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The Dressing Room

I was enjoying a sensuous feeling , a tension after 4 hours of stimulation. I fondled my half erect penis while beginning to wash my feet when I heard noises coming from all around.

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The Dressing Room

By: rawdewd - Published:

      Today will be my first day working at a university  life drawing class as a nude model and the idea thrilled me.  Driving directions, parking passes, finding the fine arts department, instructors, studios, etc.. The first time on campus  was confusing and a little intimidating but, staying focused,  as to not be late for my booking.  Nervous  anticipation and excitement grew as I approached the off ramp to exit the freeway.   reaching down to adjust my penis again.    The truth is I  had an erection since leaving home,  reaching down to adjust my penis again.

      Entering the studio I was briefed on the poses and length of times by the TA, and then was on my own.  I searched for a dressing room or closet settling for  a storage area in the hall attached to this studio.   I thought to undress there and stash my clothes behind a cabinet next to  a row of sinks.  Totally naked slipping into a robe  I was ready to make my entrance.  Entering the studio is the most intense experience because being the model for the day ,  the subject of study,  every student has their eyes on me .  Watching how I walk ,  my movement,  looking at my feet and hands.  Some start sketching me even before I take the stage.  I am hired for this purpose, I can expect no privacy while in the studio.  Walking in and without  pausing I am  naked before I make eye contact with anyone,  dropping my robe as I stepped up to begin my first gesture pose.  30 seconds, 5 minutes, 1 hour.  no problem.  This is when I check the audience and notice the individual concentration each student has.  Some look only at my penis. it is so obvious.  Not a problem for me,  look all you want at anything on my body.  My purpose  is to be openly on display for the next 4 hours.

     When class was over I made my way to the room I used as a dressing room.  Closed the door behind me thinking how well things went keeping from getting a erection with the underlying erotic sensations I was having.  I removed my robe stuffing it into my gym bag and turning to the sinks to wash my feet.  I was enjoying a sensuous   feeling ,  a tension after 4 hours of stimulation.  I fondled my half swollen  penis to fully erect.  Turning my attention from my hardon to  beginning to wash my feet when I heard noises coming from all  around.  I was startled to see 4 doors open at once and the quiet room I was in was suddenly packed with students leaving classes ending .  A stream of student artists flowed 3 lanes wide like traffic on the interstate, bumper to bumper.  My robe and clothes were across the way behind a cabinet out of reach.  I was without options except to stand there naked.  As embarrassing as this was,  I could do nothing but wait it out by the sink for classes to empty out.   Everyone was looking at my now fully erect penis.  I felt the buzz of arousal increasing , with  my heart rate and respiration elevated , a noticeable surge in rigidity of my penis seemed to defy gravity curving  almost straight up I glance down noticing a sparkle of precum all within a few seconds.   I was thoughly aroused by the humiliation I felt from the reaction from the 75 or so art students  within a few inches from where I stood. Every time I raised my head to see if I could scoot across I see only the startled faces with wide eyes looking  down to my throbbing penis then  a quick eye contact.  The hallway  echoed with chatter about the naked guy with snickers and remarks about how obvious it was that I was enjoying myself. I was in no position to deny it, as the erotic nature of my predicament played in to my exhibitionism.  A few chuckles and giggles ,Oh my god.  he is naked,  did you see that?  he has a hard on.   That must be one of the models I heard one person say. A lot of things went through my mind as I wrestled the bundle of clothes from behind the cabinet, getting dressed.   Heading to the parking structure, I walked slowly to the parking structure amuzed at  what just happened.

      I headed  straight home , the drive home was less hectic then the drive to the University.  Arriving home with one thing on my mind.   Locking the dead bolt behind me I quickly threw off my clothes on my way to the night stand drawer  grabbed my bottle of  lube laying back naked, on my bed.   With delightful anticipation I fondled myself how wonderful a feeling it was.   I was surprised to hear myself let out a quiet moan as I applied the personal lube to my swollen penis caressing the head with one hand and scrotum with the other.  Keeping  my phone close by in case of a call for me to model and get naked again in public. I will surely except more bookings.   The naked in public experience was so hot, I masturbated many times for the rest  of the afternoon.     Not sure what the demand would be for my services in my new-found trade. The construction jobs I worked full speed, sneaking away to 1 or 2 times a week to model.  That quickly changed excepting every booking  focusing on my new interest.  The best days are when I naked from 8-12, 1-4, 5-9 pm.  The pay is less than I am used to,  more cost in gas, I am ok with that.  The amount I spend on lube has quadrupled.  I discovered  studio changing  rooms are available to models .

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