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Robert and his Governess Part 2

Loosely based on my own Boarding School experiences. Robert's adventures continue.

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Robert and his Governess Part 2

By: cathexis - Published:

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    The next morning he woke and went down to breakfast.  Sitting there,

eating his porridge, all he could think about was his Governess; her eyes,

her skin, the way she looked at him...  The day seemed to pass uneventfully

and he thought that maybe he had got away with it.


   After dinner, he walked down the hall towards the Governess's study at 8

o'clock and knocked at her study door....He was abruptly shaken out of his

reverie by the sound of her voice; stern and not very happy.


   As the door of her study closed behind him, she turned to face the 18

year old.  Eyes blazing with fury, she started.


   "How could you!!!" I thought you would be more grateful, you little

pervert.  How DARE you steal my underwear!"


   "Give them back to me this INSTANT!"


   Pulling her panties from his pocket, he sheepishly handed them to her;

his legs shaking, wondering what she would do to punish him.


   "A simple spanking will not suffice for THIS, now will it Robert?"


   Shaking his head, he knew he was in terrible trouble with her.


   "You know the drill, young Man; take all your clothes off and bend over

my lap".


   He did as ordered and approached her.


   "Open your mouth"


   He did so and she suddenly pushed her dirty panties into his mouth..

gagging and coughing, he tried to spit them out, but to no avail; she was

stronger than him and so they remained.


   Grabbing him and throwing him over her knee, she held both arms behind

his back; clamping his legs between her thighs, she mad sure he couldn't

struggle free.


   Reaching onto her desk, she picked up a plastic hairbrush; red and

smooth, with a long handle....  bringing it down in front of him, she made

sure to show him what she was about to spank him with.




   The first blow made a sharp slapping sound as it contacted his bare

little bottom.


   "AAAAAAARGH!!!!!" came the scream from his lips...  muffled by the

panties stuffed in his mouth.


   With her taste in his mouth exciting him, each blow seemed harder and

more stinging than the last...  the spanking and the way the panties tasted

of her made his little cock spring to attention.


   "OOOOOOOOh....!!!  NO MISS....  It HURTS!!....  NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" came

his muffled protestations.


   His little cock pressed into the soft skin of her inner thighs...  he

concentrated on how good it felt and tried to rub the head on her skin....


   Enraged now, the Governess felt him pressing against her.


   "You are NOT supposed to be enjoying this you little beast!" she

spluttered in outrage....


   The blows stopped for a moment and he thought it was over; but it



   The Governess flipped him over, onto his back; his stiff little cock



   Her bare hand flashed down and landed square on his erect member.


   "AAAAAAAA...  PLEEEEEEEEASE!!!....  Governess...  PLEASE stop...



   Unmercifully, she spanked his cock..  each blow landed, each blow sent

shocks through his body.


   Tears streamed down his face as he cried in anguish; not from the pain,

but from the shame that he had let his Governess down; tears because he

thought she didn't love him anymore....  He must have really done something

bad, must have hurt her TERRIBLY to make her do this to him.


   Even through the pain, the shocks of pleasure still coursed through his

little body; rather than stopping his reaction to her punishment, it was

increasing it; her flesh stinging his; her hand on his hard little cock....


   She had lost control and she knew it; she was hitting him far too hard.

What had started as a controlled punishment of the 18 year old had turned

into something else; her passions had got the better of her.


   Looking down at him, she saw his whole groin, red and swollen; his hard

little cock a cherry red color; the foreskin peeled back, his head tight

and purple.


   Shocked at how she had behaved, all she felt was shame; shame for

punishing him too severely, shame that her feelings for him had turned to



   Reaching down to him, she pulled his tear streaked face to hers and

kissed him over and over again...


   "I'm sorry, Robert...  SO sorry; what I did was inexcusable..  have I

hurt you?"...  "please tell me I haven't hurt you, sweet boy".


   Sobbing and trying to speak through the gag of her panties, all she

heard was a garble; reaching down, she removed her soiled panties from his



   "Miss,, it was MY fault...  I shouldn't have stolen from you and lied to

you....  I love you Miss....  It will NEVER happen again..  please don't

send me away...  I'll do ANYTHING for you ANYTHING, just PLEASE don't send

me away"....


   Her heart soared...  she hadn't destroyed his trust in her; he was still

devoted to her....


   His poor bottom and groin were scarlet from the severe spanking she had

given him...


   "Shush, Robert....  Stop crying; I'll make it all better...."..."I will

NEVER send you away, I promise; you can be with me forever, ok?"


   Her desk drawer was full of various lotions and her beauty products;

some soothing skin cream would help dampen the effects from her spanking.


   Helping him turn over, his fiery red bottom lay beneath her.  Squeezing

some lotion from the tube she had retrieved from her desk drawer, she

started to liberally coat his scalding flesh with it.


   Lying there, the 18 year old felt the cool lotion on his skin; her hands

rubbing him gently as she applied it.


   Her hands worked their way underneath him; his little cock was still

rigid; even now he was so aroused by her, that he was as hard as a nail.


   His bottom thoroughly coated with the soothing balm, she helped him off

her lap and made him stand.


   Kneeling in front of him, she applied more lotion to both hands and

gently worked it into the skin of his hairless cock and scrotum...  Her

right hand concentrated on his cock; her left reaching behind him,

massaging his tender buttocks.


   She watched him; gazing into his piercing blue eyes; his tears now gone,

his face looking at hers with love and wonder.


   Wrapping her right hand more firmly around his cock, she began to slowly

and sensuously pump it up and down; watching as each stroke pulled his

delicate foreskin over the head; watching as his eyes widened in small pain

every time she pulled his foreskin over his purple, bulging head.


   Her left hand reached under him and gently forced his legs apart.  Her

slippery forefinger found his pink little rosebud and gently worked into



   "OOOOOOH....  Miss....  "...  he tried to stand on tiptoes as her finger

penetrated him, as if to escape her probing digit...  as a boy, this was so

foreign to him she knew, being penetrated this way, but it was essential to

make him crave it if she was to train him properly.


   His smooth, tight muscle resisted at first, but slowly he opened up to



   One hand stroking his cock, the other slowly and deeply fucking his ass;

with each downward stroke of her hand on his cock, she pushed deep into his

slippery little anus, brushing his prostate with each stroke.....


   He buried his face in her chest; each new pleasure brought a muffled sob

from him.


   She skillfully brought him close to orgasm over and over again; each

time she felt his little prostate harden, she stopped.....  after he calmed

a bit, she would begin her sweet torture of him again...  She slipped a

second finger inside him....  Getting him ready for what would come later

in his training.


   His eyes closed and he began his familiar trembling; a sure sign that

the 18 year old was about to orgasm...


   "Robert...  I want you to open your eyes and look at me....  Look into

my eyes and don't look away"..


   Doing as he was told, he looked her unwaveringly .....  one final pump

of his cock, pulling tightly down on his foreskin, a final thrust of her

probing fingers deep into his tight, slippery anus...


   She watched his face as he began to cum; his pupils dilated...  that

familiar look of surprise washed over his face as the intense orgasm

flashed through his body; his face flushed, his anus spasming around her

invading fingers.


   The orgasm was so intense, he thought he would faint!  His legs began to

buckle, but the Governess's fingers inside him, kept him upright...  his

full weight pressed him down onto her, forcing her fingers deeper still

inside him...  stretching his little pink anus wider and wider.


   His legs twitching and spasming as her hands continued to tease every

last ounce of pleasure from his little body; wave after wave of searing

pleasure washed over him.


   "His eyes had never left hers", she thought; "definitely an obedient

little boy when he is motivated properly".


   She lowered her head and her wet, pink lips engulfed his hard little

cock...  sucking and teasing him with her wet lips and skillful tongue

until shaking and crying out, he slumped forward into her arms.


   She caught his body as he collapsed; his legs unable to bear his weight

anymore, unable to stand the continuous explosions of pleasure.


   His body continued to shake for a few minutes as small aftershocks of

pleasure kept coming, until finally.....  he lay still in her arms.


   Taking him in her arms, she went up the back stairs from her study; they

lead directly to her bedroom.


   Putting his now sleeping form onto her plush, King sized bed, she

quickly took a shower, then back in her bedroom, stood before her

full-length mirror; she was just over 40 years old; her body taut and

supple from years of exercise.  Cupping her medium size breasts she looked

approvingly at what she saw....


   A slight movement from behind her; she saw the 18 year old awake and

watching her.


   Quickly she made her mind up and went to him.  Taking him by the hand,

she led him back to the mirror.


   Standing beside her, he looked quite small and powerless; only about

5'2" tall and maybe 85 lbs to her 5"6" and 127 lbs of solid muscle.


   "It's Ok Robert...  you can look at me....  I WANT you to look at me"...


   His blue eyes stared into the mirror as he studied what he saw reflected



   "You can touch me if you want to Robert" she said.


   His hand reached over and explored her flat stomach.  Lingering at her

belly button..  then slowly as he gained confidence, he touched her breasts

and nipples....  Suddenly, he turned away from the mirror and towards her;

grabbing her around the waist and holding her tight.


   Her arms wrapped around him and they stood for a while, saying nothing.


   A couple of minutes passed and she led him to her bed and they slipped

under the covers.


   Face-to-face now, she drew him close and guided his head to her

breast... his mouth found her hard nipple and he began to suck gently...

her hand reached down and grasped his little cock..  "hard as usual" she

smiled to herself.


   They drifted off to sleep like that; both tired and content with how the

day had ended.


   Waking the next day, she helped him shower; showing him how to clean

under his foreskin correctly and generally tending to him.


   She dried him off and started her routine; brushing her hair, she

watched him as he got dressed....  He stopped at the small pile of her

clothing on her side of the bed...  he stared intently at something.

Getting up, she strode over to him...  he was transfixed by her panties.


   "Robert; do you like my panties?"


   The 18 year old blushed furiously and nodded.


   "Why do you like them so much?"


   "Ummmm...  ummm...  because they smell like you" he stammered out.


   "What do you want to do with them, Robert?"...  "Do you want to smell

them?  Play with them?"


   An even more fervent look came over his face and he blushed an even

deeper shade of red....


   "Show me....  Show me what you want to do with them, you darling boy;

don't be ashamed"...."please show me?"


   His hand slightly shaky, he picked her panties off the ground; bringing

them up to his face, he pressed the crotch over his nose and mouth and

breathed her scent in; his tongue licked at the silky material.


   She could see his hard-on already.


   "Is that ALL you want to do with my dirty panties Robert?"


   The 18 year old shook his head.


   "What else...  show me...  show me NOW!" she said huskily.


   Almost ashamedly, he lay down on the bed and took off his pants.

Looking up at her, he wrapped the silky panties around his hard little cock

and used them to masturbate with.


   Watching him jerk off; her panties wrapped around his hairless little

cock, she realized that she really could get him to do anything for her;

anything her twisted heart desired.'


   "Come on Robert...  do it harder....  Harder!....  She locked her gaze

on his eyes and watched as his little body began to shake..".


   "Do you want me to help you Robert?"....


   "Umm...  Yyyyyes...  Miss....".


   "Tell me what you want me to do to you"...


   "Ummm....  I don't know Miss"..  he stammered.....  "Ummm"


   "Do you want me to spank you Robert? .....  Is that what you

want?"..."Or maybe you want to put your hard little cock in my mouth?".


   His head nodded...


   "Please spank me Miss....  Spank me and put your finger inside me and

make the butterflies happen"....


   "Then bed over the side of the bed and push your bottom out, so I can

spank you properly then".


   He briefly stopped masturbating with her panties and did as he was told;

his legs spread, his torso on the bed.


   "Come on now; let's do this properly...  now arch your back a little bit



   He wrapped her panties around his hard little cock and began to

masturbate again; his head craning back over his shoulder, looking back at





   His body jerked as her palm hit his tight, smooth little bottom...


   "WHACK!!!!".........  "WHACK!!!!".......


   His back arched as he strained to make his bottom more available to her.


   "WHACK!!!!"...  "WHACK!!!!"...  "WHACK!!!!"


   His pink little bottom presented so nicely to her....  She licked her

right index finger and placed it against his tight little hole.....  As he

continued to stroke his hard little cock, she gently probed him; easing her

finger inside him...


   And that was all it took...  his voice cried out as he came; her panties

wrapped around his cock; her hand spanking him as she enjoyed her utter

control over the young boy...  He was completely devoted to her now; she

could explore all the possibilities that his obedience would allow her.


   Withdrawing her finger, she spoke to him...  "OK Robert..  off to class

now....  If you want, you can keep my panties in your pocket all day".


   With a beaming smile, he turned to her and kissed her on the lips.


   And then he was gone; a nicely spanked backside and her panties in his



   Her plan slowly formed in her mind.  The first part would involve the

school nurse.  She needed to make sure that he was physically sound; no

sense in training him for her pleasure, only to find out he wasn't

"vigorous" enough for her purposes.


   The next day came and the hours dragged on until he could visit the

Governess again.  All he could think of was her silken panties; the way

they smelled after she had worn them all day, after she got wet....


   Standing in front of her, he waited for her command.


   Today, I have work to do Robert, but I want to keep my promise to you,

so here's what we'll do.


   Whispering into his ear, her breath warm and exciting....  She told him

what she required of him.


   20 minutes later, the Governess was seated at her desk; the 18 year old

kneeling beneath her skirts, hidden from view.


   His tongue and lips sucking and licking her wet, swollen flesh....  Her

panties pulled aside; he loved how she tasted...  the smell of her arousal

overwhelmed him; the darkness that enclosed him accentuated the way she

smelled; no light, no sound....  Only the way she tasted and the dominant

smell of her aroused, wet flesh.


   As the Governess reviewed the paperwork in front of her, she couldn't

help but smile; he was coming on SO well....  Her thoughts scattered

instantly as the first orgasm of the day coursed through her body.


   Her body arched, her spine contracting; she wrapped her legs around his

body, forcing him deeper under her skirts....  His fervent worship of her

wet pussy thrilled her; the complete control she now had over him excited

her even more.....  Such an eager boy; she could tell that he was addicted

to her...  addicted to her smell, her taste and to her emotional hold over



   A knock on her door brought her out of her reverie; "Enter!" she

exclaimed a little shakily.


   "Ah, the school nurse" she thought....  "now we can discuss my plans for



   "Nurse, thank you SO much for coming to discuss my proposal for a

treatment plan for Robert...C."...  "I want to focus on training him to be

absolutely obedient; for him to follow my instructions without questioning

me"...  "how can we accomplish this?"


   Beneath her skirts, the 18 year old could barely hear what they talked

about; the Governess's heavy dress muffling the sounds from outside; all he

could think of was how much he loved his Governess; how much he wanted to

stay safe and cared for between her thighs...  to taste her, suck her hard

little bud, drink her juices...


   Their conversation continued as he licked the Governess....  A couple of

times she stopped talking; little quivers running through her body;

goosebumps as the 18 year old's tongue brought her to yet another orgasm.


   "Sorry Nurse..  could you repeat that again...  I didn't quite catch

what you said"....  20 minutes passed and finally the Nurse and the

Governess had a plan.


   The Governess reached under the desk and guided the boy out; her chair

was slick and slippery with a combination of her cum and his saliva, her

panties completely soaked.


   Standing in front of him, she slowly stepped out of her soaking garment

and dangled it in front of him: "do you want my panties Robert?"....  "you

can take them with you for the rest of the day if you want".


   His face red and flushed, he reached out for them...


   "Not so fast....  I want you to smell them...  lick them..."


   As she watched, the young boy pressed the silken material to his face

and inhaled; her smell now seemed to flick a switch in his brain...  she

watched as his pants bulged outwards under the pressure of his hard little

cock.  His pink little tongue licked at the panties as he greedily tasted

her essence.


   In class, he couldn't pay attention; his thoughts focused on the wet

panties hidden in his right pocket.  When no-one was looking, he slipped

his hand down to them; once his fingers were moist, he could raise them to

his mouth and taste her; smell her whenever he wanted......  Sitting at his

desk, his cock grew hard again.


   That night when he went to her study, his Governess was especially kind

to him; she gently took all his clothes off, kissing every inch of his bare

flesh as she removed the garments.


   Once he was naked, she lead him to the huge leather couch and helped him

lie down on his back.


   The soft, warm leather felt good as he lay there; he watched as she

removed her own clothing; all except her panties.


   Straddling his body, her eyes gazed down lovingly at him; her flat,

strong stomach and her apple sized breasts topped with purplish nipples

filling his vision....  Looking further down her body, he saw that she was

wearing a tiny white thing, with an almost transparent gusset.


   She moved up his body until her crotch was directly over his mouth; her

thighs clamped around his head, she lowered the object of his desire onto

his waiting, eager mouth.


   Slowly sucking and licking her through the flimsy material, he was in

heaven...  he wanted to kiss and lick every part of her; her pussy getting

wetter and wetter as he licked; her hand reached down and pulled her

panties aside.


   Her flesh was so hot; his tongue struggled to push as deeply as he could

get it into her tightness; his lips found her swollen clitoris and he

sucked greedily at it...  He felt it swell and harden in his mouth as he

sucked it harder and harder.  It was so smooth; unlike any other skin on

her body; slippery and taut, the sensitive skin throbbed as her blood

pulsed into it.


   Her writhing body above him had started to tighten as he licked her into

a frenzy....  His tongue quickened its flickering torture of her bud; his

mouth sucked harder, until her clit felt like it would burst....  And then

she felt his sharp teeth clamp gently around the base!


   Bucking and thrashing wildly on top of him, he felt his Governess cum

harder than he had ever made her cum before; his face flooded with her

fluids as she screamed out in pleasure; his tongue still flicking at the

tortured, swollen bud in his mouth.


   During the last class of the day, a note was brought to the classroom;

his teacher took him aside at the end of the lesson and told him to go to

see the school nurse immediately.  Almost sprinting down the hallways, he

got to the infirmary in record time.


   Knocking on the door, he turned the handle and went in.


   His Governess stood there, engaged in conversation with the school

nurse; as different from each other as they could possibly be; His

Governess, lean and strong, her long hair up in a tight bun, her legs

shapely and elegant.  The Nurse was softness personified; a Woman with lush

curves; her breasts were large and looked soft and welcoming; she was

short; almost as short as he was....  Her long black hair hung past her

shoulders; her lips scarlet against her pale, soft skin.


   His Governess spoke; "Robert, my dear, it's been a while since your last

physical checkup and I have asked nurse here to check you thoroughly; I

will be here the whole time to watch, so don't worry".


   The fact that his Governess told him not to worry made him worry!


   The nurse had him remove his clothes and stand in front of her.  She

checked his skin thoroughly, even looking between his toes and behind his

ears; her clipboard full of paper, she took copious notes as she went


   "We have to check the health of your urinary tract, ok?  I need to strap

you down to the table for this procedure; I'm sorry, but it's for your own



   The nurse slowly pulled down his foreskin; it was still painful, but it

had become pain that he looked forward to because it meant that his

Governess was going to make him feel good.


   A handful of slippery, white cream coated the head of his erect cock;

the nurse had a clear tube in her hand and was coating the first 6 inches

of the tube in the same cream; her gloved finger circled the opening to his

cock, his "urethra" the nurse called it, she applied more cream to the tip

of her finger and pushed some of it down the center of his cock; it felt

strange and slightly cold.


   The nurse reached for a long, clear tube about 5 feet in length that had

a black bulb at one end....  She smeared the thick white cream along the

first 12" of the tube.


   His Governess was by his side; kissing his forehead and lips, telling

him to be brave...  She took her panties off and pressed them to his lips

and nose; almost instantly his cock started to get hard...  the nurse

nodded her approval and then positioned the tube.


   "Oh NO!" he thought...  "is she really going to put the tube into

me????" Holding his cock firmly in her left hand, the nurse positioned the

lubricated tube at the opening of his little cock and then slowly pressed

the tip into him...


   "AAAARGH !!!!!"...  The sensation was unbearable; like peeing in

reverse, he thought...  The sensitive tip of his urethra was stretched wide

by the plastic tube...  Struggling, he tried to get free, but the straps

held him down.


   His Governess looked down at him with her loving eyes.  Her hand stroked

his hair to sooth him..


   "Now, now Robert...  don't make such a fuss; we're just testing you to

see how close you are to reaching puberty...  Even though you can't

ejaculate sperm yet, I want to test to see if your little boy balls are

starting to make any yet"....


   Each inch of the tube that penetrated him made him feel as if he would

faint; the sensitive lining inside his cock was stretched and invaded by

the tube; it was simultaneously painful, yet strangely pleasurable...  he

watched in fascination as his cock swallowed more and more of the

lubricated plastic tube.


   The nurse seemed satisfied that the tube was placed correctly and turned

her attention to his rapidly hardening cock.  As he got hard, he could feel

his cock squeezing down on the tube that was deeply inserted into the

middle of it.


   The nurse palpated each of his undeveloped testicles; scribbling on her

notepad as soon as she was done.


   Next, she grasped the shaft of his little, hard cock; pulling slowly on

the skin that sheathed his rigid flesh, she pulled his foreskin down slowly

until it started to bulge over his swollen head.


   "Hmmmm...  Governess, you are correct; he still has way too much

tightness in his foreskin."...."I recommend surgery to correct the problem;

either circumcise him, or treat the tightness with a cage".


   The Governess had never heard of a "cage" before and asked the nurse to



   "Well", the nurse replied...  "it's a device that fits over the head of

a boy's penis; it is adjustable, so that with daily use, it can be

expanded...  each time we pull the foreskin back, we place the cage over

the head of the boys penis; we then lubricate the foreskin liberally and

pull it back up.  The cage forces the skin to stretch as it is pulled into

place and over the cage"...


   Fascinated by the thought of using this device on the 18 year old, she

asked the nurse to demonstrate..


   "He's already restrained, nurse....  show me how it works on him" the

Governess demanded.


   The nurse went to a drawer and after a few seconds, returned with the

mechanical "cage".


   It looked like a metal tulip almost; at one end a long shaft, with a

small crank on it that looked like a key you might find on a wind-up toy or

old clock.  The shaft attached to what looked like metal petals with an

opening at the other end.


   The nurse held the device up so the Governess and the boy could see it;

turning the key, they watched as the metal segments moved outwards;

increasing their diameter and widening the hole at the end.


   "Show me" the Governess barked at the nurse.


   The nurse smeared some of the slippery white cream both inside and

outside the device; then reached for the boy.


   He was afraid' afraid of what was going to happen; afraid that it would

hurt...  his little cock with the tube sticking out of it was limp now....


   The nurse tried to tease it back into life, but there was no reaction

from the scared boy.


   The Governess smiled as she realized that he could probably only get

aroused by her now; no other Woman exerted the sexual power over him that

she did.


   Standing closer to the boy, she slowly lifted the hem of her skirt; high

enough so he could see her panties.


   Looking into his bright blue eyes, she started to whisper to him...


   "Look at me Robert...  I'm wearing your favorite pair today...  they are

already wet...  do you want to smell them?"....


   The boy tried to look away, but her hypnotic eyes held him in her

thrall....  He watched as his Governess began to slowly stroke the gusset

of her flimsy white panties....  Her other hand encircled his little

cock... She stood closer...  closer, until the crotch of her panties was

only 6" away from his face...


   He inhaled her smell...  the smell of her arousal...  he wanted to touch

the white material, to taste his Governess..


   Beneath her hand, he started to harden...


   "Governess; this might take a while, as I have to make sure I don't hurt

him by stretching him too wide in the beginning" the nurse commented.


   The Governess lifted herself onto the table and straddled the boy's

head...  Her head poised over his groin; the better to watch what the nurse

was doing.


   He watched as she lowered herself onto him.  Her skirts pooled around

his head, cutting out all light; he felt her weight as she sat on his

face...  her crotch already soaking wet.  He extended his tongue and probed

the silky cloth, feeling her wet swollen lips through the flimsy material.


   The Governess was thrilled by what she saw; the 18 year old's cock, so

hard that it might burst; the clear tube sticking from the tip...  The

nurse had the "cage" ready.  Twisting the key slowly, she kept placing the

opening over the head of the young boy's cock...  then it was ready.


   With her left hand, the nurse pulled his foreskin down...  each

agonizing millimeter brought small, muffled squeals from the boy who was

smothered under the Governesses skirt and bottom.


   Finally, with one final tug, the skin peeled back from the swollen,

purple head.


   Beneath the Governess, Robert greedily sucked and licked at her swollen

flesh; her panties thrust aside by his tongue, he concentrated on

pleasuring her....  her hard little bud between his lips, his tongue

flicking and sucking on it.


   The nurse placed the cage gently over the head of his cock; slowly

maneuvering it into position; the edges of the metal petals were placed

right where his foreskin met the hard flesh of his erectile tissue.  A few

twists of the key on the handle and the device was in place.


   He gasped when he felt the coldness of the metal touch his hot flesh.

Not being able to see what was happening made him a little panicked and he

started to try to move; but the Governess clamped her thighs tighter around

his head in a viselike grip.


   The Governess watched fascinated; the nurse was applying more white

cream to the outside of the cage.  Finished with coating the metal, she

turned to the Governess...  "shall we begin"....???


   The nurse encircled the boy's shaft with her right hand; slowly pulling

the flesh back up his penile shaft; when the foreskin reached the "cage"

she teased it wider; wider so it was positioned correctly at the base of

the bulging petals.


   Pulling upwards on his pliant foreskin, she coaxed the flesh over the

bottom of the cage, until the skin seemed like it could stretch no further.


   Beneath the Governess, the boy's cries were more insistent now; his body

squirming beneath hers.


   Millimeter by millimeter, the nurse continued to pull his foreskin over

the "cage", until it fully covered the device; the skin stretched so

tightly, that it was pale and white.


   The nurse reached for the key on the device and turned it slowly...

beneath the 18 year old's foreskin the petals opened...


   "AAAAAAAarrrrrgh" came the muffled cries from between the Governess'

thighs; she watched fascinated as the boys foreskin stretched from within.


   Another turn of the key and the skin bulged; taut around the petals, she

could see their outline in his tortured flesh.,,,, "click"..  another

expansion of the metal cage....  "click".


   Beneath her, the boy's cries were piteous; she repositioned herself

until his hot little tongue was positioned at her tight little anus and she

clamped her thighs even tighter around his head.


   He calmed down enough so that she felt him begin to lick and probe at

her anus; soon, she felt his tongue force it's way into her.  A smile

crossed her lips as he furiously licked her tight center.


   His penis was painfully swollen by now; her hand reached out and grasped

the shaft.  Slowly she pumped her hand up and down his stiff, hairless

cock; grinding her wet flesh onto his face, knowing he must be covered in

her pungent fluids...  in heaven.


   "Click"...  "click"....  She moved back into a position where her

streaming wet pussy was over his mouth again; she made sure her swollen

clit was firmly between his lips....  "click"...


   His whole body began to shudder and twitch as her hand continued it's

work...  suddenly he heaved upwards in a huge spasm...  she saw the tube in

his cock instantly fill with clear fluid; beneath her, his muffled wails of

pleasure escaped as his orgasm shook his body; the sight of his hard little

cock spurting clear fluid up the tube and his cries of tortured pleasure

made her cum instantly....


   Her orgasm flooded the boy's mouth with warm, slightly salty fluid..

she could feel him greedily drinking it down; sucking every last drop of it

from her .....  Inwardly, she was pleased with his progress; the way he now

craved her fluids and her touch.


   The nurse released the device from his cock; his foreskin retracting

from it as he became flaccid; the tube was slowly removed from the center

of his cock.


   As he and his Governess got dressed, the nurse was busy with the fluid

he had produced; under a microscope, the nurse hummed and hawed; "nothing

yet, Governess" she said, raising her head from the microscope, "no sign of

any sperm".


   Turning to the boy, she told him to finish dressing and to go to her

study.  He left with the two women, deep in conversation.


   After 18 minutes or so, she arrived in her study; the boy had been

obediently sitting on a chair waiting for her return.


   "Robert, you darling boy, I am SO proud of you..  did it hurt having

your skin stretched like that?"...


   Nodding his head, he quietly said "yes Governess, it hurt a little bit,

but I don't mind, really I don't".


   Determined to reward him for bein so brave, she took him by the hand and

lead him up the back stairs to her private rooms.  She gently removed all

of his clothes and then hers; watching him intently, she could see the way

he looked at her; the almost mesmerized look of devotion that she wanted

from him.


   Leading him to the shower, she waited until the water was warm enough

then started to wash his smooth body.  She lathered soap all over his skin,

then bent down and kneeled in front of him; "be a good boy Robert and turn

around...  that's it"..


   The boy turned to face the wall; she lathered both hands up and reached

between his legs.  Gently she parted his legs, urging them further apart;

"Robert..  bend over and put your hands on the wall please; be a good boy

for me, I have to wash you"....


   Doing as he was told, she had full access to him; her soapy hands

encircled his cock from behind and beneath him; slowly her slippery hand

pulled on the skin of his cock, until his head was exposed; her hand

wrapped around the head of his little cock and she slowly squeezed and

manipulated it, paying special attention to the sensitive tip.


   With her other hand, she slowly positioned her forefinger at the

entrance to his tight pink hole; the tip of her finger slid into his tight,

hot anus..  a sharp intake of breath from him and his legs began to shake.


   She pushed further into him; her other hand still soaping his smooth and

now hard cock; each millimeter of her intrusion into his tight bottom

caused another gasp from the boy.  Soon her whole finger was inside him.


   She continued her cleaning of the boy; every inch of him was thoroughly

soaped and rinsed.  Her finger had remained inserted into his tight anus as

she washed him, making sure to pull out and then thrust inside him on the

pretense that she wanted him "clean inside"; really, she was testing him to

see whether he enjoyed it....  A second finger joined the first...  his

wriggling and gasping as she slowly fucked him let her know he DID indeed

enjoy her intrusions.


   With her free hand, she wrapped her fingers and palm around the shaft of

his cock and began to pump it up and down, in rhythm with her finger

thrusting inside him; soon his whole body was shaking and trembling; small

cries of pleasure escaped his tightly closed lips.  Suddenly his whole body

stiffened; she felt his prostate harden and pulse as the boy started to



   Letting go of his hard little cock, she hugged the boy to her with her

right arm; pulling him close to her; all the while, her fingers continued

to fuck his slippery little hole; both fingers plunging deep inside him as

he continued his shattering orgasm....  Soon, he fell limp in her arms;

totally spent.


   After a quick session with a big fluffy towel, they were both dry.  She

took him by the hand and led him to her bed.


   "Robert, you were SUCH a good boy today; I know what Nurse did to you

hurt a little, but it was worth it, wasn't it?"...  "You like it when I let

you lick me, don't you; I can tell how excited you are because your little

cock gets so hard"..


   Smiling at her, the naked boy nodded..  "Miss...  I love you, I would

let you do anything to me if it made you happy...."


   Hugging his smooth body to hers, she kissed the top of his head and

helped him get tucked into her bed; she slid in beside him and wrapped her

arms around him.  She drifted off to sleep with dreams and visions of what

was to come.


   The next morning was Saturday; she could sleep in.  Her dreams the night

before had renewed her determination to mold this boy into exactly what she

desired; the tests she and Nurse had performed on him the day before were

to find out how close he was to hitting puberty; at the first sign of

active sperm, they would have to do something to prevent him from achieving

pubescence, or it would ruin her plans for him.


   She spent her Saturday researching on the Internet; how to delay a boy

from reaching puberty, ways to train boys to be obedient, how to punish

them when they were bad and various other web sites with novel "toys",, she

already had a big collection of various devices, but she wanted some that

would work better on Robert....


   Robert had spent the entire day playing soccer with the other boys; he

loved soccer, but he couldn't stop thinking about his Governess.  The way

she tasted when he licked her, the way she smelled....  he wished he had a

pair of her used panties to secretly sniff and wrap around his cock.  He

daydreamed about being safe between her legs; the darkness and security he

felt beneath her skirts, her slippery lips sliding over his face...


   Saturday evening came and he finished his dinner and went to her study.

She was dressed in her usual severe suit; her legs smoothly encased in her

stockings, her crisp white blouse unbuttoned just far enough so he could

see the lace of her bra peeking out.


   "Robert.  I think today would be a good day to start your training"...

He wondered silently what exactly "training" entailed.


   The Governess took him by the hand and led him up the stairs to her



   She stripped his clothes from him and then took hers off as well.  Once

naked, she pushed him onto the bed and made him lie on his back in the

middle of the bed....  Picking her panties up from within the pile her

clothes had made, she dangled them over him.


   "I know you love my panties Robert; what should we do with them today?"

the Governess asked him.  "Shall I make you wear them?  Or maybe I should

stuff them in your mouth?"


   As soon as she uttered the question, the young boy blushed furiously.


   "So then...  open your mouth Robert" she commanded.


   Meekly the boy opened wide and she took great delight in gently pushing

her panties between his lips.


   "Robert; I want you to understand that I love you and all I want is for

the two of us to give each other pleasure, but first, I have to show you

what makes me happy; what makes me cum, ok?"...  "I want you to watch what

I do and learn".


   She got off the bed, leaving the boy still lying there on his back, her

panties stuffed in his mouth.  He was already hard; no doubt the panties in

his mouth had caused him to be aroused.


   Opening her toy drawer, she pulled out several of her favorite toys and

took them to the bed.


   Sitting beside him, she showed him the toys, one by one.


   "This one is a dildo, Robert; it's what your little cock will look like

when you grow up"..  "And this one is called a vibrator; it has a little

motor in it that makes it buzz" "And this one is called a strap-on...

Women use it to have sex with other Women and even sometimes Men"....


   Each toy she showed him made his eyes grow wider.....


   "Robert, you darling boy, you've learned so much already and you've made

mo so happy, but I'm going to show you how you can make me much



   Selecting a medium sized dildo about 6" long, she straddled the boy's

body, her crotch at his chest; reaching forwards she removed the panties

from his mouth..  a slight look of disappointment flitted across the boys

face...  until she lowered her crotch to his mouth.


   "Come on Robert; lick me, make me cum darling..."


   The boy was in heaven; licking and sucking at his Governess's clit and

lips.  Once she was wet, she leaned back and grasped the 6" dildo she had

shown him previously.


   "Put it inside me Robert", She panted.


   He took it from her and watched fascinated from a couple of inches away

as he slowly pressed the rubber phallus into her.  The way her lips bulged

obscenely around the head as he slid it gently upwards; how the shaft

glistened with her pungent juices...


   "Once you are older, Robert, your cock will be big enough to bring me as

much pleasure as this does; at the moment though, your little cock is just

too small"...


   His face was crestfallen as the words left her mouth; suddenly, he was

sobbing uncontrollably in her lap...


   Realizing she had hurt the boy's feelings, she cradled his head and

whispered in his ear..  "don't worry Robert; you are going to have a

beautiful, big cock; I can help you make it bigger, you know"...


   Lifting his head the young boy looked into her eyes and asked "how,

miss? Will I have to wait until I'm 16?  Will my cock be big enough for you



   Leaving her bed, the Governess went to her toy drawer once more and

pulled out a large clear cylinder; one end was closed, the other open and

lined around the edge with red rubber; at the closed end, a tube, with a

bulb was attached.


   "Robert, darling boy; this is called a penis pump.  Men use it to make

their cocks bigger; every night, we'll put it on your cock and when you

wake up in the morning, your cock will be a little bigger".  ....  "Do you

want me to help you?".


   Nodding his head furiously, the boy squealed with delight and wrapped

his arms around her.


   Lowering her mouth to his naked little cock, she lovingly wrapped her

lips around it; almost immediately, he grew hard.  With a few licks of her

tongue, she could feel him already about to cum.


   Slowly, she peeled back his tight foreskin; relishing the look of

pleasured anguish on his face...  she quickly placed the cylinder over his

erect cock; a few pumps on the bulb and Robert could see his cock growing.


   Giggling, the Governess watched in fascination as with every pump of the

bulb, the boy's cock grew; sucked harder into the clear cylinder by the

vacuum.  It was his cock-head that seemed most affected; swelling and a

bright reddish-purple, the skin covering the head was shiny and



   "OOOooooh...  Miss...  it's starting to hurt...  MISS!!!

PLEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!" Robert complained.


   The huge swelling of his head was stretching his foreskin tighter and



   "Ok Robert, we'll stop right there; I'm going to put this on you every

night and you can sleep with it on; it will help you grow a really big cock

and I'll love it...."


   Turning the boy onto his side, she moved until she was behind him.

Licking her fingers, she reached between his buttocks and slowly began to

tease his tight little rear opening.  Watching from over his shoulder, she

could see everything that was happening to his little cock; pressing her

index finger into his slippery anus, she felt his body tense and he gasped



   Her right arm around his shoulders and chest, she held him tightly; her

left hand slowly pumped her finger in and out of his warm little hole;

Robert was breathing heavily and as she had hoped, he started moving in

rhythm to her insistent penetration of him.  Soon the Governess added a

second finger and the boy pressed back, wanting more of her inside him.  A

few more minutes and she could feel his body start to shake and tense up.


   "Not yet Robert, don't you DARE cum without asking my permission young

Man!" she admonished him sternly.  "I'm not finished with today's training

lesson yet".


   Rising from beside him, she went back to her toy drawer and after a

moment's deliberation, she picked up a red object; it was a smaller version

of the red dildo she had let Robert fuck her with; maybe about 4"

long...."look at me Robert" she told him; the boy's blue eyes locked onto



   Slowly and without breaking with his gaze, she licked and sucked the

small dildo until it was coated with her saliva; "Robert, I know you like

it when I put my fingers inside you, don't you?"....


   Blushing furiously he nodded "Ummmm...  mmm yes Miss..  it feels really

nice when you do that to me"


   "Well, this is going to feel even better, but it might hurt a little,



   Nodding, but saying nothing, he submitted to her.....


   To be continued in Part 3.


















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