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The Challenge CH12 PT2

Stephanie becomes a Mistress & Erica gains a new slave Maid.

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The Challenge CH12 PT2

By: sfmaster - Published:


WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author does not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age or 18 or reside in a state, nation, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!



The Challenge CH12 PT2 “Changes”




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Revised January 2002


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Challenge CH12 PT2



Erica had ordered that Lisa not to clean herself after her use. Instead, the Mistress had spread-eagled her to the bed, locking her wrist and ankle cuffs to the four bedposts.


Then Erica had leisurely stripped in from of her captive, first removing her shoes, followed by the opera gloves, then the PVC Catsuit. She had not worn a bra, but merely a pair of black panties underneath, that she slipped off her hips.


She climbed onto the bed, and approached Lisa. Then she slipped her head between Lisa’s open legs, and began to lick at the fragrant sex available for her use.


“Mistress!” cried Lisa, “Ah!”


Erica had placed a small pillow under Lisa’s bottom, so that her sex would be easier for her to use. Under her attentions, Lisa began to respond and moan quickly.


Lisa threw her head back against the pillows in response to Erica’s use of her sex. What she did not see was Erica placing a fur covered glove on her hand, which Erica began to slowly caress her body with.


“Oh!” moaned Lisa, “Oh!”


“Enjoying yourself?” asked Erica.


“Yes, Mistress, yes!”


Erica continued to run the fur glove over Lisa’s already used and sensitized naked body. Lisa writhed and moaned, excited by the sensual treatment that she was receiving. Instead of the usual lash or crop.




Erica interrupted her use of the glove to lick and suck at Lisa’s already hard and erect nipples. This only made Lisa moan further, and bounce herself against the bed.




“What a slut you are,” commented Erica.


“Yes, Mistress, I’m a slut. Your slut!” proudly answered Lisa.


Erica then lay on top of Lisa, and holding the helpless women in her arms, plunged her tongue into her slave’s willing mouth. They mingled their tongues together, wet mouths kissing each other again and again.


“I’m not done with you yet, Lisa,” stated Erica, “there is still more to come.”


From the night table next to the bed, she withdrew a ball gag and blindfold, and displayed them for Lisa. Her slave’s response was to open her mouth wide, and Erica buckled the red rubber ball within. Then Erica buckled the black leather blindfold over Lisa’s eyes, cutting off her vision.


Erica removed herself from the bed, and she removed a dildo harness from the night table. Silently, she strapped it around her waist, and then locked the crotch strap between her legs.


In the mirror’s reflection, Erica looked at herself and smiled. Whenever she used the harness, she loved the sight of it in the mirror.


There would be no need to lubricate the shaft. Lisa was already wet and excited as Erica climbed onto the bed. Erica held herself over Lisa, on her elbows and knees. Ever so gently, she lowered the shaft’s head to the entrance of Lisa’s moist cunt. She wanted just the tip to sit at the entrance, to excite Lisa even further.


“Mmmmmph!” cried Lisa.


“Bet you can’t guess what’s next,” said Erica.


Lisa strained against her bonds, and Erica only wished that she could look into her eyes. But she wanted Lisa to be totally helpless as the dildo took her between her legs.


Suddenly, without warning, Erica plunged the shaft deeply into Lisa’s cunt. The time for suspense and play was over, and the dildo slid in quickly and easily, since Lisa was wet and ready.




“Slut!” playfully accused Erica.


Erica then began to thrust with the shaft, and remove it partially, only to thrust once again. Every time, Lisa would buck and moan within her gag, and fight her restraints.


Lisa threw her head backward against the pillow, then from side to side as Erica continued her sexual use of her slave. The pillow under her behind had made her pussy even more accessible, and Erica now wished that she had placed a small butt plug up Lisa’s bottom to plug her last orifice.


That would have been a final crowning touch to her use of Lisa this night. But she had not done it, unfortunately!


‘A Mistress can’t have everything,’ Erica thought to herself.




‘But she can have almost everything.’


Erica continued using the shaft, until she felt that Lisa was finally ready. She knew all of Lisa’s responses down pat, and she knew when her slave was ready to come at her command.


“Come!” ordered Erica.


In a rush, Lisa let loose a flood of one orgasm after another, her body bucking against the bed sheets. She moaned under the gag as wave after wave of orgasm erupted from between her legs to surge through her entire body.




Erica continued until Lisa was totally exhausted and spent, and her sweaty body was still upon the bed. Then Erica stood up and removed the gag and blindfold, leaving Lisa gasping for breath.


“Thank you, Mistress,” panted Lisa.


“You’re welcome, Lisa. Now you may clean the shaft,” ordered Erica as she knelt back on the bed, and placed the dildo at the entrance to Lisa’s mouth.


Without hesitation, Lisa took the black shaft into her mouth, sucking on it like it was a real cock, and cleaned it of all of her secretions. She took it all the way to the back of her throat, her cheeks puckered as she sucked at the latex cock.


“What a wanton little slut you are,” commented Erica.


Lisa didn’t answer, since her moth was full of dildo at the moment. Her eyes betrayed her feeling of pure lust, as she sucked greedily on the dildo.


“Enough,” said Erica as she removed herself from the bed.


“Thank you, Mistress,”


Erica then unlocked the belt from around her waist, and placed it on the dresser, the sex toy an interesting contrast on the elegant piece of furniture.


“Now it’s your turn,” said Erica as she unlocked Lisa from her bondage, “please your Mistress, slave.”


Lisa did not have to be told twice, as her tongue dived into Erica’s sex, quickly arousing the Domme. Their naked bodies mingled together, sweat pouring from both, soft moans escaping from Erica’s lips.


Erica knew how to control herself so that she would not climax too quickly. She wanted Lisa to have to work at bringing her to orgasm, not simply a quick come. But she had been excited herself, so it did not take too long for Erica to moan with an orgasm by herself, and cry as the intense pleasure washed over her.

* * * * * *

Later on, as they lay under the covers together, but still naked, Lisa looked steadily into the eyes of her Mistress.


“I’m sorry that I have to leave, Mistress. Perhaps I could work something out, stay here………”


“No,” firmly said Erica, “you have a duty and an obligation, just as you have had one by serving me. If we were a normal male/female couple then you would be torn between families. But instead, you are my Maid and slave. I cannot work if you have to be in two places at once, Lisa. I need an assistant to be at my side as I train and evaluate a slave.”


“I understand, Mistress,” answered Lisa.


“If you hadn’t, I’d have to paddle that behind of yours until you did,” said Erica.


“May I suggest something?” asked Lisa.


“Go ahead.”


“May I recommend my replacement?”




“I know a woman who wants to serve a Mistress. She’s a graduate of a cooking school, and knows how to keep house for a Mistress. I talk to her in the clubs, and she’s eager to serve a Domme in a twenty-four hour, seven day a week arrangement.”


“I always gave you a day off,” stated Erica.


“True, but she wants a Domme, Mistress. Her name is Andrea Clark.”


“Invite her on Saturday to Stephanie’s promotion so that I can met her. Unless you might be a little embarrassed for her to be watching as you get spanked.”


“No, Mistress. That will be quite all right.”


They both drifted off to a deep sleep after a night of use and lovemaking that had left them exhausted but happy.


Part Two: Stephanie’s Night


Since Stephanie had been Erica’s slave and protégé, Erica had decided to hold the ceremony at her house. She had invited about thirty people to the event, mostly attended by Dom(mes) and their slaves and submissives.


Erica had dressed in a PVC Dominatrix dress that hugged all of her curves, but left her legs exposed. It was much more comfortable to wear for an extended time than the Catsuit would be.



Stephanie had chosen a simple leather bra, skirt, hose, and modest heels. She had looked so good that Erica had taken several pictures of her, complimenting her on her appearance.


Mistress Marcia and her slave husband Simon owned a catering business, so they had agreed to oversee the entire affair. Not only had they provided the food, but also the wait staff, parking arrangements, change rooms (the downstairs bedrooms), and security to make certain that no guest ventured upstairs or into the library.


The party was limited to the first floor of the house, mainly the Dining Room, and the Dungeons downstairs. Ropes had been stretched across entries to off limits rooms, and guards (dressed in Domme outfits holding crops) made sure that the curious were kept out.


Not that Erica imagined that any of her friends would harm or damage anything, but she wanted the activities to be strictly focused.


As Hostess, she had chosen to wear a simple black leather dress, and had asked Stephanie to dress simply as well. Even though Erica was known as a Domme of considerable means, she did not believe in flaunting her position.


She would greet every new arrival, and then they would be conducted to a changing room where they could change from street clothes to fetish wear, and then into another room for cocktails before the formal buffet Dinner would begin.


Marcia had made every waitress (indeed all of the staff that she had provided was female) dress in a rubber Maid’s outfit; some in black others in red. All wore collars around their neck, and some were quite beautiful indeed.


In between the arrival of guests, Erica had wanted to go into the kitchen to get a drink, and Marcia had appeared at her side and handed her a large glass of Coke.


“Thank you,” said Erica, taking a sip.


“Thought you could use a drink.”


“Anything in here?” asked Erica.


“You’re supposed to keep a clear head as Hostess, this isn’t a wedding,” pointed out Marcia, “D/s and alcohol don’t mix, which is why I’m pushing soft drinks.”


“Thank you,” answered Erica, happy there was a lull, “do you usually cater affair with a D/s theme?”


“Once, in Manhattan. The client was doing one for Halloween; and he thought it was a joke. What he didn’t know was that all of my girls are into D/s in one form or another,” laughed Marcia.


“That Coke was good, thank you,” said Erica as she handed it to a passing Maid.


“You’re welcome,” said Marcia.


“How is the party going?” asked Erica.


“Stephanie is the life of party, and since Lisa is your Maid she’s overseeing things in the kitchen. But Simon is the one really in charge there. Most of your guests have arrived, so I’ll open the buffet soon. In short, everything’s OK.”


“Thank you,” said Erica.


“Someone new,” noticed Marcia as the front door opened to admit a new guest.


The newest arrival was a woman about 30, alone, who passed her coat to the waiting Maid. She was wearing a leather top and skirt, and carried a matching handbag. Very attractive with black hair, and Erica couldn’t place her at all.


“Andrea Clark,” said the woman, introducing herself.


“Mistress Erica Riken.”


“Pleased to meet you, Mistress.”


“Mutual. Since this is business mixed with pleasure, we’ll talk alone after I promote Stephanie to Mistress.”




“I looked at your resume, very impressive,” commented Erica.


“Thank you, Mistress.”


“Lisa tells me that you are eager to serve a Domme. Is that true?”


“Yes, Mistress Erica.”


“We’ll talk alone in the library later. Meanwhile, go and enjoy yourself. Lisa is about, you’ll find her with no trouble.”


“Thank you, Mistress.”


As Andrea walked away, Erica undressed the woman with her eyes. Andrea was simply stunning in appearance, not a hair out of place, her nails trimmed, and the leather fitting her like a glove.


Erica returned back to her job as Hostess as the final guests arrived. She greeted them, made small talk, and a Maid showed her the clipboard indicating that all of her guests had arrived.


At least Lauren Singer would not be crashing this party!


The buffet Dinner went quite well, and Erica and Stephanie actually got to eat something in between small talk. Marcia would appear at the strangest moment with a small plate of something, fork, and drink, so that they got some Dinner as well.


But the main event was to occur in the Dungeon, and Marcia made certain to shepherd the guests downstairs, where further non-alcoholic refreshments were waiting, and the D/s events would begin.


Marcia would introduce each little event, and her husband Simon would make sure that the participants were ready beforehand. All of the guests were seated on folding chairs, except for Erica, who occupied a throne like chair against the wall.


“Next will be Master Brian and Kim,” announced Marcia.


The audience applauded, and the two participants walked to the main portion of the Dungeon.


Brian was tall, over six feet. In his late thirties, Brian was very attractive, and worked as a Bond trader down on Wall Street. He wore a black leather vest, black T-shirt, and black leather jeans. Kim, his submissive, was in her late twenties, and naked except for a collar and bracelets. While seated, she had been wearing a black robe, which she had left on her chair.


“Thank you,” said Brian, “I shall now demonstrate the crop with Kim.”


Brian locked Kim’s wrists onto the ceiling chain, followed by her ankles to a spreader bar. He nodded to one of the Maids, and Kim was soon reaching with her toes for the floor.


He then kissed her on the lips, and held a riding crop, which he offered to Kim, who kissed it without having been ordered.


“What is your safeword?” he asked.


“Lust,” she answered.


“Prepare to be used.”


“Yes, Master.”


The crop had a broad leather pad on the end of the crop. Brian began with a series of small strokes that left red marks on the outside of Kim’s thighs.


“Oh!” she cried whenever the crop struck her.


After every five strokes, Brian would give Kim a firm kiss on the lips. She responded just as eagerly to his kiss as his crop.


Then Brian began to strike on the inside of her thighs, beginning above her knees reaching to just below her sex. Kim would moan after each stroke, and she pulled at the chain holding her wrists together.








“Ah!” she cried.


Brian was a skilled Dom; and every stroke would leave a mark behind. He was gently using her, in comparison to what a real scene would be like.


The crop then fell upon her breasts, making Kim moan and writhe in response. She did not try to avoid the crop, instead she willingly kept herself facing her master.


“Thank you,” said Brian when he finished, since each scene had to be short in order for the evening’s main event.


“You’re welcome,” answered Mistress Marcia.


There was applause as Brain released Kim, then kissed her passionately on her lips. He helped to a seat, then draped a short robe over her and got her a drink.


Soon, everyone quieted down without Marcia’s urging. They all knew the reason why they had come to Erica’s house, and it was now time.


“Attention,” began Mistress Marcia, “be it known that this evening is a special night in the life of Mistress Erica and her slave, Stephanie. For Mistress Erica has an important announcement for us all.”


“Thank you, Marcia,” said Erica from the throne like chair, “Lisa, you may bring in Stephanie.”


Lisa led Stephanie into the Dungeon. She was wearing her leather dress, and was not restrained in any way.


“Kneel, and state your name and owner,” ordered Erica.


“Stephanie Richards, my owner is Mistress Erica Riken.”


“How long have you been my slave?”


“Three years, Mistress.”


“In your time with me, what have you learned?”


“To properly treat a slave, obey Safewords, to set limits and respect them, Mistress.”


“As owner of Stephanie Richards, I let her use others, and found that she was a talented Domme. I realized that her proper place was as a Domme herself. I have therefore decided both to free Stephanie Richards, and promote her to Domme as well.”


The audience clapped briefly.


“Do you, Stephanie Richards accept and understand the power and responsibilities that you are accepting?”


“Yes, Mistress Erica.”


“That you will always place the safety of those in your power above all else?”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“That you must always remember that absolute power corrupts?”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Based on my experience as a Dominatrix, I pronounce Stephanie Richards fit to be a Dominatrix as well. Arise, Stephanie.”


Erica handed Stephanie a black leather-riding crop, which she took respectfully into her hands.


“Thank you, Mistress Erica,” replied Stephanie.


“Congratulations, Mistress Stephanie,” said Erica as she kissed Stephanie on the cheeks.


“Thank you, Erica, for everything. Including my life,” whispered Stephanie into Erica’s ear.


“You’re welcome, Stephanie.”


“I swear that I’ll be a good Mistress.”


“I know that you will, Stephanie.”


The audience applauded as Stephanie held the crop in her hands, then watched as she rose to her feet in confirmation of her new position.


“Mistress Erica has graciously allowed the use of her slave Lisa by Mistress Stephanie,” announced Marcia, resuming her role as Mistress of Ceremonies.


Everyone watched in silence as a chair was provided for Stephanie to sit upon. Then Lisa reappeared, wearing a black cloak. She walked to the front, and bowed before Mistress Stephanie.


“Lisa at your service, Mistress.”


“Strip,” ordered Stephanie.


Lisa removed her cloak, revealing that she was naked underneath, wearing only a collar and a pair of high heels. She handed the cloak to a member of the audience, who held it on their lap.


“Kneel,” ordered Stephanie.


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Do you submit willingly to my use?”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“What is your safeword?”


“Pleasure, Mistress.”


“Good, you may sit on my lap,” ordered Stephanie as she sat in the chair.


Lisa did as the new Domme told her, aching her back so that her bottom was easily accessible for use.


“Thank you, slave.”


“You’re welcome, Mistress.”


Stephanie began to swat at Lisa’s bottom with one stroke after another, making certain that her hand did not strike the same place twice. Each stroke was carefully measured, and Lisa moaned when her bottom was hit. The skin, which had remained pink, now turned a dull red as one swat after another was administered.


“Oh!” cried Lisa, after one particularly strong stroke.


“Thank your Mistress,” ordered Stephanie.


“Thank you, Mistress Stephanie,” cried Lisa.


Stephanie began another series of strokes, somewhat harsher than before. Erica, seated in her chair, counted ten in the first series, and knew that Stephanie would only deliver ten more. She counted each one, and they were administered with stronger force from Stephanie’s outstretched hand.


“I am finished,” announced Stephanie, which caused scattered applause from the audience.


“Thank you, Mistress,” panted Lisa, still draped over Stephanie’s leather clad lap.


“You may stand, slave!” ordered Stephanie.


Lisa rose to her feet, followed by Stephanie. The audience applauded, and many walked over to shake the hands of both Stephanie and Lisa. Erica rose to her feet also, and joined in the crowd to make small talk with her guests.


“Mistress?” asked a female voice at Erica’s back after she had circulated in the crowd.


“Yes,” said Erica as she turned, then faced Andrea, “I’m sorry I had forgotten. We can talk upstairs, Marcia can run things here.”


“Yes, Mistress.”


Erica excused herself, and then walked up the steps followed by Andrea who was two steps behind her. In the Dining Room the staff was setting out coffee and cake, and Marcia would soon herd the guests upstairs.


“Would you like some coffee?” offered Erica.


“Yes, Mistress.”


Erica motioned over one of the wait staff, and ordered a tray of coffee to be delivered to the library. Andrea then followed the Mistress to the library door, and Erica opened it, and the two women went inside. Erica sat behind the desk, and Andrea took a chair in front of her.


“That’s better,” said Erica.


They were interrupted by a knock on the door, and the Maid entered and placed a tray containing a pot of coffee, a pitcher of milk, sugar, and two cups and a few cookies on the table. The Maid poured two cups of coffee, then handed them to Erica and Andrea before taking her leave.


“Thank you,” said Erica to the Maid, “make sure that we’re not disturbed.”


“Yes, Mistress,” the woman replied, closing the door behind her.


Erica sipped at the hot coffee, enjoying the aroma of the French Roast that had always been her favorite.


“You come to me highly recommended by Lisa, and I have gone over your resume and sexual history that I asked you for. Very impressive,” observed Erica.


“Thank you, Mistress.”


“Did you go to school in England?”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“And to cooking school as well?”


“Yes, Mistress.”




“I thought that I wanted to be a chef in a hotel, Mistress. Instead, after I graduated, I began to serve a Mistress. I decided that I would rather keep house for a Mistress who would satisfy my sexual desires.”


“Which are?” asked Erica.


“To be used physically and sexually,” answered Lisa.


“How have you been used?”


“I have been whipped, cropped, spanked, bound, and used sexually by both Masters and Dommes, Mistress,” answered Erica.


“If I take you on, there will be a testing period to see if you work out. I am a very demanding and exacting Mistress.”


“I understand, Mistress Erica. That is why I want to serve you, in all things.”


“When can you start?” asked Erica.


“Monday, Mistress.”


“Very well, then, Monday. Thank you, Andrea. I agree to salary, health care, and other requirements as specified in your resume.”


“Thank you, Mistress Erica. I will endeavor to please and serve you to the best of my abilities and skills,” said Andrea.


“Let’s rejoin the party, and you can work out the details with Lisa. Who will be happy to learn that she has provided for her replacement.”


After Erica rose to her feet, Andrea knelt on the floor in front of Erica’s desk. She bowed her head, and placed her arms out in front of her, offering them to her Mistress.


“Thank you, Andrea, that is a touching display of submission. I accept, and you shall be used for the first time on Monday, after Lisa has explained your duties in the House.”


“Thank you, Mistress,” answered Andrea.



The End of Chapter 12 PT2 

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