's just exactly why I have to release Tina. You don't deserve a Mistress like Tiffany, and especially Lauren," said Janet.


"I don't want to leave you, Mistress," cried Tina.


"You saw what happened to my back, and the scars that I still have? Do you want to be a slave to a Mistress that can inflict that kind of punishment, Tina? I don't think so. So go, both of you. I came into this thing alone, and that's the way I'll have to face it in thirty-six hours," said Janet.


"You shouldn't be here alone with Tiffany," cautioned Stephanie.


"Why? She wouldn't hurt me now. She's just a few hours from possibly getting exactly what she wants, namely the House and me. If she did something now, it would endanger that chance. Everything is now out of our control, and in the hands of the gods," added Janet.


Stephanie and Tina both sat on Janet's bed, staring at her.


"Now go, damn it! Both of you! One year ago, Tiffany and I started in Erica's house alone, and that's the way we're going to finish. Whatever happens in Blanca's office is our respective fate."


"If you win, Mistress Janet, I'll be back," said Tina, tears in her eyes.


"Keep your fingers crossed, both of you," ordered Janet, "because hope is the only thing that I've got left."


After they had both departed, Janet allowed herself a single small sherry. She tried to relax on an easy chair back in the library, wishing that she had not sent Stephanie and Tina away after all.


On the footstool was the newspaper, which she had not read for days, even though Tina faithfully put it on her desk each morning. Janet opened it, hoping that it would get her mind off her situation. A red advertising insert fell out, and Janet had to pick it up from the floor. On the cover was a sale of board games, including Conquest.


"Oh, god!" screamed Janet, her voice echoing through the house.


Suddenly, everything returned in a flash of memories. Erica's death, Janet with Tiffany in her apartment. Knocking over Conquest in the closet, then Janet bragging how good a player she was when they picked up all the pieces off the floor. Six months later at Lauren's house, her little "game" of Conquest to decide who would use the slave.


Myra, already used past her safeword. Lauren wanting to continue, and Janet taking Myra's place. Whipped nearly to death, then the horrible drive home, and the painful recovery.


"I was set up," sobbed Janet in the empty house, "Tiffany wanted me to die, with Lauren's help."


Her night was mostly sleepless, filled with nightmares of death and suffering.

* * * *


Janet spent most of the next day waiting for Tiffany. Incredibly, her companion did not return until shortly before dinner.


"Greetings," said Janet as Tiffany entered the foyer.


"Hello. Where's Tina?"


"Gone. You can put your jacket in the closet yourself," directed Janet.


"Where is she?" asked Tiffany as she hung her jacket in the closet.


"I released her from my service, and gave her to Stephanie," Janet answered.


"Why did you do that?" asked Tiffany.


They were both interrupted by the sound of a bell from the kitchen.


"Dinner is served," said Janet.


It wasn't until they were both seated at the table before a roast beef that they could continue talking. Tiffany had helped Janet bring everything to the table, and did not question her further until the dinner was on the table.


"Why such a grand meal?" asked Tiffany as she sipped at a red wine.


"Last meal, and all that," answered Janet, "one year ago, you called me to your apartment and cooked dinner after Erica's death. Now it's my turn."


"Thank you," said Tiffany as she speared a piece of meat and placed it into her mouth.


"I thought that we should have one final dinner, together alone by ourselves. I hope that you haven't asked someone to join you here tonight," said Janet.


"No. I wasn't sure just what I'd find here, so I came alone," Tiffany answered.




"Why did you send Tina away?" asked Tiffany.


"Because I didn't want her to fall into your hands or Lauren's, that's why. She doesn't deserve to have a cruel Mistress like you've become," stated Janet.


"I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything, from that first night we inherited the estate to today."


"Tiffany, we have to take responsibility for our actions. Your being sorry doesn't absolve you from the scars on my back or placing Tina in danger either. That's what being a Mistress is all about, not just using slaves for our own sexual gratification," lectured Janet.


"I guess you're right," Tiffany answered.


"No, you know I'm right," said Janet, "now let's finish eating, do the dishes, and get some sleep. I'm exhausted, and I want to have a clear head tomorrow."


Somehow, Janet had expected that Tiffany would join her in her bedroom that evening. Instead, she remained alone, listening to the sounds of the night. She placed her arm behind her back, feeling the scars that Lauren had placed there. In her dreams, she wondered if others would soon join them.


The next morning, Janet took a hot steaming shower, almost at sauna temperature. She had seen home saunas, and had whistled at the price. Janet resolved that if she should win, she would spend the five figures and have one installed in the house.


The hot water washed away the fatigue, and made her sweat away the tensions that had developed in her body for several weeks. Finally, she knew that this little respite had to end, so she stopped the water, and exited the tub. She toweled herself off, and decided that now wasn't the time to give her an orgasm. No, it was time to be serious.


After her shower, Janet walked to the bedroom to dry herself off. When she removed the short terry kimono robe, she saw the scars on her back reflected in the mirror. The stigmata of her encounter with Lauren. It seemed incredible that she had been nearly been beaten to death and survived the nightmare.


Janet dressed, and chose a conservative business suit, one that she had worn to work before. She set her hair, wishing that she had Tina's help this morning. Still, she had done it all of her life before she had a servant, so why should she become a helpless fool now?


When she entered the kitchen, Janet was surprised to find that Tiffany had chosen to wear a suit also, except that Janet's was blue and Tiffany's was black. They looked alike.


"I ordered out for croissants," said Tiffany, "I didn't think that a heavy breakfast would be such a good idea."




They ate a simple breakfast of juice, black coffee and croissants in the kitchen, like two high powered female executives on the go. They both stared at the clock, watching the time tick away towards 9 AM.


Tiffany stowed the dishes in the sink, just before the limo arrived. They both carried leather briefcases and Janet reflected that hers had been a gift from her firm for good service. She looked at the battered black leather as she placed hers by her feet.


They were driven into the city on time, after rush hour had ended. The large Cadillac had been expanded to contain a TV and bar, and could seat several on leather upholstery. Instead, it was used just to transport the two women to Blanca's office.


"Thank you," said Janet as the exited the limo.


"I've been told to wait to take you back to Connecticut," said the female chauffeur.


"Thank you," said Tiffany, also.


They rode the elevator up in silence, and were ushered in Blanca's office, each taking a seat. Blanca hadn't arrived yet, though it was already 10 AM. Janet fidgeted uneasily in her seat, the tension building up her.


"Good morning, ladies," greeted Blanca when she entered her office.


"Good morning," both Janet and Tiffany said in unison.




They both nodded.


"Three black coffees, please," ordered Blanca after she pressed the intercom switch.


Her secretary shortly dropped off a tray containing three cups, and placed in on Blanca's desk. Janet now noted a wedding ring on the third finger of her left hand.


"Georgie, please make sure that we're not disturbed, period. Short of one of the senior partners calling, I'd like to be left alone with these two clients," Blanca ordered.


She then departed, closing the door behind her. The atmosphere in the room was electric, and both Janet and Tiffany were seated like statues. Blanca passed around the coffee cups, and took a seat in her leather chair.


"I've known Erica Riken a long time," began Blanca, "as a good friend, a Dominant, and a client. It was Erica's wish that if she should die, a competition was to be held between two of her slaves to decide who would inherit the estate. And the loser would become the victor's slave."


"We know all that already, just get on with it," interrupted Tiffany.


Blanca then removed four envelopes from her briefcase, displaying them to her two clients.


"This is the codicil to Erica's will, and three identical statements from the brokers you were ordered to use. Even I don't know the contents, as Erica had instructed the information to be collected and sealed before I picked up the envelopes this morning. Which is why I'm late."


Blanca tore open one of the envelopes, and proceeded to read its contents:


"I, Erica Riken, being of sound mind and body, do reaffirm the conditions that I specified in document 423 for a competition between my heirs Janet Davis and Tiffany Gray. Whoever has the greater value in their portfolio shall be the sole inheritor of my estate, and all my possessions. Signed Erica Riken."


"Would you like to see it?" asked Blanca.


"No, that won't be necessary," said Janet softly, "please proceed."


Blanca then handed out identical manila envelopes to both Tiffany and Janet, and all three occupants of the office sat, staring at each other.


Tiffany tore open hers, and that was the signal for Blanca and Janet to open theirs. Inside were two reports, with a cover sheet, and a complete listing of their portfolio, containing every transaction that they had made over the previous year. All three leafed through the reports, finally coming to the last page.


"NO!" cried Tiffany, "NO! I was ahead. Far ahead!" sobbed Tiffany as tears fell from her eyes.


"You were," said Blanca, "Except that you got greedy. That diamond necklace you bought placed you thousands of dollars behind when the market went down. Then you gambled with those futures contracts. But those futures contracts you bought two weeks ago put you under when they went bad, placing you just five thousand dollars behind Janet."


"No," cried Tiffany.


"I therefore award the entire estate, and one slave, Tiffany Gray to Mistress Janet Davis, who has fulfilled the conditions as specified by the late Erica Riken," said Blanca.


Janet relaxed in her chair, the months of tension and pain finally leaving her. She sighed, happy that Tiffany's vanity and greed had lifted the Sword of Damocles that hung above her.


"Do you have a bathroom?" cried Tiffany.


Blanca pointed to a door, and Tiffany ran inside. They could both hear the sounds of retching from within.


"That doesn't happen often in a lawyer's office," pointed out Blanca, "only with the big cases."


"Thank you, Blanca," said Janet.


"Do you want to retain me as your lawyer?" asked Blanca.


"Of course," said Janet, "that will be perfectly satisfactory."


Once Tiffany had finished, she returned to her chair in silence. Her eyes were downcast, her makeup smudged. Her body had the posture of a defeated slave.


"If that's everything, I do have a busy caseload today," said Blanca.


"Thank you," said Janet as she stowed away the papers in her briefcase.


Janet rose and shook Blanca's hand.


"Come, slave," Janet said to Tiffany, "time to go home."


During the ride back, Janet read the reports, finding that Tiffany indeed had been doing better all along. But when Tiffany had bought the necklace it had placed her behind Janet's total. It was only after that she had started to use Jessica for her advisor did her portfolio improve for the better.


Tiffany sat in stunned silence, a dazed expression on her face, her body wracked by occasional spasms of tension.


When the limo exited the parkway, Janet asked the driver to stop off someplace else before they reached home. Tiffany was surprised to hear Janet order them to go to Lauren's House!


Entering by the gate, the limo pulled up in front of the door. Janet ordered Tiffany out, and they walked up the stairs. Janet told Tiffany that she wanted her to walk in front of Janet.


"Tiffany," greeted Lauren, "what a surprise."


"Yes, Lauren."


"I see that you've brought Janet. I told you that you'd win, and now Janet is your slave to use. Good, I'm sure that she can hardly wait to continue where I left off before," taunted Lauren.


"But I didn't win," cried Tiffany, "Janet did. By just five thousand dollars, thanks to that gamble you told me to take!"


"It's all here in black and white," said Janet, "I won, and Tiffany here belongs to me, not the other way round."


"Tiffany, I'm sorry," said Lauren.


"I should slap you for what you did to me," said Janet, "but I'm not going to give you the satisfaction. I just hope that you will learn how to properly use a slave girl, not just beat them into submission. Come, Tiffany."


In the car, Tiffany turned around and watched as Lauren's estate receded in the rear view mirror. There were tears falling from her cheeks.


When they arrived back at Erica's, now Janet's House, Janet threw her case on the library floor. She felt like she could fly! But there were other things to do, first.


"Tiffany," ordered Janet.


"Yes, Mistress," quickly answered Tiffany.


"I want you naked, wearing nothing but collar, bracelets, and high heels. Use the set that Erica had made for you, with your name on the leather collar," Janet ordered.


"Yes, Mistress."


"Then I want you to report back here. And I want that little trinket that you bought for yourself, that expensive diamond necklace. I have a particular use in mind for it," ordered Janet.


Janet sat behind Erica's desk. No, now it was her desk. The desk, the estate, everything now belonged fully to Janet Davis, former secretary from Queens. But now she was Mistress of the house. Her house and estate. Janet wondered if she should pinch herself in order to believe that she really had won and that this wasn't some dream.


'I'll be a good Mistress, Erica,' Janet thought to herself, 'I'll treat my slaves the way you treated me.'


The weight of memories, of what she had experienced in this house that was now hers flashed through her mind. Pain and pleasure, submission to Mistress Erica, Andrea, and Tiffany. Her use of Andrea and Tiffany. Stephanie's befriending her and Tina's arrival. The discovery of the competition, her near fatal beating by Lauren, and the recovery. Jessica's training, and her emotional depression in the last few weeks.


"I've won," Janet said aloud to herself, "Mistress Janet Davis. Mistress Janet Davis," she repeated to herself.


Janet poured herself a small sherry, and sat behind the desk. She allowed herself the luxury of a drink, and she enjoyed the fiery taste of the liquor as it slid down her throat.


'I still can't believe it,' Janet thought to herself, 'but I have to call Stephanie.'


While Tiffany was preparing herself, Janet called Stephanie on the cell phone, and she was overjoyed to hear the news. Stephanie offered to drive over instantly, but Janet turned her down.


"Give me about three hours," said Janet, "there's a chore that I have to perform first."


When Tiffany had returned to the library, she was outfitted as Janet had ordered, and she was carrying the necklace also. Tiffany still looked dazed and shocked, not knowing what would be expected of her next.


"How much is that necklace worth?" demanded Janet.


"Fifty thousand dollars," answered Tiffany.


"Had you not purchased the necklace, you still would have won," stated Janet.


"Yes, Mistress."


"I'm not ready yet to take you downstairs to the Dungeon and whip you till you call for mercy. But I will start here," said Janet, "now get on the footstool, slave."


Tiffany did as she was ordered, and lay quietly as Janet secured her elbows and knees to the footstool. She cinched the coils tight with two strands that went between Tiffany's limbs and the wood. Tiffany was now bound quite effectively to the footstool.


After placing a ballgag in Tiffany's mouth, Janet made sure to roughly fondle Tiffany. Janet pinched and pulled at Tiffany's breasts, and then fingered her sex. Tiffany squealed under Janet's harsh attentions. Janet had not used her since the time when she had nearly killed Tina.


"I hope that you can get used to the idea that I am now the Mistress in this House," said Janet, "because I shall be a far better Mistress to you than either you or Lauren would have been to me."


Tiffany merely grunted, her words muted by the ballgag. Janet saw the look of fear in her eyes that were directed at her.


"In my time as a Mistress, I have always let the slave have her choice of safeword. That was something I learned from Erica. However, I must choose for you, given our paths to this point. Your safeword shall be mercy, since that was denied me when your friend Lauren nearly beat me to death almost six months ago. You will be spared the agony and suffering that that I endured. Remember that every time I use you," coldly lectured Janet to her bound captive.


Even though she was still wearing the business suit, Janet placed the necklace around her neck and closed the clasp. Janet admired herself in the mirror.


"Looks nice, Tiffany. Pity it had such a huge cost," said Janet, "but I've never really had an interest in such things. Frankly, it still looks better on you."


Janet removed the necklace and placed it around Tiffany's neck. The image of her, naked and bound to the footstool, a leather collar around her neck while wearing an expensive diamond necklace, was one of the strangest that Janet could have ever devised!


"Tiffany, since you still wear the ring through your labia, I've decided that I'll make a similar medallion to the one Erica made for you. Except that it will read Tiffany, property of Mistress Janet. Just so that you will remember who your Mistress is."


"Mmmmmph!" grunted Tiffany in response.


"I'm now going to begin to punish you with the gag in your mouth, so that you will not have a chance to plead for mercy. I hope that will give you a small example of how I felt when Lauren was beating me and I was unable to plead for mercy, and my life."


Janet began, not with a paddle or crop, but just with her naked hand. After all, she had all the time in the world.

* * * *



The End of Chapter 12 Part One

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